Beginner’s Group

Beginner Group Training Schedule

March4 mi.1 hr.1 hr.12 mi.Kapolani Park
April4 mi.1 hr.1 hr.12 mi.Triangle Park
May6 mi.6 mi.6 mi.18 mi.Kilauea District Park
June8 mi.6 mi.8 mi.22 mi.Gas Station, Kilauea
July10 mi.6 mi.9 mi.25 mi.Phone Booth, Kalanianaole
August12 mi.9 mi.9 mi.30 mi.Wailupe Park
September14 mi.9 mi.9 mi.32 mi.Kawaikui Park
October14 mi.9 mi.12 mi.35 mi.Kawaikui Park
November14 mi.12 mi.12 mi.38 mi.Kawaikui Park
Thanksgiving6 mi.8 mi.8 mi.22 mi.*
Late November6 mi.6 mi.12 mi.
Early December6 mi.6 mi.
* After Thanksgiving start to taper (yipee!)

The above schedule is a bit "softer" than the Intermediate Training Schedule. The less strenuous target mileages are used in a conservative effort to avoid beginner injuries and burnout. Don't worry if you are not hitting the mileage targets. Don't try to catch up on mileage.

Ala Moana Training – Fridays at 5:00 p.m.

Meet at the mauka end of the Magic Island parking lot
contact Norm – gro.cinilcnohtaramululonohnull@mron
Norm’s cell: 223-5586

2009 Upcoming Events

July 19 – Ukulele Festival at Kapiolani Park.

We will finish our training run down at the beach. This will allow us a nice cool down after our long run and also let us stroll through the Ukulele Festival on our way back. Bring money for the food booths!

August 2 – Bus Run

The Bus Run will add the Hawaii Kai loop to our previous Bus Run. The Hawaii Kai loop is part of the actual marathon route.

September 6 – Okinawan Festival

Almost the same as the Ukulele Festival – except for more food!

September 20 – Bus Run

Drop off will be at Kawaikui Park.

October 18 – Ala Moana Run

The Susan Kohman Breast Cancer Run takes over Kapiolani Park on this day so we will meet at the Ala Moana Tennis courts (figure 8 parking lot) at 7:30 a.m. for a practice run for Marathon Morning.

November 26 – Honolulu Marathon Clinic Turkey Trot

(predict your own time)

December 14 – Post Marathon Celebration Dinner

Details to follow.

December 20 – Post Marathon Picnic