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Blair’s Weekly Update 11-13-2016

Table Duty
Much thanks to Rosie (who just flew in from New York after her marathon) and Susan for the great table duty goodies!! Your efforts are truly appreciated!!

Turkey Trot – November 24th Volunteers and runners needed.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick
(Pace: <9 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute-per-mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station. Some folks ran a little more than 17 miles, and some did more. Remember we have the turkey trot on the 24th, which a “watch free” 10 miler to assist with pacing. See http://honolulumarathonclinic. org/turkey-trot/

Next week we will meet at the Kahala gas station at 5:45 a.m., and we are continuing do 17 miles (and more if people choose). Enjoy!

Red Group by Stephen Cole
(Pace: 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Lisa, Linnea, Steve and Chris for another 18-mile run. Congrats to all the runners in the 1/2 marathon. We started by running 11 miles in from the 2nd beach park, and then we ran 7 miles back out after the talk for a total of 18 miles. It was a great day for running with nice breezes and some clouds. We ran at about a 9:30 pace for a total running time of about 2:51:00.

Next Sunday we’ll be doing our last 20-miler of the year and starting at 5:00 from the 2nd beach park.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos
(Pace: 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

Today Brysen, Micah and Leslie were joined by a familiar face, Ryan O., for our early run of approximately 7.5 miles. Ryan has returned from running the Portland marathon in October. Congratulations, Ryan!

Rosie was back this week. She and Susan provided the snacks and refreshments. Thank you to all the volunteers that provide our snacks and refreshments every Sunday. Rosie completed the New York marathon last Sunday. Congratulations, Rosie!

Bob joined us for the second part of our run and continued with his own route. We completed our run today with about 8 miles to Aloha Gas and practiced returning via Kahala Avenue, for a total of around 15.5 to 16 miles on this beautiful cool and breezy day.

Next week, the Pink Group will meet at 6:15 a.m. at Kapiolani Park and run a total of 14 miles as we continue to taper.

Be safe and have a great week!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva
(Pace: 11:00-11:30 minutes per mile):

The Silver Group was split up this morning as many of its members were participating in the final race of the marathon readiness series, including Lynnae, Paul, and Melissa. They all looked strong when spotted along the course. Kara, Trieu, and Lee (sorry if I missed anyone) met early for a 16-mile run starting from Waiholo, and Carl started from Maunalua Bay for a slow recovery run after missing some prime training due to injury. Tuan was also spotted training alone along the route. Everyone’s doing what they can to get ready for the marathon that’s less than a month away, now. Keep your training up. It’s almost here.

Just being around runners participating in today’s half-marathon race was energizing as instincts to keep up with the pack kept kicking in. It was a good reminder that we can lose track of our pace very easily in race situations and begin to run too fast. The upcoming Turkey Trot is ideal for testing yourself for 10 miles to see if you can hold to your game plan. If you haven’t done so, register on the Clinic’s website.

Homework: Last week of high mileage, whatever your high has been. Remain deliberate with your training schedule. Rest days are training days. At least two times during the weekdays, 10-12 miles each, and a shorter one of 7 miles if you can.

Tip: Get ready for marathon day. Not only should you have your clothes and shoes picked out already, but you should also consider bringing a small flashlight or headlamp to prepare for the dark conditions on marathon morning. You don’t want to walk into a pitch-black porta-potty hoping for no surprises. Things like sanitizing wipes, toilet paper, rain gear (aka trash bag), clothing you’re willing to discard after you’ve warmed up, may also be considered.

The runners-high moment: #1 – Catching sight of someone you train with when you’re out running and they’re taking part in a race. It’s inspiring to see how well they’re doing and also nice to see a friendly face along the route. #2 – Passing runners on Kahala Avenue during a race, knowing that your training has prepared you for a strong finish. #3 – Seeing supportive friends along the course, at the finish and the water stops.


  • 11/20/16: Last long run of 13-14 miles. Early group can meet at Waiholo at 6 a.m. to run out to the 2nd beach park then turn to head to Kapiolani Park and get there by 7:30 a.m. for Doc’s talk. This will be our last early meeting at Waiholo (*sniff).
  • 11/24/16: Turkey Trot by HMC. 10-mile pace-test run. Register online and pay $7 on the day of the race at the Kapiolani bandstand.
  • 11/27/16: Run through downtown to practice the first portion of the marathon route.
  • 12/4/16: Shorter run through downtown.
  • 12/11/16: Marathon!

Shout Out Corner: Congratulations to the many happy HMCers who completed the Val Nolasco Half Marathon on 11/13. Smiling finishers included – Paul, Melissa, James, Hong, Sam, Cassie, Rick, Tony, Henry, Terry, Cindy, Jan, Ivie, Leo, Miyuki, Robert, Sharon, Asami, John T. and Jun L. It started out to be a humid morning before the breezes kicked in. Good job, your HMC training is proving itself well. Hopefully your race experience will transfer to continued success on marathon day!

White Group by Russell Uchida
(Pace: 12:00-13:00 minutes per mile)

This week, White group runners were taken through the front portion of the marathon route to familiarize themselves with the surrounding areas, distances, landmarks, restrooms, etc. With 13 in tow, Leaders Richard x 2, Sam, and Jessica led the group in and out through Waikiki’s walkways and byways to Ala Moana Park, then on to Ward Theaters for a short water and restroom break before heading out to downtown. It’s a good thing everyone was well equipped with water bottles, as once we left Ward area, there were no water fountains until well out of downtown. After circling through downtown, we welcomed McKinley Car Wash’s cold water fountain where everyone was able to re-hydrate. Running in uncharted territory along with multiple stop and go traffic lights helped to keep the group together throughout the entire run.

It was comforting to know that after 8-1/2 months together, the group is bonding very well and is validated by the amount of laughter and conversation that occurs during the run.

This week’s runners included: Richard, Richard, Jessica, Melyssa, Russ H., Yumi, Darby, Elaine, Mika, George, Sam, Shan, Chantel, Kamaile, Andrew, and Evan. We did miss Elena (trip), Francis (trip), Sara, Blair (injured), Merr, Stefanie, and Ming.

A few shout outs
Best of luck and success in this upcoming weekend’s grueling cheer leading competition, as Coach Kamaile brings her team to compete at the Blaisdell! We know you will do well! Don’t forget to show up on Sunday to run with us!!!!

