Blair’s Weekly Update 07-30-2017

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff concluded his talk on cholesterol. More info on Scaffer’s notes on our website.

Table Duty:

A big mahalo to Silver Staffer Byron who took care of the table this week. Byron again, like last year, is unselfishly volunteering his time and effort to take care of the table for three Sundays throughout our running season. Whenever someone can’t make it, Byron unselfishly is there. Much mahalo!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Several folks are running the 15K on Sunday, and the rest are meeting at the Kahala gas station at 6 a.m.. :O)

Silver Group by Carl Silva and Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 10:30 – 11:00 minutes per minute)

The Silver Group completed a 12-mile run on a breezy day that started out cloudy. The group took advantage of the conditions and took on Baby Kilauea on their way to HQ. The group included: Kevin, Lance, Lynnae, Darren, Lee, Cody and Derek (visiting from Seattle). Jerome and Bode caught up with us at the park, having gotten a late start, and joined us for the second half of the run. We changed up the route a little bit, and took on Kahala Avenue in reverse. Interestingly, while Kahala Avenue seemed shorter, Kealaolu seemed a lot longer! Everyone should be comfortable (relatively, or at least more confident) at the 12-mile distance. Very soon we will be increasing our Sunday run.

Homework: Two to three runs during the weekdays for 1.25 hours each at a comfortable pace with a rest day in between. Don’t skip homework if you want the Sunday long run to be fun.

Tip: Coconut water is a great hydration drink. It comes in fruit flavors for those who don’t like it plain. And it also comes in chocolate (yum yum)! Good tasting and good for you… no excuses.

The runners’ high moment: Receiving fresh, home grown fruit from a running buddy. It’s a terrific treat.

Mahalo to volunteer staff member Byron (an original Silver) for doing table duty while injured. The fruit was delicious!


  • 8/6/17: 15K Norman Tamanaha race, the first in the Marathon Readiness Series. Best wishes to HMCers who will be racing. For Clinic runners 6:15 a.m. early start at Waiholo, the third right turn from Kalanianeole Highway. Target 12.5-mile run out to Paki Avenue and back. The group can decide whether to take on Baby Kilauea on the way in or back. Please ensure attendance at Doc’s talk.
  • 8/13/17: Second Bus Run. This run takes the group to Sandy Beach where we run through Kalama Valley and back out to Kalanianaole Highway. If you’re taking the bus, be at the park by 7:15 a.m. with $3 bus fare. Early birds: meet at the Hawaii Kai Dog Park for 6:30 a.m. start. Please carry your own water, as water fountains will not be every mile.
  • 8/20/17: 6 a.m. early start at Waiholo, 14-mile run. New route.

Community: The 11th Annual JBPHH (Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam) Half Marathon is on 8/19/2017 at Hickam field. Runners, walkers, and strollers are invited. This is a good opportunity to test out your training. Please note, runners must have independent base access. For questions, please contact Lee or Cody. FMI, please visit: Early registration deadline – August 5. Final online registration – 5 hours before the start.

Black Group by Maile Kondo Burgey:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per minute)

07.30.2017 Last 12 miles run

It was another tough day to run but breeze helped us little and Ron was on our way to cheer us up, thanks!

Started lucky seven people: Maile, Grace, Bethany, Miharu, Hannah, William, and one more person who came back to Hawaii 25 yesrs. We, were challenging kill hill and our of us made it and went down to the beer cave straight Finally, we made in 2:27:40 on 12.65 miles. Average pace was 11:40/mi.

Good job, guys*\(๑• ₃ •๑)*

And don’t forget, next week is first 14 miles and we’ll do Shave Ice Run! We’ll stop by shave ice shop on Monsarat. Bring some cash with you.

White Group by Russell Uchida:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

We have definitely hit summer. Hydration and gel packs are a must.

This week, there were no new members only veteran/returning white group runners. It was a great surprise as we welcomed back both Francis and Yumi to the group. Just when we were about to hit that distance point where one either jumps in or waits until next year, the two veterans show up to easily do 12 miles including Kahala Avenue in blistering heat. The two showed that they have been training as both runners completed the trek without skipping a beat! For these two, it is once a runner always a runner. Francis with a history of sub-four hour fame and Yumi who finished last year’s marathon in sub-five (4:40) finished (as expected) Sunday’s 12-miler with the group quite easily. Very, very impressive.

