Blair’s Weekly Update 05-22-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Doc spoke on “post-race collapse”. See Bruce Mullikin for the Doc’s talk in its entirety on thumb drive.

No Clinic:

There is no official clinic this coming Sunday due to the Memorial Day weekend. Please check your group reports or with your group leaders to see if you are meeting informally.

Table Duty:

Thank you staffers for an incredible job at table duty! (I will get your names next week!)

First Bus Run:

Please be sure to sign up on the board for the June 12 Bus Run.

Group Reports:

Pink Group by Rosie Adam Terem:
(Pace 10:00 – 11:00 minutes a mile)

The Pinks ran 8.2 miles in an average of 1 hr. 20 minutes, just about a perfect 10 overall! In spite of the Ekiden, we had a good baker’s dozen runners including Kozo, Leslie, Alfredo, Cindy, Jeff, Ryan, Selena, Les, Katsu, Fumiko, Gary, Deanna, and Rosie. We focused on running our target pace, drinking water at every opportunity, and handling the heat.

Next week, for those who are not running the Hibiscus half and who want to run a 10 miler, the Pinks plan to meet at the grass triangle between Round Top Drive and Makiki Heights Drive to run Tantalus, a loop with an optional extra of slogging up “Concrete Hill”. Good hill training both up and down. It is important to bring enough water as there are no fountains on this course. It’s also a good idea to wear very bright clothing, so we stand out up on the narrow roads.

Remember the homework runs: at least two runs of an hour each. We can add another day, or increase the mileage on the other two days. We will go up to 10 miles on Sundays starting in June.

Silver Group by Paul Lindley and Lynnae Lee:
(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

Veteran Silverado Paul got stuck leading the group today, since many were participating in the Ekiden. The Silvers started out with a (large) group of 4 – Paul, Lee, John T., & Attila. Attila left after the first 100 yards with an instep problem. Please do not try and use 2 insteps in the same shoe. The three of us tried to keep the pace between 11:00 & 11:30. We found out it helps if you un-pause your running app before starting out. Carrie met us at Triangle Park. We tried to make her do wind sprints to make up for the missing miles… that didn’t go over too well. We ran the same route as last week, except we bypassed Carrie‘s favorite bathroom to avoid the lonely cock-a-roach. The weather was a bit hot, but we had good breezes and the humidity wasn’t too excessive. Since I didn’t do a good job of tracking the run, we figured we did 8 miles at an 11:30 pace, including stops. With only 4 of us, our stops were pretty fast and we kept the Pink Group in our sights for most of the run. We saw several of the Ekiden runners from the Marathon Clinic out there running and tried to encourage (harass) them as much as possible. John T. had to slow down around Diamond Head on the way back due to some cramping. Carrie stopped at Triangle Park and headed to her yoga practice, namaste. Lee and Paul pushed each other until they got back to the park and finished at a strong pace.

Please make sure you hydrate and take your vitamins. Paul cramped up a couple weeks ago after a really hot humid run – definitely not fun, so please learn from him. There is no Marathon Clinic memorial weekend, but the Silvers will be doing a special run (see below). I (Paul) will be on the mainland doing my training, so you will have to have fun without me, but I will be back for the June 5th run. Thanks for the conversation and pushing me Carrie, Lee, & John T. That’s all-Paul. Mahalo Paul, for stepping up to lead the Silvers!

Congratulations to all of the HMCers who participated in the Ekiden relay race. There was a lot of great energy amongst the teams, and HMC was well represented. It looked like everyone had fun. Good job!


  • 5/29 – Hibiscus Half Marathon. No Clinic. Good luck to all the HMCers. Have a good race!
  • 5/30 –(Memorial Day Run) The Silvers will run in Salt Lake / Moanalua Valley. Wear your red/white/blue to honor those who sacrificed so much. Meet at Ala Puumalu Park (right next to Honolulu Country Club) at 6:45 a.m. for a 7 a.m. start. We plan on running 8 miles. All HMCers welcome. There will be a pool party gathering at Koko’s place afterwards. Directions will be given at the run.
  • 6/5/16: 9 miles
  • 6/12/16: Bus Run #1. Please sign up at Clinic. $3 to ride. The return trip is free.

Community: The 69th Annual Friends of the Library of Hawaii Book sale is coming up on June 18-26th, and they are seeking volunteers. Funds raised go to support Hawaii’s 50 public libraries. If interested, please visit:, and click on Book Sales.

White Group by Bob Choate
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Another Beautiful Day in Hawaii ☆☆☆☆ A lot of new faces, returnees and regulars out in full force. Missing were some of our Clinic Runners whom were participating in today’s Ekiden Race. A Six-Runner Relay marathon from Kapiolani to Sandy Beach and back.

After Dr. Scaff talk about overheating, our adapting body and more. Peter gave us Good Safety and Health Tips. Plus He reminded us all about next week, No Official Run. Three Day Weekend and The Hibiscus Half Marathon going on. Each group will be making their own running plan.

Breaking up into our small groups we had a few short chats. Leader Blair was present, no worry though he missed running – he stated he was just getting over a flu as many of has did as well. Shouts went out to Pace Setter Bob, Let’s Go! Soon as my Watch got a location – Out we went!

