Blair’s Weekly Update 06-05-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff spoke about BMI and weight loss.

Table Duty:

Thank you to Jeff, Andy and Rich for the great spread! The fried rice was a nice surprise! Thanks also to Willard and Scott the other week for the great job at the table!

First Bus Run:

Please be prompt (around 7:15 a.m.) so we might depart on time at 7:30 a.m. (There is no “Doc talk”). We have over 140runners signed up; fare is $3. For first timers – we get bused to our starting point then run back in to our clinic meeting place. The route is on the actual marathon route so it gives us an opportunity to become familiar with some of the territory.

Please check with your group leader as to your route. Most will be dropped off at Maunalua Bay (across from Roy’s, Hi Kai) and run back (9 miles) or take in the Hi Kai Loop (additional 2 miles). If taking in the ”loop”, there is no fountain at the at the Hi Kai gas station, so carrying a water bottle or bringing some extra dollars to purchase a sports drink would be highly recommended.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace – < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is 9:00 miles and faster. We did a nice 12.5 at 8:45 pace. Next week presents several options including the bus run meeting at Kapiolani park and for those not doing the bus run a meeting at the second beach park at Hawaii loa at 6:00 a.m. We’re starting earlier because temperature is increasing. Folks are starting to increase mileage so remember the 10% rule – don’t let racing, intervals, or sprints exceed 10% of total mileage. Lookout for overtraining – the first sign is fatigue and altered sleep patterns in either direction. Run fun!

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos:
(Pace – 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

Today the Pink Group met bright and early at 6:30 a.m. to complete part of our run before Dr. Scaff’s talk. Hao suggested running a loop to Ala Moana. We agreed to try a different route and ended up running a clockwise loop around the Ala Wai canal to the McCully Bridge and around the Honolulu Zoo to return to Kapiolani Park in time for Dr. Scaff’s talk about healthy weight. We headed back out for a loop around Diamond Head Crater, beginning along Monsarrat Avenue and finishing along Diamond Head Road and the beach side of Kapiolani Park.

Pink Group runners today were Rosie, Kozo, Hao, Alfredo, Cindy, Haye, Horacio, Jeff, Earl, and Nick. Haye (pronounced ‘Hi-Yay’) is visiting from North Carolina, and Nick is visiting from Las Vegas. The total distance ran by most of the group members today was approximately 10.2 miles. Alfredo finished strong and ran an extra 2 miles with Haye and Nick. Many thanks to Jeff, Andy and Bill for the delicious refreshments after a long, hot run.

Next Sunday (6/12) is the bus run. We will meet at Kapiolani Park at 7:15 a.m. Bring $3 (or more if you would like to make a donation) to cover your bus fare.

On the following Sunday (6/19), we will meet early again at 6:30 a.m. at Kapiolani Park.

Good luck and best wishes to Rosie as she heads to South Africa to run a marathon!

Have a great week everyone!

Silver Group by Carl Silva and Lynnae Lee:
(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group was greeted by blue skies and warm temperatures on our first run in June. Our elite team of leaders today included, Tony, Lynnae, Ron, and Andy H. They took a group of 15 runners out on the streets to conquer this run in the sun with Paul, John L., John T., Rick, Trieu, Hong, Koko, Dawn, Melissa, Yumi, Daniel, Kin, Kevin, and Carl.

Stats: The group logged their first 10-miler of the season at a pace of 11:15 minutes per mile. My generous app. tells me that a 200+ pound guy uses 1800 calories on such a run. Therefore, logic dictates that it’s okay if I take advantage for the 2-for-$5 meal deal and at unnamed fast-food establishment. You have to have goals!

Tip: When the mileage starts to build, you may find yourself cramping up at the end of a run. While nothing will replace conditioning your muscles by keeping up with a consistent training plan that includes weekly homework runs before the long Sunday runs, the use of supplements may help. Look into what might work best for you, and try to incorporate it into your training slowly. Ask fellow runners what they like, and try to bum some off of them to taste. Be wary of the sales person who doesn’t look like a runner and is touting a new gel or herbal supplement. The main thing is that whatever you try, it needs to work for your.

The runners-high moment: What brings a moment of happiness along the running route? Water fountains that work, with sufficient pressure so you don’t have to risk touching your mouth to the spout!

Mahalo to those who joined our Memorial Day run in Moanalua Valley. We had a nice group of about 10 runners who enjoyed the rolling hills of the valley and the beautiful greenery of the gardens, with the many ducks who call the gardens home. Arigato to Koko for hosting a mini post-run pool party. A pool workout was a perfect way to relax tired muscles, and greatly helped with recovery.