Congratulations to Lisa on a new addition to her family! I suppose we can excuse your absence over the past 9-months.

Welcome back Melyssa from her goodwill medical mission to Cambodia. You have made each of us a better person through the sharing of your experiences. – Thank you.

Last but not least, a bitter-sweet bon-voyage to our veteran runner Ming as she embarks on a new, exciting, and very important career position in Washington D.C. We believe that Ming will be incommunicado for several months as she explores the Smithsonian and its vast offerings. We have enjoyed your company while running and hope that you will continue to run where you relocate (even if it is cold or colder) … You will always be our dear friend.

The group clocked anywhere from 12 to 14 miles depending on whose GPS device was being referenced but we all preferred the 14 mile reading over the rest.

Finally, some last minute notes
Don’t forget to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Turkey Trot in two weeks. Rid yourself of any gluttonous Thanksgiving guilt by running early Thursday morning! If you don’t feel like running or are unable to run, please volunteer to help with the TT. Sign-up sheets on Sunday! You may even be able to catch a glimpse of long time elite runner and white group leader Dwight volunteering!

See you all on Sunday!

Blue Group by Val Ogi
(Pace: 12:30-13:30 minutes per mile)

We had 19 eager runners this morning. We decided that we would do 14 to Nelson’s Oasis due to not doing enough homework last week. It was really Hot and Humid from the start. Andy left us at Triangle Park due to work calling. 4 turned around at the Aloha gas station because they had already done 4 miles before the clinic. We did quick water stops except when we got to Nelson’s so our time seemed fast. We did 14 miles @ 14:45 pace which included the stops. Next week we will meet at the clinic, but we will run the beginning route through downtown and back. Should come out to a 12-miler.

If anyone has donations for door prizes for the Turkey Trot please bring them to me next Sunday.


Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

We had 9 at the start line today [plus 1 making food]. Definitely tapering back, only went out for 14 miles today… sure didn’t seem like much… and with a cool morning temp, a bit overcast, and decent trades… well no wonder we got back quicker than anticipated. Comparing a few time machines we concluded not everyone clicked the buttons at the same time… our overall pace was between 14.9 and 15.1… that’s OK, we are the 15 group, we’ll take it. Big mahalo to Nelson for surprising us by being open at the oasis. And mahalo plenty to our own lovely Dr. Susan for playing hostess-with-the-mostess today, along with a star from the NYC Marathon – Rosie who even brought a family member to help with the refreshments… thank you all. Next week we taper some more and plan to visit the oasis for the last time this training year. Do your homework runs; ok to taper back those also. Have you thought about how much $ you save by being in the HMC and Green 15 instead of jogging with those pay-to-play organizations? 30K last week and 1/2 marathon today each cost $60 or $65 elsewhere… how much did it cost to do the distances with us? You are a winner! Aloha

Da Comment Corner:


If you have been doing your homework over the course of the Clinic’s tenure, you are set to go! Maintain, relax and taper!!! No need to increase your mileage or efforts – you are ready! Congratulations on all of your hard work!

Malasadas/No Garmins:

“I went out too fast or I didn’t pace myself properly”, are the two most common comments I hear from disappointed finishers shortly after their marathon.

For many marathon participants, pacing is going to be the most important part of one’s marathon experience. Participating in the Turkey Trot is a great way to reinforce your strategy. How I feel at a certain pace – does it equate to the actual pace that I want to run? Or, perhaps a “negative split” plan might be good idea to run your race? This event is geared specifically to prepare us for the “big event” – part of Dr. Scaff’s overall training plan. Besides, winners get great prizes and Leonard’s is a sponsor! Fresh malasadas anyone?

See you at the water stops!


Blair’s Weekly Update 11-06-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Doc talked about maintaining and not overtraining. He mentioned that the “big day” is only a month away so all of your required training is “in you” – just need to maintain; no need to add additional mileage or training to your regimen. Tapering is a key to the whole process.

Table Duty:

Thank so much to staffer Scott and Willard for the great spread and also for staying open for business till the last groups came in.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute-per-mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station. Some folks ran a little more than 17 miles, and some did more. Homework runs are critical. Nancy, Karla, Donis and others are meeting up on veteran’s day for a long run. Remember we have the turkey trot on the 24th, which a watch free 10-miler to assist with pacing. See

For more good pacing information, see

Next week we will meet at the Kahala gas station at 5:45 a.m., and we are continuing do 17 miles (and more if people choose). Enjoy!

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Lisa, Sven, Jesse, Tabby, Melissa, and Earl for our first 20-mile run. We started at the second beach park, and ran toward Hawaii Kai for a bit before running to Kapiolani to meet the clinic. We had 13 miles at that point, and then ran back out after the talk for a total of 20 miles. It was a great day for running with a lot of clouds to keep it cool. Everyone did a great job, and we ran at about a 9:15 pace for a total running time of about 3:05:00.

Next Sunday we’ll be running 18 miles, meeting up at 5:15 a.m. at the second beach park for anyone that would like to join. The following week we’ll be doing another 20-mile run.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Hao Yang:
(Pace 10:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile)

This Sunday morning, Brysen, Micah, Leslie and Hao of pink group began our last 18ish mile run at 6 a.m.. We ran through Ala Wai and turned around after magic island to listen to Dr. Scaff’s talk. We were joined by Jeff and Bob and three brave Roosevelt high school runners to complete the 2nd half. We run through Kahala Avenue with a total distance of 17.75 miles. Our pace was between 9:30 to 10:30 minutes per mile. Rosie was in NY running the New York Marathon, good luck Rosie!

Next week, we will begin our tapering- 16 miles. We will meet at the clinic location 6am to run 7-8 miles. After Dr. Scaff’s talk, we will run to gas station and back for another 8 miles.

A happy life is a good life.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silvers did another grueling long run on a slightly overcast and humid day. Don’t sweat it, tapering is around the corner. Your legs should be feeling stronger each week. Listen to your body. Keep banking those miles for a couple more weeks. It’s going to pay off in the end.

Homework: Remain deliberate with your training schedule. Rest days are training days. At least two times during the weekdays, 10-12 miles each, and a shorter one of 7 miles if you can. Target 49 miles this week. Be sure to stretch afterwards and on your rest days.

Tip: Be careful. You should remain injury free with marathon a month away. Take a break from potentially injurious activities like hiking and surfing. There will be plenty of time to do that starting December 12th.

