Blair’s Weekly Update 04-16-2017

Doc’s Talk:

Doc spoke about our feet today. The perfect feet for running according to Doc – possibly located in the mountainous regions of the Philippines.

Table Duty

Staffers Tom and John thank you for the great array of goodies; and thanks Tom for always setting up two drink stations.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run 9 minute/mile and faster. We ran 12, with lots of folks recovering from half marathons, colds, and other minor maladies. Congrats to all who did Boston!

Next week we meet at 6:15 a.m. at the Kahala gas station.

I saw an interesting running article in the NY Times discussing that running increases life span, reduced heart problems, and is generally good:

Silver Group by Carl Lee and Lynnae Lee
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per minute

The Silver Group encountered very hot and humid conditions on this Easter morning. Some light gentle breezes set in on the way back. Led by Ron and Lynnae, the group ran 7.5 miles. Today’s smaller group of runners included Cody, Tavy, Doc Joe, Melissa, Koko, Kin, Eric, Lee, Sam, with special appearances by the faster Silvers who jumped to the advanced group (Henry, Jan, and Jun).

Our route took us up the hill toward KCC, around the dog park, then connected to Kilauea and to Kahala Elementary which was our turn around spot. As an indication of the hot conditions, the orange water cooler on Kilauea Avenue was nearly empty and we weren’t the last group. We discussed the upcoming Ekiden next month, and the uniqueness of that event in making running a team sport. Those who ran the event before were trying to convince the newbies to join in this year. We were also placing bets on whether today’s weather is an indication of a hot summer. We certainly hope not!

Tip: Drink water Sunday morning as soon as you’re awake. It’s good to start hydrating and getting in liquids before your run. Start getting into the habit of doing some light stretching and core work on your non-running days. This will definitely help you as the distances get longer. See Dr. Scaff’s book for more info.

Homework: Two to three runs during the weekdays for 1 hour each at a comfortable pace with a rest day in between. Do your best not to miss homework days, and your long runs on Sunday will be much more comfortable.

The Runners’ High Moment: Getting ice-cold homemade pickled mango at the end of a run!

Shout Out: Congratulations to all of the HMCers who ran last week’s Hapalua. It was a humid day, with fortunate cloud cover, and many happy HMCers at the finish! It was great to see so many smiling finishers at the park. Great job. Show off your medal with pride, and don’t forget to sign up for next year.


  • 4/23/17: 7-mile run. It’s time to start stretching our distances just a bit, but we won’t increase till next month. Enjoy this reprieve.
  • 4/30/17: Last day to sign up for Ekiden and Music (5/21) with HMC. Through the generosity of Blue Wave Tours, HMC members get a special deal of $20 per runner. Spots are still available. For more info, please email lynnaelee@yahoo or see Maile Burgey. First come first served, with preference to Ekiden alumni. It’s a super fun event with lots of food, fun, and a free concert that evening. Hope you can join one of our teams.
  • 5/7/17: Clinic Picnic. It’s an onolicious buffet not to be missed. This is a chance to bring your families to see what you really do on Sundays. Yes, we run to eat.

White Group by Russell Uchida
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Week three of our 6-mile distance run was met with a very interesting mix of weather conditions. We started with somewhat hot-humid dripping weather conditions, followed by breezy, swirly winds, and ended just a few minutes shy of impending rains. Overall, the group did very well keeping together and maintaining the 12 – 13 minute pace. Being that it was Easter Sunday, we had a fairly good turnout of almost 20+ to start; however; with prior commitments and different paces, the group slowly dissipated and ended with approximately 15 or so runners persevering to the finish. As we set out on our run, we were fortunate to see Malia-1 making her way back from an early run – Good job Malia-1!

The group was again led by veterans Richard, Monika, Blair, and Sam. Our regulars, full of chatter, included Sara, Elaine, Elena, Jaime, Mika, Yuna, Danelle, Keiko, Arial, Francis, Qin, Andrew, Michael, Inran, Russ, and a couple of new runners to the group, whose names I was not able to obtain at that moment – my apologies. We look forward to seeing Cat and Malia-2 in a couple of weeks – don’t forget to do your homework during the week! We also look forward to seeing Chantel and Wil in a little over a month or so – at least that is what I am being told.

