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Blair’s Weekly Update 12-04-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Today, Dr. Scaff gave a longer talk covering everything you need to do for The Week Before the Marathon, with specific information on tapering, diet, clothing, your marathon plan, and what to do following the Honolulu Marathon. This is a very informative talk with information that can make the difference between a problem run and a successful marathon.

Table Duty:

Thanks to Dr. Cliff for taking care of the table duty today! The drinks and food were greatly appreciated!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Wow, this year has flown. We are well prepared for the race, and you should feel great. Doc Scaff emphasized several key points on Sunday:

  1. Don’t wear, eat, or try anything new on race day;
  2. Plan your race – don’t go out too fast;
  3. do a mental check every five miles – if something isn’t right don’t be shy about moving to plan b, a slower time; and
  4. Hydrate during the race and use whatever nutrition you are used to from long runs.
  5. The last 48 hours are important. Sleep well this week, particularly Friday night. Eat comfort
  6. I find getting to the start a little early helps. Several of us are going to meet at Ala Moana beach park marked in green on the attached map around 4:15 am. It sounds early but isn’t.

I’ll close with a few Frank Shorter quotes:

Experience has taught me how important it is to just keep going, focusing on running fast a relaxed. Eventually it passes and the flow returns.

I admire runners older than I – they are now my heroes. I want to be like them as I grow older.

Have fun :0)

Red Group by Steven Cole:
(Pace 9:00- 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Lisa, Earl, Linnea, Melissa, Jesse and Jimmi for our annual downtown Christmas Lights run. It was an easy 10-miler through all of the lights on display throughout the first few miles of the marathon route starting downtown. It was a perfect day for running, with overcast skies, and even a light sprinkling of rain. We stopped several times for photos and to appreciate the holiday displays before heading through Waikiki and back via the Ala Wai. The group ran at a 9:30 pace for the 10 miles, ending up with a total running time of about 1:35:00.

Next week is the Honolulu Marathon, and everyone is in great shape! It’s been a long year full of fun times with the red group, and we’re all looking forward to Sunday. We’re all continuing to taper this week, and getting our rest for the big day.

Happy running!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group ran 8.5 miles at an average pace of 11 minutes per mile today for its last training run of the season. Alberto and Lynnae led a group of 13 runners out to Magic Island and back with a marathon-finish at the statue of Queen Kapiolani. The group included Kara, Sandy, Melissa, Terry, Trieu, Tuan, Rick, Russ, John T., Jun, and Carl. Sandy, a newcomer to the group, is actually a seasoned veteran with ~20 marathons under her belt. She recounted the days when the marathon only cost $10 and finishers only received an apple and a cookie! My how times have changed, and all for the better. Finisher malasadas…yummy.

The marathon is up next. Doc gave a very informative and comprehensive talk about final marathon preparations and strategies. If you missed it or for more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff, which has an excellent summary of what you need to know for this week.

Final Preparations (Oh my gosh, marathon’s next week!!!): Get your race day gear ready; go with all your favorites. Rule è Nothing new on race day (seriously)! Confirm your transportation plans. Stay healthy and strong this coming week. Avoid sickies. Embrace your inner germaphobe! Relax and take it easy on your last two homework runs. They should be slow and easy, one-hour runs to remind your muscles what you expect of them but not stress them out with a fast pace or strenuous hills. A Friday run is optional if needed to keep limber (1-3 miles only). Enjoy your carbs this week, but take it easy on Saturday. Don’t eat a big meal for dinner because you may find you’re too nervous on marathon morning to “get rid of it.” Don’t run too fast to let all the cool things at the marathon blur past you. Take in the sights, sounds, and energy, but ignore some of the smells. Nervous runners packed in at a starting line won’t ever be a Febreeze scent.

Marathon jitters abound – embrace them. They’re unavoidable, whether this is your first marathon or not. Wishing you all a very enjoyable marathon, but especially to our first-time Honolulu Marathoners: Tuan, Cindy, and Hong. See you at the HMC finisher’s tent! And remember, do not sit down until at least an hour after crossing the finish (to allow yourself to be able to stand up again).

While the marathon is experience is really all about finishing, those curious about possible finish times should check out the McMillan calculator []. Just enter in your time for a known race distance and it will compute a projected marathon time.

Visualize yourself on race day; set at least two goals – a doable one (ie. just finish), and a “stretch goal” (ie. be able to go up/down a flight of stairs without cringing the next day). Time goals are good, but remember that your race is more than just a bunch of digits. Make a plan for how you’re going to attack the course and when you’re going to take supplements. Decide whether to run with a group for the first 6-7 miles of the course to conserve energy. (If you lose your group, tack on to one along the way.) Stick to your race plan, allowing for adjustments in the second half of the race, as needed. Stage yourself conservatively at the start; it’s better to pass than to be passed. Remember, the race starts at mile #20, and you own Kahala Avenue. Carry a sealable sandwich bag to use as an ice pack down the home stretch. May each of you shine out there along the marathon course. You earned this. Have a wonderful race and remember to smile @ the finish line!

Upcoming [less than 1 week to the big day!]:

  • December 8-10: Marathon Expo (don’t wait till Saturday), no free parking at Convention Center. Enjoy the expo; special deals available, but remember nothing new on marathon day (except anti-chaff stuff).
  • December 9: Carboload party. RSVP to Donna for headcount. See how different everyone looks in regular clothes and without sunglasses. Sleep early!!!
  • December 10: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. No alcohol. Continue high-carb diet, but regular size portions. Try to stay off your feet, if possible. DO YOUR BAG DROP by 5pm; it’s always nice to have dry clothes at the finish. Eat by 6pm, try to sleep early, pray for good weather.
  • December 11: MARATHON!!! 5am start. 4-430am meet up at Lynnae’s office. (Call 237-4100 daytime for directions.) Don’t forget to take an official (& FREE) marathon photo at the park; pics printed right there. Meet at the HMC tent; look for “Mid Pac Runners” on the map. Bring $15 for massage at the HMC tent. Don’t forget your medal and finishers shirt.
  • December 12: Pick up your certificate at the convention center. HMC Celebration, 6pm @ Gordon Biersch, pay your own.
  • December 18: Short recovery run and HMC Picnic, for $1 and an entree. Show off that finisher’s shirt – big photo opportunity.

Silverrado Round Up:

It has been a great 9 month training period with all the new and returning Silverados this year. May all of you have a successful and strong finish in your marathon. Thank you for all the scintillating conversations along the route, the advice and ideas on training, and for just sharing the road with us. We’re so proud of each and every one of you. Have a wonderful marathon, and we hope to see you in 2017! Special mahalo to Paul, Carl, and John L. for stepping up to help lead and take care of the group in 2016 – it’s really been a team effort.

The runners-high moment: Getting to train with a bunch of awesome people for nine months of the year, or more. Silvers rock!

Get ready for Silverado Off-Season Running for fun and fitness. Email to be added to our email list. Possible jingle bell run TBA.

Shoebox Report: A big mahalo to the many HMCers who donated shoeboxes, school supplies and other goodies for Lynnae’s holiday shoebox project. There were close to 70 boxes packed this year that are en route to children in Nepal, Singapore, and the Philippines. Thank you for helping to brighten the lives of deserving children this Christmas! We’ll start collecting again next March.

