Blair’s Weekly Update 11-26-2017

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Today we ran from 15 to 18. Next week we meet at the Kahala Aloha gas station at 0600 to enjoy Doc‘s talk and continue tapering. :O)

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red group went out on Sunday with Steve, Jesse, Chris and Karla for an 18-mile run starting at 5:30 a.m. from the second beach park. We ran at about a 9:30 pace for a total running time of about 2:50:00. It was a great day for running, especially with a nice early start and some clouds.

This is the start of our tapering, and we’ll be running through the downtown area to see the Christmas lights next Sunday. We’ll meet near O’Toole’s at 6 a.m. to start our last long slow run before the Honolulu Marathon.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem:
(Pace 10:00 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

Pink ran 12 miles this morning to the starting line of marathon. We visited marathon meeting place and talked about race day experience and carbo loading party. It was chilly, windy and rainy with several appearances of rainbow- a perfect running day.

Next Sunday, Pink will meet at 6:30 a.m. to run 5-6 miles. We will be back in time for the very important talk. After the talk, Pink may run another 2-4 miles, or not.

Homework: 2-3 weekday runs no longer than 8 miles each. Totally mileage of this week should be 20-25 miles.

Rest well and stay healthy! Enjoy the tapering!

Silver Group by Carl Silva and Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 10:30 – 11:00 minutes per minute)

The Silver Group turned out for a chilly, downtown run today, to familiarize ourselves with the front end of the Honolulu Marathon course. Lynnae, led Cody, Lee, Jun, Speedy Joe, Lance, Daryn, Paul, Rick, Koko, Melissa, Terry, JT, Kin, Frances, and Carl. Aside from a couple of short periods of rain and gusts of wind, it was a nice run that blessed us with lots of green lights along Kapiolani Boulevard so we wouldn’t have to stop too often.

Today was a day of welcomes and farewells, as we saw Paul return to the group for the first time since Spring. It was as though he’d never left, with the familiar good humor and entertaining behavior. However, we also said farewell (for a short time) to Cody as he heads off to boot camp and training for the next eight months. We wish him all the best as he begins a challenging and worthwhile career.

Homework: Taper Time! Target 15% reduced miles this week with no more than one-hour, easy running in the final week before marathon Sunday. The ability to run marathon is in you already. Now is the time to let your body recover from all your hard work and protect that marathon training you put in. Keep running, but keep it easy with a slower pace and reduced miles, up until the big day.

Tip: “Nothing new on race day!” is a cardinal rule for marathons. Everything you plan to wear, eat, and drink during the race should have been tested and proven to be something you work well with. Nine months of diligent training, can be ruined by the simple act of eating something you’ve never tried before or wearing a brand new outfit or shoes for the race. Don’t do it. Stick with what you know works.

The runners’ high moment – Getting to run and become acquainted with a diverse group of people, who each bring something special to the group and makes Sunday training such a great experience.


  • 12/3/17: Last Clinic Run before the Honolulu Marathon. Eight miles along the downtown portion of the route. Bring your water to stay hydrated water fountains are scarce.
  • 12/10/17: Race day! Have fun and enjoy every part of it.

Black Group by Maile Kondo Burgey:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per minute)

I wasn’t sure before I came to the park this morning if we really go running but the weather got better and we kept going. Maile, Miharu, Heidi, Bethany, Masako, Anna started Kap Park to head out to downtown route.

It was so much fun to run with group to introduce the first part of marathon!

Today was like sightseeing run, starting from Kap Park→Aloha Tower, Statue of King Kamehameha, Honolulu Hale, Ala Moan Center Santa, Hawaiian Statue in Hilton, Statue of Duke Kahanamoku!

Also, showing many important points of the marathon route like water points, bathroom etc. Getting excited to participate this year’s marathon!!

Lastly, big mahalo to Dean and Stephany waiting for us to provide refreshments! So happy and enjoyed fruits and fresh sandwiches!

Next week will be our 2017 season last Sunday run, meeting @7:39 regular place.

We’ll celebrate ourselves on the way back from Kahala Gas Station, so bring some money for having another fun time!

White Group by Russell Uchida:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Weather conditions were superb for those that challenged the crisp and cool north winds that surrounded us.

Russ H. led us through the entire run and since we programmed in eight (8) miles, he stepped up the pace just a fraction to keep everyone on their toes.

A blended White and Blue group included: Russ H., Jaime, Elaine, Neille, Ariel, Elena, Mika, Yuna, and George. We were joined by a handful of Blue Group runners that included, Derek, Mark, Erica, and a few others whose names I did not have the opportunity to ask from them.

