Blair’s Weekly Update 03-13-2016

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff welcomed every back for another great season of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. This is the clinic’s 43st year of existence!!

Welcome/Welcome Back:

Great seeing all of our new running friends! Also, great to renew acquaintances with our clinic family. We’re off to a fantastic start as nearly 200 runners attended our initial meeting! The weather was perfect for the occasion, slightly overcast with a slight breeze.

Table Duty:

Special thanks to Silver group leaders Lynnae and Alberto for starting us off at table duty with a fantastic food feast! Everything was sooo good!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick: (Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Welcome back to a new year. The advanced group welcomes everyone and targets 9 minutes per mile and faster. We did an easy 12 today. Lots of folks are preparing for Boston and we wish them the best. Next week first Beach Park at 6:30. Have fun!

Rules of the road:

  1. No headsets.
  2. Run single file when encountering pedestrians and bikers.
  3. Stop for traffic signals.
  4. Do not step on utility covers if avoidable.
  5. Keep one eye on the running path and one eye ahead.
  6. Carry ID and emergency contact info.
  7. Follow the Staff Leader.

Pre-run check:

  1. You passed the Pee Test.
  2. You are properly covered with sunscreen and a cap if you don’t have enough hair protection.
  3. You ate a runner’s breakfast.
  4. You are not running with pain.

Running attire:

  1. Correct running shoes.
  2. Golden Rule-No Cotton.

Silver Group by John Lau and Lynnae Lee: (Pace 11:00-11:30 minutes per mile)

Welcome to the 2016 season! It was great to see so many returning Silvers. And a special welcome to the new runners who joined our group – I hope you have fun and decide to join us throughout the year. We are certain to have another great season. John led 24 runners for our first run. Volunteer leader Ron (Grey) decided to be an honorary Silver, so there was no Grey group for this week. Instead, we had the Chromies. The “Silver S” group split from the pack, led by Dr. Joe and Jun, taking the long way as they were aiming for more mileage this week (Hapalua training). Per Evelyn, the group’s pace was on target between 11:00 and 11:20 pace per mile. We missed Horacio and Henry who both ran the Rainbow Ekiden today, although Henry came by the snack table a couple of times to fuel up as he waited for his turn to race.

Tip: Be sure to have breakfast before you come out to run. Improper nutrition can result in a lot of problems on your run. Breakfast should be consumed about an hour before a run, but a small snack like a banana or toast might be okay 30-60 minutes prior. Remember, a runner’s tummy likes to be empty, but you first need to make sure it’s got sufficient fuel. Everyone’s different, so you’ll have to experiment to find out what works for you. You shouldn’t start a run stuffed, but it’s okay to start feeling hungry during the last 2 miles.

Homework Runs: For those of you who need to get back into shape, you gotta start doing your homework runs. Start with two 45-minute runs during the week (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday). There must be a rest day in between your runs to allow your muscles to recover.


Please register on the Clinic’s website. While there is no charge, this is how the Clinic can keep track of its runners, and especially for safety purposes. You may be purged from the HMC database if you do not register, and may no longer receive Blair’s newsletter.

There are 2 primary rules that we want to enforce this year: (1) be safe; and (2) be kind. When we run in a group, we want to run single file as a courtesy to others. We’ll discuss hand signals next week.

Informal Hapalua training – we will do extended (optional) training for those who are preparing for the Hapalua. We’ll tack on a few extra miles each week by running around the park, with the longest run being on 3/27.

As always, if you have any questions regarding training for a marathon, please feel free to ask the staff volunteers. We are here to help. See you all next week. –John

A special mahalo to those who helped with set up and take down for this first Clinic – Alberto, Lou, and Dave. Thanks also to Alberto for preparing the ice cold Gatorade and snacks, and to Henry for the chips. This table duty was a team effort; mahalo! –Lynnae

White Group by Bob Choate:
Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

We had a lot of Information and Excitement for our First Honolulu Marathon Clinic of the Year! Dr.Scaff and Peter were back to Lead us into our 2016 Training Program.

For our New Comers or Lost Joggers, a lot was covered for this year. May 1st will be our first of two Picnics, the Second is the week after the Marathon. We will have three bus runs, I think the first is in June. Coming up soon will be the Shoe Talk. Held at the Running Room Store. They give any Marathon Clinic Participants a discount. A must for all new comers, having the correct shoe is so important!

We have a bulletin board hanging on the wall. There you will find sign up sheets for the various upcoming events. And we have Dr.Scaff First Marathon book for sale, with our Clinic Shirts, Hats and free sunscreen to use.

After the speeches and announcements we broke up into our groups. With more information and introductions, we all found our friendly white group runners. As announced our mile pace is 12 to 12:30 minutes…and for March, Our distance we will run is 4 miles. April we take us to 6 miles 😉

Leading us out of Kapiolani Park was our Pace Setter Bob! We had a good 23 runners and a few new faces. If missed us this day, Then you missed out on our Legendary Leaders Blair and Guru Sam.

The Park was a bit busy with an Ediken Relay Race going on, Cones closing off half of the roads and a few police officers about.

We had one Runner tumble, Good to report there was no serious injury. I figured to slow it up while on this steep road up Diamond Head. The view was beautiful and Weather could not be more perfect.