White Group by Blair Hoashi:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

A group of about 20 runners ran a nice 8-mile loop to cap off our training. Before the run, we went over further details for marathon morning and mentioned to take it easy for the rest of the week. Also, reminded everyone to attend Dr. Scaff’s carbo loading party on Friday, the Post Marathon dinner, if so inclined, and the Post Marathon Picnic the next Sunday! Friends and family invited!

Stay tuned – Guru Sam is also planning a special “White Group” party at his house on the Friday after the marathon. More details to follow on White group Facebook.

Congrats to all of our members for their patience, discipline and perseverance throughout the year! Thank you all for your friendship and camaraderie during the past nine months. It was an incredible pleasure! As Guru Sam states, “you are all successful as runners which further translates to success in life! “

Enjoy your marathon!!! (And, let’s compare notes afterward.)


Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Good info from Dr. Scaff – interesting that he always gets some chuckles from the same humorous anecdotes… scares off anyone from using the bushes. And great gesture by Nelson in donating his deserved gift to the HMC… Thankfully we didn’t have to jog in pouring down rain… even drizzle held off until we were on the way home. Green team had 14 [ including first timer Ryota ] as we set out for our last session of the training year – a trip of 7.8 miles. We jogged the hill going UP Kilauea by KCC… visited our friendly pooch Bailey… and searched in vain for any cool spot or trades on Kahala Av… and did our last trial sprint and wave for the finish line along with Val‘s speedy group. We are ready for Sunday! By the time we got back, we may have had differing paces on our gadgets, but we were “approaching 15”. Our collective mahalo to Cliff and others for the refreshments – wow, home made brownies for our last training session – what a nice way to finish. Do a little training during the week but STAY SAFE. Remember the Carbo Loading Party at Doc’s hacienda in the hills – you may not recognize some folks you’ve been spending your Sunday mornings with. Green ones will assemble at 0430 at AMSC wearing our HMC shirts, then meander up to the start line with some new friends and begin our marathon as fireworks are still blasting in the sky… and we’ll finish in 6-35 with our 15 pace. You can go faster if you have a free meal wagered… Have a good run… aloha.

Da Comment Corner:

You Are Ready!

Have confidence in your abilities; you are ready and trained for Sunday’s challenge! Have a great MARATHON and see at the finishers’ tent!


Doc’s Carbo Loading Party on Friday, Dec. 9th. Make sure to attend; it will be difficult to recognize your fellow runners in “party attire”.

MARATHON!!! – DEC. 11; 5 a.m. start; please check with your group leaders as to your meeting place.

The After Marathon Dinner @ Gordon Biersch (Aloha Tower) – December 12, Monday, 6:00 p.m.:

Trade “war stories while having a great time! Cost $30.

Clinic’s “After the Marathon” Picnic Dec. 18th.

It is a great time to compare notes about one’s marathon and bid farewell to your fellow group members till next year. Also, good time to thank your staff leaders for their help throughout the year.

Chili and rice and drinks served but welcome other potluck items. Desserts, salads, and main dishes would be very much be appreciated.

Cost $1.

Have a Great Marathon!!


Blair’s Weekly Update 11-27-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff spoke about tapering, the Turkey Trot, the Carbo-Loading Party, and urged runners not to miss next week’s talk on marathon day preparations.

Table Duty:

Staff leaders Sandy and Dean who took care of the table today. Thank you for the wonderful food and drinks.

MPRRC Honolulu Marathon Tent Volunteers Needed

Marathon Tent Volunteers are needed in Kapiolani Park on Sunday, December 11, 2016.

We’ll have several shifts and you can make your choice. We will need the most people for the early shift when we set up food, drinks, etc.

Support our runners by volunteering at the MPRRC/Brian Clarke/Marathon Clinic/Valley Isle Marathon Tent.

Please sign up here:

Or you can email Joan at:

We’ll have several shifts and you can make your choice. We will need the most people for the early shift when we set up food, drinks, etc.

Early Shift (5:30 to 8 a.m.) We need about ten people to set up tables, chairs and banners, as well as make sandwiches and ice the drinks. Jennifer Wada is the supervisor as she has been in charge before.

Middle Shift (8 a.m. to 11 a.m.) Three people needed, including a massage coordinator, and two people on drinks and food.

Late Shift (11a.m. to 3 p.m.) Three people needed, including a massage coordinator, and one on drinks and food, and one to help with clean up about 3 p.m.

Wrapup Shift (3 to 5 pm) Two or three volunteers are requested to take down and load up materials used (any tables, chairs, sign/banners, etc.) as well as leftover food. Things need to be taken to Brian Clarke’s house and unloaded so at least one person with a van or truck is needed.

If you can help, please let me know your shift preference. Joan will get back to everyone with details by Monday (12/5/16).

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Dave Fitzpatrick:
(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute per mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station and ran 15 at about a 8:50 pace. Next week we meet at Aloha gas station at 6:15 a.m., catch Doc’s pre-race talk, and taper to 10. Take it easy, continue your homework runs, and you’ve all prepared well :0)

Pink Group by Hao Yang:
(Pace 10:30-11:30 minutes per mile)

Brysen, Micah, Bob, Bruce and Hao began today’s run at 6am from Magic Island. We ran the first part of the Honolulu Marathon route and familiarized ourselves with the Marathon starting line, clinic runner meeting place, first water stop etc. We ran back through Ala Wai and stopped for Dr. Staff’s talk. The weather was rainy and windy, great for our 10-ish mile run.

As Dr. Scaff talked about today, we are tapering. This week, run 2 to 3 6-8 miles will be enough. Stay safe, healthy and injury free.

Next Sunday, we will meet at 7:30 a.m. at the clinic to hear the very important talk of Dr. Scaff. Later, we plan to do an easy 8 miles to complete our 2016 Marathon training. Only two more weeks to go, we can do this!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silver Group started with a whopping 19 runners for our tour of the front part of the marathon route. Lynnae led the group of Silverado’s which included: Russ, Lee, Kara, Trieu, Cindy, Rick, Paul, Tuan, Jerome, Hong, Jun L., Melissa, Henry, John T., Terry, Doc Joe, Tavy, and Robert S. This run included more stops with a brief description of what can be found at the particular point that could be useful on marathon day. We started out with moderately humid conditions within the first few miles that were a stark contrast to the cooler weather of the last few weeks. Later we encountered very blustery conditions that provided its own bit of extra resistance training whether we wanted it or not. It was a good reminder about drafting behind another (preferably larger) runner. Due to all the stops, the run seemed longer and legs felt heavier. Lynnae was little off in mileage estimate (oops), and the group ended at 11.75 miles.

The downtown portion of the run will be crowded. Starting from the IBM building on Ala Moana Boulevard, you may be weaving a great deal to maintain your pace. It may not thin out until you reach Kalanianaole Highway. Watch out for discarded rain-gear like trash bags on the road that can become a tripping or slipping hazard. The first water stop is at Iolani Palace / King Kamehameha statue. Don’t miss this smaller water stop; even if you don’t feel thirsty, take a drink. Be very careful of the cups on the ground at the water stops – they are very slippery. Runners have slipped on them and ended their marathon early. Going slower at the stops is a prudent precaution until you clear the clutter; it also helps you get more water down than trying to rush through and drink at the same time.

Homework: T-A-P-E-R! Tapering continues. In addition to Sunday, 2 runs of one hour each is sufficient. Target 20 miles this week. Respect the tapering schedule! Take very good care of yourself; avoid unnecessary risks and sick people (they will forgive you at the finish line). Continue mental preparation – picture yourself at different points along the course and with a strong effort in the last 4 miles from the gas station.

