Blair’s Weekly Update 08-13-2017

Doc’s Talk:

Bus Run so no Doc’s Talk today.

Thanks to all participants for being so organized and prompt so the bus run could get off on time. Approximately 110 runners rode two Robert’s school buses to various drop off points- the furthest being the traffic lights past Sandy Beach. Congrats to all who finished the very tough run.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The Advanced Group welcomes everyone. We did 14 today. Next week at Kahala gas station at 6 a.m. Remember your homework runs, core work at the gym, and good nutrition :O)

Pink Group by Hao Yang:
(Pace 10:00 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

Richard, Unyong, Brittney, and Hao of Pink ran around Diamond Head (3-4 miles) before buses arrived. Joined by Bob, Horacio, Jun, and Dodge, Pink ran 13miles from Sandy beach back to our clinic. It was a hot sunny day with some breezes.

Next Sunday, Pink will meet at the clinic 6am to run 8 miles(to Magic Island and back) before Dr.’s talk. We will then run 6 to 8 miles after the talk (Estimating 14 top 16 miles in total). Anyone is welcome to run with us-parts or whole route.

Thank you, Nelson and friends, for saving our lives by providing refreshing drinks and snack at the 2nd beach park!

Have a great week!

Silver Group by Carl Silva and Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 10:30 – 11:00 minutes per minute)

The Silver Group ran like the wind today – gentle, cool, and breezy, but nonetheless, “Like the Wind.” Our group of nine runners including, our leader Lynnae, as well as Melissa; Koko; Speedy Joe; Lee; Cody; Rick; Kin; and Carl, completed 14-plus miles at an average pace of 11:25 minutes per mile.

With the cooling trades and blue skies, the Silvers did an alternative route that allowed us to meet up with the runners taking the bus to Sandy Beach. We started from the Hawaii Kai dog park near Costco, circled Hawaii Kai Drive then headed out to Sandy Beach where we met the buses. Once we were all together, the group ran out to Nelson’s Oasis for some much-appreciated refreshments then headed back to our cars to complete our training for the day. Our route paid off as one of the runners found a $10 bill, as his speedy running reflexes allowed his eyes to scan the ground ahead in greater detail than the mere mortals who passed it by.

Homework: Target 28-30 miles per week. This can be done in 2-3 homework runs of 6-10 miles. Don’t forget the rest day in between, as rest days are training days too. We will be at the 30-mile mark for a while, so there’s no rush if you’re not there yet. A minimum of 24 miles/week is good. Also remember the 10% rule; mileage should be increased by no more than 10% per week. So if you haven’t been doing your homework, start now and do a gradual increase to avoid injury.

Tip: We are out in the sun for long hours, especially on our Sunday runs. Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen before and during your runs. Other forms of sun protection may also be helpful, such as arm coverings, wide-brimmed hats, or even head-covers. Try things now to find what’s comfortable on long runs. You don’t want to wait until marathon day to try it, as the rule of “Nothing New on Race Day” is an important one to follow.

The runners’ high moment: When you get to take a group shot with your running group with the beautiful Pacific Ocean in the background on a sunny, clear day.


  • 8/20/17: 6:00 a.m. early start at Waiholo, 14-mile run out to the 1st beach park then head for Kapiolani Park with one lap around the park and zoo before Doc’s Talk to get in 9 miles then head back after the talk to complete 14 miles.
  • 8/27/17: 6 a.m. early start at Waiholo, 14-mile run out to the 1st beach park then head for Kapiolani Park with one lap around the park and zoo before Doc’s Talk to get in 9 miles then head back after the talk to complete 14 miles.
  • 9/3/17: 14-mile run for the group. Second run of the Marathon Readiness Series, the Runners HI 20K, out at Barber’s Point.

Black Group by Maile Kondo Burgey:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per minute)

08.13.2017 Bus Run

We, 6 gangs, started at Sandy Beach for our 2nd bus run. We welcomed new gang, Heidi from Germany, to join Black! Going through Hawaii Kai Loop and came back to Kalanianaole Highway. Soooo happy to see Nelson and Marsha at 2nd park to treat us under the hot, humid weather. We were so lucky to have these kindly people!

Bethany and Hannah finished early ‘cz they started before we got on da bus. Ron kept his own pace after Hawaii Kai Loop. Finally, 4 gangs ran back to the park together and finished. Congrats, William and Heidi for 13.66 miles! And Miharu impressed me how much to keep stamina for achieving 14.11 miles at the end with me.

