Blair’s Weekly Update 05-08-2016

Dr. Scaff spoke on maintaining our body temperature and not overheating. As Peter always mentions, hydrate, hydrate and hydrate.

Table Duty:

Led by Pink Group leader Rosie’s crew with Arlene, Marian and Susan set up the bountiful table today! We truly appreciate your efforts!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace: < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is 9:00 miles and faster. Today we did 12.5 at a mixed pace, and had a great time. Next week is the bus run and anyone who isn’t doing that is meeting at the Aina Haina McDonalds at 6:15 to head out to Sandy’s. Run fun!

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos:
(Pace: 10:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile)

We had the following runners with the Pink Group today: Leader Henry, Alfredo, Cindy, Earl, Gary, Horacio, Katsu, Ken, Otaki and Terry (apologies if I missed anyone). Leader Rosie provided our snacks and refreshments today.

We ran to the gas station and came back along the Farmer’s Road route, for a total of just over 8 miles. Katsu left early because he is preparing for the Honolulu Triathlon next week (we wish him good luck). It was crowded along Diamond Head Road today with several tour buses and many people out. Before crossing in front of vehicles, it is a good idea to proceed with an abundance of caution and make eye contact with the driver and give a friendly wave, nod or shaka.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s out there.

Have a great week everyone.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva:
(Pace: 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group grew to 19 runners on this sunny Mother’s Day. The trade winds blessed us with their cooling breezes as we tackled our first 8-mile run of the season, going out past Jimmy’s Pit Stop to the gas station and back. We enjoyed the shade along Farmers Road. Led by Lynnae and Tony, the group included Jimmy, Andy L., Jen, John T., John L., Paul, George, Ringo, Dawn, Lee, Trieu, Zena, Selena, Melissa, Carrie, Rick, Shauna, Attila, and Carl.

At Triangle Park, Tony spoke about some of the aches and pains you will feel as you go through your training. Many of these are normal as you condition your body to be ready for the big run in December, but if the aches and pains don’t go away in a couple of days you many need to take a rest day. Listen to your body and the different pains. That’s a big part of long distance training.

Stats: The group took it easier today as we were increasing miles. We ran 8.5 miles at an average pace of 11:50 minutes per mile and burned around 1,100 calories for some runners and 1,500 for big guys. Congratulations to Zena and others who completed their longest run (so far)! Doesn’t the Clinic make long distance running easy??

The back-story to Jimmy’s Pit Stop: For those of you who don’t know why we call the bathrooms at Kahala District Park “Jimmy’s Pit Stop,” here’s the story… On a warm Spring day several years ago, a day much like this Sunday, the Silver Group was running a particularly challenging run. Most didn’t realize that what was about to happen would change their lives so dramatically; but then it happened. A distress-call from one of the runners was raised. A bathroom break was needed! Normally that’s no problem, but on this occasion, five other runners needed to desperately go as well. The group became disorganized and chaotic as the pressure built with every step and each runner looked at each other knowing that the gas station bathroom could only handle one person at a time and the others would need to wait. The pace quickened as people tried to outpace their fellow Silverados. First one to the gas station would find relief, while the others would have to stand in cold air conditioning wearing sweaty clothes and “managing” their full bladders. Just when things were about to turn ugly, a voice was heard in the group, saying “Hey, let’s go to Kahala Park’s public restrooms. They have more stalls.” The heavens opened and light gleamed through the clouds of despair that had hung so heavily over the group just moments before. That runner who saved the Silverados from tragedy was Jimmy and so, from that point on the Kahala Park’s bathrooms were known as “Jimmy’s Pit Stop.” An extra bonus is that these bathrooms have soap dispensers that are always full!


  • 5/15/16: 8-mile run. Back to our usual route out to Kahala’s Aloha Gas Station and back. Bring some cash along if you want to pick up drinks or snacks at the convenience store.
  • 5/22/16: Honolulu Ekiden. Many HMC members will be participating in this 26.2 mile relay race. Clinic runners should do their regular 8-mile run. We’re looking for a volunteer to lead the group on this day, as the Silver group leaders won’t be present.

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace: 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Welcome to Our White Group Run, This morning we had our Top Leaders Blair and Sam onboard. After the Morning talk. We were lead out of Kapiolani Park by Pace Setter Bob and Speedy Charlie.

A slower group got ahead of us and passing them threw us on a slightly faster warm up pace. Single file was important and traffic on the pathway was heavy. A Good South Swell made the Run up Diamond Head more rewarding. Our friend Chantel was off to Norway and not only missed today’s run but a good overhead swell.

Afterward a quick water break, going downhill never felt better. Surprised, we found Rich coming from the other direction – to join up with us. Before we knew it, Triangle Park was here. Unfortunately, Mr.Blair was short on words and Guru Sam wanted to get back to running.

Apparently, People had deadlines to meet, turning onto 18th Avenue we lost two runners. Names withheld. Thanks for making time to train! Making our first run to the Gas Station this year was our Goal. We caught a few lights and everyone was having a jolly old time.

