Blair’s Weekly Update 10-02-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Doc gave us a great talk about cholesterol and some of the fallacies about food associated with it.

October 9th Portland Marathon Update:

The “Honolulu Marathon Clinic Team” had a very important Team Meeting and Pep Talk in preparation for Portland. Thank You to the Hawaii Sports Foundation for the support and dinner.


HMC team going to 2016 Portland Marathon

Table Duty:

Thanks to the dynamic duo of Rosanne and Wendy of the Sweet 16’s for a great table duty spread! The watermelon, PNB’s, and pretzels were just what was needed after a grueling run!

Group Reports:

Advance Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is a 9 minute per mile pace and faster. Today we met at the Kahala Aloha gas station, ran about 16 miles routing out to Lunalilo Home Road and the hill out there. Next week we will meet at the Kahala gas station at 5:45 a.m., and we are continuing do 16 miles. Some folks did the 808 Race 25K week and others are running the Portland and Chicago marathons in the next weeks. I was reminded about a few lessons. First, plan your race and assess your plan through out. I need to include hills in my homework runs, and transition to more speed work as target races get closer. Lining up at the start is always a challenge, and it seems that for the first two miles, runners are passing slower runners. I don’t have a solution for that and the bright side is crowds reduce the temptation to run too fast at the exciting start of the race. I notice that I tend to keep pace with whoever is nearby – running is a very social solo sport. I practiced race nutrition, and reminded myself not to try new things on race day. Finally, I remembered the challenges of getting up very early. I kind of hope someone organizes a pace starting at 7 p.m., way easier on my sleep cycle. 🙂

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos:
(Pace 9:30-10:30 minutes per mile)

Hao, Brysen, Mica (apologies, if I misspelled your name), and I met at 6 a.m. to run our first nearly 18-miler. We ran along the Ala Wai to Magic Island and back for a total of about 7.75 miles. We stopped to listen to Dr. Scaff’s talk about sugar and cholesterol, where we saw Rosie and Arlene.

Rosie sends the following message: The clinic welcomes two new runners Jason, who is in the Navy, and Bethany, who is in the Reserves and a military spouse. Both just moved to Honolulu and are happy to have found the Clinic running group.

We were joined by Bob and Jeff for the second part of our run, 10 miles out to the former telephone booth and back. Today’s total was 17.75 miles at a strong 9:30-10 minutes/mile pace due to the cool weather conditions. Today was my last day as a Pink Group leader. I will be working part-time at Macy’s. Thank you all for your wisdom, friendship and support.

Next week, the Pink Group will meet at 6 a.m. again at Kapiolani Park.

(Thank you Leslie!!)

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva:
(Pace 11:00-12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group had nice conditions to run in today with gentle trades and an overcast sky. The group was led by its two tall, four-letter words, Paul and Carl. Nine runners headed out for our 3rd 16-mile run of the season. Those who completed the full course ran at a strong, average pace of 11:20 per mile. Today’s group included Rick, Cindy, Kara, Trieu, Bethany, Trish, and Matt.

At Triangle Park the group briefly discussed minimum homework requirements. At this point putting in at least 30 miles per week is what we should be trying for, but more mileage will help you run the full marathon at a stronger pace. The more mileage you do in your homework, the further out you push where you may hit “the wall” on marathon day. Just be careful to follow the 10% rule in increasing your weekly mileage so you don’t become injured from overdoing it.

Homework: A shorter run of 5-9 miles on Monday afternoon. Then two times during the weekdays, 8-12 miles each, Wednesday and Friday. Target 45 miles a week. Stretch afterwards.

Tip: Friends along the marathon course are a source of inspiration on your big day, but they can also be a great help if they’re staged in the right places. A friend with a bag of ice and a cola waiting by the Kahala gas station is a lifesaver. You won’t need a 2-liter bottle, just a small can will work. The sugar and caffeine give you a welcome boost at mile 22, and the bag of ice on a hot day gives some cooling relief. So, if you have a friend who’s willing, set them up with what you need handed off, and let them know how awesome they are for helping you out.

The runners-high moment: Post-run conversations with fellow runners, especially when they involve a place to sit and snacks. Sitting around talking story and sharing in the accomplishment of a hard training run completed successfully is a great way to finish off your Sunday run.


  • 10/9/16: 16-miles. Early group meets out at Waiholo as early as 6 a.m. and runs to first beach park then heads back to Kapiolani Park. Group starting from the park will run to Trinity Church and back.
  • 10/23/16: 4th race of the Marathon Readiness Series (30K); Kapiolani Park.
  • 10/30/16: 3rd and final bus-run of the training season.
  • 11/13/16: 5th and final race of the Marathon Readiness Series (half marathon).

