Blair’s Weekly Update 11-27-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff spoke about tapering, the Turkey Trot, the Carbo-Loading Party, and urged runners not to miss next week’s talk on marathon day preparations.

Table Duty:

Staff leaders Sandy and Dean who took care of the table today. Thank you for the wonderful food and drinks.

MPRRC Honolulu Marathon Tent Volunteers Needed

Marathon Tent Volunteers are needed in Kapiolani Park on Sunday, December 11, 2016.

We’ll have several shifts and you can make your choice. We will need the most people for the early shift when we set up food, drinks, etc.

Support our runners by volunteering at the MPRRC/Brian Clarke/Marathon Clinic/Valley Isle Marathon Tent.

Please sign up here:

Or you can email Joan at:

We’ll have several shifts and you can make your choice. We will need the most people for the early shift when we set up food, drinks, etc.

Early Shift (5:30 to 8 a.m.) We need about ten people to set up tables, chairs and banners, as well as make sandwiches and ice the drinks. Jennifer Wada is the supervisor as she has been in charge before.

Middle Shift (8 a.m. to 11 a.m.) Three people needed, including a massage coordinator, and two people on drinks and food.

Late Shift (11a.m. to 3 p.m.) Three people needed, including a massage coordinator, and one on drinks and food, and one to help with clean up about 3 p.m.

Wrapup Shift (3 to 5 pm) Two or three volunteers are requested to take down and load up materials used (any tables, chairs, sign/banners, etc.) as well as leftover food. Things need to be taken to Brian Clarke’s house and unloaded so at least one person with a van or truck is needed.

If you can help, please let me know your shift preference. Joan will get back to everyone with details by Monday (12/5/16).

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Dave Fitzpatrick:
(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute per mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station and ran 15 at about a 8:50 pace. Next week we meet at Aloha gas station at 6:15 a.m., catch Doc’s pre-race talk, and taper to 10. Take it easy, continue your homework runs, and you’ve all prepared well :0)

Pink Group by Hao Yang:
(Pace 10:30-11:30 minutes per mile)

Brysen, Micah, Bob, Bruce and Hao began today’s run at 6am from Magic Island. We ran the first part of the Honolulu Marathon route and familiarized ourselves with the Marathon starting line, clinic runner meeting place, first water stop etc. We ran back through Ala Wai and stopped for Dr. Staff’s talk. The weather was rainy and windy, great for our 10-ish mile run.

As Dr. Scaff talked about today, we are tapering. This week, run 2 to 3 6-8 miles will be enough. Stay safe, healthy and injury free.

Next Sunday, we will meet at 7:30 a.m. at the clinic to hear the very important talk of Dr. Scaff. Later, we plan to do an easy 8 miles to complete our 2016 Marathon training. Only two more weeks to go, we can do this!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silver Group started with a whopping 19 runners for our tour of the front part of the marathon route. Lynnae led the group of Silverado’s which included: Russ, Lee, Kara, Trieu, Cindy, Rick, Paul, Tuan, Jerome, Hong, Jun L., Melissa, Henry, John T., Terry, Doc Joe, Tavy, and Robert S. This run included more stops with a brief description of what can be found at the particular point that could be useful on marathon day. We started out with moderately humid conditions within the first few miles that were a stark contrast to the cooler weather of the last few weeks. Later we encountered very blustery conditions that provided its own bit of extra resistance training whether we wanted it or not. It was a good reminder about drafting behind another (preferably larger) runner. Due to all the stops, the run seemed longer and legs felt heavier. Lynnae was little off in mileage estimate (oops), and the group ended at 11.75 miles.

The downtown portion of the run will be crowded. Starting from the IBM building on Ala Moana Boulevard, you may be weaving a great deal to maintain your pace. It may not thin out until you reach Kalanianaole Highway. Watch out for discarded rain-gear like trash bags on the road that can become a tripping or slipping hazard. The first water stop is at Iolani Palace / King Kamehameha statue. Don’t miss this smaller water stop; even if you don’t feel thirsty, take a drink. Be very careful of the cups on the ground at the water stops – they are very slippery. Runners have slipped on them and ended their marathon early. Going slower at the stops is a prudent precaution until you clear the clutter; it also helps you get more water down than trying to rush through and drink at the same time.

