Ability Groups

On Sundays, right after Dr. Scaff’s weekly 10-minute talk, Clinic participants break up into three main ability groups — beginner, intermediate, and advanced — for another very brief talk, followed by a run. Participants “self-assign” themselves to any group, anytime.

The main groups also break into several subgroups with various paces and distances.

2014 Ability Group Paces and Leaders

Ability GroupGroup NamePace (min/mile)Group Leader
Advancedsub-9:00Dave Fitzpatrick / Les Young
IntermediateRed9:00-10:00Jeff Beard
IntermediatePink9:30-10:30Rosie Adam-Terem
IntermediatePurple10:00-10:30Michael Zhang / Nelson Shigano
IntermediateGrey10:30-11:00Ivie Kumura / Ron Alford
IntermediateSilver11:00-11:30Alberto Olivas / Linnae Lee
IntermediateBlack11:30-12:00Russel Honda / Ivan Irie
IntermediateWhite12:00-12:30Blair Hoashi / Sam "I am" Usgard
IntermediateBlue12:30-13:00Andy Hirano / Val Ogi
BeginnerLucky 1313:00-14:00Norm Uyeda
BeginnerGolden 14s14:00-15:00Dean Takashige / Lisa Valerueda
BeginnerGreen 15s15:00-16:00Lou Compton
BeginnerSweet 16s16:00-17:00Cliff Hand / Roanne Abe
WalkersBuff17:00+George Ushijima / Roger Kobayashi
Recovery / Late JoinersRainbow(varies according to individual need)(To be determined)