Shout Out Corner: Congrats to all those who completed the 25K race on October 2nd. Many were happy with their race performance on this challenging course (and with the ice cream waiting at the finish line). Smiling finishers included: Asami, Horacio, Melissa, Jun, Tony, Lynnae, Evelyn, Kam, Jan, Leo, Miyuki, and Tavy. A special congrats to our very own Doc Joe for another award winning finish, this time placing second in his age division! Awesome job. We’ll be expecting him to get first place next time. But no pressure, of course.

Best wishes to Byron (an original Silverado) and all of the HMCers who will be running in the Portland Marathon on October 9. We know you will represent us well. Go get your PR!

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace 12:00-13:00 minutes per mile)

Seven Months in and Ten weeks to go, are we feeling a bit nervous or a Little bored? Don’t let the latter divert you from your Goal. This first Sunday of October was greeted by a good talk by Dr. Scaff! Cholesterol was the topic and the bodies ways to deal with it All. If you have been running since March, Your Body is probably in the best shape of your life. Later Peter gave us the latest updates. The after party on Monday was changed again. It’s not KCC nor Dave and Buster! As of now, I can’t remember….
(Gordon Biersch)

Breaking up into our sub groups, we found the white group numbered 30 Strong. A Good Present were our Leaders Blair and Sam in attendance. Homework Runs were reminded as being very important at this time. And deciding what is working now with gels, shoes, clothing and other supplements that can be applied in the Marathon. Leading us out of the Park, which appeared very quiet… were Sam and Bob. With such a large group the single file line was long. The trades were blowing extra strong and the overcast skies lasted all day. The Surf off Diamond Head was pretty decent and not too crowded.? We made it to Triangle Park in no time. Another Speech by Blair and a talk about Weekly Mileage Total by Bob was informative. For some reason Sam was eager to get back to running. Off we went on such a glorious day. At the Doggie Park, we lost Sam and Charlie for their presence was required elsewhere. Two True dedicated spirited runners whom squeezed in a run for their day and our personal elated experience. On the way to the Gas Station, I was amazed with George, that we hit only one traffic light. Because of our long line – the back half pulled up on one light and we all got separated.

Our Group of 30 got smaller as a few more took to return at mile 4 due to injury or pain oncoming to their body. Luckily, Pace Setter Bob was not physically hurting and loaded up on gels. Off we all went up Kalanianaole Highway and the weather was perfect. Reaching Wailupe Park we lost Shan whom had an appointment to meet and needed to turn back. Thanks for your Company but you missed Nelson’s Oasis. Gatorade was cool and he had a fantastic potato chip dip. Thanks Nelson and Crew!

Doing only 14 miles was a lot easier than last week’s 16 miler. Our return trip to the Gas Station was like all the others, long. I think Charlie beeped his truck horn on his way back to Hawaii Kai. Everybody was doing a good job all the way to our beloved Triangle Park. Good Praise to Young boy George whom was really racing off the pace… never saw him going over Diamond Head. We all stayed together going back to the Park. So Very Appreciative for today’s table duty. Watermelons, Tangerines, Grapes and the bluest Gatorade I ever saw. Thanks for staying out so late in the morning.

Next week we have another 14-miler planned in anticipation of our 18 -miler the following week. If you feel a need to, members can do a lap around Kapiolani Park to add two more miles.

Then the following week, October 16th there will be no official clinic. So the white group will meet and 6:30 a.m. at the Triangle Park. And be doing our first 18-miler run which is tentatively plan to include the race course loop around Hawaii Kai. Pace Setter Bob promised a case of Gatorade and anyone else can chip in a with what they like. I think Russell wanted to get us all a Lobster or two? And chocolate covered mochie crunch?

Finally, today we had a full staff of Leaders with Blair, Sam, The Beautiful Jessica, Rich and Bob. We had our regulars – Sara, Chantel, Melyssa, Jamie, Mika, George, Hannah, Michael, Elena, Elaine Francis, Andrew, Russell, Shan, Ming, Kamaile, Mer, Eric, Richard, Darby, Charlie and Debbie. I know I missed 3 people, I’m so sorry. You were all appreciated and thanks for your support. Nine more weeks, another bus run, two 18-milers and don’t forget, the Turkey Trot. Then the Marathon Expo, Carbo Loading Party and the Fireworks! I must have missed something here and there. O, don’t forget out famous town run and post-race party!!! Then the week after Picnic with our new t-shirts and medals. We are all so blessed!