Start thinking about race day logistics. If you live far, will you be staying overnight in Waikiki or at a friend’s house? Will someone pick you up after the race or will you hobble back to the starting line area to find your ride?


  • 11/13/16: 5th and final race of the Marathon Readiness Series (half marathon). Clinic runners will meet at Waiholo for 16 miles. Early group meets out at Waiholo as early as 6 a.m. and runs to first beach park and back to Kapiolani Park. The not-so-early group starts from Waiholo at 6:30 a.m. and heads to Paki. On the way in please get in Kahala Avenue. The group starting from HQ will run to Trinity Church and back.
  • 11/20/16: 14 miles. Last long run. The taper has started.
  • 11/24/16: Turkey Trot! It’s HMC’s premier event. A 10-mile predict-your-finish race. Register on the HMC website, and bring $7 on race day.
  • 11/27/16: Run through downtown to practice the first portion of the marathon route.

Shout Out Corner: Congratulations to Jan who placed third overall in the first Tour de Cure 10K on November 6th! She rocked that course and all for a great cause.

Mahalo to the many donors who gave to my shoebox project! We have received many wonderful donations of school supplies, toys, and boxes. Your generosity is much appreciated and will definitely brighten up a child’s holiday this season. Boxes will be shipped off before Thanksgiving, so any last minute donations should be brought to Clinic on 11/13 and left in the corner by the table, or call me to make arrangements (237-4100).

White Group by Russell Uchida:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

White group runners encountered yet another great Sunday of cool trades. This week’s group was again led by Richard and Richard and joined by Sam and Jessica.

After the group contemplated whether to run the downtown front end of the route or the usual route, the majority decided to go with the usual route out to Nelson’s Oasis and back.

Joining in the run were regulars Elena, Elaine, Hannah, Sirena, George, Mika, Chantel, Ming, Yumi, Kamaile, Darby, and Russ H.

At the gas station, we parted ways with several who had other obligations or were carefully monitoring their injuries.

Although not running with us this week, we were happy to see Debbie on the route getting her 14+ miler in.

Garmin’s stats for this week:

  • 13.75 Miles rounded to 14.00 for purposes of mental motivation and feelings of self-accomplishment.
  • 3.23 Hours
  • 14.45 Avg. pace including water stops and water stop walking
  • 1,578 calories burned

A shout out to Bob who has been our regular leader over the past 8-months of marathon clinic running. We look forward to your return and hope that your work schedule does not continue to conflict with our HMC Sunday runs. You are missed and we look forward to your return.

Last but not least, it was another week without our other steady leader Blair. Blair expressed to me that he misses the group but needs to tend to an injured knee to ensure that it is fully healed before returning to hit the pavement. Blair, the White group misses you as well and sends its best wishes on a speedy heal and we all look forward to your return.

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

We started out with 15 runners this morning. We all agreed that it would be perfect weather to run a marathon today. We were also excited to taper-ha-ha.

Gave tips on practicing Vaseline on your feet for the long miles. It saved me in the pouring rain during Portland’s Marathon last month. Also told the group to run a straight line as possible, don’t’ zigzag because you’ll feel it in your hips later.

If able please sign up for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, it’s a great way to check your pace and you may even win a prize.


Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Green Team had 12 starting today for our long run of the training year. On future Sundays we taper… next long run will be 2d Sunday of December, but we’re ready and look forward to it. It there was an Over & Above Award, we have 2 nominees: Nelson had the oasis open not once but twice for us… 2d visit was 1.5 hrs. after the first… not only him, but his crew there ready to offer medical advice or just share the aloha… we really appreciated that. Then upon arrival back in the park, we were delighted to find the refreshment table still manned by Scott and Willard about 1230. Did you notice how the food items were neatly arranged and the colors were complementary? Yeah, there was an Architect on duty… So many people have gadgets to track time and distance, but I’ll use the numbers from Kristina who was #2 right behind me today: 18.4 miles in 4 H 37 M for an overall pace of 15.0 m/m – again. Maybe too late for this year, but please consider extending Turkey Trot cutoff time to 2 1/2 hrs… green ones do 10 miles @ 15.0 pace or 150 M. Continue homework of 1 or 1.5 hr sessions… next week we’ll “only” go out for 14+ miles… tapering back.

Da Comment Corner:

Turkey Trot -Pacing Exercise:

Please sign up to volunteer or to participate in the event – Thanksgiving morning, November 24. The “winner” is not the fastest runner but the one who comes closest to their predicted time. I recall in the past, that we had two clinic members who hit their predicted time to the exact second and won the event!! Gobble, gobble!


Just about a month to the big day!! Congrats to all for your dedication and perseverance! Tapering should begin – just maintain – you already have enough training miles in you to finish and do well in the marathon. Also, too late to make up for lack of training – just be happy with what you’ve already done.

See you at the water stops!


Blair’s Weekly Update 10-30-2016

Third and Final Bus Run:

About 70 runners boarded two Robert’s school buses and headed out to Makapuu Point. I know a few members missed the bus, but hopefully, you were able to catch up with your group along the way. Thanks to everyone for being so organized and generous. Most of the participants donated much more than the bus fare! The clinic truly appreciates your thoughtfulness! Everyone seemed so enthused and full of energy! I’m sure the run was a rewarding for all. Congratulations!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute-per-mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station. Some folks did the bus run, some ran a little more than 17 miles routing out to Lunalilo home road and the hill, and some did 20. Let’s be careful not to get injured close to the marathon – stay hydrated and pick the clothing and items you will run the marathon with. Homework runs are critical. Next week we will meet at the Kahala gas station at 5:45 a.m., and we are continuing do 17 miles (and more if people choose). Enjoy!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
Pace 11:00 – 12:00 mutes per mile)

The Silvers did a modified route, starting at Waiholo and going up to Sandy Beach to see all of the HMC bus riders starting out on their trek. John L. and Lynnae led a group of 13 Silvers including: Melissa, Cindy, Rick, Tavy, Doc Joe, Russ, Trieu, Jen, Lance, Kara, and Lee. At Sandy Beach we met a first time HMC runner, Jazzie, who came out to train for her half marathon in December. She was a welcome addition to the group. Hawaii Kai is one of our favorite routes, which was made more enjoyable by the steady trade winds and cloudy conditions during most of our run. Mahalo to Carl for mapping out our route. In all, we traversed 17.3 miles. With the Heartbreak Hill it was a challenging workout. Good job everyone! Tough training days like this will pay off in the end. I’m constantly amazed at how races can seem easier than training.

