Blair’s Weekly Update 05-07-2017

Doc’s Talk:

Doc spoke about post-race collapse and hydration under sunny skies today. (Quite a contrast from last week’s downpour).

HMC Picnic:

Many groups have exclaimed, “we run to eat!” Although our runs were a bit diminished, the volume of food at our buffet offering was not. This was a great way to get to know our fellow runners! Many brought their latest creations while the HMC classics were there as staples to be enjoyed. Zippy’s chili and rice, Burt’s beans, Myung’s Kim Chee fried rice, and another member’s Japanese chirashi rice were a few of classics amidst the mounds of delicious creations contributed by our members. Oishi!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks,

The advanced group welcomes everyone. We ran about 10-11 today, and stopped by the Marathon Clinic picnic. Next week we meet at the Kahala Aloha gas station at 6:15 a.m..

Have fun :O)

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red group went out on Sunday with Steve, Sven, Linnea, and Lisa for another 8-mile run starting at 6 a.m. from the HMC meeting spot. We ran at about a 9:10 pace out to the Kahala gas station and back to Kapiolani park for a total running time of about 1:20:00. It was a great day for running, especially with temps in the low 60s and steady rain. Unusual for Hawaii!

If you’d like to join the Red group next Sunday, we’ll be meeting up again at 6:00 a.m. at the HMC meeting spot for a 10-mile run. We’ll do an out and back for 6 miles first, and then a loop around Diamond Head for the last 4. Please be prompt, since we plan on being back in time for the morning talk at 7:30 a.m.

Happy running!

Silver Group by Carl Silva and Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per minute)

The grand question of “Why do Marathon Clinic runners do what they do?” was answered today: “We run for food.” On this Clinic Picnic Sunday, Lynnae led a group of 12 hungry runners out to the Kahala gas station and back for our first 8-miler of the season. The group included Frances, Tony, Attila, James, Cindy, Melissa, Kevin, Kin, Koko, Cody, and Carl.

The Silvers sped up Diamond Head road a bit faster than usual, with favorable sunny and breezy running conditions. Thoughts of aching muscles and straining lungs were replaced with strategies of making a plate and finding shade when the run was over and we’d get to eat at the picnic. As the run progressed we saw our original plan of running between 6 to 7 miles, stretch to running a full 8 miles. We were running at such a strong pace if we turned around too soon, we’d get back to the park too early. Luckily we got in the extra mileage to earn ourselves the right to eat what we wanted without guilt.

Homework: Two to three runs during the weekdays for 1 hour each at a comfortable pace with a rest day in between.

Tip: As our runs increase in mileage, begin to look at the various types of supplements out there for you to take on the course. Some people like sugary gummies and gels, others prefer salt tablets, and some use a combination. You may not need anything, as everyone is different. Find what works for you in this training time.

The runners’ high moment: A post-run get-together under a shady tree with fellow runners, good food, and plenty of laughs.


  • 5/14/17: 8-mile run out to the gas station in Kahala and back. We’ll soon be adding Kahala Avenue to the running route.
  • 5/21/17: 8-mile run. The Honolulu Ekiden and Music Festival will be happening, so the group will be smaller and parking around Paki Avenue may be tight.

White Group by Russell Uchida:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

A group of 21 hungry white group runners took on an abbreviated run of 5.5 miles under blue skies and stable trades to finish in time to partake in the first HMC picnic of this season. The group was led by former Black group leader Ivan and current White group veteran Francis. Ivan’s Black group training pace started the group on a quick 11:00+ mile/minute pace that soon settled in to a comfortable 12:00 – 13:00 minute pace. (We know it’s not your fault as you were heavily influenced by Francis!)

Based on a recommendation from Blair, the group shortened its first 8-mile run down to 5.5 miles to allow sufficient time to retrieve their pot luck contribution from their car and set up before all of the running groups returned from their respective treks. The group of 21 runners was quite impressive and everyone appeared to have done their weekly homework runs. I think about the 21 runners today and how large the group will be when all of the veterans from last year return to train. It will be a welcome and impressive site!

