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Doc’s Talk 03-17-2013

Kicking off his 40th year of leading the Honolulu Marathon Clinic, Dr. Jack Scaff welcomed everyone to the 2013 training year and covered the “givens” of the training.

No headphones for listening to music while running.  We need all our senses engaged while running on the busy roads.

Reporting Issues:  If you see something that should be reported, inform a member of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic staff.

No pets:  Dogs cannot run a marathon and they should not be amongst the crowd at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. Continue reading

Doc’s Talk 12-16-2012

Dr. Scaff talked about the post-marathon recovery and preparing for your next marathon.

The marathon is over, you can stop carbo-loading now.  You are now in the recovery phase, and so at this point in the year, the Honolulu Marathon Clinic goes on hiatus and will not meet again until March 2013.

The Great Aloha Run people are training and we would encourage you to enter the Great Aloha Run, so why does the Honolulu Marathon Clinic not continue?   Back when the Marathon Clinic started, after our first 2 or 3 marathons, we were so happy that we would show up and start running again.  By the second week on 8 mile runs people were coming back with the worst injuries we ever saw; torn Achilles tendons, things that we just never saw, and we began to realize that while training for a marathon is healthy, running it is damaging, and you need time off.  So we stopped the Clinic so that everybody could go back into their caves and lick their wounds.  They don’t, they still come out and run, but they do it on their own …and perhaps they will take a little more time off, watch a football game, go to the swap meet, etc.  We encourage you to take some time off to recover and do whatever it is that you like to do. Continue reading

Doc’s Talk 12-02-2012

The purpose of today’s talk is to help you with the final week’s preparation, starting Sunday, December 02, 2012, and ending around 11 a.m. next Sunday, December 09, 2012.  This talk is as important for the experienced and faster runners as it is for the beginners and can make the difference between a problemed run and a successful marathon.

Interesting Stuff
This is a week of festivities and it really should be dedicated to you, so enjoy the week, walk around the tents, see what is going on. Meet other people.  If you come down to Waikiki and Kapiolani Park during the week you will see tons of Japanese running around the park.  Don’t be afraid to say hello to them. Continue reading

Doc’s Talk 11-25-2012

Dr. Scaff talked about the Turkey Trot, Game Plans, the Carbo-Loading Party, and Tapering.

Turkey Trot
Thursday, 11/22/12, we had the best Turkey Trot ever.  The Turkey Trot may be the only marathon training event of its kind in the United States (we are checking on that).  Anybody that finished within 2 or 3 minutes of their predicted time did well, because that is only a variation of 5 – 10 seconds per mile.  If you can stick with that kind of pace throughout the race you are going to do well.  If, however, you came in way ahead of your predicted time you should think, “Did I get too excited, am I too well trained, or did I make a big mistake?”

Game Plan
We are tapering now, except for the people out doing the 20-mile runs still, and that is ok too, because if they do well we will congratulate them.  Continue reading

Doc’s Talk 11-18-2012

Dr. Scaff talked about the Turkey Trot and Tapering.

Turkey Trot
The Turkey Trot is this coming Thursday, 11/22/12.  The event starts at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand around 6:30 a.m.  You can sign up for the race online at:

Signing up online will speed up your registration the morning of the race.

We are trying to make the start of the Turkey Trot more exciting.  We can’t do quite as well as the Honolulu Marathon start, but there will be bagpipe music, a boys choir singing “The Star Spangled Banner”, and a barbershop quartet.  The bottom line is you will have a good time!

This is the first week of real tapering.  You can find the tapering schedule on page 55 of Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at: Continue reading