Carl’s Tip for a Fun Marathon: If you don’t think your first finisher photo will be to your liking, just run back down Kalakaua Avenue and jump back on the course to run though the finish line again. Repeat until you have the pose you think will work for you.

Training Comment: Marathon jitters have set in, as we’re now on the last 2 weeks of our journey together. The best way to deal with those is to be prepared. The marathoner’s motto is “nothing new on race day”, and we’re serious. Your shoes are properly worn in, you have your favorite socks, gear, and attire. And of course, you’ve determined which hydration aids work best for you. (Plan to take ~5 gels on marathon day for women, and perhaps more for men.) Oh, and don’t forget the anti-chafe stuff. Even if you haven’t chafed before, it’s going to happen on marathon day, so take precautions. Forget the training; it’s all about maintenance and staying healthy at this point. Continue your mental preparation – select your power mantra/song that will push you to the finish. Now’s the time to figure out logistics for the big event, how to get there, where to park, what to eat, and setting personal goals. You might also want to plan your meals for the week prior to marathon – determine whether you’ll be doing a protein-then-carbo-load or just carbo-load, and nix the gassy foods. Remember, no alcohol, which may dehydrate you; save that for post-marathon celebrations.


  • 12/4/16: 8-mile run to Ala Moana and back. We will cover final strategies for race day, practice our marathon finish, and tour the big white tents near the finish line. Meet at home base (Paki) at 730 am – Doc will give a very informative final talk for this season with a check off list for final race day preparations. Don’t miss it.
  • 12/9/16: Carbo load party. Invites available at Clinic.
  • 12/11/16: MARATHON!!!
  • 12/12/16: Post-marathon party at Gordon Biersch. Sign up at Clinic.


White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Another Good Sunday to Run a leisurely ten miles trek. Dr. Scaff was back with the reassurance that we are all ready for the Marathon and the hard work is over. Relax and stay injury free is the key now.

Peter ran through a maze of news for the coming week. Dr.Scaff’s Carbo loading party Friday December 9, The Post race at Aloha Towers, Gordon Biersch Party on Monday then our Annual Picnic December 18th… listen up next week for all this and more.

Leaders Rich, Jessica and Bob were on hand to lead us out, following the previous Turkey Trot Route! We lapped once around Kapiolani Park before heading up Diamond Head. With a strong Trade winds and Cloudy Sky it was very easy.

Getting to the water fountain after the Lighthouse, We found a longed Missing Marathoner, Malia. Then another couple whom trained with us earlier in the year, Mahina and Kanoi – these three were just ahead of us as we tackled the hill. We all enjoyed the easiest jog to the Triangle Park.

At the Park we reminded everyone to start tapering and next week, if you have a Marathon finisher t-shirt, please wear it! Only 8 miles next week.

Making a early turn onto 22nd Avenue, A early bathroom break was helpful to some. Then turning onto Kilauea Avenue, we found another Hero, Guru Sam sneaking into the posse. What Surprises today… Going down to the Gas Station we caught a couple of red lights. And another pair of lost runners.

Coming back from Nelson’s Oasis, Was Super Mika and her young son, George! Boy, a 16 miler so late, I can see these two finishing strong. We reminded them, only 8 miles next week… then no more running required!

Going up Kahala Avenue was easy this time, Least I forget next time it will be on mile 23 not mile 7. Thanks to Sam keeping us on Pace and for Rich leading most of the time.

Today we actually ran down Kalakaua Avenue to the Queen Kapiolani Statue. Ten Miles, Yes. Today we had leaders Sam, Rich, Jessica and Bob. Then our Regulators Chantel, Shan, Jamie, Elaine , Elena, Hannah, Malia, Russellx2, Andrew, Francis, Richard, Mika and George.

Table Duty was terrific, Thank You. The first few tents are going up and the Marathon is slowly taking over the park. Download the 2016 App… and see you All next week!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

We had 19 runner’s start out this morning. We gave everyone the option of running 8, 10, or 12 miles today depending on how many homework runs they were able to get in. Jack said that we should be down to 30 miles, well even with a 12-miler, my total for the week was 18 miles.

Maile and I led the group out to the 10 mile turn around @ Waikoloa, then came back around to the finish line and around the Zoo for our 12 miles just under 3 hours, great job everyone.

Showed people what I usually pack in my water bottle waist bag, hand sanitizer, lip type of Vaseline tube for convenient size. ID and little extra money for the bus haha, but maybe for snack or drink at the Aloha Station. Also Dean had donated little Halloween pretzels that came in snack size so told our members to keep it till Marathon Day, thank you to Sandra, Tony, Eileen and Dean for the wonderful snacks along with water and Gatorade.

You should have your outfit picked out, nothing new so just to be sure put it on the side already.

Also we had 2 people take a fall today. Please be careful, don’t do anything that could cause injury, and avoid sick people, it’s too close to our race day.


Sweet 16”s by Roanne Abe:

We’ve got one more practice week together before Marathon Day! How time flies when you’re having a great time. You guys are so dedicated! We had over nineteen show up on Sunday – rain and gusty winds couldn’t keep you from training. You are all so awesome.

I know, it’s difficult to taper at this point. Who wants to just do 8 miles when we’ve done so much more for weeks on end? But we gotta keep to the game plan and be patient. As Dr. Scaff said at the clinic, “Don’t let the genie out of the bottle.” Keep the genie in till December 11th.

Next week will be our last minute tips and tricks for getting ready for the marathon. In the meantime, start making a list of the gear you will take with you on marathon day: what you’ll wear, carry, eat, etc. And don’t forget to plan out how you will get to and from the marathon. We’ll meet at staging area at 4:30 a.m. and walk together to the start line.

Homework this week is:

  • 2 or 3 one hour walks
  • stay healthy
  • stay safe

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Our “fears” of a rainy & windy Sunday outing were for naught – we had a decent overcast / breezy day. There were 14 in the green starting blocks for a 10 miler for our tapered down Sunday… oops… a certain pace leader left home in a rush without his trusty Garmin… uh oh… only pace the green team had was his [and their] sense or feel for what a 15 m/m pace inherently feels like after 9 months of Sundays… sort of like doing our own Turkey Trot… after we arrived back in the park our #2 slot Karyn finally checked her smart phone app- distance was 10.28 miles and overall pace was … ready?… 15.02. Really should extend the Turkey Trot finish time to 2 1/2 hrs. Great job by the little green ones! We don’t need any pacer device… we know how to finish the marathon at a 15 pace. Mahalo to Sandra and her many helpers at the refreshment tables. Continue doing safe homework runs … no need for extra miles or speed at this point. Next week you may want to record or video Dr Scaff’s talk, then heed it. Our mileage Sunday will be about 8 miles. Aloha.

Da Comment Corner:

Nelson’s Purple Oasis:

Purple Staff Leader Nelson Shingano and his crazy fast Purple bunch are responsible for the always needed “Oasis” at the second beach park. Please remember that Nelson and his “gang” do this voluntarily, without any financial reimbursement or need of accolades – strictly from the goodness of their heart. We are very fortunate to have such incredible and thoughtful people!!

Please thank them for their generosity!!

Sincere apologies and I can’t remember everyone’s name – but generous and talented runners such as Marsha, Lorna, Tim, Dean, Carol, are a few of these benevolent Purples.

Thank you!!!