  • 6/12/16: 1st Bus Run. The bus will take you out to Maunalua Bay and you will run back to get between a 9 to 10-mile run. If you have signed up for the bus, please be at the park by 7 a.m. and bring your $3 rider fee (donations are also welcome). Non-bus riders can meet at 6:45 a.m. (7 a.m. start) on Waiholo Street and run out to Maunalua Bay to join the bussers. We will run back to Waiholo together where the early crew will finish and the bussers will continue on to home base.
  • 6/19/16: 10 miles, with an optional early start at Waiholo, 6:30 a.m.
  • 6/26/16: 10 miles, to include Kahala Avenue.

Community: The 69th Annual Friends of the Library of Hawaii Booksale is coming up on June 18-26th, and they are seeking volunteers. Funds raised go to support Hawaii’s 50 public libraries with their summer reading program. If interested, contact Lynnae or please visit:, and click on Book Sales.

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

It was another Beautiful Day to do our Marathon Training Run. Dr.Scaff talked about the body Body Mass Index, Benefits being a little overweight and if you plan to lose weight. Now till mid-September is the best time, longer distances and a good diet. Peter wanted everyone to know next week is out first bus run, be there 715 a.m. with $3. Extra donations are appreciated.

Leaving the Park, Pace Setter Bob had us going out with a comfortable speed. No special events made the park very peaceful. We had Blair and Guru Sam singing praises of wisdom from the back, hooray! Up Diamond Head we got the best view of tiny blue waves and happy people abound.

At Triangle Park, Leader Blair gave us a good speech. He reminded us to do Kahala Avenue on the last Sunday Run for each month. I think we missed that one last week. Oops, who told him?

Rounding Diamond Head we lost Blair, Sam, One of our 2 Russell, Rose & Daniel. Nice to see you 5 winners but we were dedicated to do 10 miles. We made it past the intermediate school when our Young Runner George, started feeling ill. Thanks to one of our Leaders Jessica, she turned back with George. Saw George at the Park, he looked fine.

We made it to the Gas Station and I was having a hard time counting runners. Guess who pops up? Our Young Richard and Elena. Both showed up late and caught up with us, good job u two. A Quick break and a flood of runners abound. Charlie was back today but he took an early turn at the gas station, to do 8 miles. The rest of us wentout to make a mile up and back on Kalanianiole highway.

Coming back the traffic breeze was comforting and the final 13 runners kept pace. We had leaders Monika and Bob closing the last 5 miles. Plus our regulars Violet, Elaine, Umi, Russell, Elena, Richard. Francis, Stefanie, Andrew, Bob and Jamie.

Thanks to our others leaders Sam, Blair and Jessica…you support is appreciated. At Triangle Park we gathered up to get another drink and make that final push. Praise out to a few ladies whom took off going down Diamond Head.

Thanks to our Rich, Andy and Jeff doing a great table duty job. Fried Rice Nice and Watermelon ♡ were good. Do your homework and I’ll see you all on the Bus Run. No Diamond Head uphill run, hooray

Please remember our bus run next week – we will do a 9-miler starting at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai. Please be prompt and be there at 7:15 a.m. and the bus fare donation of $3.

Blue Group by Maile Burgey:
(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

First 10 miles

It was humid and less breeze but our brave 24 members were going out o first 10 miles on Kalanianaole Highway route. Val was out of town, Andy was in charge of table duty, Fiona was under the weather, so I(Maile) was leading the group.

All members know well what to do when we run on the road, yes keeping

Single File! They formed very beautiful one even though there was only one leader. Thank you, everybody. You’re da best!

Going out bound, tried to keep in steady pace which everybody could catch up. If you felt it was slow, it’s still good because you can hold the energy for returning bound.

On Kalanianaole Highway, we were re careful to run with high speed traffic. Especially, buses and bikes. They are more close to us! When you see the bus, look up if passengers are standing there. This bus is coming to bus lane where we are running.

Returning route, everybody was still energetic runners! Their pace was getting faster and last downhill to finishers line, some were keeping 11:45 pace. When I talked to them later, they said “we just wanted to finish as soon as possible!” I know it was so hot and nobody wanted to be under the sun for a long time. Finally, we achieved 10 miles without any problem. Feel this group is getting stronger and stronger. Go Blues!!!

Next Sunday is bus run. Please try to come to the park by 7:10 a.m. We’re leaving 7:15-ish, so meet up before and get on the same bus. If you miss the same bus, please get off Moanalua Bay. Don’t forget to bring $3. See you on Sunday!


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima

We are now into June. This means we up our time on the road. On Sundays that means we’re up to 8 miles. Today’s turnaround was the gas station. Some of us got to use an air conditioned restroom… We then strolled through the neighborhood. Our homework during the week should be about 14 miles. We could either do two 7-mile days or we could break it up into 3 days. e.g. 4 miles on Monday, 5 miles on Wednesday and 5 miles on Friday. Remember we get the most out this by practicing. The more we practice (homework) the easier we’ll have executing the marathon.