Can we get an Amen!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Today we started out with 15 people. I see later that a lot of people did the 25K race for the readiness series. We all hope and pray for this kind of weather on December 11, marathon day. Since it’s officially October, we did our 16-miler out to Holy Trinity Church. It sure seems like that mile stretched out longer since last year. We ran into the neighborhood to avoid the cars along Kalanianaole Highway, we ended up doing 16.31 miles at 14′ 47″ pace but that included our stops. We also calculated that at 13.1 half marathon we were at 3 hours and 20 minutes, hmm that would be closer to a 7-hour marathon.

Val will be out of town for 2 weeks, and Maile will update the newsletter. Today we decided that on Sunday, October 16, they would do unofficial run from Magic Island at 7 a.m. and run the beginning route of the marathon.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

It was supposed to rain on Sunday, lucky for us it didn’t. There was a super pleasant breeze throughout the day that kept our temperatures on the cool side. It’s October, so we kicked it up to the last notch, walk 16 miles and go to Holy Trinity church as our turnaround point. Now, we gotta maintain and do the homework. There will be a normal walk on the next Sunday (10/9/16), probably repeating what we just did. The following Sunday 10/16 is the Susan G. Komen walk. That organization takes over the park completely, including the adjoining neighborhoods that will all their parking used up. So on Sunday, 10/16/16 we will meet at the Jack Lord’s Bust by Macy’s in Kahala Mall (near the new Drive through Starbucks) at 7 a.m. Our route will take us back to Kapiolani Park and then out to Holy Trinity and back to Kahala Mall. We’ll be meeting this Sunday, so you all there.

Keep on Walking!

Sweet16’s by Roanne Abe:

Perfect weather for a 15-mile walk. Overcast, maybe a drizzle of rain and nice, cool breezes to keep us cool and dry. It was terrific! Seventeen of us started out the day: Dan, Lynn, Sylvia, Ron, Cliff, Judy, Arlene, Karen, Annette, Linda, Glenn, Macy, Masaki, Annie, Pam, Harry and Roanne. Well, okay, Roanne was in spirit as she was manning the table at the park.

You all looked great coming back and in really good spirits. Your homework is showing. Thank you Nelson for keeping our spirits up and being there for us at the second park. We greatly appreciate it.

We’ll be meeting next week (10/9) at the clinic, and on 10/16 we’ll be meeting at Ala Moana Beach park to avoid the Susan Komen race. Sylvia, we wish you a fun and safe Seattle marathon!

Homework is 30-50-mile maximum for the week. Just keep it up!

See you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Our collective mahalo to Dr. Scaff for the all-clear on eggs and Spam… luv it. We had a dozen little green ones at the start line today and we meandered around for 4 hours 5 minutes; the Garmin logged us at 16.33 miles which means a 15.0 pace. I believe it… relatively cool temp and a nice trade wind breeze for much of our travel… bummer – it got warmer and we lost the breeze on Kahala Ave. We’re happy that with certain stretches one of our ladies got rid of some annoying pain, and by drinking a sports drink and using some gels, another person finished in far better shape than simply drinking water for these longer distances… we all need energy to keep us going and replacement minerals lost in sweat. 16+ miles is “serious” distance… think jogging the Great Aloha Run out to the stadium, pick up your shirt, and then jog back to Aloha Tower! Thanks to Nelson for welcoming us at the oasis, and to Roxanne for staying open with refreshments for the noon time crowd to arrive so glad she’s from the Sweet 16 gang]. After we do homework this week, we’ll meet again Sunday and maybe add another block or park to cover. Aloha

Da Comment Corner:

Joints and knees hurting – maybe, it’s not you!

Have you been running in your shoes since the clinic’s start? After putting on about 300-500 miles on one’s shoes, the cushioning and other materials start to break down so your shoes might be the cause of your sore joints and knee pain. On a personal note, I just switched to my new shoes (same model) this week after feeling aches in my knees and tightness in my calves during a 16 miler a few weeks ago. In completing today’s 14-miler (in my new shoes; broken in earlier with a few short runs), my calves and knees felt so much better. As mentioned, this is just from my perspective, but if you’ve been running in the same shoes since the clinic’s start and feeling some aches and pains in the ole joints, it might not necessarily be due to over training and perhaps a change in shoes might be in order. Anyway, just something to think about – it might not be you but perhaps your shoes!

See you at the water stops!