Carbo-Loading Party

Dr. Scaff’s annual get together is slated for Friday, December 6. Please get more info at the clinic for more details

The After Marathon Dinner @ Gordon Biersch December 12, 6:00 p.m.; cost $30.

Please sign up on the board.

Clinic Picnic- the Sunday after the Marathon, December 18th:

Bring in your latest gourmet offerings and share this year’s marathon experience with your fellow runners. Enjoy each other’s company as everyone basks in the positive glow of a/or another completed marathon.

Giving Back and the “Plus factor”:

If the clinic has helped you in anyway, a good way to give back to the clinic is to help other runners by volunteering to be a staff member. We are so fortunate to have such a great group of individuals who unselfishly give of their time and energy to form a stable nucleus and keep up the continuity of our 40+ year existence. But/and, we need your help to keep this spirit and tradition intact!!

Plus Factor:

Aside from helping others, we also help ourselves by maintaining a healthy lifestyle that keeps us younger, healthier and more vigorous. Running doesn’t just strengthen our bodies but it invigorates our minds as well. Those positive endorphins are priceless! Strong, healthy, and smart – near perfection!

So please reflect on your marathon training experiences and think about giving back and also helping ourselves!

See you at the water stops!


Blair’s Weekly Update 11-20-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Doc was not available so Peter reminded us about our usual to do list – tapering, sunscreen, hydration, etc.

Table Duty:

Thank so much to staffers Evelyn and Gail for the great food and drink. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace: <9 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute per mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station and ran 20 at about a 8:50 pace. Next week we meet at Aloha gas station at 5:45 a.m. and taper to 15. Hope to see you for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving :0)

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Lisa, Linnea, Steve, Sven and Jesse for our last 20-mile run. We started by running 13 miles in from the 2nd beach park, and then we ran 7 miles back out after the talk for a total of 20 miles. It was a great day for running with nice breezes and some clouds with light rain. We ran at about a 9:15 pace for a total running time of about 3:05:00.

Next Sunday we’ll be doing 18 miles starting at 5:15 a.m. from the 2nd beach park.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Hao Yang:
(Pace 10:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile)

Brysen, Micah, Leslie and Hao of Pink group started a 14-miler at 6:20 a.m. After regrouped at the clinic, we continued our run to gas station and back. Bob, Bruce and Asami joined us for the 2nd part of our run. It was a nice breezy day for a long run.

This Thursday-Thanksgiving is the Turkey Trot 10 miles. Hope you all have a great Turkey run and a Turkey meal! Happy Thanksgiving!

Next Sunday, we plan to meet at the parking lot of magic island at 6 a.m. We will run the beginning part of marathon and back to clinic for Dr. Scaff’s talk (about 7 miles). We plan to loop around Kapiolani park and back to magic island for a total 12 miles. Please feel free to join us!

A happy life is a good life.


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group had 13 runners this morning out for a 14-mile run. Silverados chose different points to join the group along the route. The extra early group included Russ, Lee, Kara, Trieu, Cindy, and Nicole, then the early group included Lance, Rick, Paul, and Lynnae. Tuan, Jerome, and Hong joined us at home base, where we met up with Jun L., Melissa, and Henry for a couple of miles before they left us at Triangle Park.

T-A-P-E-R! It’s taper time! What a beautiful word that is so pleasing to the ears of runners. You have worked so hard all season; it is now time to enjoy this tapering period as you scale back your mileage a little each week. The purpose of our runs is to keep the muscles limber. We’re not looking at building muscle anymore. Congratulations on getting to this point! Enjoy!

Homework: Target 30 miles this week. Remain deliberate with your training schedule. At least two times during the weekdays, 10 miles each, with a rest day in between.

Tip: We now want to shift our focus to the mental aspect of running. Focus on your mental preparation and visualization. What will be your strategy for attacking the marathon course? Will you be able to run a negative split? The upcoming Turkey Trot is ideal for testing yourself for 10 miles to see if you can hold to your game plan. If you haven’t done so, register on the Clinic’s website.

Think about your supplement strategy, and how you will carry everything. If you don’t have a belt/pack, will you need one? Get your gear now to do some practice runs with it. The cardinal rule for marathoners: Nothing new on race day. Plan now and heed the warning.

Carl’s Tip for a Fun Marathon: See if you can get away with taking a fully-clothed shower at the cooling station after the finish line, by carrying a bar of soap through the race with you.


  • 11/24/16: Turkey Trot by HMC. 10-mile pace-test run to get you ready for feasting. Register online and pay $7 on the day of the race at the Kapiolani bandstand.
  • 11/27/16: Meet at home base (Paki) at 7:30 a.m. 10-mile run through downtown to practice the first portion of the marathon route, and learn where all the “secret stops” are.
  • 12/4/16: Shorter run through downtown.
  • 12/11/16: Marathon!

Welcome back to Jen who just returned from her cycling tour in Taiwan and Malaysia. We look forward to hearing about your travels and seeing your pictures.

Be sure to count your blessings this week. You always have more than you think. Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Another Beautiful Day to Run was offered up today and A Strong 18 Joggers were in Top Form. A Big Thanks to Blair whom got up early to give us sendoff speech and final tips for the Marathon is only three weeks away! No extreme sports and do your best not to get injured.

Leading us out of the Park was Guru Sam and Leader Rich. Earlier It was nice to find plenty of open parking spaces and a slow day in the Park. The wind was blowing strong and a few clouds blocked out the Sun in the beginning. The Surf report was blown out chop and rough seas.

We Easily made it up Diamond Head and over to our Triangle Park. Some serious Joggers had us skip the usual pep talk. Just about the Doggie Park, Our Vocal Leader Sam had to let us go and tend to his personal itinerary.

Pace Setter Bob, worked his way up front while earlier he was unusually slacking in the back. On our way to the Gas Station was always pleasant and we got lucky on two red lights.

Sorry to say we lost two more runners, Russell #2 and Hannah. You were appreciated jogging with us and missed! Talking about missing, Lo and Behold… who do we see coming down Kalanianaole Highway but Mika and her young son, George! Heard they got an early start and they looked strong.

Thanks to Leader Rich leading to and from Wailupe Park. We certainly missed Nelson’s Oasis but we are tampering down. Next week, expect only a ten mile run. And if you need more practice. Thanksgiving Day Our Clinic has a Ten-mile race….

We finished our run going down farmer’s road and back up to Triangle Park. This point, we had Leaders Bob, Rich and Jessica. Our regulators were Elaine, Jamie, Chantel, Yumi, Stefanie, Andrew, Shan. Kamaile, Irina, Russell, Richard and Melyssa. A few took off going downhill but glad to say most if us stayed together going back to Kapiolani Park.

The Best Part had to be the well spread out table duty. Thanks to Evelyn and Gail, you two had the best watermelon, tuna sandwiches and special furikake Pretzels. Until next week, do your homework runs!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

This morning we had 19 excited runner’s start our 12 mile run to Ala Moana to show our meeting place on Marathon morning @ 4:15-4:30 a.m. We continued along the route through downtown, up Nu’uanu Ave. We were able to make a rest stop @ Ed’s office in Cades Schutte Building. Nice clean bathrooms and cold water fountain and air conditioning even if offices were closed, such a treat, thank you Ed. We really missed Nelson’s Oasis and were getting hungry smelling all the food back through Waikiki.

Thank you to Gail, Evelyn and Libby for waiting for us, we didn’t realize we were the last group to return to the clinic start. Really enjoyed the tuna sandwiches, donuts, muffins, melons, clementine’s and furikake pretzels.

