Blair’s Weekly Update 06-25-2017

Table Duty:

Great job by Susan and George; food and drinks were awesome!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The Advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is 9 min/mile and faster.

Today we ran less than 14 due to heat. Good luck to folks running at Kaena Point next week!

Pink Group by Hao Yang:
(Pace 10:00 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

Pink began this Sunday’s run with 5 miles around Ala Wai Canal. It was a sunny day, warm and humid. We continued our run to the gas station and back (around 7.5 miles). We ran a total of 12.5 miles.

Next week, Rosie will be leading Pink for our first 14 miles run. To beat the heat, Pink will meet at the clinic at 6:00 a.m. and run 8ish miles before the talk, finishing up another 6 miles after Dr.’s talk.

Homework: run 2-3 times during the week: at least 2 long runs (8+miles), another short speed workout or hill. Your training should be in the 30s (miles) level this week. Make sure to listen to your body, hydrate, and rest between your long runs.

Run safe, run happy!

Silver Group by Carl Silva and Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 10:30 – 11:00 minutes per minute)

Summer has arrived, and the Silvers survived. Our group completed another training day of 10+ miles at an average pace of 11 minutes per mile, under bright, hot, blue skies with only some light trade winds to give us a few moments of relief. Led by Alberto and Lynnae, the group included Koko, Melissa, Cindy, Trieu, Lee, Cody, Deanne, Tavy, Doc Joe, and Carl.

Our early running group is in full gear now as we adapt to summer’s heat and get half of our run done in the cooler temperatures of the wee hours of the morning. However, we’ve made sure that our run ends close to the time our training pace would bring us into a finish at the marathon. Running in the heat of the day teaches us many valuable lessons about being prepared and safely pushing on when our bodies want to give up and hide in an air-conditioned mall. This is not only physical training now, but mental training as well. Of course the company of a good group makes it so much easier.

Homework: Two to three runs during the weekdays for 1.25 hours each at a comfortable pace with a rest day in between.

Tip: It may be time to bring those supplements out on our long runs, when the heat causes us to sweat a great deal and lose more electrolytes. It can be something as simple, yet highly effective, as pretzels or the gels, gummies, or beans that can be found in most running stores. Try them now to find out what works best for you so you know if they’re something you want to use come race day.

The runners’ high moment: When you get home from a marathon, take your shoes off, and find all your toenails are all still pink and attached!


  • 7/2/17: 6:30 a.m. early start at Waiholo, 10-mile run out to Paki Avenue and back. Many of the group members and leaders will have run the Firecracker Run the day before and may not be present.
  • 7/9/17: 12-mile run. Early group meets at 6:15 a.m. at Waiholo to attack the hill affectionately known as “Baby Kilauea,” (2 miles up and down) then run to Paki Avenue for Doc’s Talk.

Black Group by Maile Kondo Burgey:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per minute)

Some people were looking for the pace group between Silver and White, so I decided to form up the group today. It used to be Black Group before but recent year, nobody ran in that group.

Started four people, from Blue and Silver also new one with me. It was hot and humid and people had little bit hard time to keep running but we stopped by water station and had a break.

Finally, made it 10.03 miles in 1hour 56 minutes, average pace was 11:34/mile. Next week is already July, so we will increase 12 miles. Do homework 2 times in a week and come back on Sunday!

White Group by Russell Uchida:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

A brave group of ten took on our last 10-mile run (inclusive of Kahala Avenue) for the month of June. Russ H. and Ivan did a great job of keeping the group together. The weather was hot but breezy which made it tolerable for the distance of 10 miles. Sam shared his charisma with the group for the first several miles, then was lured away by the scent of Bogart’s coffee. Russ H.’s Triangle park talk revolved around “HotShot” one of the latest anti-cramp supplements to hit the market and widely advertised in Runner’s World. Russ’ verdict on effectiveness is pending: Stay tuned! Blair, we missed your faithful presence. Hope you return soon!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