Running out of Kapiolani, we had Cones and Special Event Police Protecting our Path. Halfway up Diamond Head
road, the race leader was blazing down…under 3 hours? Not bad… and so many cheering roadside supporters. Some even gave our group runners cups of water, “Domo Arigato”, Thank You in Japanese.

At Triangle Park we discussed our run for next week. We agreed to meet 7:30 a.m., at Triangle Park. By this time – the slow walkers should be on their way to the Gas Station (Start Time 5:30 a.m.) and Leaders coming up Kahala. Be Early – Parking may be limited. We may take our Normal Gas Station Route then Go up Kalanianaole Highway for Wailupe Beach Park. Using all the side streets. If you come late – You may track us down. Goal 8 Miles.

Back to Running, We left the Park to finish the Marathon Course turning at The Famous Doggie Park. At the Intermediate School, The Ekiden Race had their First Point for switching Out Runners. Plenty people cheering Onward…Made you want to Join Up. Our group of 20 kept pace and took advantage of the few stop lights on Kilauea Avenue.

Busy at the Gas Station getting drinks and restroom time. Leader Bob and three others came out late trailing the group by a few minutes. Turning onto Farmers gave us hope to Catch Up. Thanks to Guru Sam for pulling back them Fast Runners and My Foursome Pushing a good 10 minute pace we caught up and Leader Bob actually pulled up front and dished out a warning, “Don’t be following me, I’m running 10 MINUTES!” Lo and Behold, Kara took up my Dare…And Yes, I got smoked! It’s Tough enough challenging Jessica – Now I got Kara! Our Ladies are pretty fast runners…and did I say Beautiful Too! Thanks to Melyssa for her Compliment me on my New Balance Shoes!

We made it Back to Our Triangle Park well together. Our Leaders today were Blair (even for only the start), Sam, Jessica, Monika and Bob. Then Our Cheerful Regulars Russell, Danell, Ivana, Melyssa, Ming, Stefanie, Andrew, Yumi, Kanoi, Mahina, Bob, Elaine, Kara, Marissa, Joe and Kamaile. Hope I got everyone’s name. Let me know If I misspelled your name. It was a treat to Run with you all and make new friends.

Surprising there was still Ekiden Runners still out and about on Diamond Head. Sam was doing a good Job watching out for one runner going the wrong way. Back at the Park, The Table Spread was Terrific like Always. And all 20 of us finished Together! Remember to do your homework runs and Our First Bus Run is June 12th…Yeah, I can yell Out “Bicycle” and see what a single file looks like. Aloha Till We Meet Again!


Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Gorgeous morning! Fifteen of us started the morning off right with a brisk 7.5-mile walk around Diamond Head. Lynn, Annette, Sylvia, Ron, Candi, Arlene, Sharon, Fran, Harry, Linda, David, Chin Wen, Cliff and Roanne were all in good spirits throughout the walk.

We’ll meet informally next week at 7:30 a.m. Same place. Come early as the hibiscus half marathon will be going on that day. Goal will be 8 miles. And if you can’t make it, please try to get that mileage in on your own.

Homework is 2 one-hour walks. You are all looking pretty awesome!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Was it hard to find a parking place? I suspect a couple of our MIA drove over, couldn’t park, and returned home [or jogged elsewhere]. I opted to hoof it… makes for a longer distance than the Eikiden, but it’s not every Sunday. Sorry to learn Don hurt his leg earlier in the week and will be out for a while; we hope you return soon. We had 10 green ones at the start line when we left the park for our 7.5 miles jog through the aina. And at 15 m/m we should be back in 1H 53M…. son of a gun, that’s when we came back! We had 2 timers record 1-53 and two recorded 1-54; those slight differences are due to cosmic wave vibrations… Big mahalos to our green macho men, Scott and Willard, for running the refreshment tables today…great job. Jordan missed a special treat for green ones by departing so quickly. Next Sunday the Green Team will gather together at the same time / same place for an informal 8 miles… just guessing – 2 hrs? The group just won’t be the same without our effervescent Akiko, but she’s earned a vacation. Visitors and alumni are welcome to join with us next Sunday for our informal 8 miler. Do two homework runs, at least an hour each, during the week. A hui hou!

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Today was a small turnout due to the Ekiden which was also taking place. It was nice and breezy morning. Our small group progressed without any issues, this is including new comers to the group.

In a couple weeks we will be increasing the mileage, so plan your schedules accordingly since we will be returning about 40 minutes later which includes the additional stops along the way.

Upcoming reminders. June 12 will be our first bus run, sign up on the on the list on the bulletin board if you are planning join us so we have an idea of how many buses we will need. I will cost $3 at the door when you enter the bus.

Next week Sunday there is no official clinic. The 14s will be running and our meeting place will be the aloha Gas Station next to Kahala Mall across the street from Macy’s.

Park in the Macy’s parking area and walk across the street to the Aloha Gas Station.

We will start our run at 7:30 am.

Today we ran 5.6 miles in 1 hour an 35 minutes and burned about 700 calories.

Keep up with your homework, 2 runs for at least an hour with a day of rest between runs.

Have a good week and we will see you next Sunday at Kahala.

Da Coment Corner:

Bus Run – June 12

For first time marathoners – a great way to get familiar with the latter part of the actual marathon course. $3 fare.

Memorial Day Weekend

As we give thanks to our veterans, there will be no formal clinic on Sunday; please check with your group reports to see if your group is meeting elsewhere for an informal run.

See you at the water stops,