Homework: Remain deliberate with your training schedule. Rest days are training days. At least two times during the weekdays, 10-12 miles each, and a shorter one of 7 miles if you can. Target 49 miles this week. Be sure to stretch afterwards and on your rest days.

If you’ve been showing up each Sunday, your body is getting good distance training. But you also need to get in a good amount of weekly miles. By building up your bank of miles, you will be certain to have the endurance necessary to get through the marathon without hitting the wall, or hitting it later in the race. One way to add miles is to get in a fourth run during the week. It can be at a slower pace, or shorter distance, as every mile counts.

Tip: With only a few more weeks left of long runs, you need to determine what your race day supplements will be. The best way to do this is to test it out. The rule is “nothing new on race day” and runners must take this seriously. You must take something during the race, lest the ambulance be called to peel you off the pavement. So bring out your gels, gummies, and pills next Sunday.


  • 11/6/16: 18 miles. Early group meets out at Waiholo as early as 6 a.m. and runs to first beach park and back to Kapiolani Park. The not-so-early group starts from Waiholo at 6:30 a.m. and heads to Paki. On the way in please get in Kahala Avenue. The group starting from HQ will run to Trinity Church and back.
  • 11/13/16: 5th and final race of the Marathon Readiness Series (half marathon). Clinic runners will meet at Waiholo for 16 miles.
  • 11/20/16: 18 miles. Last long run.
  • 11/24/16: Turkey Trot! It’s HMC’s premier event. A 10-mile predict-your-finish race.

Shout Out Corner: Best wishes to Jen who will be leaving for a cycling tour in Taiwan and Malaysia. Stay safe, treasure the views, and enjoy the food!

White Group by Russell Uchida:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Brisk breezy tailwinds helped white group members complete the last bus run for 2016 in a strong and equally “brisk” running pace. It was evident that the weeks of running together have created a strong bond between members that made for comfortable and interesting conversation. The tailwinds were noticeably strong and the temperature cool and comfortable, making this the best running day of the season. Our route included a short & quick restroom break at the Hawaii Kai Golf Course. We also diverted onto Keahole (latter part of marathon circle) rather than going around Hahaione; however, being that it was the last Sunday of the month, the group agreed to take on Kahala Ave.

The group was led by our two veterans – Richard x 2, each contributing their own unique strengths and psychological support to White group members. White group members that ran this week, included: Darby, Chantel, Hannah, Elena, Elaine, Jamie, Shan, Mika, George, and Russell H. We also had an equally long list of absentees whose presence was sorely missed. We look forward to seeing the return of our regulars next week. We are also wishing Melyssa safe travels as she shares her medical expertise and experience in less fortunate countries. We are also hopeful that Blair heals quickly so he can rejoin the group. As misery loves company, we look forward to the return of the usual regulars: Bob, Jessica, Ming, Debbie, Andrew, Stefanie, Francis, Yumi, Sara, Kamaile, Merr, Irina, and last but not least, Sam. We really do have a quite a large group thanks to great leaders and great members!

Finally, a very sincere thank you to Nelson & Marsha for providing refreshments at the Oasis. The cold drinks and snacks made a great day even better!

One last note, we all know the necessity of protecting our skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Please don’t forget to protect your eyes from those same harsh UV rays, as well!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

We were expecting rain on today but it ended up being really hot and windy. Quite picturesque so many took photos @ the start at Makapu’u Lookout. There were 15 of us in the Blue Group, and Rich leading the white group and I were worried we would get lost so we stuck together through Hawaii Kai. We managed to miss the 7 – 11 but made it to the Maunalua Bay water stop. We were so glad that Nelson’s Oasis was set up with Gatorade and pretzels, thank you Nelson.

We took it easy heading back to Aloha Station. We got fueled up and headed back to Kahala Ave. I didn’t realize that I had picked up the pace until we came up on Russell from the black group and asked what our pace was. Then a gal said 11 and a half, she had joined us from the Silver group because she wasn’t familiar with the route. So I told the group I was sorry and let her pass us. We ran to see Queen Kapiolani at the finish line. My app said we were at 14.77 miles? So we ran back to Clinic Pavilion to get closer to 16 miles.

Would like to remind people that we will be selling merchandise and early entry Turkey Trot T”s for $ 15, and entry is included with that price. We will be set up by 7 a.m. Also want to put out request for door prizes for the Race if anyone has anything, please bring it down any Sunday for me.

The Beginners:

Buff Walkers byBuff Walkers group photo George Ushijima:
Another wonderful Sunday! This time, we had the Bus Walk. We even took a picture to start off.

The brisk breeze made things so pleasant for us. It made getting to the first water stop easy. We all partook of the delights in the 7 – 11 at the Aloha gas station on Hawaii Kai Drive. We made our way back to our usual route. It really was a wonderful journey.

We should be doing our homework this week. That’s 35 to 40 miles less whatever the mileage we did on Sunday. But, next week we begin our tapering:

  • 11/6 = 14 miles + 30 – 35 miles of homework.
  • 11/13 = 12 miles = 25 – 30 miles of homework.
  • 11/20 = 10 miles = 20 – 25 miles of homework.

Susan will be able to take our group on a downtown route, to get us familiar with that portion of the Marathon on 11/27. More details to follow. The Marathon is only 2 Sundays after that.

See you all on Sunday. Keep on Walking!

Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Happy Halloween! Bus Run #3 was tackled today by 12 Sweet Sixteens: Cliff, Annette, Lynn, Dan, Glenn, Isaac, Judy, Linda, David, Annie, Betsy and Roanne. It looked like scary rain was going to plague our outing today, but sunny skies chased them away. The breeze felt good and the company was awesome!

Your dedication and weekly homework is paying off. You all looked great and the sounds of laugher could be heard all the way to the park. Next week will be our first week to start tapering our long walks. We’ll be decreasing by 2 miles each week until Marathon day. A good training walk will be the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. It will be a 10-mile event and it’s a great opportunity to win a cool prize. And the best part is, you’ll be in perfect condition to eat your Thanksgiving day/weekend dinner(s).

Homework this week is 30-60 miles including Sunday’s walk. Be safe and we’ll see you on Sunday!