At Triangle Park, Russ H. reminded the group about a few more important points including race day meeting place, carrying some type of light to use while in the porta potties, using Vaseline to minimize chafing and dialing it back a notch or two in training over the next two weeks to keep the legs fresh and ready and not exhausted-and rebuilding.

Mid way through the run, we were excited to see Sam cruising on by in his van to check on our physical condition and to provide anyone needing a ride back to Paki. Fortunately, everyone seemed strong and did not require assistance.

Congratulations to White and Blue group runners for diligently doing your homework runs! We tackled Kahala Avenue at a brisk pace and without stopping! Everyone looked fresh through the end of the run! A job well done!

One more Sunday clinic run. Expect a short comfortable run. Keep alert and mindful of the uneven sidewalks to avoid trip and falls and most of all, and dial it up two notches on social conversations with your fellow runners as this will be your last opportunity to carry on a relaxing social conversation before marathon Sunday! Take in everything on this last run and enjoy the moment, enjoy the camaraderie!

See you on Sunday! (This means all of you absentee runners, too!)


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

We walkers did our downtown route today. There were 7 of us starting our route to downtown and back (Susan, Veronica, Shar, Ernie, Rob, Ron, and George). We saw the start line and the bathrooms, including helpful hints about the line for the loo. Where to watch the fireworks and how to start. We kept our pace very slow and steady as this was a very informative walk. After going down Ala Moana, we took a turn at Nu`uanu and then a right down King Street. We passed Iolani palace, where the first water stop will be and continued on to Kapiolani making the turn on Piikoi. We turned left onto Ala Moana and headed to Waikiki. We got to Kalakaua and reached the Waikiki Police Substation and made use of the facilities there. At that point we turned back. We got to our cars and had some refreshments. What wonderful day as long as you ignore the fact that it rained a lot. There were lots of ponchos, jackets and umbrellas appearing. Your homework this week should be easy and light (10 to 12 miles). Next Sunday is the last Marathon Clinic before the marathon. We’ll be going easy then (4 – 6 miles). There’ll be no homework that week, just going down to the expo to pick up your packet.

Sweet 16s by Annette Hayes:

Two more weeks before the Marathon! Brisk winds, overcast skies, and brief showers did not hamper the Sixteens from their 11-mile journey today. Pam, Harry, Linda, Macy, Betsy, Kathy, Harriet, Harry2, and Annette enjoyed the walk as we chatted away, making the time go faster. We came together many months ago with the goal of completing a marathon. We have now made new friends and healthier lifestyles. Can’t wait to do this again next week and the following week.

Congratulations on all who completed the Turkey Trot. Not to miss next week: Dr. Scaff will give his final talk on what to do in order to have a successful marathon experience.

Green 15s by Lou Crompton:

Wow, what a difference a week makes… 19th was great and today was… well, let’s be thankful it wasn’t a hurricane. We had 17 green ones at the start line which is remarkable – people coming in from west side of Oahu and elsewhere in wind & pouring rain… real dedication! We continue to taper and only went out for a ten miler – 10.2 if anyone is counting – but thanks to winds on our backs & recently learned “no work” methodology, and despite using our regular Kahala Ave approach, we arrived back in the park with a 14.5 pace… that’s OK… we’re going to meander around downtown HNL on marathon day jammed in like sardines with about 30,000 of our closest friends so we’ll start out less than our 15 pace. As we reach Paki and our normal Sunday start point, the distance will be just like our previous 30K. So we are in excellent shape to finish the marathon with our targeted pace and time. Regardless of what Green Team members wrote for an est finish time on the application before your HMC training, you will finish about 6-35 on marathon day. We’ll stick together and do it – just like any other Sunday. Mahalo to Dean and his numerous helpers for the very nice refreshment tables. Next Sunday is the training day before graduation… sort of like old HS days… right before graduation they had Class Night or Awards Night… well, so do we. All Green Team should make a special effort to attend next Sunday… who (you?) will be receiving our pace leader’s memorable award?? Continue your weekday effort re homework. Aloha.

Da Comment Corner:

“Spurt Running”

Unlike the disciplined approaches of Galloway’s run/walk system and others espoused in Runner’s World, I have “found”(as I’m sure many of you might already have) a system that combines run/walking to a much more “indolent and comfy” level, especially when one is injured, lacks proper training, or in general laziness mode. I frivolously call it the ‘spurt system” – I run as much as I can, without regard to pace or distance and walk when needed – all based on how my body feels at any particular time.

The next chapter – Marathon “Spurt” Running…

See you at the water stops!