HMC Footnotes 8-5-2018


Dr. Scaff spoke to the Clinic members about cholesterol, this past Sunday. You can read more about this in Chapter 35 of his book, “Your First Marathon, The Last Word In Long-Distance Running.” You can also see a summary of this talk, at:

Safety Reminders:

  • Stay hydrated on the road, whenever you run carry water or stop at water fountains. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty, drink water regularly along the route.
  • Use sunscreen as directed on the bottle (30 SPF or higher) and wear sun-protective clothing because we’re out there in the sun for hours.
  • Run single-file to share the sidewalk and road with other people.
  • Run defensively. Watch out for cars and bicyclists. Give them room and don’t get into an altercation.
  • Run with other people and if you run at night be sure you’re visible with lights and reflective clothing.

Pink Group by Hao Yang (10 – 10:30 minutes per mile):

Pinks started our early part of run around 6:10 a.m. We ran to Magic Island, along the Ala Wai, and back through Waikiki. Our total mileage before Dr. Scaff’s talk was about 7.5 miles. After Doc’s talk, the Pinks continued our run to the gas station and back. Total mileage was around 15.5 miles.

Next week is the bus run. If this is your first Honolulu marathon, please make an effort to make it. The route will cover the Hawaii Kai part of the actual marathon route. Please:

  • Arrive no later than 7:15 a.m. to catch the bus and bring $3 bus fare.
  • Bring supplements and water/sports drink with you.
  • Remember, there will be no table duty after the bus run-so make sure you bring some snack/drink for after-run recovery.
  • Consider, we may have chances to buy drinks at stores, so bring money with you.
  • Wear sunscreen

The Pink plan is to run 12-13 miles from Sandy Beach – around Hawaii Kai – back via Kahala Ave.

Homework runs: 2-3 times week day runs, aiming for at least one hour each, for a total weekly mileage of 30-34 miles.

Happy running!

Silver Group by Carl Silva (10:30 – 11 minutes per mile):

The Silver Group ran 14 miles on this warm, trade wind Sunday, at an average pace of 11 minutes per mile. The group was led by Lynnae and included, Trieu, Sandra, Gene, Darren, Daryn, Derek, Rick, Michael, Kevin, and Carl.

Our run was originally planned to go out to the first beach park, but then we heard that Nelson’s Oasis was back in business. So, the Silvers pushed ahead to reach the second beach park. It was worth it! Thank you to Nelson and the rest of the Purple Group, for their generosity.

Tip: Be prepared. Carry a couple of individually wrapped hand-sanitizing wipes. If you need to make a bathroom stop or if you’re going to eat at the end of the run and there’s no soap and water, they can help you feel a little more confident about using your bare hands to eat that cookie or banana.

Runners’ High: Passing friendly people along the route, who take the time to encourage the runners.


8-12-18: 13-mile run. Second Clinic Bus Run. If you plan to ride the bus, be at Paki Ave by 7:15 a.m. and bring $3 for bus fare. Lynnae and Carl won’t be running with the group.

8-19-18: 14-mile run. Lynnae will be on table-duty, and Carl won’t be there. An experienced member can Lee-d the group.

Black Group by Maile Kondo Burgey (11-12 minutes per mile):

The Black Group ran a total of 11.69 miles. Five of us got together this morning, Maile, Lei, Elaine, Ariel, and William. It was supposed to be our first 14 miles, but my lower back was not in perfect condition, so I had to make it short. However, Lei and Elaine had addition mileage from doing the early-bird run by themselves, so they made 14. Good job, everybody! I know you’re happy we’re not going up Kill Hill, anymore.

Reminder: There won’t be a refreshment table this coming Sunday, so I plan to stop by Natural Shave Ice Shop on Monsaratt on the way back if you like. Bring some cash with you so that we can have our own nice reward later!


8-12-18: 2nd bus run. Meeting time is 7:15am sharp, bring $3.

White Group by Russell Uchida (12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile):

Grueling weather conditions marked the beginning of the season’s “long-runs” for the White Group. We can no longer fake getting by without homework runs. Lack of homework will show up in performance.

We were led out by Violet, Richard, and Paris. It was also a celebratory Sunday as we were surprisingly pleased to see our long-time group catalyst Blair join us for the run. The group hit a season high of ten runners and besides our consistent leaders, included regulars, Elena, Jaime, Edee, Mika, Yuna, and George.

