Blair’s Weekly Update 03-12-2017

Doc’s Talk:

Doc welcomed everyone back and summarized how and what our 45-year-old clinic is all about. Approximately 200 runners were on hand to listen to Doc’s always motivating comments.

Shoe Talk – March 19 and March 26:

Next week, March 19, our always informative shoe talk by Running Room manager, Gaston, at the Running Room will start at 9:00 a.m. As many of you know, shoes are the most important part of our running “arsenal” so much attention should be focused on them. This week’s talk is geared toward our beginners while next week’s talk for the more experienced. Everyone is invited to attend either one or both. Discounts on shoes and other items at the Running Room will be available to attendees.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

We ran about 9 today, with some folks going about 12. Next week we meet at the Kahala Aloha gas station at 6:30. :0)

The Pink Group by Rosemary Adam-Terem
(Pace 10-10:30 minutes per mile)

We had 11 runners today, many returning to the Pinks after the break, some moving up from other groups, and some new to the clinic. Welcome to all!

Leaders Hao and Rosie ran with Rick and Richard, Michael and Michael, Arleen, Jeff, Bruce, Lorna, and Unyong on the 10 route. We averaged a perfect ten running pace and hit all the water fountains on the way. We talked about the function of the LSR – long slow run – building the base for endurance running and learning to listen to the body’s cues while holding down the pace.

Next week Hao has table duty and the first shoe talk is at 9:00 a.m. at the Running Room on Kapahulu Avenue. Aimed at beginners, attendance at this informative talk will score you a handsome discount on shoes. The talk for more experienced runners is a week later. Same great benefit!

To be sure we get our hour in on those Sundays, we will meet at 7:00 a.m. and lap the park and zoo before Dr. Scaff’s talk. Then we’ll run some more and end up at the Running Room. Bring your credit card in case you see something to buy.

Remember to do two one-hour runs during the week

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

Welcome to the 2017 season! We had a good bunch of returning Silvers. And a special welcome to the new runners who joined our group – I hope you have fun and we look forward to getting to know you throughout the year. We are certain to have another great season. Alberto, Byron, and Lynnae led 12 runners for our first run including: Speedy Joe, Russ, Hannah, Erin, Francis, Eric, Lee, and Cody. The group’s pace for our first 6-miler was on target heading out, but a little quicker on the return, which may have been due in part to seeing all of the Rainbow Ekiden runners racing along Diamond Head Road. We missed many Silvers who ran the Rainbow Ekiden today. Unfortunately, weather conditions were hardly welcoming as it was extremely humid! Hopefully it’s not an indication of how summer will be. However, it provided a nice opportunity to talk about hydration and pre-run preparations.

Tip: Be sure to have breakfast with a glass of water before you come out to run. Improper nutrition can result in a lot of problems during your run. Breakfast should be consumed about an hour before a run, but a small snack like a banana or toast might be okay 30-60 minutes prior. Remember, a runner’s tummy likes to be empty, but you first need to make sure it’s got sufficient fuel. Everyone’s different, so you’ll have to experiment to find out what works for you. You shouldn’t start a run stuffed, but it’s okay to start feeling hungry during the last 2 miles.

Homework: For those of you who need to get back into shape, you gotta start doing your homework runs. Start with two 45-minute runs during the week (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday). There must be a rest day in between your runs to allow your muscles to recover.


  1. Shoe Talks at the Running Room will be 3/19 (for beginners) and 3/26 (for all others). It starts at around 9 am. Please make time to attend at least one and ask questions to get into the right shoe.
  2. Please register on the Clinic’s website. While there is no charge, this is how the Clinic can keep track of its runners, and especially for safety purposes. You may be purged from the HMC database if you do not register, and may no longer receive Blair’s newsletter.
  3. There are 2 primary rules that we want to enforce this year: (1) be safe; and (2) be kind. We run single file as a courtesy to others, and signal one another for any obstacles to avoid (ie. Holes, hydrants, and poo). Hand signals work best.
  4. Informal Hapalua training – we will do extended (optional) training for those who are preparing for the Hapalua. We’ll tack on a few extra miles each week by running around the park, with the longest run being on 3/26.

Only 40 more Sundays till marathon day. As always, if you have any questions regarding marathon training, please ask the staff volunteers. We are here to help. Go Silvers!