Homework: T-A-P-E-R! Tapering continues. In addition to Sunday, 2 runs of one hour each is sufficient. Target 20 miles this week. Respect the tapering schedule! Take very good care of yourself; avoid unnecessary risks and sick people (they will forgive you at the finish line). Continue mental preparation – picture yourself at different points along the course and with a strong effort in the last 4 miles from the gas station.

Carl’s Tip for a Fun Marathon: If you don’t think your first finisher photo will be to your liking, just run back down Kalakaua Avenue and jump back on the course to run though the finish line again. Repeat until you have the pose you think will work for you.

Training Comment: Marathon jitters have set in, as we’re now on the last 2 weeks of our journey together. The best way to deal with those is to be prepared. The marathoner’s motto is “nothing new on race day”, and we’re serious. Your shoes are properly worn in, you have your favorite socks, gear, and attire. And of course, you’ve determined which hydration aids work best for you. (Plan to take ~5 gels on marathon day for women, and perhaps more for men.) Oh, and don’t forget the anti-chafe stuff. Even if you haven’t chafed before, it’s going to happen on marathon day, so take precautions. Forget the training; it’s all about maintenance and staying healthy at this point. Continue your mental preparation – select your power mantra/song that will push you to the finish. Now’s the time to figure out logistics for the big event, how to get there, where to park, what to eat, and setting personal goals. You might also want to plan your meals for the week prior to marathon – determine whether you’ll be doing a protein-then-carbo-load or just carbo-load, and nix the gassy foods. Remember, no alcohol, which may dehydrate you; save that for post-marathon celebrations.


  • 12/4/16: 8-mile run to Ala Moana and back. We will cover final strategies for race day, practice our marathon finish, and tour the big white tents near the finish line. Meet at home base (Paki) at 730 am – Doc will give a very informative final talk for this season with a check off list for final race day preparations. Don’t miss it.
  • 12/9/16: Carbo load party. Invites available at Clinic.
  • 12/11/16: MARATHON!!!
  • 12/12/16: Post-marathon party at Gordon Biersch. Sign up at Clinic.


White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Another Good Sunday to Run a leisurely ten miles trek. Dr. Scaff was back with the reassurance that we are all ready for the Marathon and the hard work is over. Relax and stay injury free is the key now.

Peter ran through a maze of news for the coming week. Dr.Scaff’s Carbo loading party Friday December 9, The Post race at Aloha Towers, Gordon Biersch Party on Monday then our Annual Picnic December 18th… listen up next week for all this and more.

Leaders Rich, Jessica and Bob were on hand to lead us out, following the previous Turkey Trot Route! We lapped once around Kapiolani Park before heading up Diamond Head. With a strong Trade winds and Cloudy Sky it was very easy.

Getting to the water fountain after the Lighthouse, We found a longed Missing Marathoner, Malia. Then another couple whom trained with us earlier in the year, Mahina and Kanoi – these three were just ahead of us as we tackled the hill. We all enjoyed the easiest jog to the Triangle Park.

At the Park we reminded everyone to start tapering and next week, if you have a Marathon finisher t-shirt, please wear it! Only 8 miles next week.

Making a early turn onto 22nd Avenue, A early bathroom break was helpful to some. Then turning onto Kilauea Avenue, we found another Hero, Guru Sam sneaking into the posse. What Surprises today… Going down to the Gas Station we caught a couple of red lights. And another pair of lost runners.

Coming back from Nelson’s Oasis, Was Super Mika and her young son, George! Boy, a 16 miler so late, I can see these two finishing strong. We reminded them, only 8 miles next week… then no more running required!

Going up Kahala Avenue was easy this time, Least I forget next time it will be on mile 23 not mile 7. Thanks to Sam keeping us on Pace and for Rich leading most of the time.

Today we actually ran down Kalakaua Avenue to the Queen Kapiolani Statue. Ten Miles, Yes. Today we had leaders Sam, Rich, Jessica and Bob. Then our Regulators Chantel, Shan, Jamie, Elaine , Elena, Hannah, Malia, Russellx2, Andrew, Francis, Richard, Mika and George.

Table Duty was terrific, Thank You. The first few tents are going up and the Marathon is slowly taking over the park. Download the 2016 App… and see you All next week!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

We had 19 runner’s start out this morning. We gave everyone the option of running 8, 10, or 12 miles today depending on how many homework runs they were able to get in. Jack said that we should be down to 30 miles, well even with a 12-miler, my total for the week was 18 miles.

Maile and I led the group out to the 10 mile turn around @ Waikoloa, then came back around to the finish line and around the Zoo for our 12 miles just under 3 hours, great job everyone.