Next week, we’ll meet at 6:45 a.m. at the park for starting figure 8 run before Dr. Scaff’s speech. If you don’t make it, it’s fine. No need to push. See you at the park at 6:45 a.m.!

White Group by Russell Uchida:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

The second bus run of the season was met with breezy trade-winds that were countered by scorching-hot sun beams. The group was led by Russ H.who again did a great job of watching over everyone. The group was larger than normal and included Elaine, Elena, Jaime, Mika, Yuna, George, Malia, Danell, Scott, John, Chantel, Wil, Moose, (dog1) and Nalu (dog2). The weather took its toll on everyone but I am pleased to say that we all persevered through the worst of it.
We were again graciously welcomed and treated by Nelson, Marsha. & Co.’s oasis, which gave us the boost that we needed to make the trek back to Paki.
On our return to Paki, Russ H. generously rewarded the group with ice cold gatorade and water, along with peanut butter pretzels, and various potato chips! Yuuummm!! Thank you Russ for all that you do for the group.
Please Note:  Beginning this coming Sunday, (08/20/17) Russ H. will be starting at 6 a.m. from Paki Pavilion. It is an open invitation for any runners (12+/- min mile) that are interested in joining him are welcome to do so. Please try your best to be on time.
More than likely a small number of white group runners who are unable to make the 6 a.m. time will be starting at the usual HMC time.
This coming week will be 14 miles. Please remember to do your homework runs.
See you on Sunday!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

There were only 11 of our Blue Group members this morning. Thank you Blair for arranging the 2 buses for us. It started out nice with some trade winds and clouds. After about 20 minutes the sun came out and we had little relief seeking shade whenever we could. Gil and Rick braved Kahala Avenue. I led the rest of the group back to Kapiolani Park then continued to the finish line, only 13.86 so I ran to the end and crossed the street to dip my feet in the cool salt water. Everyone did very well considering the heat. Everyone brought their gels and gummies to try. Thanks to Nelson’s Oasis we really appreciated the Gatorade today. They only had vitamin water and Powerade at City Mill due to the Aloha Station being renovated. Off to Iceland, will miss 2 Sundays.


Sweet 16s by Annette Hayes:

Second bus run from Sandy Beach: Our group of thirteen explored the Hawaii Kai section of the Marathon route, as we made our way back to the park. The first two miles were a breeze. Then it started to get hot, and by the time we reached the highway, it was really hot. Thank you to Nelson and Marcia for keeping the Oasis open. You are a welcome sight to all the weary marathoners. Now we can say that we are capable of doing a half-marathon. In just a few more months we will be ready for the full marathon.

A few reminders about safety on the road. Be aware of the traffic. Single file when others are passing, and while on the highway. Bicycles have the right of way in the bike lane. Listening to music is fine, but if you use earbuds, keep one ear open so you can hear what is going on. Don’t challenge the cars. Make eye contact with the driver to make sure you are seen before crossing in front of a car. Watch for tail lights when a car is reversing (the hybrids are really quiet). If you are out on the road when it is dark, have lights to make yourself more visible. Continue your homework. . .

Green 15s by Lou Crompton:

Great day for a Bus Run. How many people on a bus? Hey, it doesn’t matter if the driver says there are so many seats, and you count empties… and then do a numeric count from the back forward… and the numbers don’t match… not even close! It’s OK. 17 green ones did the last few miles of the marathon route starting with the Hawaii Kai Drive loop and then back to the park… even Kahala Avenue seemed nicer today. We recorded 11 miles and a time of 2H 46M so we were on our targeted 15 pace. If we continue to go this way, looks like we’ll finish the marathon (again) in 6 1/2 hr. We were pleasantly surprised to find Nelson‘s oasis open for business even on a Bus Run… what dedication! Thank youse guys so much… (that’s what they say at Seaside Heights, New Joisey). Last week we did 12 1/2, this week a breather… next week “close” to 1/2 marathon, then a real half on Aug 27. And we’ll use more than 1/2 the marathon route on Sep 3 – informally. Aloha.

Da Comment Corner:

The third and last bus run is in October – add another 2 miles to the last bus run – 15 miles.

See you at the water stops!