At Triangle Park, We got more information, rest and water. Team Leader Jessica, stated the importance of our two homework runs. Tuesday n Thursday or Wednesday n Friday. Always get a rest day between. It should be an hour and does not have to too hard. As Blair said before, just a casual pace where you can easily talk.

At my Surprise, Our group broke up into two groups, with some of our Veteran Runners joining Sam. He actually wanted to do 6 miles, Yep!

On our return trip down Diamond Head, we saw the runners from this Japanese Relay Race. We had a lot supporters cheering us on even though we were not in the race.

Back at the Park, We have a Good Table Spread of Crackers, Chips and Gatorade. Thanks to Lynnae!

Our Leaders today were Blair, Sam, Jessica, Rich and Bob. Then we had Charlie, Andrew, Quin, Richard, 2x Russell, Francis, Elena, Elaine, Ming, Melyssa, Stephanie, Chantel, Another Bob, Kanoi, Mahana, April, Ivana and her son, John. Sorry if I missed someone.

Until Next week, Do some Homework, drink plenty water and Treat your feet to a good massge. The journey has only started and more fun is awaiting…to our other regular runners, we missed you! Try to make it next week, March 20th only four miles. Come early and Join Ming. She ran 4 miles before the Clinic even started….

The Beginners: (All walking speeds and >14-minute per mile running pace) Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Welcome to the 2016 Honolulu Marathon Clinic.

Congratulations!!!, you have overcome one of the most difficult parts of the training-getting out of bed, tying your running shoes an d coming to the park. Keep doing that every week rain or shine we will help you do the rest. Today we did our first two laps around Kapiolani Park, and this will be the plan for the month of March.

Some points to remember:

  1. Running in single file
  2. No headsets while running
  3. No dogs or strollers
  4. Talk test – you should be able to run and hold a conversation at the same time. (If you are a little out of breath I wouldn’t worry about this yet since we are just starting our training)
  5. Practice drinking water – about 10 ounces every mile.

Now is the time to find your perfect group. If you feel you are running a little slower than you would like then maybe you should move up to the next group. The same goes for if you feel you are running too fast and have a difficult time keeping up there are groups running or walking at a slower pace.

If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the staff members. We were on the road for 1 hour and 5 minutes.. we ran 3.6 miles and burned 314 calories. Your homework is run two times during the week for at least an hour, with a day of rest in between runs. Be safe and we will see you next week at the same time.

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Excellent start to a new season! Great weather and well over 200 at the opening talk. Green Team had a majority of new faces as 16 of us left the park, but 1 decided that maybe marathon training wasn’t her thing within a half mile. The remaining 15 stayed pretty tight as a group – Great! Only 3.75 miles today and we did that in 58 minutes for a 15.4 pace overall. Next week we’ll go out a tad further – and under new management – that old guy from today will have table duty next week so maybe a kinder & gentler pace leader will head the group? Nah, she’s tough! We hope to see the 15 – plus more – next Sunday. Kudos to the lovely Lynnae from the Silver Group for hosting the refreshment table today. Remember to go out for two homework jogs during the week – each for an hour – and try to incorporate hills. See you all again next week. Aloha

Sweet 16’s by Cliff Hand

The Sweet Sixteens had a congenial outing for our first walk of the training season. We had nine returning alumni: Sylvia, Annette, Fran, Harry, Koga, Linda, Macy, Pam and Cliff. Our staff has grown somewhat, with both Harry and Annette joining Pam and Cliff as staff volunteers. We welcomed three newcomers to the group, Jennifer, Rose, and Aurora. Out two trips around the park were completed at an average pace of about 16-1/2 minutes per mile. (Hey, as long as we’re no slower than 16’ 59” we can still call ourselves the Sweet Sixteens, right?)

Historical note: Jennifer is no stranger to HMC, having trained in Peter’s group more than 20 years ago, stayed on as staff volunteer and was Norm’s original trainer. What goes around comes around

For the returning Silvers, please make sure to get to know the new runners (and tell them all the reasons why the Silvers are da best!). Get ready to have tons of fun this year. To the Silvers who have “graduated” to the faster groups, have fun but remember to listen to your body. You will always be welcome to run with us.

Thought of the week:

Marathoners are a very unique bunch. They all come from different backgrounds, but share a common passion – the endorphin rush. Thus, they are also the happiest bunch of people around. J

Da Comment Corner: Shoe Talks – March 27 and April 3 coming soon!

Shoes are perhaps the most important “piece of equipment” in running. Therefore, attending one of the two shoe Talks (first one geared for beginners) at the Running Room (on Kapahulu Ave.) is highly recommended. Listen to the experts on the latest in shoe technology, etc. Manager Gaston, a veteran of many Honolulu Marathons is an excellent speaker and an excellent resource.

Single file please and watch out for angry oncoming runners!

It is very important to have everyone abide by this policy especially when heading up Diamond Head. Last year, a very disgruntled oncoming runner swore obscenities at the groups and even tried to trip one of our members! Please be careful!!

Staff Leaders:

They are a very valuable resource so please utilize them. Just an estimate but amongst all of our staff members, we must have completed over 500 marathons – many have done over 20 marathons by themselves! Imagine, asking “human Wikipedias” about marathon training and no typing required!

See you at the water stops, Blair