This week’s run tested our training, endurance, and most of all, our mental integrity. While the run was within our physical ability, the weather conditions weighed heavily on us and tested our mental toughness. We were inspired by Blair who has been out for months but was easily able to steadfastly finish the group’s first 14-miler of the season. I remain very impressed.

Thank you Nelson and the Purple Group for hosting the “Oasis”. It is truly a welcomed sight and something that motivates us to keep striding ahead. It almost gets too comfortable chatting with everyone and before one knows it, the body tightens up and makes re-start for the return run, an arduous task…ask me how I know. It really is the happening place, the place to be, the “hot spot”!! Thank you very much for your generosity and hospitality!

SIGHTINGS: On our way out, we saw former White Group runners Yumi, and Derrick at different points in their respective running courses. Best of luck to White Group participants, Danell and Janelle who will be running in the first of the marathon readiness series runs, this coming Sunday.

FINALLY: I believe this week Sunday’s run is the approximate 12-mile Bus Run, from Sandy Beach to Paki Pavilion. Don’t forget your $3.00 to ride one-way to Sandy Beach and to be on time, 7:15 a.m. Buses leave promptly at 7:30 am.

See all of you on Sunday!

Blue Group by Val Ogi (Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile):

The Blue Group had 13 runners starting out after Dr. Scaff’s talk about Cholesterol. It was another clear and hot run. We were hoping for rain, but just got a little sprinkle. The group made it out to Nelson’s Oasis to turn around for our first 14-miler. Thank you for providing us with Gatorade, watermelon, and all the wonderful treats. Thank you to Norm and Helen for the great treats at the finish. It really was gourmet meal with your mini omelets, soybeans, boiled peanuts, fruits, and sandwiches.

Our group pace is 12.5 to 13.5 miles per minute, and we are running 12 miles for our long runs this month. We welcome anyone wanting to step up from the beginner’s group into our intermediate group.

Green 15 by Lou Crompton (15 minutes per mile):

Dr. Scaff spoke cholesterol, today, and I’m glad my total cholesterol is a reasonable number – and HDL/Cholesterol ratio is 2-3; it must be the exercise and good diet – plus those M&M supplements I take.

The Green 15s had nine in the starting blocks – still missing some of our “usuals” – we know who U R and miss you. Since last week the Garmin tripped to 12.00 as we stepped off the sidewalk for refreshments, today we went for 12.5 and another visit to Beach Park 2 to see if the “oasis” would reappear. OMG! Nelson’s Oasis was busy as more groups are bringing up their mileage and making it out there. Thank you Nelson & Marsha.

We got back today and the Garmin said 12.54 miles in 3 hours 14 minutes, so the 15 team did a 15.4 minutes per mile pace. Thanks, to Helen & Norm for the refreshments back at Paki Ave.

Next week we’ll take a little break in mileage and go on a bus ride! Everyone show up at 0715 and bring $3 or more. It’s a tough call how many buses to order. Some years you get a real stickler of a driver who says no standing and only two people to a seat; other times we go out standing-room-only and three in a seat. Tune in Aug 12 for the current episode. We’ll plan to come back via the marathon course from mile 15 (HI. Kai Dr. & Kal. Hwy.) to the Queen’s welcoming statue, to practice our finish wave and smile. Heads up – on the return, there’s been no water fronting Holy Trinity Catholic Church out on Kal. Hwy.

Sweet 16s by Annette Hayes (16 minutes per mile):

The Sweet Sixteens enjoyed the breezes and the brief sprinkles of rain that helped to off-set the warmth of the sun. Some of the regular water stops have not been operational. We greatly appreciated the “doggie water stop” on Kilauea Ave. The owner was putting out fresh cool water in his Igloo cooler when we got there. Talk about the pause that refreshes…!

Our turn around point was Wailupe Park, making our trip 13.5 miles, once we made it back to Paki Ave. and the snack table. The assorted fruits and snacks at the table are always a treat. Thanks to all the table volunteers.

Next week is the bus run. The clinic will start at 7:15 a.m., so we can board the bus by 7:30. The cost is $3 to help pay for the bus. Any donations will be welcome, as the Marathon Clinic is a non profit organization. Remember to bring your own water and snacks.