Green 15 by Lou Crompton:

Wow… about 100 people signed up for today’s bus run; we had 2 buses but only 34 were on mine… I hope the clinic took in enough $ to pay for the buses. Green Team had 7 board the bus, but we had 1 more who was dropped off at Sandy’s and walked to Makapuu, plus 1 more who walked out to HK Dr., did the loop, and hiked back… Decent weather with a nice breeze mostly on our back… by the time we waved at the marathon finish line the Garmin said 14.8 miles in 3H 42M… which is 15.0 m/m overall. Come on… last week we said we’d be back at 1215 for refreshments and showed up exactly 1215… today 15.0 m/m again… shouldn’t we get an Honorable Mention for Turkey Trot? Sadly, we do exactly 15.0 pace which is ineligible for Turkey Trot. we would finish at 2-30 which is past the cut off time… but we certainly do know our pace… Big mahalo to Nelson who surprised us by being at the oasis. After arrival back at the park, our own Superwoman Susan, decided to lap the park one more time… couldn’t miss her in those international orange shorts! Sun Nov 6 will be our last long run, then we’ll start our tapering down and be all ready for the December marathon. Continue your hours of homework to keep up distance… aloha

Da Comment Corner:

Special Turkey Trot / T-Shirt Registration for Clinic Members Only.

On Sunday, November 6 at 7 a.m. Clinic members only may register for the 2016 Turkey Trot for $15 and also receive a limited availability Turkey Trot T-Shirt. See Val or Maile on November 6, 2016 for this special, limited registration.

And wear that T-shirt that on race day, November 24, 2016!

Only the following sizes are available. First come, first serve.

  • Small: 4
  • Medium: 17
  • Large: 21
  • X-Large: 14
  • XXL-Large: 7

With Gleeful Exultation:

Shortly, Doc and group leaders are going to recommend a reduction on the mileage of our Sunday runs and perhaps on our homework runs as well. The term “tapering” will be mentioned frequently with “gleeful exultation”.

See you at the water stops!


Blair’s Weekly Update 10-09-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Doc gave his very informative talk on cholesterol.

NO Clinic Next Week due to the Susan Komen Race at the park. Please check your group reports as to where your group is meeting.

Table Duty:

Thank you Henry and helpers for the great goodies and waiting for everyone to finish! Henry, who completed his tenth Honolulu Marathon, had his best marathon finish last year and looks forward to another fast finish this year.

Group Reports:

Advance Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute per mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station, ran a little more than 16 miles routing out to Lunalilo home road and the hill. Next week we will meet at the Kahala gas station at 5:45 a.m., and we are continuing do 16 miles. Enjoy!

Pink Group by Hao Yang:
(Pace 9:30-10:30 minutes per mile)

Rosie, Leslie, Hao, Bryson, Micah and Earl met at clinic 6am this morning and ran 7.5 miles before Dr. Scaff’s talk. We ran along Ala Wai then magic island and back. Horacio, Bob, Bruce, Jeff, Eugene and 2 new runners from Japan joined us for the 2nd half – 10 miles. We ran the marathon route to the imaginary telephone pole and back, braved through Kahala Ave. The total mileage was about 17.75 miles with an average running pace between 9:30-10 minutes per mile.

We were very happy to have Leslie leading with us and are very sad that she might not be able to run with us on Sundays due to her work schedule. You have been such a reliable leader for the pink Leslie! Thank you!

Next week 10/16/16, we will meet at the bottom of Tantalus near the small park next to Hanahauoli school at 6am. Please wear bright clothing and water bottle- there is no water stop on Tantalus. We plan to run 10-11 miles on the road. Anyone that’s interested, please join us!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 11:00-11:30 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group encountered humid conditions with intermittent gentle trades. At times it felt more like summer instead of autumn. The group was led by Paul and Lynnae for another 16-miler. Today’s group included approximately 17 runners: Rick, Cindy, Kara, Trieu, Lee, Terry, John L., Melissa, Cassie, Hong, John T., Russ, Jen, Bethany, Trish, and Matt.

We are less than 9 weeks away from marathon, can you believe that?! The next month perhaps will be the toughest of your training, but stick with it. All of the discipline garnered over this year should be channeled into the next 6 weeks of training. Remain deliberate with your training schedule. Rest days are training days. Hit your weekly mileage targets, or get a plan to increase steadily. Be good to your running buddies, for they are invaluable during this time of the season. Stick to the 10% rule in increasing your weekly mileage so you don’t become injured.

Homework: A shorter run of 5-9 miles on Monday afternoon. Then two times during the weekdays, 8-12 miles each, Wednesday and Friday. Target 45 miles a week. Stretch afterwards.

Tip: Shoe Check – Will your shoes be marathon ready? It’s decision time. Race shoes should have at least 200 but no more than 500 miles. If you’re going to get new shoes, you’ll need about 2 months to get them marathon ready. Take your old shoes with you when you go shopping, and remember it’s better to go after a run when your feet are bigger.

As the days get shorter, and our training gets more intense, some of us may find ourselves running in the dark more. Keep vigilant at all times for your own safety by practicing these tips:

Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure to signal with the driver before crossing the street, especially when not at a stop light. Drivers aren’t always looking out for runners.

Run in the opposite direction of traffic so you can see the oncoming cars whenever possible.

Cross at crosswalks with traffic lights.

Wear bright colored or reflective clothing and powered lights when running in darkness.

Don’t wear ear buds, but if you insist on doing it, use only one side.

When running with a group, keep a tight single file line and alert the group when cyclists or other obstacles approach.

The runners-high moment: Ice cream at the finish line along with meat right off the grill!

The quote of the week: Sometimes you just don’t see the mess until somebody else does.


  • 10/16/16: No official Clinic due to Race for the Cure. Silvers will meet at the base of Tantalus 615 am for a 6:30 a.m. start. You must have a water bottle.
  • 10/23/16: 4th race of the Marathon Readiness Series (30K); Kapiolani Park. Early group meets out at Waiholo as early as 6 a.m. and runs to first beach park and back to Kapiolani Park. The not-so-early group starts from Waiholo at 630 am and heads to Paki. The group starting from HQ will run to Trinity Church and back.
  • 10/30/16: 3rd and final bus-run of the training season.
  • 11/13/16: 5th and final race of the Marathon Readiness Series (half marathon).

Shout Out Corner: Congrats to Byron and the other HMCers who completed the Portland Marathon on Oct 9. Great job! Mahalo to Henry and his team of helpers (Melissa, Terry) for a terrific table duty. Much appreciated.