This next Sunday will be our 1st bus run. We will all get off at Moanalua Bay, across the street from Roy’s restaurant. Come Early. Plan on boarding the bus at 7:15 a.m. Bring $3 (or more for donation). We will plan on our group boarding the 2nd bus.

Our time this Sunday was 2 hours and 59 minutes. 8.4 miles. We had a total of 26 minutes of stops during our breaks. That brings our pace to 18 minutes and 13 seconds per mile. If you start your Marathon at 5 a.m., this will get you to finish just before 1 pm.

Keep on Walking!

Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Beautiful skies, so little wind, makes for a sweaty walk. Seventeen of us braved the sun and listened for the distant Clydesdale galloping with the Golden 14s today. Happy Birthday Dean! You’re such an inspiration! Annette, Judy, David, Sylvia, Annie, Glenn, Ron, Candi, Arlene, Karen, Harry, Fran, Jenni, Lili, Elaine, Cliff and Roanne completed 8.5 miles in about 2.5 hours. We even stopped to check out the Mango and lemonade stand near Kahala Avenue. Great job at drinking water at every stop and remembering to stay single file as we trekked up Diamond Head.

The Bus run is on Sunday and we’ll be more than ready to complete it. Don’t forget your $3 for bus fare and be on time. The bus leaves at 7:15am! We should be stopping for water every 1-2 miles depending on where we are at, so bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated until the next stop. For those of you who can’t make the bus run, the mileage we’ll be doing is 9 miles.

Remember that there will be no snack table at the end. So come prepared. Have some cold recovery drink(s) in the car and some snacks to help you get your energy back. A change of dry clothes and a pair of slippers come in handy as well. Dr. Scaff’s book has some good tips on what types of foods to eat before and during the walk. If you haven’t already picked up a copy, you should come early on the 26th to take a look at the book when it’s available for sale.

This is the last month for homework at 2 one-hour walks during the week. Next month, we’ll start doing homework by mileage. So start looking at making room in your schedule for one more walk during the week. We’ll talk more about this as we get closer to July.

See you on the bus!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

We had 11 show up for today’s outing… 8.5 miles scheduled [since we informally did 8.1 last Sunday]. Our expensive and cheap methods of tracking time / distance all said we did the prescribed 8.5 in 2H 9M… that’s 15.1 m/m. Yea, the Green Team continues treking toward completing the marathon with a 15 pace. We hope to see all green people next Sunday for our first Bus Run of the season… if you had a permission slip for missing today or even if you were AWOL, come next Sunday by 0715 with 3 or more dollars in hand. We’ll get off at the HI Kai Dr / Bay parking lot and find our way back to the park. Mahalo to Andy and Jeff for the goodies today. Can do 2 or 3 hrs of homework weekly now. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

This was the first Sunday for June.. And we are working towards running 8 miles… The weather was breezy and clear… definitely not a time to forget sunscreen.. Try to remember to apply it before you leave home. For today we ran a little shorter route a little over 7 miles… about what we expect to run next week.

Speaking of which will be our first bus run for this year. Be at the park by 7:15 a.m. Bring $3 for the fare, in cash If you are on a separate bus from your group leader (me) find out which stop to get off….the 14s will get off at Maunalua bay. The bus will leave the park at 7:30 a.m., there will not be a talk before the run

Remember to do your homework and we will see you on Sunday.

We ran for 2 hours for a total of 7.1 miles and burned 833 calories

Da Comment Corner:

Portland Marathon:

World's Smallest City Park

World’s Smallest City Park

October 9 Portland Marathon Trivia: If you join our Honolulu Marathon Clinic Team for the Portland Marathon, you will run past the World’s Smallest City Park. The Park was designated in 1971, the same year the Portland Marathon started. This Park is a small circle 2′ across, with a total area of 452 sq. in. Call Darla at 808-216-0223 for information on how to join our Clinic Team.

Ducklings Rule! (repeat)

(From my Early Morning Run Chronicles)

5:30 a.m. – my usual, casual, easy going paced early morning run while on Monsarrat Avenue, turned into a pseudo “Noah’s Ark” experience. Two little ducklings, decided to cross Monsarrat Avenue without a worry in the world, as I looked on with terror. A speeding white Toyota van taxi was approaching quickly and sure to hit the little “buggahs” if no warning was given. I had no option but to try to flag down the vehicle from the side of the road to slow it down to avoid some “duck soup”. Luckily, the driver saw my frantic hand waving and slowed and stopped to let the oblivious ducklings cross the road. After exchanging mutually respectful “shakas” and grins on our faces and, in viewing that the “quackers” were safely across, he sped off.

See you at the water stops,