Hope to see most of you on Thursday @ Turkey Trot so that you can eat with no guilt. It’s the best run to keep your pace for the first half of the marathon.

We will see everyone on Sundat @ clinic because although it’s a 4-day weekend for some it’s too close to the Marathon and Dr. Scaff has a lot more helpful information before the big day.


Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Three weeks to go! Are you ready? Fourteen of us met at the park and we all looked ready: Annette, Sylvia, Fran, Chien-Wen, Glenn, Isaac, Pam, Harry, Annie, Yoshiko, Takashi, David, Betsy and Roanne. We went out for 10 miles and although the wind pushed us back going out, it helped push us up the hill coming back.

As we all get ready for marathon day, take time to visualize what you want to see and feel on marathon day — especially during the last 6 miles of the course. What will you see? How do you want to feel? What music and or thought will inspire you to dig deep and finish strong? For me, my rally sound is Beer for my Horses. A fun song to help me focus on the goal instead of how tired I might be feeling.

We have the Turkey Trot on Thursday. It’s 10 miles of fun to guess your time. Come and bring a friend. You can just fellowship during the course and enjoy Thanksgiving a little earlier together.

Homework is to keep your workouts safe and do about 1 hour 3 times this week. We’re in the home stretch, so stay healthy and consistent. The t-shirt and medal are just a few weeks away.

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Most of us drove in to the park thinking we were going to get rained on today, but turned out to be a decent morn… we appreciated the trades and overcast skies. Thirteen of us lined up at the start with guest Harima-san returning again from Japan… he enjoys training with our world renown Green 15 team just prior to marathon Sunday. Tapering down means we only did 12.55 today and #2 slot recorded our official pace of 15.01 min / mile… sure would be nice if the Turkey Trot next year has a closing time of 2-30… that’s our 15.0 time. Thanks to Nelson for being open for our last visit of this training year… and to our lovely ladies for having all the refreshments for us at 1045. Next week it’s only about 10 miles… we could do that moving backwards… keep up the homework and stay safe out there. aloha

Da Comment Corner:

Marathon/Life Quotes:

  • “Life is like a marathon- full of ups and downs that take your breath away” – from Pinterest.
  • “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” – Confucius.
  • “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month” – Theodore Roosevelt.
  • “People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do” – Isaac Asimov.
  • “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes”- Jim Carrey.

Turkey Trot -a great way to start your Thanksgiving morning:

The Monday after the Marathon dinner at Gordon Biersch at the Aloha Tower – please sign up on the board – December 12. After the Marathon Picnic – December 18.

See you at the water stops!


Blair’s Weekly Update 10-23-2016

Doc’s Report:

Dr. Scaff continued his talk on cholesterol and good and bad oils. No talk by Doc next week due to the Bus Run.

Table Duty:

Thanks to Annette and Harry for the fantastic array of goodies and drink!

Third and Final Bus Run – October 30th:

The furthest stop will be at Makapuu Point – approximately 15 miles. Water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few a far between. Also bringing some extra cash for drinks or energy bars might be recommended. Other stop options might be the traffic lights past Sandy Beach – 13 miles and the Maunalua Bay at the start of Hawaii Kai, mileage varied dependant on route. Please check with your group leader as to your start location. We ask everyone to show up at 7:15 a.m. or earlier so we can board the buses promptly and leave on time. It’s a different experience than our usual Sunday runs; think of it as another race in the clinic’s marathon readiness series! Please check with your group leader as to your drop off point. Approximately 100 runners have signed up.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute-per-mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station, ran a little more than 16 miles routing out to Lunalilo home road and the hill. Next week there’s a bus run and others will meet at the Kahala gas station at 5:45 a.m., and we are continuing do 16 miles. Enjoy!

Intermediate Groups:

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00-10:00 minute per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Lisa, Linnea, Chris and Earl for another 18-mile run. Jun and Sven (as well as many other HMC members) ran in the HMSA 30K run. Great job, all! We started by running 11 miles in from the 2nd beach park, and then ran back out after the talk for a total of 18 miles. It was a warm day with a few clouds. We ran at about a 9:20 pace for a total running time of about 2:48:30.

Next Sunday we’ll be running 16 miles, meeting up at 5:45 a.m. at the second beach park for anyone that would like to join. The following week we’ll be starting our 20-mile runs of November.

Happy running!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Paul Lindley:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 mutes per mile)

Trieu and Jerome started around 5:45 a.m. on Waiholo Avenue and ran to the second beach park and back. Paul and Kara met at Waiholo at 6:30 a.m. and just missed the early birds. We ran into Jen on our way in just before we arrived at the gas station. The three of us ran as a group back to Kapiolani Park for Dr. Scaff’s talk about cholesterol and he did his best to confuse us about canola oil. Good or bad?

The runners leaving the park together after the talk were Trieu, Jerome, Jen, Kara, Lance, and Paul. On our way up Diamond Head we started running into the racing Silverados in the 30K. The first one I noticed was Terry, looking like she just started running, and could do another 20 miles. After that in no particular order we saw Lynnae, Melissa, Cindy, John T., Rick, Doc Joe, Cassie, Samantha. I am sure there were more, but I can’t recall.

Jen left the group after Triangle Park and ran along Kahala Avenue so she could encourage the runners, Lance pulled out at Kahala Mall, Jerome and Trieu ran to the first beach park and back to Waiholo Street to get there 18 in (good job). Kara and Paul went to the second beach park, and Paul ran back to Waiholo to finish with 14.5 miles (boo). Kara ran out further on Kalanianaole Highway to get her 18 in. Overall the weather was very nice with low humidity and good trade winds. The head winds were a bit strong at times, but I would rather have them than nothing. – Paul

Homework: Remain deliberate with your training schedule. Rest days are training days. For those who raced in the 30K, take it easy on the recovery. Do an easier recovery run Tuesday or Wednesday. Do not focus on pace. Listen to your body. It’s okay to run shorter. Two times during the weekdays, 10-12 miles each. Target 40 miles this week. Be sure to stretch afterwards.

TIP: Each race can teach us something, especially the longer they get. Chaffing doesn’t seem to start until you go a certain amount of miles. Same thing with blisters. Knowledge of the race course, particularly Kahala Avenue, can help when you’re pushing through the last miles on sore legs. And of course, a race can be something of a judgment day on your training regimen. Did you bank enough miles in preparation for the race? Did you properly fuel your body before and during the race? Assess your long run and plan adjustments as necessary.

The runners-high moment: Seeing your training buddy medal in a race for the first time. Congratulations Henry! You did awesome at the 30K and deserve the award after all of your training.

Quote of the Week: “Don’t run in old shoes, even if it’s raining.” By an injured Jun L.


  • 10/30/16: 3rd and final bus-run of the training season. The Silvers will meet at Waiholo 6:15 a.m. for a 6:30 a.m. start. Carl mapped out a nice route for the group that will take us to Sandy Beach to meet the bus runners coming in from Makapuu. We should get in 16+ miles. Those who want to join us for a shorter route should meet as at the Hawaii Kai dog park around 7:10 – 7:15 a.m. (Be there, or be left behind). Please be sure to bring a water bottle because the water stops may be further apart.
  • 11/6/16: Early group meets out at Waiholo as early as 6 a.m. and runs to first beach park and back to Kapiolani Park. The not-so-early group starts from Waiholo at 630 a.m. and heads to Paki. The group starting from HQ will run to Trinity Church and back.
  • 11/13/16: 5th and final race of the Marathon Readiness Series (half marathon).
  • 11/24/16: Turkey Trot!

