Blair’s Weekly Update 03-20-2016

Doc’s Talk: (Excerpts from synopsis by Andrew Laurence):

The cornerstone of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic program is: One hour of running or walking, three times each week. We keep it real simple: 1 hour, 3 times per week for the first 3 months. When you have to change we will tell you. Running/walking a half hour, six times per week Does Not Work! Later we’ll tell you why. How fast do you go? Never so fast that you cannot talk, and never so slow that you can sing. Real easy.

Your Body Is Like An Engine
Your body is a running machine. The kind of fuel you feed the motor is paramount, but the muscles have to learn to use the fuel. We have 2 types of fuel in our body:

  1. Carbohydrate or sugar: It is only good for about 20 minutes.
  2. Fat: The long distance fuel.

We have 2 types of muscle fibers in our body: Quick twitch and slow twitch.
The quick twitch is the sprinting fibers. The slow twitch is the endurance fibers.

At 40 minutes you are burning 80% of your own fat. Therefore, if you can’t run for an hour, forget it. As you start running an hour, you’ll notice you don’t feel good. We call that the PTA (Pain, Torture, and Agony). It lasts for about 12 weeks, 36 hours of training then it goes away and you feel good.

For much more running-related information, read Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

To read full, unabridged summaries of the Doc’s Talks:

  1. Go to the Honolulu Marathon Clinic web site (
  2. Look under the “Categories” listing.
  3. Click on “Doc’s Talk”.

Table Duty:

Thanks to Green 15’s staff leader Lou for doing such a great job at table duty! Everything was perfect!

Shoe Talk this Sunday, March 27 and April 3 @ 9:00 a.m.:

Shoes are perhaps the most important piece of equipment in running. Attending the Shoe Talks on March 27 (geared for beginners) or April 3 (all others) at the Running Room is highly recommended. Listen to the experts on the latest in shoe technology, etc. Attendees get 20% discount off shoes.

Staff leaders let’s adjust our runs to “fit in” the shoe talk schedule.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:
Pace – <9:00 minutes per mile)

The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is 9:00 miles and faster. Today Donis, Nancy, Jan, Asami, Craig, Jun, and I did 12 at a slightly faster than 9 pace. Next week we’re meeting at the Aina Haina McDonald at 6:30. Run fun!

Pink Group by Rosie Adam Terem:
(Pace 10:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile)

Here’s the report from the Pink Group – Pace average 10 minutes/mile

We had a group of 12 runners today: Michael, Mariana, Leslie, Katsu, Reimo, Randall, Henry, Terry, Arlen, Ryan, Arleen and Rosie, some familiar to the group and some new. We were very happy to welcome a visiting runner from Northern Arizona, Mariana who is Navajo and runs with the clinic whenever she is here visiting her husband’s family. She has done three Honolulu marathons and three Boston’s among others!

Our group was wonderful at staying together, running in single file when others were coming, and generally kept a nice 10 minute pace overall (uphill slower and downhill faster!) We ran up Monserrat to get some practice for those who will be running the Hapalua two weeks from now. For Pinks not in the Hapalua who want to run that day, we will probably arrange a different venue and route next week.

Otherwise, we will be running 6 miles or so for the next few weeks, building the base, moving up to 7 and 8 miles later in April.

Fun events coming up: our first picnic in May and the first bus run.

Please do the homework runs and remember the Pink Motto: finish, have fun, and don’t get hurt!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silvers were blessed with optimal running conditions on this Palm Sunday – cool, breezy, and sunny. We had a large group that totaled 28 runners from both the Silvers and Greys, creating the “Chromies.” Lynnae led the group on a 6-mile run that followed the actual marathon course up Diamond Head Road, turning at 18th Avenue, and onto Kilauea Avenue. We returned to Diamond Head Road via 22nd Avenue and headed back to Kapiolani Park. The run was completed in 1 hour and 8 minutes, at an average pace of 11:06 minutes per mile, and we burned about 700 calories (more for guys). It was good to see so many new faces and we hope to learn your names as we train together this year. Returning members of the Silvers included Koko, Paul, Doc Joe, Tavy, Tony, Hiroshi, Jen, Horacio, Evelyn, and Carl. We saw that some Silvers have moved up to the Pink group and we’ll miss them, but know they will always have a Silver lining around their hearts from their time with us! (awe)

At Triangle Park, Lynnae spoke of the importance of remaining hydrated. A good habit is drinking a glass of water in the mornings to start your day off hydrated. This is especially important on running days when your body will be losing so much water through sweat (ie. Summer).