White Group by Blair Hoashi and Russell Uchida:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Approximately 25 members were part of a very enthusiastic group led by staff leaders Richard, Guru Sam, Rich, the mother and son duo of Mika and 12 year old George, along with senior members like the two Russ’s, Elena, Hannah, Michael and many more(apologies if I missed you; I’ll get to you next time). A nice brisk jaunt to Triangle Park, approximately 4 miles was the route today. This will be our primary route for the month of March with a 2-mile increase in April. Some of the more seasoned veterans ran a few more miles to supplement their training. Remember the Shoe Talks next week and the following week. We’ll see everyone next week! Homework!


Golden 14’s By Dean Takashige:

Welcome to start of the 2017 Honolulu Marathon Clinic.

We had a great turnout, with lots of smiling new faces..

The golden 14s started with a group of 20+ with at least half being first timers or runners that have not been with the clinic for a number of years.

We will be reminding everyone in the every one of the basic rules of the road. hand signals for Single File, we are Stopping , and Danger or Hazard ahead.

Since the route was flat and the running surface smooth this was a good way to start.

This was an alternate route since the Ekiden was taking place.

Normally we run twice around the park for the first couple weeks, but this year will be different.

Next Sunday is the Shoe Talk at the Running Room. Our run next week will be around the park and to the Running room.

Reminder to sign up online. Go to => Sunday clinics => 2017 registration form and register yourself for the 2017 clinic.

Sunday we ran 1 hour and 16 minutes, 4.1 miles and burned about 426 calories.

Remember to do your homework, 2 times during the week for at least an hour.

See you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton

Welcome to all… nice size crowd for our first HMC session and lots of new faces. I’d like to add a personal note to Dr. Scaff’s and Peter’s safety cautions – one of our staffers was missing today… grazed by an errant bicyclist Friday! Cars & trucks are dangerous, but you have to be wary of bikes too. When we broke out into our subgroups, the Green 15 pace group had 26 today… instead of meandering around the park with the Ekiden sharing space, we headed up Monsarrat to go have a drink of water at Kaimuki Middle School… overall 3.75 miles. As we reached the top of the “mountain” our 1 mile time was 15.07… the 15 group strives for moving and overall pace in the 15 min / mile range. Our finish time was 58 minutes for an overall pace of 15.4 m/m. Excellent job by 25 participants… yes, we had 1 drop out going up Monsarrat. But we train for the December marathon starting on Day 1… tough love by our old retired military pacer. After a couple months we’ll all enjoy our hill work… DH won’t even phase us. We already can see a marathon finish time of 6h 35 – 45 m. Many of today’s folks promised to come back next Sunday, but we have space for more if you want to finish with us… join the Green 15. Next week is Shoe Talk – Attend – you learn a lot and you get a promise of 20% off future shoe purchases. Aloha

Sweet 16’s by Annette Hayes

Welcome to the start of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. Dr. Scaff discussed the history behind the Marathon Clinic. Peter gave the announcements. Don’t forget to register for the HMC (go to and look under Sunday clinics).

We had an enthusiastic group of 22, plus a little one in a stroller. Leaders were Annette and Pam. Cliff claims to be retired, but he is a great source of information. If you ever get lost, look above the crowd, for his hat. Our goals are to learn the names of our fellow marathoners as we train our bodies and our minds toward the ultimate goal—to finish the marathon.

It was a beautiful day for a walk once around Kapiolani Park and then around the Zoo. Walking in single file, we were able to share the sidewalk with others. At the first water stop, we all took a drink of water, and learned the importance of drinking before we got thirsty. At the end our walk, we enjoyed a refreshing snack. Thank you, Stephen, for the bananas, apples and pretzels. Jeff’s mango bread is always something to look forward to.

Next week is the first shoe talk at the Running Room. This is a good time to learn about proper footwear. If you can’t make it next week, another shoe talk is planned for March 26. Homework for the week: go out for one hour on two other days this week.

Be safe, and see you next week.

Da Comment Corner:

Back to basics – lamp post to lamp post:

As with most beginners, starting up is a difficult task but a slow and easy start will prove very rewarding in the “long run”. When doing “homework runs” at Ala Moana/Kapiolani parks or around the Ala Wai, there are lamp posts along the running path. So, running to a lamp post, then alternating with a walk to the next lamp post, and just continuing this “pattern”, will help to get runners started. After a while, adding two lampposts on the run, then another and another will be a gradual progression to your training. Soon, 12 – 18 milers will be a very manageable task. So just think – “lamp post to lamp post”.

For injured runners, this strategy might work well when trying to rehab back to form – I’ve been taking my own advice for the last few months (knee surgery) and slowly trying to get back to “normal” mode.

Have a great rest of the week!

See you at the water stops!