Blair’s Weekly Update 07-16-2017

Doc’s Talk:

Doc spoke on cholesterol today and promises to continue on theis subject next week.

Table Duty:

Much mahalo to the White Group staffers led by Mika and Russell. Mika’s daughter Yuna and staffer Ivan were part of this very generous group who provided a feast of table goodies!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Today we did 12, with some folks going longer or shorter depending on their needs.

A big shout out to Julia Hawkins, the 101 year old who set the 100 meter dash world record for women over 100. If we keep doing our homework runs there’s hope for us all. :O)

Next week Kahala gas station at 6 a.m.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem:
(Pace 10:00 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

Seven Pink runners gathered at 6 a.m. to do 7 miles down to Magic Island and back through Waikiki before Dr. Scaff’s talk, followed by another 8 miles to the gas station and back. It was a good day for running because of the overcast sky and nice breezes. Luckily the clouds cleared enough to allow us to observe the “Lahaina noon”.

Next week meet Henry at 6:00 a.m. to do the same plan. Some of the Pink leaders have table duty on Sunday so they won’t be running with the group.

Sunday is also the Tinman Triathlon, so expect heavier traffic and parking issues.

Remember to do the homework runs during the week, and try to get in about 30-35 miles each week (including the Sunday runs).

Silver Group by Carl Silva and Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 10:30 – 11:00 minutes per minute)

The Silver Group had a day of very pleasant weather for 13-mile run. The group, led by Lynnae and Alberto, included Melissa, Koko, Cindy, Daryn, Lee, Cody, Jun, Terry, Speedy Joe, Lance, Hong, and Carl. We were also fortunate to have a Safe-T escort as Koko’s husband, T, came along with the group on his bicycle.

The Silvers started early and ran from Kahala to Kapiolani Park, choosing to take Monsarrat Avenue to change up the scenery and add a little extra mileage to our workout. The Diamond Head jogging path is very nice with its landscaping and multiple water fountains. We could have even stopped off for some weight training. On the way back to Kahala, the group took on Baby Kilauea’s 1-mile uphill to help keep us strong or punish ourselves, it depends on your mood. Jun, Daryn, Alberto, Hong, and Carl went to the top while the rest of the group did a loop at the halfway point to get their mileage.

Homework: Two to three runs during the weekdays for 1.25 hours each at a comfortable pace with a rest day in between.

Tip: Start looking for your marathon shoes now. The ones you’ve been training in from the start of the season may be worn out before you get to race day. Shoes do breakdown over time and may result in injury if you continue running in them. Remember when it comes to shoes, “Time wounds all heels!” (saw that on the internet). So get some new shoes and make sure they have at least 200 miles on them before using them for your marathon in December.

The runners’ high moment: When we have fellow runners around us who don’t have to ask why we run marathons. While there are various reasons for all of us, we all know we’re not crazy for continuing to do this year after year.


  • 7/23/17: 12ish-mile run. Early group meets at 6:15 a.m. at Waiholo.
  • 7/30/17: 12ish-mile run. Early group meets at 6:15 a.m. at Waiholo.
  • 8/6/17: Boca Hawaii -Norman Tamanaha 15K.
  • 9/3/17: Runner’s Hi 20K.
  • 10/1/17: Action Construction 25k.
  • 10/22/17: HMSA 30k.
  • 11/12/17 Running Room – Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon.

Black Group by Maile Kondo Burgey:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per minute)

3rd week of 12-mile run. We started 9 people but a half of the group, early bird Bethany, injury recovery Rick, easy run Kara and good body listener. Hannah turned around at the gas station.

So, I asked rest of them, Grace, Liz, Christie, Will, if they wanna challenge the uphill training. I’ve seen Silver Group do every week in Kahala Hill and thought it’s good to help making our body strong! Four gangs agreed to try and we kept going up and coming down about 2.5 miles. Good job, guys!

On the way back to da park, downhill on Diamond Head Road, I, Maile, fell down. Felt shame because I’m always warning to group members to be careful. Anyway, it was only a mile away from the park so that I could finish our run regularly. One more time! Gangs, watch the road or sidewalk where we’re going forward. Keep distance from the person in front of you!

OK, do homework run and see you at the park on Sunday.