Homework Runs: Gotta get back into the habit of homework runs. Start with two 45-minute runs during the week (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday). There must be a rest day in between your runs to allow your muscles to recover.

Tip: Running with a group is good practice for running in large races like the Honolulu Marathon, especially when we stick to a tight formation. It trains you to be aware of your distance from the person in front of you and to relax until you can find an opening to move ahead. Be safe when you pass someone in the group. Sometimes that person is having a hard day and sometimes it’s a person who is very good at maintaining a set pace and the rest of the group is exceeding the pace-range. This is the time of the year when you can test the other groups to find your ideal fit. Fortunately, there are many choices. If the pace is too fast or too slow, consider trying a different group next Sunday.


  • 3/27 – Easter Sunday. 6-mile run. Optional 4-mile warm-up for Hapalua runners starting at 6:45 a.m. (meet 6:30 a.m.). Shoe talk for beginners at the Running Room – starts 9 a.m.
  • 4/3 – Shoe talk at the Running Room – starts 9 a.m., doors open 8:45 a.m. Our run will end at the Running Room. Come early for a warm up lap around the park (optional).
  • 4/10 – Hapalua Half-Marathon. Parking may be tight. With road closures for the race you should give yourself extra time coming to the clinic.

White Group by Guru Sam
Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Three leaders Bob, Jessica and Monika were missing today. New leaders Richard and Ivana for this year along with Richard 2 and Lisa took the reins. We had 23 and were joined by 3 newbies.

Lots of chattering and fun up the Diamond Head road. Richard and Russ took about half of them back from Triangle Park, Richard returned to do six .Ming and I with 6 others went to Kahala and returned after taking all short cuts to return. .Usual coffee with friends over Bogarts. Blair you were dearly missed.

All walking/running speeds down to 13-minute per mile running pace.)

Walkers by George Ushijima:

So we’re on our second week of training. How are we doing? Do we find it too hard? Too easy? We’re getting there. This week, we had an adequate sized group going along. I caught the names of Roni, Robert, Ron, Florence, Joy, Michelle, Michelle, Alyson, Angie, Loke, Lance and Stacey. Our route took us around the short of Kapiolani Park then the longer loop around the zoo. It came out to 4.05 miles. It took us about 90 minutes, but that includes all the water stops, stop lights and generally not pushing things just yet.

Let us all remember to do our homework. Go out twice this for at least a solid hour, so we can acclimate ourselves to being out that long.

Next week, we’ll be having our shoe talk at the Running Room. We will meet in front of the Running Room at 6:45 a.m., make our way to the park for our usual talk, go once around the park and head back to the Running Room for the shoe talk. If you’re unable to make this week’s talk, Roger will be taking another group on 4/7. His plan is to go once around the park and then walk to the Running Room for the 2nd shoe talk. Then walk back to the park for our cars.

