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Dr. Jack’s “Big Talk”

Dr. Jack’s “Big Talk” – Marathon Week and Race Day
reported by Ro Kyte

The purpose of this talk is to get you through the Marathon. The marathon is in you; you are 100% done with the training [physical part], what is left is 90% psychology and 10% luck. [lucky weather, December can be hot] The Honolulu Marathon date was picked not for the coolest weather but for lowest visitor season. Lucky weather means no rain for wet shoes.

This talk takes you through next Sunday (race day) until noon; the talk the Sunday after that will cover the rest – what to do in the off-season, until the clinic starts up again the second Sunday in March. Continue reading

Marathon Pacing Strategy

Pacing is the most important aspect of marathon racing. Your success in a long race depends on conserving your energy during the crucial first hour. That’s when your body is running on the greatest proportion of its limited stores of muscle glycogen.

You will hit the wall once you run out of muscle glycogen. If you don’t want to suffer the ignominy of a crashing slow down in the last hour of the race, you must wait for fat metabolism to turn on during the first hour. Once you are running efficiently on a combination of fat and glycogen, you can run for a long time at your desired race pace.

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