Shout Out Corner: Congratulations to all of the HMCers who participated in the 4th race of the Marathon Readiness Series (30K). This was a great opportunity to see how well your training has been going, and many seem to be marathon ready. Happy 30K finishers included: Melissa, Cindy, John T., Rick, Doc Joe, Cassie, Samantha, Terry, Hong, Russ, Tony, Jan, Evelyn, Kam, Asami, Jun K., Jun L., Miyuki, Tavy, Kevin, Rosie and Lynnae. A special congrats to Cindy for completing her very first race. Good job!

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Another Busy Day at Kapiolani Park, the 808 Races had their 30K HMSA Race going on, the fourth of their five race series. With that said, our morning talk had a smaller group while Dr. Scaff gave his talk about the many health reports and studies that are out there. Basically it’s up to you to decide what to believe and what is working for you. Peter gave his announcements about upcoming events.

Most important is next week BUS Run, have three dollars and be on time! Bus leaves 7:30 a.m., so be there 7:00 a.m.! Please afford time to park!

With many leaders missing, Pace Setter Bob just called out the White Group! Our group started with 20 strong but somehow, I got 21 on my final listing. Our speech was super short with a talk on our route plan and questioning anyone doing their homework runs? Today we left going counter clockwise around the park because Bob wanted to the see more of the 30K race and finish line. We saw some of the best runners walking about, having already finish the race by 7:45 a.m… the race started 5 a.m.. Also got a great view of Waikiki Beach and small breaking waves. Making the right turn onto Diamond Head Road, Lo and Behold…We found our white group member Irina, Blazing down for the finish line…probably under 3 hours! You Go Girl!! Going up Diamond Head felt easier after a better warm up. By the time we reached the Lighthouse, we had two miles under our feet. Was nice to see so many Racers coming down the road. Some looked tired but it was 18.6 miles, eh?

After Triangle Park, we made a short cut to the District Park Bathroom. Nice to see Stefanie, Kamaile and Mer back. Onto the Gas Station we spread apart but kept going strong. Thanks to Mika and George for making time to run but needed to turn back at the Gas Station. Onward to Nelson’s Oasis was our Goal! Today was a perfect example of our selfish sport…We all place a lot of things aside to run for 4 plus hours and sometimes a few fall off pace. Today, I’m happy to say Randall, Darby and Richard took off on their own faster pace as we headed up Kalanianaole Highway. Reaching Wailupe Park, we lost two more. Jessica and Ming had reached the target and turned back. Thanks ladies for your team spirit.

But the Good News, Nelson’s Oasis was Open! Reaching this point was Bob, Russell, Hannah, Debbie, Jamie, Chantel, Elena, Elaine, Francis, Stefanie, Andrew, Kamaile and Mer. Thanks to you all for staying together. Our return trip was a deep insightful journey or a puzzling trek. Did anyone see where we lost Sara? Last time I saw her was at the Gas Station and her initial plans was to stop at Nelson’s Oasis. And have her visiting Parents pick her up! She played a Sam Trick on us! Well we made the Gas Station and crashed farmers road. Pace Setter Bob submitted to walking with Elena. Some of the nicest People I ever meet waited for us at Triangle Park. So we gathered up some water and hit Diamond head. Just before the Lighthouse, My Prays were answered – two miles late – but Brother Sam pulled over to give Bob and a trailing Elena a ride back. Kamaile was given a good proposition but declined, for she was going to do this 15-mile run no matter what! Back at the Park, we were fortunate to have the table set up with cold Gatorade and snacks. The final 11 made it back and rejoiced in our accomplishment. Thanks for your spirit. Quick note, Bob will miss next week…you all know the pace, just remember to not to leave anyone behind.

The Beginners:

Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

What a wonderful day. It was breezy. One can only wish that the marathon will have weather conditions like this. Here we are just 7 Sundays left before the Marathon. Today’s plan is to get to Trinity church and back. We start with 8 of us. That should be 16 miles. As we are concentrating on getting those miles in and practicing our homework, we are focusing on everyone finishing the marathon without injury. Our homework should still total about 24 miles. When you add the 16 miles on Sunday, that’s 40 miles. You can do it by every other day. Monday 6, Wednesday 9 and Friday 9. Or whatever combination gets you up there.
This last Sunday of the month is the Bus Run. $3 for the ride. We’ll be on Bus #2 and getting off at the Makapu`u lookout. The first 4 miles has no available water stop. Our first opportunity in that area, will be at Kamiloiki park. Bring water.
This will be the last 16-mile Sunday as we begin tapering throughout the month of November. 11/6 = 14 miles + 30 – 35 miles of homework. 11/13 = 12 miles = 25 – 30 miles of homework. 11/20 = 10 miles = 20 – 25 miles of homework. On 11/27, Thanksgiving Sunday, I’m hoping one of us can guide the group through the downtown route. Just go from the Start at Ala Moana and Auahi (Google Maps has it as Queen St.) Follow Ala Moana to Nu`uanu, to King St, to Kapiolani, to Pi`ikoi and back to Ala Moana. About 4 miles. Walk around for an hour to get yourself up to 8 miles.
Keep on Walking!

Sweet 16’S by Roanne Abe:

Cool breezes and clear skies made for an awesome walk today. Seventeen started the 17-mile trek today: Annie, Arlene, Fran, Candi, Linda, Lynn, Masaki, Chen Wen, Noreen, Isaac, Lily, Betsy, Arlene and Roanne. Annette, Harry and Cliff minded the snack table and the ice cold Gatorade was a definite treat! You guys rock!

10/30 (next week) is the last bus run and we’ll be going out for about 15 miles. We leave at 7:15 a.m. and the cost is $3/person. Exact change is appreciated. Remember to bring water, a hat/towel and wear your sun screen. There will be no water stops for the first 3 miles.

11/24 is the turkey trot. It’s a 10-mile, predict your time, race. No timing devices allowed on the course. Entry fee is $7 online and $8 in person. Those that come within 20 seconds of your predicted time can win a prize. There will be a limited number of turkey trot t-shirts for $15 and it includes an entry into the turkey trot. If you want to help out and volunteer as helper at the event, please start looking for the signups in November.

Homework this week is 30-50 miles total, including todays’ walk. You are all doing great. Keep up the great work and next week, we’ll get ready to start tapering off and really getting ready for the marathon.

See you Sunday!

Green 15 by Lou Crompton:

Nice reasonably cool and breezy day for a romp thru da woods… we had 12 green ones at the park and were joined by Akiko at Aloha Gas… too bad Peter‘s admonition about staying safe was a day late for her… fell Saturday and got cut / bruised. Be safe… err on the side of caution… you’ve too much time and mileage invested in your training to suffer little mishaps now. Since our plan was a “long run” of 17 miles, I told Annette we’d be back 12:15… and when we arrived at her refreshment stand, the Garmin said 17.06 miles and time was 12:15. Green ones had an overall pace of 15.06… AND AND… pace leader’s Garmin fell off early on… had it inside a pocket virtually the entire distance… just “felt like” a 15 overall pace… would that qualify for a Turkey Trot prize? We appreciated Nelson for having the oasis open and for both Annette & Harry for having goodies for us at 12:15… and there were still other groups out on the road! Next Sunday we take a step back and “only” do about 15 for the Makapuu Light House Bus Run… be at the park 0715 and bring $3 or more for bus fare… and be sure to carry fluids particularly for the first few miles through the valley. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takeshige:

This Sunday had nice running weather, breezy partially overcast with a few light showers. With only little more than a month to go, now is not the time to get hurt. You will not have the time to recover.