Keep on Walking!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Wow, we lucked out… 2 Sundays in a row with really decent weather… remember, clinic is in session every Sunday rain or shine… we have to train in all-weather since we don’t know what’s going to happen on December 11. Doc explained the “why” in training for 1 hr homework sessions… did you take notes? Green Team had 17 today for a planned 4.1 mile route. Newbie Kitima came all the way from Thailand to be with us – sawatdee krop – welcome and come back next week (bring a friend}. Bill, Scott and Aki are returning masochists, welcome back. Pace Leader Lou had refreshment table duty today so the gang was led by Dr Susan… several joggers now are carrying these GPS devices so it was pretty certain that they went 4.1 miles and finished in 1H 3M for a 15.3 min / mile pace. Our training goal is is finish the marathon in the 15 range pace – and we do historically finish at the quicker end of that range… virtually always about 15.1 or 15.2 with overall average time at 6H 35M. If you want to finish your marathon with those numbers, please join the Green 15… We do it year after year. Glad to report our dependable sweeper, Ryan, had no patients today. Homework is two days of walking / jogging, each 1 hr duration… include hills if you can. Big mahalo to my wife Lisa for sharing table duty and baking the hundreds of little chocolate muffins that you all enjoyed. See you on Easter Sunday when we go to the shoe talk – we’ll each collect valuable info and a discount of 20% on a future purchase. Aloha

Gold Group 14’s by Dean Takashige:
Week number 2 and it was perfect running conditions….clear with a nice cooling breeze..

Besides adjusting a couple of runners to other groups we had a great turn out….Glad to see all of you anxious to join us….

As Dr. Scaff said the main goal is to be in motion, even slow motion is a good thing….for at least and hour. 60 minutes , 3600 seconds, 3.6e+12 nano seconds (3.6 times ten to the 12)… not a nano second less.

This is 3 times a week including Sundays.

Da Plan for March and April:

  • Our distance goal is 4 miles
  • We shall be running for at least an hour
  • I don’t start and stop my garmin during the runs, it gets started at the beginning and stopped at the finish….the time includes water stops and bathroom breaks
  • We will be running at a pace of 14 minutes per mile (14.0 – 14.9) actual not average pace
  • we will be stopping at every water stop to drink water
  • We will run in single file
  • we will run behind the leader
  • we will take a picture of the group every sunday
  • on our return back to base we will decide where to have breakfast
  • We will all have a good time.

This will be the game plan for March and for April the mileage will be the same except we add a little hill.

We had a great run today and everyone did great!! We ran for an hour and 13 minutes and ran 4.4 miles and burned aprox 600 calories…

If you have any questions feel free to ask me or any of the staff members.


  • Register on line for the clinic and at the same time sign up to receive the newsletter and remind your fellow runners who have not signed up
  • Next week will be the shoe talk for the beginners groups. I will talk about that when I return.
  • I will not be here for the next two Sundays but you will be in good hands, See Sandra Lisa and Lehua and Derby for directions.
  • Do your homework and I will see you in 3 weeks

Lucky 13’s by Derby Linden:

Week 2 – Keep up with your homework. Run/walk at least one hour two more times this week (Tuesday/Thursday).
We will be running to the shoe talk this coming Sunday to Running Room.

Lucky 13s Collage 03-20-2016

Lucky 13s Collage 03-20-2016 (Click to view full size photo)

Da Comment Corner:

Shoe Talks:

In case you missed it up above; March 27 (geared for beginners) and April 3 (for all others @ 9:00 a.m.) – The staff leaders will adjust the Sunday training runs to make sure you will be able to attend the event.

Training Groups:

I am sure the staff leaders have mentioned his numerous times but to just reiterate – we have basically all of the “paces” for the marathon covered with this clinic. As an example, the Intermediate group has 8 different pace groups that runners can join and also an Advanced Group that speeds through their training at less than 9 minutes per mile. The beginners have five groups, starting with the walkers up to runners pushing a 13 minutes per mile pace. The Intermediate Blues take over at the 12:30 to 13:00 minute per mile.

Not sure about your pace? Ask one of the staff leaders.

Portland Marathon:

The Honolulu Marathon Clinic is invited to run/walk as a “team” in the 2016 Portland Marathon on October 9. To register please go to “” Sign up under Team Registration “Honolulu Marathon Clinic.” The website lists suggestions for accommodations. Panda Travel is holding seats on Hawaiian Airlines until May 1. Please contact Darla at for additional details and information. Or, you are welcome to call Darla at 808-216-0223.

See you at the water stops,