Shoebox Donations: Lynnae is still collecting shoeboxes for her annual holiday service project. Mahalo to those who have already contributed! The boxes will be decorated and filled with school supplies, toiletries, and toys for young children around the world. Boxes (or other donations) can be delivered to the Clinic on 10/23. Leave it behind the table. Bar soap and wrapping paper are especially needed this year.

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace 12:00-13:00 minutes per mile)

Today we had an early run for a few individuals whom wanted to do a 16-mile total run. Arriving Super early at 6:30am were Bob, Irina, Melyssa, Jamie, Elena and Francis. Being so early we Helped out Henry put up the Clinic Banner and set out a few tables items. We ran around the park clockwise and enjoyed the morning first light. To make the 2-mile distance we included the Zoo and passed Elaine walking her way to the clinic. Could we Jog around the park nine times to make an 18 miler?

The clinic started promptly at 7:30 a.m. and the crowd slowly grew as Dr. Scaff gave us another good talk. Peter followed up with more information. And then we broke up into our sub groups. This morning the White Group numbered 20 or so. Leading us out of the Park was Pace Setter Bob and Rich. It was a warmer morning than normal with partly cloudy skies. The Surf looked wonderful as always and reaching the Lighthouse is getting a little easier. Leader Sam kept the Pace in check leading to Triangle Park and our pep talk was not happening at the Park. Sam again took off for mile #3. Sam ditched the group at the doggie park but his attendance, if just for three miles is so much appreciated.

Good kudos to Rich and Richard for leading up front throughout today’s run. We caught a few lights leading to the Gas Station. Going up Kalanianaole was refreshing with the trades blowing in our face.

These longs runs are so blessed with the Nelson Oasis and a little 5-minute break. Thanks Nelson. Our group kind of broke apart leaving the park but regathered at the Gas Station. Does anybody remember Farmers Road? It was hot and Pace Setter Bob, on his mile 13 was going bust. Matter of fact, Jamie and Elena, our earlier morning runners – was breaking it down to half miles. Thanks to All waiting up for us at the Triangle Park. We all did good. Going back to the Park was a challenge like always. I walked all the way to the lookout. Then met up with Debbie. Whom helped me jog all the way in after the Lighthouse.

Table duty was awesome! Thanks to Henry and his two lovely hostesses Melissa and Terry! These two ladies ran up some mileage then served up some grinds.

Another Great Sunday, Leaders today were Blair (Hannah liked the socks) Sam, Rich and Bob. And our regulars Sara, Chantel. Melyssa, Hannah, Jamie. Elaine. Elena, Darby, Irina, Hang (bicycle host) Debbie, Jackie…then the guys Francis, Andrew, Russell, Keith and Richard. Sorry if missed anyone. Is it not nice us guys are outnumbered by the ladies?

Next week we will meet at Triangle Park 6:30 a.m. for an 18-miler run to Hawaii Kai. We should be done running by 11 a.m. and have our own drinks and snacks…it’s pot luck. Bob will bring the water and Gatorade…. Have a blessed week and get in some Homework Runs. 8 weeks to Go!

Blue Group by Maile Burgey:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

15 members started to head to Nelson’s Oasis today. The weather was kind of nice even though it’s still hot summer. I think everybody’s getting used to handle the humidity and heat. Drinking water @water station and bring some supportive stuff are big help when you run!

@Oasis, I had to tell members that I would go back to the park with little faster pace because of a staff meeting in the afternoon. I was going to run back by myself but 7 strong members wanted to do some speed training. Even though I sometimes kept a 9:45-10:45 pace, they kept up and made it. Well, this is not happening every week but it was fun training to keep their stamina for the 2nd half👍

Next week, we’ll meet @Magic Island first bathroom area 7am. Going around Downtown Route


Sweet16’s by Roanne Abe:

Keep going strong! You guys/gals looked great today! 62 days to go till race day.

We started off the day at a good pace: Annette, Cliff, Lynn, Linda, Annie, David, Glenn, Chen Wen, Nicco, Masaki, Lily and Roanne. We ran into Karen and Arlene at the gas station. They had an airplane to catch in the afternoon – such dedication. Love it! All said and done we did 16 miles and were all smiles. Who could ask for more? We hope that Sylvia had a great Seattle Marathon and Pam, we know you were walking with us on the mainland.

Next week (10/16) we’ll be meeting at 7:30 a.m. at the Magic Island parking lot, by the bathrooms and showers. We’ll be showing you where we will all meet on race day and walk the first part of the marathon course. For those of you doing the Susan Komen race, we wish you well.

On 10/23 we’ll be meeting at the normal spot at Kapiolani Park (Annette and Harry will be manning the refreshment table).

On 10/30 we have the last bus run. Please sign up if you are planning to do this walk.

Homework is 30-50 miles max mileage for the week including today’s walk. Start planning out what you want to wear and take on marathon day. Try out your setup and see how it works. Did you get blisters? Was there chafing? Did your energy pick me up work?

Stay safe and we’ll see you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Thanks for the welcome talk re cholesterol – HDL ratio: mine is 3.0 while my marathoner daughter (1/2 my age) is at 2.6. Hopefully we’ll live thru the weekend. We had 11 green ones ready to go this morning… the gang skipped and sang out to Hawaii Kai Drive; when we arrived back in the park Mr. Garmin and some other apps said we made the trip with a 15.2 min/mile overall pace. We did have 2 ladies come in at 15.9 but that’s OK, we luv em. Green 15 is a kinder / gentler group… you don’t have to stay even with the pacer… our group is 15… it’s OK to finish in the 15 range even if the early finishers do it at 15.2. And our beloved pacer probably would have been slower except Karyn had a new pair of speedy slippers she was trying out in the #2 slot. Jogging in bigger shoes and drinking sports drinks makes a world of difference on longer distances. Our thanks to Nelson for having the oasis open, and to Henry and the lovely Miss Terry for keeping the refreshment table open for us nooners… great assortment of fruits! For next Sunday a bunch of us decided to informally meet out at Kahala BP 7:30 a.m. and wander around. For some absentees, thank you in advance for supporting the Komen race. Do homework. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige

Its October and only a couple months to go… Today was another Hot Sunday…So remember to keep hydrated. Unfortunately, some of the water fountains aren’t working and needs to be addressed (one of the two at triangle park is not working). Next week there will be no official clinic due to the sbk run.