There were 16 of the Blue Group starting out this beautiful Sunday morning. Leader Andy was back from his trip to Washington DC and Kentucky. He was able to lead us out to the Aloha station then had to run back to go to work. We ran through the neighborhood to avoid the traffic and make sure we were able to make our 10 miles, but actually did .5 more due to the earlier bathroom stop at Kahala park. We lost about 5 members due to the New Black group currently being lead by Maile. We will miss them but do not want to keep anyone from achieving their marathon goal, so wish them the best they can do! Make sure to do your homework next week is July and we will start our 12 mile run. July 2nd Maile and I will be bringing our Clinic Merchandise for donations sales that help to subsidize our refreshment table. We accept cash, check and credit cards. This morning I showed our new product which is long sleeve Carolina Blue (light blue) tech shirt. We have it in Ladie’s small, Men’s small and med and donation price is $30. Mahalo to all for your donations for the bus run too so we can keep it reasonable at $3.00.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

Six hardy walkers started out today for the Gas Station and everyone made it back to Kapiolani Park to enjoy the goodies provided by Susan and George. We skipped the intermediate water stops to replicate the 2 miles or so between water stops in the marathon. The difference between our Mile 9-10 and our Mile 24-25 splits was about 30 seconds. That means we were nearly able to maintain the same pace the entire way-Good job. The running time was 2:50, so that means our average pace including water stops was 21:15 per mile.

Lessons for the day included reasons for drinking a lot of water and combating chafing. Trivia for day covered hand-cut, curb stones and an explanation for the steps along Monsarrat Avenue in Fort Ruger. (The steps led to military family housing duplexes.)

Sweet 16s by Annette Hayes:

Summer is here! It was a hot one today, as our group of 15 set out along Diamond Head Road toward Triangle Park. The word puzzles kept our brains busy and the company of friends make the time go by faster. Before long, we were turning around at the “Phone booth”. Walking through the neighborhood gave us a break from the noise of the traffic on the highway. (More talk time). Keep up the homework. Next week we will go a little farther.

Remember to apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing (hats, sunglasses, etc.). Drink your fluids at the water stops. Thanks to all who shared snacks along the way. Now is the time to experiment with supplements. Energy chews and sports drinks will help to replace the electrolytes that you sweat out on hot days. You may notice that your skin is salty at the end of your long run.

Thanks to George and Susan for keeping the watermelon cold. The frozen fruit bars were a welcomed thirst quencher. Happy running. See you next week.

Green 15s by Lou Crompton:

Blood pressure? Mine is like 105/52 with resting pulse of 50 (no meds). Maybe I should jog less… maybe “un-retire” and rejoin the stressful rat race… eat those Big Macs for lunch… get that BP back up to 140/80. Hey, stress free retirement and jogging 30+ miles / wk comes with drawbacks… called age and wrinkles… be nice if there were a trade off someplace. Green Team welcomed Tina and yet another aunty, Beckey, of our little 10 yr old recruiter Emma. It’s a regular family affair on Sundays. Our gathering of 21 had a “fun” day… staff brought us out to Kal Hwy, but then turned over the point position to the first timers… go find the phantom phone booth with very little info, otherwise we all go out to the beach park to turn around. Thanks to Sharlene for stopping and some quick 2d opinions about the location. Did our usual trek back along Kahala Avenue to verify the heat, lack of shade or breezes, and the constant up slope. We had good grouping so maybe we are getting used to the route / conditions. We did 9.5 today in 2-24 for a 15.1 moving / overall pace. This is week 15 and we’re still right on trajectory for a 6-35 marathon finish. Mahalo to George and Susan for the refreshments. Anyone notice that the storage room wasn’t opened today? George brought all supplies from home! Next week starts the 10 mile schedule. We won’t even notice the extra 1/2 mile on July 2. Do homework! Aloha.

Golden 14s by Dean Takashige:

This was our last – miler Sunday.

It was clear and breezy. It turned out to be a nice day to run.

Welcome to first timer Haruko , Starting at 8 miles can be very challenging, so just run as much as you can and slowly you will catch up to the group.

Wow next week we will start working up to 10 miles. Our turnaround point will be the virtual telephone booth.

As the days will get warmer and warmer make sure you drink a lot of liquids start thinking about bringing along something to eat., packing and eating a pretzel or two every mile is a good start.

Keep up with your midweek homework and we will see you on Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

“Fitness of mind and body, create fitness of the soul”. 

See you at the water stops!