Showed people what I usually pack in my water bottle waist bag, hand sanitizer, lip type of Vaseline tube for convenient size. ID and little extra money for the bus haha, but maybe for snack or drink at the Aloha Station. Also Dean had donated little Halloween pretzels that came in snack size so told our members to keep it till Marathon Day, thank you to Sandra, Tony, Eileen and Dean for the wonderful snacks along with water and Gatorade.

You should have your outfit picked out, nothing new so just to be sure put it on the side already.

Also we had 2 people take a fall today. Please be careful, don’t do anything that could cause injury, and avoid sick people, it’s too close to our race day.


Sweet 16”s by Roanne Abe:

We’ve got one more practice week together before Marathon Day! How time flies when you’re having a great time. You guys are so dedicated! We had over nineteen show up on Sunday – rain and gusty winds couldn’t keep you from training. You are all so awesome.

I know, it’s difficult to taper at this point. Who wants to just do 8 miles when we’ve done so much more for weeks on end? But we gotta keep to the game plan and be patient. As Dr. Scaff said at the clinic, “Don’t let the genie out of the bottle.” Keep the genie in till December 11th.

Next week will be our last minute tips and tricks for getting ready for the marathon. In the meantime, start making a list of the gear you will take with you on marathon day: what you’ll wear, carry, eat, etc. And don’t forget to plan out how you will get to and from the marathon. We’ll meet at staging area at 4:30 a.m. and walk together to the start line.

Homework this week is:

  • 2 or 3 one hour walks
  • stay healthy
  • stay safe

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Our “fears” of a rainy & windy Sunday outing were for naught – we had a decent overcast / breezy day. There were 14 in the green starting blocks for a 10 miler for our tapered down Sunday… oops… a certain pace leader left home in a rush without his trusty Garmin… uh oh… only pace the green team had was his [and their] sense or feel for what a 15 m/m pace inherently feels like after 9 months of Sundays… sort of like doing our own Turkey Trot… after we arrived back in the park our #2 slot Karyn finally checked her smart phone app- distance was 10.28 miles and overall pace was … ready?… 15.02. Really should extend the Turkey Trot finish time to 2 1/2 hrs. Great job by the little green ones! We don’t need any pacer device… we know how to finish the marathon at a 15 pace. Mahalo to Sandra and her many helpers at the refreshment tables. Continue doing safe homework runs … no need for extra miles or speed at this point. Next week you may want to record or video Dr Scaff’s talk, then heed it. Our mileage Sunday will be about 8 miles. Aloha.

Da Comment Corner:

Nelson’s Purple Oasis:

Purple Staff Leader Nelson Shingano and his crazy fast Purple bunch are responsible for the always needed “Oasis” at the second beach park. Please remember that Nelson and his “gang” do this voluntarily, without any financial reimbursement or need of accolades – strictly from the goodness of their heart. We are very fortunate to have such incredible and thoughtful people!!

Please thank them for their generosity!!

Sincere apologies and I can’t remember everyone’s name – but generous and talented runners such as Marsha, Lorna, Tim, Dean, Carol, are a few of these benevolent Purples.

Thank you!!!

Carbo-Loading Party

Dr. Scaff’s annual get together is slated for Friday, December 6. Please get more info at the clinic for more details

The After Marathon Dinner @ Gordon Biersch December 12, 6:00 p.m.; cost $30.

Please sign up on the board.

Clinic Picnic- the Sunday after the Marathon, December 18th:

Bring in your latest gourmet offerings and share this year’s marathon experience with your fellow runners. Enjoy each other’s company as everyone basks in the positive glow of a/or another completed marathon.

Giving Back and the “Plus factor”:

If the clinic has helped you in anyway, a good way to give back to the clinic is to help other runners by volunteering to be a staff member. We are so fortunate to have such a great group of individuals who unselfishly give of their time and energy to form a stable nucleus and keep up the continuity of our 40+ year existence. But/and, we need your help to keep this spirit and tradition intact!!

Plus Factor:

Aside from helping others, we also help ourselves by maintaining a healthy lifestyle that keeps us younger, healthier and more vigorous. Running doesn’t just strengthen our bodies but it invigorates our minds as well. Those positive endorphins are priceless! Strong, healthy, and smart – near perfection!

So please reflect on your marathon training experiences and think about giving back and also helping ourselves!

See you at the water stops!