We will meet at 7:30 a.m. at the figure 8 parking lot at Ala Moana Park Ewa of the tennis courts. We will be running the start of the Marathon course … if all goes well from the Start to the 10K mark of the Marathon. We will be discussing where to meet the morning of the marathon. If this is your first marathon, you should join us on Sunday. Keep up with your homework runs and we will see you on Sunday.

Portland Marathon October 9th Update:

2016-portland-marathon-1-of-3 2016-portland-marathon-2-of-3 2016-portland-marathon-3-of-3

Team Sylvia, Val, Kyle, Ryan, Byron, Shantelle and Darla (with support cheerleader friends) spread the Aloha Spirit in Oregon. It was a cold, windy and rainy Marathon, but we all survived and did well. We had a Team Lunch on Saturday, handed out Dr. Scaff’s book as gifts and finished the race in style.

Da Comment Corner:

Last Bus Run – October 30th:

Please sign up on our sheet so we know how many buses to order. So far 65 runners have signed up. Last drop off point is Makapuu Point, roughly 15 miles.


Spicy crabs, mussels and clams, and chunks of Spam:

I was invited to an interesting restaurant on Seaside in Waikiki (called Crack’n Kitchen); a fun concept in dining using your fingers, with lots of shellfish. A great place to take out of town visitors. Dessert is a visual treat – your tablecloth is the waiter’s canvas.

Not your grandpa’s Timex:

Recently acquired a Fitbit watch which tracks one’s heartbeat, sleep patterns, steps taken throughout the day, calories taken in, water intake, weight loss, and of course a GPS that tracks distance, pace and time. And, all of this information is synched automatically and accessed in an app on my IPhone – incredible; great for goal setting! Now, I just need to know how to get the time of day! (Just kidding!)

See you at the water stops!


Blair’s Weekly Update 09-25-2016

Doc’s Report:

Dr. Scaff talked about digestion and “regularity”. Full talk available on “thumb drive” – see Bruce Mullikan.

Table Duty:

Thanks to Stephen, Red group leader for the great drinks and food!

Third and Final Bus Run – Oct. 30th:

Please sign up!

Fare is $3. The furthest stop will be at Makapuu Point – approximately 15 miles. Water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few a far between. Also bringing some extra cash for drinks or energy bars might be recommended. Other stop options might be the traffic lights past Sandy Beach – 13 miles and the Maunalua Bay at the start of Hawaii Kai, mileage varied dependant on route. Please check with your group leader as to your start location. We ask everyone to show up at 7:15 a.m. so we can board the buses promptly and leave on time. It’s a different experience than our usual Sunday runs; think of it as another race in the clinic’s marathon readiness series!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute per mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station, ran about 16 miles. Next week we will meet at the Kahala gas station at 5:45 a.m., and we are continuing do 16 miles. Some folks are doing the 808 Race 25K next week and others running the Portland marathon in two weeks. We wish them the best 🙂


Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00-10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Jun, Lisa, Sven and Chris for another 16-mile run. Steve had table duty this week. We started by running 9 miles in from the 2nd beach park, and then we ran back out after the talk for a total of 16 miles. It was a very warm day with a lot of sun and thankfully a few sprinkles of rain. We ran at about a 9:35 pace for a total running time of about 2:34:00.
Next Sunday is the 25K run in Kailua, so some will be doing that run while others will be doing the same run next Sunday, meeting up at 5:45 at the second beach park for anyone that would like to join.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem:
(Pace 10:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile)

The PINK group met at 6:20 and ran a different course to avoid the long stream of riders in the Century Bike Ride, running anticlockwise around the Park, through Waikiki, and to the end of the Ala Wai to complete 6 miles before the start of the Clinic.

It was good to see Dr. Scaff back with us again!

The second 10-mile part of the run completed the last 16-miler of the month, out to the invisible phone booth and back.

Our runners were leaders Hao, Henry, Horatio, Leslie, and Rosie, with regulars Earl and Ryan O, plus two new runners to our group: we welcomed Bryson and Micah (apologies if misspelled). For the second run, Bob and Eugene joined us, and Rosie dropped back because of illness, saving energy. We missed out on our visiting Australian friend David who runs with us when he is in town. He couldn’t find us, so he ran by himself to the second beach park. We hope he’ll be with us next week.

Next week we plan to meet at 6:00 a.m. (sorry so early, but it’s time to get in training for those very early start races in the Readiness Series) and run down the Ala Wai to Ala Moana to get in 8 miles before the Clinic starts. Then we’ll run another 9 or 10 miles to do our first build-up run to the 30K distance.

Just a reminder: The Sunday runs are our long, slow runs to give us road time, strength and endurance. From now on, the distances are taxing so be wise, listen to your body and breath, and enjoy your team-mates!

Don’t forget the homework runs, two or three times a week, one-hour minimum, or two 90-minute to 2 hour runs. It may help to include some serious hill work, e.g. Tantalus once a week, for strength and cardio fitness. It will pay you back!

Good luck to Henry and other HMC runners in the 25K this weekend!

Silver Group by Carl Silva:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 mutes per mile)

Thirteen Silver runners, met up for 16 miles. The group met early in the morning, crazy but with smiles. John L. and Paul led the group without an ounce of fuss. Runners in the group included Melissa, Hong, and Russ. But that’s not all the runners within this awesome crew. The group included John T., Elizabeth, Samantha, Rick, Carl, Cindy, Lee, and Trieu. On this warm and sunny morning, our pace was smooth and fast, but with the mileage piling on, it seemed we might not last. We pushed ahead and persevered, a big part of our training, though with the heated day, we wished it might start raining. With only sprinkles, the miles came and went. Our run was done and we had fun, but feeling slightly spent. The training for the week is still ahead, but today’s is finished, done. Do your homework, get some rest, and get set for next Sunday’s run.

Triangle Park was where we met to get some good advice. We talked about the bus-run and if the mileage would suffice. 15 miles is what it gives, from Makapuu to Kapiolani Park. And if you wanted to get more miles in, on an extra lap you could embark. Kapiolani Park is 1.8 miles around, but tack on the zoo and you get 2.3 miles of ground.

Tip: If you’re running in the Marathon Readiness Series races, use them as to prepare. They get you used to exciting starts and faster paces that could lead you to despair. Going out too fast can blow your whole race plan, but if you keep your head, you’ll be happy that you ran. Practice keeping calm in the excitement of the race, and you’ll be well prepared when it’s the marathon that you face.

