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SCAFFTER THOUGHTS is authored by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., FACSM, Honolulu Marathon Clinic Director and President of the Hawaii Sports Foundation. Dr. Scaff will address subjects of specific interest to him. While some article’s format may be lighthearted and occasionally humorous, rest assured the information offered has turned out to be profoundly accurate and based on decades of medical experience. Dr. Scaff likewise will be regularly answering questions on a regular basis, which will be cross-referenced for later retrieval.
Your comments, thoughts and feedback are always appreciated.

Sticky: Note from Dr. Scaff 06-06-2015

We are launching a project to help eradicate Juvenile Diabetes by introducing an exercise program (based on our Honolulu Marathon Clinic protocol) into a local intermediate school (already selected).  We will be gathering data (vital statistics, lab values) and following these students from the 7/8th grade through their senior year and plan to publish the results in a study then make the program available nationwide.

We know the result, but we need your help and support in getting this off the ground.  You are all success stories of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and we would like you to visit the Hawaii Sports Foundation/Diabetes Project fundraising web site, and see how you may help us by donating and/or spreading the word to your friends and family.  Please add this link to your Face Book Page, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin Accounts.

You may also make contributions (which are tax deductible) by sending your checks to:
Hawaii Sports Foundation/Diabetes Project
2185 Round Top Drive
Honolulu, Hi 96822

Mahalo for your kokua!

We are also looking for volunteers who would like to help us with work on maintaining our website.  For those interested/able please email Donna Scaff.

Scaff-Ter-Thoughts 03-31-13 – Breaking the Code of the Mediterranean Diet

In the early part of this March (2013) the New England Journal of Medicine published an article on the Mediterranean Diet they said was so significant they had to break the code.  The Mediterranean Diet has a lot of polyunsaturated olive oil, vegetables, etc.  It made all the news channels.

Dr. Scaff reported that he got the original article and read it and really was not that impressed.  Then the summary came out in the summary journals, and they also said it was not that impressive a diet, it had no effect on mortality, …which Dr. Scaff suggests is a good end point:  If you don’t live longer, what are you doing it for?  The article said the Mediterranean Diet didn’t reduce heart attacks, but it substantially reduced strokes.  Continue reading

Scaff-Ter-Thoughts 12-16-2012

by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M.

Scaff-Ter-Thoughts is a name that came to me (actually submitted by a very close lawyer friend in London) as a way of presenting or abstracting some of the thoughts I might use in more formal professional presentations.  The comments while perhaps seeming outrageous (I intend it that way in order to get you to read it) nevertheless represent not only a distillation of the current references but based on years of background experience (after all I am on the Expert Panel with the American College of Sports Medicine) that leads me to believe that these opinions are not only scientifically correct, with merit and will stand the test of time.   To the best of my ability I will always include the proper reference.

I have just been invited to be the keynote speaker at this year’s Boston Marathon, and if you need some help back there in Boston let me know.  Turns out that I can get more speaking engagements than I have time to do, but I like to talk and let people know how WE are changing the face of health one person, and one marathon, at a time because that is what we’re doing and as a physician I feel very good that way.

The Honolulu Marathon is called “The People’s Marathon”.  There were about 26,000 runners.  I would like your feedback on this, whether I should pursue this philosophically or not, it’s not necessarily a criticism. Continue reading

Scaffter Thoughts 11/04/2012 – The Federal No Call Number to stop Robo-Calls

The Federal No Call Number to stop Robo-Calls

If you’ve been receiving these “robo-calls” and want to stop them, you can call
the Federal No-Call number:  1-888-382-1222

For more information visit online:

It takes up to 30 days for it to take effect once you have registered.  You cannot stop getting calls from charities or fundraisers for politicians, but 30 days after registering your phone number you should not get robo-calls.  If you do get calls there is another number you can call to issue a complaint about entities that call you.

It appears that at some point in time cell numbers are going to be made available.  We are not sure what to do about that just yet.

Scaffter Thoughts 11-04-2012

This week the New York Marathon was canceled (due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy, October 26 – 29, 2012) and it created a big hub-bub.  The politics of the thing is sort of interesting because the New York Nicks played their basketball game today (November 04, 2012) and the New York Giants played their football game.

Whether the New York Marathon should have been run or not is a question of debate.  Dr. Scaff does not think it should have been run; if it was next week he thinks they should have run it.  But if they had run it this week and set up a booth for the Red Cross they would have probably raised a hundred million dollars for hurricane relief because everybody had flown in for the marathon.

One issue arising from the cancellation of the New York Marathon is that the poor people that came from foreign countries, or came from Hawaii, to qualify for Boston, spent two or three thousand dollars.  So, will big races eventually come with trip cancellation insurance?  Dr. Scaff thinks it is an idea worth thinking about, because there is such a big financial concern for everybody.