On an individual level, it was nice to see Kamaile return to the group after recuperating from her extended post-vacation cold that left her at 85% – 90% capacity on Sunday. You most definitely burned off any residual head cold in the hot running weather that we encountered. HMC was also grateful and very surprised to see veteran White group runner Dwight after being absent for over a year due to a leg injury. Congrats on your return appearance and thank you for volunteering to help with the picnic. We hope to see you in the upcoming weeks! We also hope that Blair heals and can rejoin the group very soon. Also making a special Ekiden training and recruiting appearance was Silver group veteran runner Evelyn, who joined the group to train and recruit (successfully) for the upcoming Ekiden. Another Silver veteran Scott also caught up with the group at Triangle Park and made his way back in the company of the White group pack. Another welcome surprise was seeing White group new mother – Monika and her lovely baby!! We were so out of breath and lagging too far behind to stop to chat and admire your beautiful baby but we will surely make it a point when we see you next Sunday.

The usual runners, included Andrew, Elena, Elaine, Jaime, Danell, Mika, Yuna, George, and many new runners whose names I was not able to obtain in time. Most assuredly, I will ask for your names next week!!! All in all it was another great Sunday. We all look forward to next Sunday when the group takes on its first eight-miler of the season. Remember two homework runs of at least an hour each. Sunscreen, sun shades, water bottle, and supplements! You will hear it every week… See you in a few days.

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

We had a great turn out for our Blue Group this morning. Most of the group ran 6 miles with Andy to head back for the picnic. I was feeling guilty not making up last Sunday’s miles during the week so took part of the group out for 8.5 miles at 14-minute pace. It’s back to usual hot temperature for running and the water fountains have not been reliable. Good time to start practicing what you want to drink and eat during the Marathon and how you want to carry it with you. The rest of the month we will be doing 8 miles. Thanks to our Group Leader Maile for manning the sales/donation table while we ran today. Lots of great food and camaraderie at today’s picnic, thank you everyone for coming out today.


Sweet 16s by Annette Hayes

What a beautiful day for a picnic!! The warm sun and trade winds made it a perfect day to be out on the road. We had a large group of 23 enthusiastic walkers. It is encouraging to see the same faces. Walking with a friend makes the time go by faster. We did a short walk to Triangle Park and back, 4.5 miles. Next week we will try to make up the difference. We came back early so we could enjoy the good food and fellowship. Thank you to everyone who brought food. There were so many different things to eat. Good thing we went for our walk first. Since it was a short walk, maybe you could lengthen your homework miles during the week. The daylight hours are longer now, but if you are like me, the day is still too short.

Thank you to the Runner’s Route for the discount card. Wearing the proper gear is so important. Now is the time to experiment with the clothes and shoes you will wear on Marathon day. You do not want to wear anything new on the day of the Marathon.

Be safe, and see you next week. It is Mother’s Day, so we will honor our mothers by going out to play with others

Green 15s by Lou Crompton:

OK, now we know… after we pass the finish line, we drink warm cola, chocolate milk, beer, coffee and water… not necessarily in that order. Post race collapse does happen and if you feel “wheezy”, let people around you know… sit or lay down … drink. Stay hydrated during and right after your long run. We had 26 green ones in the corral today… “should have” had 26 last week in the rain! Please come to HMC training runs rain or shine… you don’t know what the weather will be on marathon day … come to HMC to practice in all sorts of conditions. Schedule today was 6 miles, but my faulty watch only counted 5.9. It also was a tad off with a time of 1H 28M… that’s close to 6.0 and close to 15.0. Watch must have gotten wet last week in the rain?? Next week it’s 6.5 for the green ones. Great day today for a picnic and a nice turn out. Refreshment tables runneth over with food… kudos to the folks helping behind the tables and especially for chasing away flies – that’s an important job! Personal food fave was the multilayer / multicolor “jello” from Annie. Think about how difficult & time consuming that is to make. Last, but not least, mahalo to Maile for doing double duty – gets all of us the discount from Runners Route and then stays to sell a ton of HMC merchandise. See you all on Mother’s Day 7:30 a.m.. Aloha.

Golden 14”s by Dean Takashige:

First Sunday in May, our small group ran 6 miles with enough time to return and enjoy the first HMC picnic.

On the run we talked about starting now to experiment with things you might want to eat on the runs. As the runs starts to get longer and longer you will get hungry before we return.

We spoke briefly about chews and gels pretzels.. how to time eating them on the run … usually take a gel just before the water station then drinking couple cups of water to wash it down… we will be talking a lot more about this later during the training.

Right now is just food for thought. things to start thinking about.

Next weekend is Mother’s day and we will have a official HMC clinic same as usual.

Do your homework and we will see you on Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

HMC Picnic:

We run to eat and enjoy the fellowship of other runners!

Happy Mother’s Day!

See you at the water stops!