The runners-high moment: Odd thoughts that run through your head when you’re running 16 miles like, “I wonder if I can make the summary rhyme?” It’s thoughts like those that keep you going and help take up the time.


  • 10/2/16: 16 miles. Early group meets out at Waiholo as early as 6 a.m. and runs to first beach park then heads back to Kapiolani Park. Group starting from the park will run to Trinity Church and back. 3rd race of the Marathon Readiness Series; Kailua Beach.
  • 10/23/16: 4th race of the Marathon Readiness Series; Kapiolani Park.
  • 10/30/16: 3rd and final bus-run of the training season.
  • 11/13/16: 5th and final race of the Marathon Readiness Series

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

The morning started off with a small crowd as Dr. Scaff talked about nutritional tips and gastronomics. Then Peter mentioned the After Race Party…Monday following the Marathon, this year will be held at KCC. Bus Run #3 will be October 30 and another important date, October 16 Kapiolani Park is holding the Komen Cure Race, so no official marathon clinic.

Breaking up into our sub groups, Jeff and Blair were back to Lead us into another round of informational thought. The White Group was told as the last Sunday of the Month; Kahala Avenue was a must. Leader Sam led us out of the park at a good warm up pace.

Today we had 19 at the start with Ming trying to sneak in without notice, Well I noticed! Getting to the base of Diamond Head, Pace Setter Bob took over. The Surf was looking enticing and trades were just perfect. Nice to see the overgrowth shrubs trim back to make more room for our perfected single file pattern.

At Triangle Park Blair led three veteran marathon runners (over a hundred years’ experience he stated) into their best tips to do a marathon. It was a long talk… What, Francis best race was 3:20 that’s awesome!

Back to running! At the Doggie Park, Sam and Blair said Aloha! While the White Group chug a lug our way to the Gas Station. Thanks to Richard whom helped lead the group at various points.

At Wailupe Park, we lost another pair. Jessica and Ming, who only wanted to run 12 miles. Truly sad for Nelson’s was only a mile away. Reaching the park, we savored the cold blue Gatorade and Pretzels. Thanks to Jamie, we were off for mile 8 or the Lutheran Church water fountain.

So many obstacles today with the blue trash cans and junk appliances stacked on the sidewalk. And we all noticed the Bicycle Race going about with police officer at each intersection. Coming back was a trip,

Kahala Avenue was so ever long! Pace Setter Bob reached his goal and with Richard’s help, the Group made it to Triangle Park. 15 strong and easily outnumbered by the Ladies. I said this before, if not for our beautiful ladies – I would not be doing this hours of running.

Coming up/down Diamond Head, Our Group stuck together. Bob fell back a bit and was pushing it. What amazed me was my group waited for me at park corner. I Sprinted in and led them halfway through the park.

We were out so long, table duty was gone. Let’s talk next time about changing up our plan and do a few miles before our morning talk.

Today’s Leaders Sam, Blair, Jessica, Bob and temp. Richard. Our Fantastic Regulators were Francis, Eric, Russell, Ming, Jamie, Kara, Hannah, Camaile, Chantel, Mika, Darby, Elena, Elaine Debbie and Andrew. Hope I did not miss anyone.

We missed quite a few runners, keep doing homework runs. Next week, Blair stated a 14-miler run. Maybe our first 18-miler on October 16th. Plenty time for everyone to catch up. Tuesday Night, Run is there for your taking. Weekly mileage is important in October. Aloha!

The Beginners:

Green 15 by Lou Crompton:

Welcome back to two people who we hadn’t seen in a while: Dr. Scaff and our own staffer Scott. We had 11 go out on a decent day “all the way” to HI Kai Drive and back… no loop today… saving that for another Sunday. A number of tracking devices had the same 15.6 distance and time so we accomplished our mission today with a 15.3 min/mile overall pace. Good job by all the little green ones. Do want to thank Nelson and his lovely “medical staff” for being at the oasis … we enjoyed the goodies and glad we didn’t need any medical assist. So what happened today back in the park? After we returned, 2 Intermediate groups came in, one walking group, and we knew at least some walkers were still out on the roads… no refreshment tables for dozens of thirsty hungry folks. Jeff offered up some nut bread from his secret stash – much appreciated by all. We know people have schedules and emergencies pop up, but it would be great to have some refreshments for the noon time crowd. Next week we’ll add another 1/2 mile to go out a little further again. DO HOMEWORK! Aloha

Golden 14’s by Roanne Abe:

Eleven more weeks to go and that t-shirt and medal are yours! As Dr. Scaff said today, you have the marathon in you. All you need to do is keep yourself healthy and injury free until marathon day. Ten of us met at the park today: Pam, Sylvia, Lynn, Dan, Ron, Harry, Glenn, Fran, Masaki and Roanne. Rain or shine, there we were and we went out for 16 miles. None of doubted that we could do it and I know that we’re in good shape for marathon day. Cliff should be rejoining us next week, and we should all start practicing our word puzzles again.

Next week, Oct 2nd, the merchandise table will be back. So if you want to do some extra reading and Dr. Scaff’s many talks at your fingertips, pick up a copy of his book. And if you have a buddy that wants to do the same, save some money and get two at a discount. The bus run signups are out and if you are going to do it, please sign up now so we can get a good estimate on how many buses are needed. This is the last one of the year, so please try to make it.

Homework this week is 40 miles for the week today (including Sunday’s mileage). You guys/gals look strong and I look forward to seeing you all again on Sunday!

Da Comment Corner:


On an early morning run past the Hilton Hawaiian Village, I noticed a bikini top strewn on the running path. Of course, I diligently looked for its owner but to no avail.

Brain Rules, a book by Dr. John Medina, a noted molecular biologist states that “exercise boosts brain power; aerobic exercise just twice a week halves your risk of general dementia and cuts your risk of Alzheimer’s by 60 percent”.

“The moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow”, Henry David Thoreau

While sipping a margarita and gorging on “El Grande” nachos on the outside lanai at the Mexican Cantina at the Ward Center (it used to be Compadres), I glanced up to notice the construction on the luxury condos next to the Ward theatres (called Anaha). Every fourth floor is slightly offset from the previous four floors- scary or architectural marvel?

See you at the water stops!