In the coming weeks, we do look forward to seeing other returnees making their way back into the fold, including Shan, Yumi, Bob, Chantel and the many others that made running with the white group so exciting and so very special!

Remember to continue to do two homework runs of one-hour each.

Other simple tips:

  • Consider bringing a water bottle to keep you hydrated between water stops and to minimize the wait time at the water fountains.
  • Make sure that you apply sunscreen, and
  • Look into UV protective sun shades. Eye protection from UV rays is so very important, especially in your latter years!
  • As we get into the 8+ mile runs, you may wish to consider supplements such as gels, pretzels, jelly beans, gummies, etc. to supplement your body’s loss of essential nutrients. This would be the time to test your body’s efficacy, response, and reaction to various supplements.
  • You will also need to begin thinking about pre-run routine including your meal (and alcohol consumption) from the night before, as well as your breakfast food consumption that brings about the best result.
  • Finally, if you participate and are diligent in homework runs, then you will likely go through two pairs of shoes during training. Now is the time to find the best type of shoe for your stride and gait. If you are still wearing those 6-year old pair of Nikes or Asics, now is the best time to consider replacing them. You will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and forgiving a new pair of properly fit running shoes feels on your feet. Your knees and joints will thank you, as well.

These are all very important factors to consider in making your Sunday clinic runs and the marathon day run as enjoyable as possible. Last but not least, please feel free to ask your group leaders any questions that you may have. Collectively, they have decades of running experience, both positive and negative that they are more than willing to share with you!


Sweet 16’s by Annette Hayes:

Congratulations to all who did the Hapalua. Pre-registration for 2018 is now open.

April 16 was a great day to be in the Sweet 16 group. We had another large group of 19, some new, and some returning. This is a good time to find which group you want to train with. Our path took us to Triangle Park, through the neighborhood, then returning along Elepio, for a 6 mile walk. The word puzzles help to keep our brains stimulated. And when combined with the leg work, the whole body benefits. Each of us has our own goals, whether it is to become healthier, or to fulfill a “bucket list” to complete a marathon. Whatever the reason, the Sunday walks are a good way to start the week and to meet with friends.

The refreshment table at the end made it all worthwhile. The sandwiches were delicious, and the fruits were a welcome way to refuel the body after the workout.

The days are getting hotter now. Don’t forget to drink your water. Protect your skin with sunscreen. Protect your eyes also. Skin cancer is not fun. Neither is glaucoma. Homework is to walk two more times during the week, with each being al least one hour long.

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

We had an informal gathering of some beginners last week and being Palm Sunday, all participants rec’d a small cross made of palm leaves. We hiked UP Kilauea Hill from 22 Av to Leahi Hosp… lots of high 5s since none of our crew turned back or took a bypass [or needed one]. Hard to believe, but we managed that circuit in just a hair over 15 m/m… maybe “palm power”? Congrats to our 4 green ones (Scott, Willard, Kristina, Ryan) who signed up for the Hapalua 1/2 marathon… we especially recognized staffer Scott for his finish time of 3-15 or 15 m/m. Today was Easter, but 23 participants opted to get fit and bypass the collection plate [and get some jelly beans] in the Green 15 corral. Shout out to Broker Nana who brought 3 of her office mates (April, Nancy, Robinto share a Green 15 Easter romp in the woods… hope to see you all next week if schedules allow. At the end of our hilly route we had recorded distances of 4.75 and 4.77 with a time of 1-12 or a 15.1 pace. Only a month into our training and we are getting our pit stops down to a quick in and out. This team is already getting serious about a 6 1/2 hr marathon finish. Mahalo to our refreshment table guys today… not only purple bread and yellow bananas, but pastel “place mats” on the tables… nice touch… like eating an Easter special. Lastly, blessings to Susan who made a quick change and dashed off to church Easter services. Next week little green ones “may” break the 5 mile threshold. Aloha

Da Comment Corner:

Boston Strong!

Some of the members of the clinic (as well as the general public) saw an incredible movie about the Boston Marathon this week; thanks to Lynnae for letting us know about the event – Sam, Ivy, Lynnae, Tom, Andy and wife, Mayumi, Garret, Blair and an array of clinic members were there to view the great movie.

See you at the water stops!