Russ H., Sam, Blair, and Richard provided the group with advice prior to the start. Russ H. took the lead running position for the entire run to which we extend our sincere appreciation. It is grueling but in the end, it will only benefit us.

This week’s group that endured the blistering heat included Elena, Elaine, Jaime, Mika, Yuna, George, Andrew, Scott, Yumi, and Francis. We missed our usual complement of core runners Ariel, Mitchell, Danell, Neille, and also hope that iis able to heal quickly. I saw Liz donning a knee brace and truly understand how sensitive and fickle that joint can be.

This coming week, we are looking at our first 14-miler of the year! Congratulations to all who have hung in there to reach this milestone! Now we need to be even more mindful and diligent of staying hydrated and supplementing lost nutrients with gels or other products to keep us whole. While there are a number of supplements on the market and each touts having some ingredient that surpasses all the rest, the one resounding statement that repeats itself is (paraphrased) “use what works best for you, as everyone’s body reacts differently”. So true. To that end, this week, I will try GU and see how my body is affected and reactive to its gels. They have such a wide variety of flavors, it is really hard to choose. This week, if I finish with the group, GU will be the keeper. If I lag back, then it will be search-on to find that elusive magic elixir…

August 13th Don’t forget to sign up for the bus run on August 13th. HMC needs as accurate a head count as possible to minimize either financial loss or overcrowding. Please be considerate. One-way bus fare is $3.00 and includes great breezy trade winds through the open window “school bus” along with great camaraderie and conversation. The bus will drop us off Sandy Beach where we make our one-way, tailwind run back to Paki. Traditionally, the bus runs do not include the usual HMC table of snacks, so plan accordingly.

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Today we had 14 Blue members start out on a beautiful but hot morning. Members are starting early so are dropping out at different areas along my 12-mile route. I’m glad that people are trying different hydration packs, gummies and gels to see what will work for their stomach and energy.

Thank you to Byron for last minute table duty. I really appreciated the Gatorade and fruit gummies after my second run. Bring $ for hats, visors and shirts to help with our refreshment table funding next Sunday.


Sweet 16s by Annette Hayes:

Our group of thirteen traversed the roads, meandering through the neighborhoods to Wailupe Park, for a total of 12.25 miles. The trade winds helped to offset the blazing sun, but it was still hot. The Sweet Sn reason for wanting to do a marathon. This is your journey. This is why we train the body and the mind to endure the miles. Remember to drink fluids, whether it be plain water or a sports drink. Start experimenting with replacement snacks—gels, chews, pretzels, nuts, etc.—to give you energy for the trip back. Listen to your body. If you are sore, slow down so you don’t injure yourself. Dr. Scaff talked about cardiovascular health and longevity. The evidence shows that exercise and cessation of smoking is essential to a healthy life. The average age of the Sweet Sixteens is a testament to that fact. It does not matter that you did not finish first, but that you finished. Keep up with the homework, one foot in front of the other. . .

Green 15s by Lou Crompton:

Thanks to Doc‘s reassuring talks, I ate my egg this AM guilt free before leaving the house for our Sunday jog. Keep your total chol / HDL <4 and avoid eating trans fats… and, perhaps a future talk, keep your BMI a reasonable low number so you’ll be good to go for a long time. We had 14 green ones on our trek today; those “absent” generally had good excuses. Yea, we broke the 12-mile artificial barrier today! Visited Nelson at the oasis, thank you very much, and returned to the park in 3H 5M, giving us a pace of 15.4. Before we left I estimated a return in 3-03… I apologize if our “late” return effected your afternoon plans… blame red lights and increasing late morn temps… getting warm out. One of our ladies has an app on her device that said she (or we) expended about 1,350 calories… good news just before we hit the refreshment tables and tried to rebuild… mahalo to Byron for all his work. For those who have vacation plans for next Sunday, we’ll miss you – have fun as the rest of us go out for 12 1/2. And remember Bus Run #2 is August 13. Starting August, try to do a total of about 30 miles distance weekly including Sunday. Homework is a must even on vacation. Aloha.

Da Comment Corner:

Bus Run 2:

We get dropped near Sandy’s and cut through Hi Kai for a grueling 13-miler. Water bottles, sunscreen and electrolyte replacement is a necessity. Listen to your group leader and be patient throughout your run. As mentioned a very tough run under the hot sun. Thank goodness for Nelson’s Oasis!

See you at the water stops!