Next week is the bus run. Be there at 7:15 a.m. with your $3 so we will be loaded and ready leave at 7:30 a.m. sharp. For the last bus run the 14s will take the scenic route and start off at Makapuu.

Keep up but don’t overdo your homework and we will see you on Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

Last Bus run for the Year:

The bus leaves promptly at 7:30 a.m. so please be at meeting area by 7:15 a.m for last minute instructions. It seems that most groups are going to the last stop at Makapuu Point- approximately 15 miles. Please make sure to bring your water bottle.

That Time of the Year:

Yes, usually for me during this period of time (about two to three months before the marathon), I “suffer” from tremendous ego distortion thinking I’m a well-conditioned “youth laden” runner – but inevitably reality (not being so “youth laden”, lacking “true conditioning”, and devoid of any logical reasoning) appears in the form of aching knees, pulled calf muscles, and other major aches and pains throughout. Recently, while on a “homework high”, Mr. Ego seduced my brain with thoughts of “let’s try 9 minute miles on this ½ mile stretch to get in some speed work or let’s put in the extra 2 miles while we’re feeling good”. As I ice my calf and knees, take my ibuprofen, limp over to my couch to become a “wizard” on my remote, I realize my current fate. Maybe next year, I’ll learn.

See you at the water stops


Blair’s Weekly Update 10-02-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Doc gave us a great talk about cholesterol and some of the fallacies about food associated with it.

October 9th Portland Marathon Update:

The “Honolulu Marathon Clinic Team” had a very important Team Meeting and Pep Talk in preparation for Portland. Thank You to the Hawaii Sports Foundation for the support and dinner.


HMC team going to 2016 Portland Marathon

Table Duty:

Thanks to the dynamic duo of Rosanne and Wendy of the Sweet 16’s for a great table duty spread! The watermelon, PNB’s, and pretzels were just what was needed after a grueling run!

Group Reports:

Advance Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute per mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station, ran about 16 miles routing out to Lunalilo Home Road and the hill out there. Next week we will meet at the Kahala gas station at 5:45 a.m., and we are continuing do 16 miles. Some folks did the 808 Race 25K week and others are running the Portland and Chicago marathons in the next weeks. I was reminded about a few lessons. First, plan your race and assess your plan through out. I need to include hills in my homework runs, and transition to more speed work as target races get closer. Lining up at the start is always a challenge, and it seems that for the first two miles, runners are passing slower runners. I don’t have a solution for that and the bright side is crowds reduce the temptation to run too fast at the exciting start of the race. I notice that I tend to keep pace with whoever is nearby – running is a very social solo sport. I practiced race nutrition, and reminded myself not to try new things on race day. Finally, I remembered the challenges of getting up very early. I kind of hope someone organizes a pace starting at 7 p.m., way easier on my sleep cycle. 🙂

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos:
(Pace 9:30-10:30 minutes per mile)

Hao, Brysen, Mica (apologies, if I misspelled your name), and I met at 6 a.m. to run our first nearly 18-miler. We ran along the Ala Wai to Magic Island and back for a total of about 7.75 miles. We stopped to listen to Dr. Scaff’s talk about sugar and cholesterol, where we saw Rosie and Arlene.

Rosie sends the following message: The clinic welcomes two new runners Jason, who is in the Navy, and Bethany, who is in the Reserves and a military spouse. Both just moved to Honolulu and are happy to have found the Clinic running group.

We were joined by Bob and Jeff for the second part of our run, 10 miles out to the former telephone booth and back. Today’s total was 17.75 miles at a strong 9:30-10 minutes/mile pace due to the cool weather conditions. Today was my last day as a Pink Group leader. I will be working part-time at Macy’s. Thank you all for your wisdom, friendship and support.

Next week, the Pink Group will meet at 6 a.m. again at Kapiolani Park.

(Thank you Leslie!!)

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva:
(Pace 11:00-12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group had nice conditions to run in today with gentle trades and an overcast sky. The group was led by its two tall, four-letter words, Paul and Carl. Nine runners headed out for our 3rd 16-mile run of the season. Those who completed the full course ran at a strong, average pace of 11:20 per mile. Today’s group included Rick, Cindy, Kara, Trieu, Bethany, Trish, and Matt.

At Triangle Park the group briefly discussed minimum homework requirements. At this point putting in at least 30 miles per week is what we should be trying for, but more mileage will help you run the full marathon at a stronger pace. The more mileage you do in your homework, the further out you push where you may hit “the wall” on marathon day. Just be careful to follow the 10% rule in increasing your weekly mileage so you don’t become injured from overdoing it.

Homework: A shorter run of 5-9 miles on Monday afternoon. Then two times during the weekdays, 8-12 miles each, Wednesday and Friday. Target 45 miles a week. Stretch afterwards.

Tip: Friends along the marathon course are a source of inspiration on your big day, but they can also be a great help if they’re staged in the right places. A friend with a bag of ice and a cola waiting by the Kahala gas station is a lifesaver. You won’t need a 2-liter bottle, just a small can will work. The sugar and caffeine give you a welcome boost at mile 22, and the bag of ice on a hot day gives some cooling relief. So, if you have a friend who’s willing, set them up with what you need handed off, and let them know how awesome they are for helping you out.

The runners-high moment: Post-run conversations with fellow runners, especially when they involve a place to sit and snacks. Sitting around talking story and sharing in the accomplishment of a hard training run completed successfully is a great way to finish off your Sunday run.


  • 10/9/16: 16-miles. Early group meets out at Waiholo as early as 6 a.m. and runs to first beach park then heads back to Kapiolani Park. Group starting from the park will run to Trinity Church and back.
  • 10/23/16: 4th race of the Marathon Readiness Series (30K); Kapiolani Park.
  • 10/30/16: 3rd and final bus-run of the training season.
  • 11/13/16: 5th and final race of the Marathon Readiness Series (half marathon).

Shout Out Corner: Congrats to all those who completed the 25K race on October 2nd. Many were happy with their race performance on this challenging course (and with the ice cream waiting at the finish line). Smiling finishers included: Asami, Horacio, Melissa, Jun, Tony, Lynnae, Evelyn, Kam, Jan, Leo, Miyuki, and Tavy. A special congrats to our very own Doc Joe for another award winning finish, this time placing second in his age division! Awesome job. We’ll be expecting him to get first place next time. But no pressure, of course.

Best wishes to Byron (an original Silverado) and all of the HMCers who will be running in the Portland Marathon on October 9. We know you will represent us well. Go get your PR!