We went back onto Kilauea Avenue and got lost turning left and right throughout Kahala. Body temperature were getting hot and Sam had us walking when needed. Thanks to Young George for slowing us down on our first 8 miler.

We made Triangle Park with the fabulous 13. At some point after, Charlie with his New Hoka shoes disappeared. We chug a lug up Diamond Head – With more Big waves breaking offshore. Wow!

Our Leaders today were Sam, Blair. Jessica and Bob. Rounding out of group, we had 2x Russell. Russ, Elaine, Stefanie, Andrew, Rich, Richard. Kara, Jamie, George and Debbie.

Back at the Park, the Table Refreshments were very much appreciated. Thank You!


Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Happy Mother’s Day! We appreciate everyone for taking the time to walk with us on this special day. Whether or not you are a mom, you still spent time away from family to do your training and we salute your dedication.

Fourteen of us started a beautiful morning off with a 6.5 mile walk up Diamond Head to the Dharma Oasis and back. Ron, Roland, Fran, Glenn, Sylvia, Lynn, Dan, Candy, Ginger, Arlene, Harry, Annie, Cliff and Roanne. Our single file looked great going up Diamond Head and that made it easier for the faster groups to pass us. Good job! We had a great time, averaging about 16.5 min/mile and not a single complaint was heard as we charged up Diamond Head.

I always found going up Kahala Avenue was the hardest part of the marathon, but after talking with Ron, he made it so much easier. He shared his knowledge about the neighborhood and gave me new insight into that part of the course. If you want to learn more about the area, I’m sure Ron will share with you too. Glad to hear more conversations going around me as we do our Sunday walks and I hope those friendships continue to grow as we get further into the training. If you can buddy up with someone else during the week to do the homework walks, they will be easier and go by a lot faster.

Homework this week is 2 one hour walks. Practice drinking your water too. Very happy to see that we’re all carrying water just in case the fountains are not working. You guys are looking great and it your homework shows up well on Sunday. Start thinking ahead to the Bus Run on June 12th and remember to sign up for it. We’ll get to walk a good part of the marathon course and you’ll want to make sure that you have a seat on the bus. It’s a fun walk!

See you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Our good doctor talked about heat and made a passing reference to hot flashes… hey, men can get hot flashes… just the other day I was riding a bus when a gorgeous Japanese female model or movie star sat down beside me… but I digress. Green Team had 13 at the starting line… excellent to see so many of our mothers in attendance… they claim Sunday morning is their time and the family respects that… great to know where we / HMC stand in the hierarchy. Some of our people are really dedicated… when a man drives in from Ewa area to do homework runs and a woman drives over the Ko’olau from Kaneohe just to do her homework on our hilly routes… that’s dedication. We celebrated Mother’s Day with a 6.4-mile trek in 1H 38M for a 15.3 overall pace [that Kilauea hill will slow anyone down]. And we returned to the refreshment tables exactly on our promised time to be greeted by our own smiling Susan who ran the table duty today… great job with the wide assortment of goodies. On a personal note – I’m lucky not to have diabetes, but did you notice today the sugar free items available? Thank you doctor for your concern to assure all were able to partake of refreshments after their run. And mahalo to Lynn for reading the newsletter and giving me the recipe for her delicious grape salad bowl she brought to the picnic. Next week the green ones will break that 7 mile threshold! Do your homework. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Thanks to the cool breezes for keeping us comfortable during our run. It was a smaller than usual turnout, as was expected. For those of us who made it out, you all did a great job and had fun in the process. I did tweak the route to get our miles in. The 6 mile run doesn’t have as obvious land marks to hit as the 4 or 8 mile runs but we always can make our own depends of the objective of the day.. Today was shave ice but we were too early…lol oh well we still got the mileage.

Reminders to everyone to sign up for the upcoming first bus run in June. Please only sign up if you truly intend to join us. The sign up is to assist with ordering the correct amount of buses. More will be said on this as it gets closer. We ran 6.78 miles in 1 hour and 53 minutes and burned approximately 827 calories. As a reminder the time is from start to finish including the time we stop for water, and looking for shave ice etc. Remember to get your homework runs in this week and we will see you next Sunday same time and place.

Da Comment Corner:

First Bus Run:

Please be sure to sign up on the board for our first Bus Run on June 12. Most will be dropped off at Maunalua Bay (across from Roy’s restaurant in Hawaii Ka) where we will get exposure to running on the actual marathon route. Please sign up ASAP so we can order the appropriate number of buses.

Sign -up sheets are posted on the bulletin Board.

Portland Marathon:

“October 9 Portland Marathon Update: We now have 5 Honolulu Marathon Clinic Team members participating in the Portland Marathon. They are Val Ogi, Kyle Unten, Sylvia Guernsey, Shantelle Kragh and Darla Hochhalter. If you would like to join our Team, please call Darla at 808-216-0223. “On to Portland.”

See you at the water stops,