Blair’s Weekly Update 09-11-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Alan Tichenal was our guest speaker who spoke about iron in running and in life. Thank you Dr. Tichenal for a very informative talk!

Table Duty:

Thanks to staffers Susan and George for the great spread at the table! The fruits, the PBJ, Nutella covered pound cake and the rest of the goodies were awesome!!

Group Reports:

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos:
(Pace 9:30 -10:30 minutes per mile)

Today Hao, Jeff, Kozo and I ran our first 16-mile run in two segments of 6 and 10 miles. For the 6 miles, we ran to the end of the Ala Wai Canal at Ala Moana Boulevard and came back on the other side of the canal with a partial loop around the zoo. For the second part of our run, we ran past Aloha Gas to the former telephone booth and back.

Congratulations to our runners who ran the Marathon Readiness race (Henry, Horacio and Ryan L.).

Next week we will meet at the same time and location (6:20 a.m., Kapiolani Park) and do a similar run.

White Group by Blair Hoashi:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

We missed our energetic leaders Bob and Melyssa who were participating in a 20K at Barber’s Point this week. So, our leader going out to the Kahala gas station was “senior member” Charlie, who very unselfishly reigned in his speed and led the group at its prescribed pace. We had 23 members running with us at the start. While a few runners had to cut their run short at the gas station, the rest of the enthusiastic pack of runners persevered through the rest of our trek with heart, dedication, and minimal whining (just kidding; everyone was so dedicated and disciplined) for our first 16-miler. A very hot sun beating down on us didn’t make running conditions very easy. Yet the hardy group persevered and completed its goal – to reach the turnaround point at the water stop at Trinity church and back (8 miles out and 8 miles in). We are always grateful for Nelson’s Oasis and we “double dipped” in this luxury, by utilizing it coming and going.

Stalwarts Charlie, Jessica, Elena, Elaine, Jaimie, Hannah, Russell, Russel, Francis, Katy (Darby), Debbie, Irina, Shan, Atilla, Sara, Chantel, Kamaile, Mika, George, Kara, Ming, Blair and newcomer Jackie were members of this very energetic group. (Sorry if I missed anyone!) Great job on your first 16-miler!!! It was tough but you did it!!! Next week, an easy 14-miler.

We miss our spiritual guru, Sam who is traveling abroad.

Please be diligent yet akamai with your homework as we continue our 14-16 milers. Please remember – no need to try too hard on your homework runs- we do not need to get injured or lower our immune system by overtraining at this point. An hour to an hour and one half of nice easy running is all that is needed at this point. Only 13 more weeks before the marathon. We might schedule one or two 18-milers before we start to taper.


Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a great Labor day celebration last week and were able to do your long walk as well. Fourteen of us made it to the park this week: Glenn, Harry, Dan, Lynn, Sylvia, Pam, Candi, Arlene, Lily, Karen, Annette, Macy, Linda and Roanne. Cliff is off visiting family this month, but we know he was with us in spirit. We did 14.5 miles today and boy was it a hot one! Thank goodness for the Oasis! Much thanks to Nelson! The miles go by so much faster.

We have a little under 90 days to go before marathon day. Are you getting ready? Got your clothes figured out? Shoes you want to take? Snacks/drinks you want to enjoy along the course? If yes, way to go! If no, keep working on figuring out your winning combination. There is still time.

Homework this month is a minimum of 30 miles and a maximum of 50 miles. You should be working about 3 times a week (excluding the Sunday group walk). For example, you did 14.5 miles today (30 – 14.5 = 15.5 or about 5 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday).

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Surprised to learn at today’s talk that most of us are deficient in iron… can’t count on my 1 a day multi-vitamins… it has 0. Guess I’ll have to start noshing on thumb tacks. Since Labor Day weekend had no HMC run, several green ones got together informally and skipped around the area for 14 miles… did that with an overall 15.1 pace. Thanks to all who showed up. Today we had 10 assemble for a little more mileage… and to witness our staffer Susan receive a well-deserved “award” from our leader… doesn’t get much better than that… then we went out to catch the 9:30 a.m. mass at Holy Trinity. Back in the park my measuring device recorded 14.8 miles with an overall pace of 15.4 m/m. Going out was pretty decent with nice trades, but just sun and no trades along Kahala Avenue coming back… yeah, “good training” to meander down Kahala Avenue at 11 a.m. with no trades… that’s what we do. Wonder why the Garmin says 14.5 miles during homework runs and 14.8 on Sunday? May be some algorithm they use… I jog during the week, walk on Sunday… maybe the earth tilts more on Sunday? One of life’s mysteries. Thanks to Nelson and to George & Susan for the refreshments when we needed them. Next Sunday we’ll break that 15 mile threshold … sounds far. Nah, just a few water stops… I never think about a 26.2-mile marathon, just go to the next water stop only 2 miles down the road…about 12 swigs of water and you get a tee shirt… you can do that. Apparently there’s a bug going around that is causing a respiratory ailment… serious enough to cause some people to miss work or school. Stay away from folks who cough!

Da Comment Corner:

Running (and Golf):

Running colleagues Russell and Sara both agreed that running while focused on something other than our aching legs, heavy breathing, or thinking about how many more miles ahead, makes running much more “bearable” or even enjoyable. Group running helps a great deal in our rigor – idea interchange like talking story, exchanging divergent viewpoints, rehashing lame jokes, etc., help take our minds off our task at hand (perhaps a return trip on Kahala Avenue during a 16-miler or other physically or mentally tough runs).

I remember many, many marathons ago, I played the perfect round of golf, shot by shot and hole by hole at the Hawaii Kai golf course “in my head”, while running the marathon (from about mile 3 to about mile 13). I was trying out visualization techniques and it did help to some degree. Of course, the marathon due to its length, continued to wear down my body and psyche and, on the way back on Kalanianaole, my visualization techniques receded and “crumbled” and a heavy dose of reality sank in as the soreness of aching knees, pressured toes, and cramping calves started to prevail. Still, it turned out to be one of my faster marathons and I did win the ACE of the month for my golf group.

FYI – I just read a Runner’s World article about how elite runners use metacognition – thinking about what to think. Whaaat??? As an example, elite runners plan at mile 13 as to what they should be thinking about, not just plan as to when to take their gel or water. Perhaps for us non elites, the term we should use in our marathon planning is “wishful thinking”?

Our third and final bus run is scheduled for October 30:

The furthest drop off point will be at Makapuu Point (very close to Sea Life Park – mileage approximately 15 miles). It gives runners a chance to run along the eastern coastline (a route not normally run) and also become more familiar with the second half of the actual marathon route. Again, water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few and far between. A signup sheet will be posted so please sign up ASAP. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, it give members a new running experience – think of it as a part of the Marathon Readiness series with no fee (only bus fare of $3).

See you at the water stops,