White Group by Russell Uchida:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

A gracious crew of White Group runners sacrificed their Sunday run to coordinate this week’s snack table duty. A warm and appreciative thank you to Russ H, Mika, Yuna, and Ivan for presenting a fantastic array of snack items ranging from baked sweets, seasoned musubis, and fresh fruits, to salty crunch snacks. Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice!

The remaining hardcore group of nine (9) runners (Elena, Elaine, Jaime, Neille, Mitchell, Andrew, John, Scott, and Sam) took on their third 12-miler for the month. We were led out of the pavilion by our longtime-steady pacesetter Guru Sam. His steady pace set the tone for the rest of the run. Thank you Sam! After Sam parted ways with the group, leadership was shared and rotated across all of the remaining runners. While pace varied throughout the run, we all agreed that we were fortunate to have absolutely great weather conditions today. It really made the run manageable and allowed everyone to finish the run together as a group. There was great group bonding and cohesiveness built between runners today.

On our run, we were happy to see Ariel going back to Paki Pavilion doing her solo run. Good job Ariel! Please join us when your schedule permits! Back at Paki, we also heard that Monika and family made a guest appearance at Paki but had to leave before the White Group runners returned. Thank you for stopping by. We were all looking forward to seeing your adorable baby!

Homework for the week: Don’t forget to do your homework runs twice a week for not less than an hour each run.

If anyone wants to organize a weekday homework run, please post to the White group Facebook page and we can see who can make it and on which days.

We’ll see you all next week Sunday!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

There were only 10 of us this morning. What a beautiful day for a run. We made it out to Wailupe Park to make our 12 miles. Thanks to Russ and crew for wonderful snacks. Saw a couple of runners at the Ukulele Festival, what a great line up of entertainers. Next week is the Tinman Triathlon, parking will be tight.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

Great day today. 8 of us started out for the phantom phone booth for our 10-mile Sunday. The weather was great, sunny and breezy. There was a 60-second rain that got some of us worried. At least one of us brought an umbrella. We all made a nice finish and were welcomed by a big buffet for the refreshment table. We actually did slightly over 11 miles and our time per mile was about 18 1/2 minutes. Remember our homework, 3 days of 5 miles each. There’s a bus run coming up next month with a signup sheet already posted by the table.

Keep on Walking!

Sweet 16s by Annette Hayes:

A small group of 11 faithful marathoners joined together today for a 11.75-mile walk today. The Ukulele Festival and the Friends of the Library book sale were other events happening today. If you missed today’s walk, hopefully you will make it up on the homework during the week. The weather today was great for walking. Breezy trades and brief showers kept us moving along at a comfortable pace. Remember to drink water before you get thirsty to prevent dehydration. Snacks keep the body fueled during longer runs. Sports drinks help to replace some of the electrolytes lost during exercise.

The Honolulu Marathon clinic is a great place to make new friends as we share our time on the road. We were surprised to see an old friend, Lynn going out on her run. She left her husband, Dan enjoying the ukulele music. We could hear those sweet sounds as we came back to the park. Our thanks to the table duty crew for waiting for us and for the delicious snacks.

Green 15s by Lou Crompton:

We had 17 at the opening bell and took a few lefts, a few rights – plus some hills – and came back to the park with 10.98 miles recorded on the machine… close enough for an 11-mile planned outing. Except for 1 young lady who opted to turn back at Aloha Gas to go sell some multimillion dollar property later in the morning (but we luv ya)- our time for trip was 2-48 or 15.3 m/m. Yeah, cuz the group was so nice to wait for some of our ladies who had to stand in lines to use the facilities… there oughta be more stalls! And we had another fine outing. Mahalos plenty to the “group” of folks doing the refreshment table duty today… looked like they bought out the bakery and cleaned out all the fruits on the shelf too… did I mention the ice cold drinks? Great job folks! Next Sunday, tropical storm threat or not, green ones will go out for 11.5 miles. (How can we add yet another 1/2 mile?)

Da Comment Corner:

Not being selfish, but…

A little excerpt in last month’s Runner’s World magazine mentions that it is difficult for a faster runner to run at a slower pace with her/his friend. It is assumed that slowing one’s pace to accommodate a friend, or significant other is easy. But, no, says this excerpt… it is difficult to slow down and might even be injurious. We all have our “natural” pace”. So, might it apply to joining the right pace groups as well?

See you at the water stops!