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace 12:00-13:00 minutes per mile)

Seven Months in and Ten weeks to go, are we feeling a bit nervous or a Little bored? Don’t let the latter divert you from your Goal. This first Sunday of October was greeted by a good talk by Dr. Scaff! Cholesterol was the topic and the bodies ways to deal with it All. If you have been running since March, Your Body is probably in the best shape of your life. Later Peter gave us the latest updates. The after party on Monday was changed again. It’s not KCC nor Dave and Buster! As of now, I can’t remember….
(Gordon Biersch)

Breaking up into our sub groups, we found the white group numbered 30 Strong. A Good Present were our Leaders Blair and Sam in attendance. Homework Runs were reminded as being very important at this time. And deciding what is working now with gels, shoes, clothing and other supplements that can be applied in the Marathon. Leading us out of the Park, which appeared very quiet… were Sam and Bob. With such a large group the single file line was long. The trades were blowing extra strong and the overcast skies lasted all day. The Surf off Diamond Head was pretty decent and not too crowded.? We made it to Triangle Park in no time. Another Speech by Blair and a talk about Weekly Mileage Total by Bob was informative. For some reason Sam was eager to get back to running. Off we went on such a glorious day. At the Doggie Park, we lost Sam and Charlie for their presence was required elsewhere. Two True dedicated spirited runners whom squeezed in a run for their day and our personal elated experience. On the way to the Gas Station, I was amazed with George, that we hit only one traffic light. Because of our long line – the back half pulled up on one light and we all got separated.

Our Group of 30 got smaller as a few more took to return at mile 4 due to injury or pain oncoming to their body. Luckily, Pace Setter Bob was not physically hurting and loaded up on gels. Off we all went up Kalanianaole Highway and the weather was perfect. Reaching Wailupe Park we lost Shan whom had an appointment to meet and needed to turn back. Thanks for your Company but you missed Nelson’s Oasis. Gatorade was cool and he had a fantastic potato chip dip. Thanks Nelson and Crew!

Doing only 14 miles was a lot easier than last week’s 16 miler. Our return trip to the Gas Station was like all the others, long. I think Charlie beeped his truck horn on his way back to Hawaii Kai. Everybody was doing a good job all the way to our beloved Triangle Park. Good Praise to Young boy George whom was really racing off the pace… never saw him going over Diamond Head. We all stayed together going back to the Park. So Very Appreciative for today’s table duty. Watermelons, Tangerines, Grapes and the bluest Gatorade I ever saw. Thanks for staying out so late in the morning.

Next week we have another 14-miler planned in anticipation of our 18 -miler the following week. If you feel a need to, members can do a lap around Kapiolani Park to add two more miles.

Then the following week, October 16th there will be no official clinic. So the white group will meet and 6:30 a.m. at the Triangle Park. And be doing our first 18-miler run which is tentatively plan to include the race course loop around Hawaii Kai. Pace Setter Bob promised a case of Gatorade and anyone else can chip in a with what they like. I think Russell wanted to get us all a Lobster or two? And chocolate covered mochie crunch?

Finally, today we had a full staff of Leaders with Blair, Sam, The Beautiful Jessica, Rich and Bob. We had our regulars – Sara, Chantel, Melyssa, Jamie, Mika, George, Hannah, Michael, Elena, Elaine Francis, Andrew, Russell, Shan, Ming, Kamaile, Mer, Eric, Richard, Darby, Charlie and Debbie. I know I missed 3 people, I’m so sorry. You were all appreciated and thanks for your support. Nine more weeks, another bus run, two 18-milers and don’t forget, the Turkey Trot. Then the Marathon Expo, Carbo Loading Party and the Fireworks! I must have missed something here and there. O, don’t forget out famous town run and post-race party!!! Then the week after Picnic with our new t-shirts and medals. We are all so blessed!

Can we get an Amen!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Today we started out with 15 people. I see later that a lot of people did the 25K race for the readiness series. We all hope and pray for this kind of weather on December 11, marathon day. Since it’s officially October, we did our 16-miler out to Holy Trinity Church. It sure seems like that mile stretched out longer since last year. We ran into the neighborhood to avoid the cars along Kalanianaole Highway, we ended up doing 16.31 miles at 14′ 47″ pace but that included our stops. We also calculated that at 13.1 half marathon we were at 3 hours and 20 minutes, hmm that would be closer to a 7-hour marathon.

Val will be out of town for 2 weeks, and Maile will update the newsletter. Today we decided that on Sunday, October 16, they would do unofficial run from Magic Island at 7 a.m. and run the beginning route of the marathon.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

It was supposed to rain on Sunday, lucky for us it didn’t. There was a super pleasant breeze throughout the day that kept our temperatures on the cool side. It’s October, so we kicked it up to the last notch, walk 16 miles and go to Holy Trinity church as our turnaround point. Now, we gotta maintain and do the homework. There will be a normal walk on the next Sunday (10/9/16), probably repeating what we just did. The following Sunday 10/16 is the Susan G. Komen walk. That organization takes over the park completely, including the adjoining neighborhoods that will all their parking used up. So on Sunday, 10/16/16 we will meet at the Jack Lord’s Bust by Macy’s in Kahala Mall (near the new Drive through Starbucks) at 7 a.m. Our route will take us back to Kapiolani Park and then out to Holy Trinity and back to Kahala Mall. We’ll be meeting this Sunday, so you all there.

Keep on Walking!

Sweet16’s by Roanne Abe:

Perfect weather for a 15-mile walk. Overcast, maybe a drizzle of rain and nice, cool breezes to keep us cool and dry. It was terrific! Seventeen of us started out the day: Dan, Lynn, Sylvia, Ron, Cliff, Judy, Arlene, Karen, Annette, Linda, Glenn, Macy, Masaki, Annie, Pam, Harry and Roanne. Well, okay, Roanne was in spirit as she was manning the table at the park.

You all looked great coming back and in really good spirits. Your homework is showing. Thank you Nelson for keeping our spirits up and being there for us at the second park. We greatly appreciate it.

We’ll be meeting next week (10/9) at the clinic, and on 10/16 we’ll be meeting at Ala Moana Beach park to avoid the Susan Komen race. Sylvia, we wish you a fun and safe Seattle marathon!

Homework is 30-50-mile maximum for the week. Just keep it up!

See you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Our collective mahalo to Dr. Scaff for the all-clear on eggs and Spam… luv it. We had a dozen little green ones at the start line today and we meandered around for 4 hours 5 minutes; the Garmin logged us at 16.33 miles which means a 15.0 pace. I believe it… relatively cool temp and a nice trade wind breeze for much of our travel… bummer – it got warmer and we lost the breeze on Kahala Ave. We’re happy that with certain stretches one of our ladies got rid of some annoying pain, and by drinking a sports drink and using some gels, another person finished in far better shape than simply drinking water for these longer distances… we all need energy to keep us going and replacement minerals lost in sweat. 16+ miles is “serious” distance… think jogging the Great Aloha Run out to the stadium, pick up your shirt, and then jog back to Aloha Tower! Thanks to Nelson for welcoming us at the oasis, and to Roxanne for staying open with refreshments for the noon time crowd to arrive so glad she’s from the Sweet 16 gang]. After we do homework this week, we’ll meet again Sunday and maybe add another block or park to cover. Aloha

Da Comment Corner:

Joints and knees hurting – maybe, it’s not you!

Have you been running in your shoes since the clinic’s start? After putting on about 300-500 miles on one’s shoes, the cushioning and other materials start to break down so your shoes might be the cause of your sore joints and knee pain. On a personal note, I just switched to my new shoes (same model) this week after feeling aches in my knees and tightness in my calves during a 16 miler a few weeks ago. In completing today’s 14-miler (in my new shoes; broken in earlier with a few short runs), my calves and knees felt so much better. As mentioned, this is just from my perspective, but if you’ve been running in the same shoes since the clinic’s start and feeling some aches and pains in the ole joints, it might not necessarily be due to over training and perhaps a change in shoes might be in order. Anyway, just something to think about – it might not be you but perhaps your shoes!

See you at the water stops!