Blair’s Weekly Update 11-29-2015

Doc’s Talk: Taper, taper and taper.   Table duty: Thanks to Lou, leader of the Green 15’s and also mahalos to his lovely wife for the assortment of goodies! Thank you!   Clinic Volunteers:

This clinic is founded on volunteerism. Members, please thank the many staff volunteers who take time to make sure that the clinic is “running” as smoothly as possible.

  Honolulu Marathon Clinic: Founder and leader – Dr. Jack Scaff and his wife, Donna.   Board – Bruce Mullikin- chair; Peter Garcia-treasurer; Norm Uyeda; Val Ogi, Luanne Murakami, Muriel Taira, Stephen Zane, Maile Burgey, Blair Hoashi. (Hope there aren’t a few more board members added recently; apologies if I missed you).   Shirt Sales           – Maile Burgey, and Val Ogi   Webmaster        – Bob Lew     Group Leaders: Advanced            – David Fitzpatrick, Les Young Intermediates Red                        -Stephen Cole Pinks                     -Rosie Adam-Terem, Leslie Ragodos Purple                  -Nelson Shingano Grey                      -Ron Alford, Andy Hignite Sliver                    -Lynnae Lee, Alberto Olivas Black                     -Ivan Irie, Russel Honda White                   -Guru Sam Usman, Bob Choate, Lisa Zeman, Jessica Spurrier, Monica Johnson, Russell Uchida Blue                       -Val Ogi, Andy Hirano. Fiona McNeill, Dave Darby Beginners Buff Walkers     George Ushijima Sweet 16’s          Cliff Hand Green 15’s          Lou Crompton   Golden 14’s        Dean Takashige Lucky 13’s           Kim Ramos                

Please excuse me if I forgot other group leaders. Much mahalo to all of the staff members who help each group remain organized and safe.


Members, please make sure to thank your staff leaders for their assistance with your training. Many sacrifice their own training for the sake of the group.


A good way of “giving back to the clinic” is to volunteer to be a staff member next year!

  Group Reports: Red Group by Stephen Cole: (Pace 9:00- 10:0 0 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Tabby, Lisa, Earl, Linnea, Sven and Daryn for our last 20-mile run from Hawaii Kai to Kapiolani.  We did the Hawaii Kai loop for 2 miles to simulate the marathon, and then ran into Kapiolani Park for Dr. Scaff’s talk. After that 11 miles, we then ran back out to Hawaii Kai for the remaining 9 miles.  Everyone did an awesome job, and are in great shape for this year’s marathon.


It was a nice day, with good breezes and some cloud cover. The group ran at a 9:30 pace for the 20 miles, ending up with a total running time of about 3:10:00.


Next week is our last long run, and we’ll be tapering for the marathon on 12/13. We’ll be doing a nice 14 miler starting from the 2nd beach park in Hawaii Kai at 6:00.



Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos: (Pace 9:30-10:30 minutes per mile)

Congratulations to our fellow runners who participated in the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. A few of us met this week and continued our tapering with most of us running approximately 11 miles or so.

Next week, we will run after Doctor Scaff’s talk. Our route will be part of the early marathon route toward downtown and back for about 8 miles. Please carry a water bottle if you can, since there are limited water stops on this route.



Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silver Group grew to 25 runners today on our first run covering the front portion of the

Marathon route. Our leader, Alberto, who is running at a recovery-pace to ensure his participation in this year’s marathon, advised us to be careful running through Waikiki and give the tourists the right-of-way as we head out to town. The Silvers ventured downtown led by Lynnae and Henry, and the group included Jun L., Tony, Speedy Joe, Lance, Terry, Dawn, Paul, Melissa, Jen, Tavy, Doc Joe, Miyuki, Andy L., Asami, Shauna (and brother Scott), Diana, Sam, Hiroshi, Moon, Sun Hee, and Carl. We got a great picture in front of the King Kamehameha statue – contact Lynnae if you want a copy. The downtown portion of the run will be crowded. Starting from the IBM building on Ala Moana Boulevard, you may be weaving a great deal to maintain your pace. It may not thin out until you reach Kalanianaole Highway. Watch out for discarded rain-gear like trash bags on the road that can become a tripping or slipping hazard. The first water stop is at Iolani Palace / King Kamehameha statue. It seems to be a smaller water stop, so don’t miss it; even if you don’t feel thirsty, take a drink. Be very careful of the cups on the ground at the water stops – they are very slippery. Runners have slipped on them and ended their marathon early. Going slower here is a worthwhile precaution until you clear the clutter; it also helps you get more water down than trying to rush through and drink at the same time.


HOMEWORK: Tapering continues. In addition to Sunday, 2 runs of one hour each is sufficient.

Target a total weekly mileage of 20 miles. Take very good care of yourself; avoid unnecessary risks and sick people (they will forgive you at the finish line). Continue mental preparation. CARL’s FUN TIPS:


  1. Save your favorite Christmas song for the run down Diamond Head Road as you’re on your last mile. A little bit of “dashing through the snow” will bring cheer to the people limping along.


  1. If you don’t think your first finisher photo will be to your liking, just run back down

Kalakaua Avenue and jump back on the course to run though the finish line again.

Repeat until you have the pose you think will work for you.  TRAINING COMMENT: Marathon jitters have set in, as we’re now on the last 2 weeks of our journey together. The best way to deal with those is to be prepared. The marathoner’s motto is “nothing new on race day”, and we’re serious. Your shoes are properly worn in, you have your favorite socks, gear, and attire. And of course, you’ve determined which hydration aids work best for you. (Plan to take ~5 gels on marathon day for women, and perhaps more for men.) Oh, and don’t forget the anti-chafe stuff. Even if you haven’t chafed before, it’s going to happen on marathon day, so take precautions. Forget the training; it’s all about maintenance and staying healthy at this point. Continue your mental preparation – select your power mantra/song that will push you to the finish. Now’s the time to figure out logistics for the big event, how to get there, where to park, what to eat, and setting personal goals. You might also want to plan your meals for the week prior to marathon – determine whether you’ll be doing a protein-then- carbo-load or just carbo-load, and nix the gassy foods. Remember, no alcohol, which may dehydrate you; save that for post-marathon celebrations.



12/06 – Final Clinic Training Run – downtown route, ~8 miles. We will be covering the front portion of the marathon course and final strategies for race day. Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the Clinic –Doc will give a very informative final talk for this season with a check off list for final race day preparations. Don’t miss it.


      White Group by Bob Choate:


(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Another Beautiful Day in Hawaii! Dr.Scaff talked about tapering and the things we need to do to be prepared for our upcoming race, The Honolulu Marathon. Two weeks out and only two more Training Runs to make…

The White Group had a good turnout of 20 plus runners. Guru Sam gave us a short speech and commanded our lost Leader Bob to take us out. Heading us all out of Kapiolani were Bob, Rich and Mike. Chatter abound and shoes clamoring…it was another postcard picture of the surf and shoreline.

Must say, energy was flowing and a few were pushing a bit harder, knowing today’s run would be easier than the past. At Triangle Park, We refilled our water bottles and tried to make a speech topic but to no Avail…Where is Dwight or Blair when we need a inspirational speech.

Can we get one of them to show up next week? Better yet, Can we get all of our missing runners (Malia, Lisa, Monika, Masato, Brent, Violet, Quin, Francis, Julio, Shelly, Heather, John, Sarah, Kelly and all the other people I forgotten of) to show up, if only for two mile where we can get a good group picture at the famous triangle park. Leader Bob can tell one of his Jokes and we could have one great speech, yes!

Anyway, we took off for the Doggie Park and mile #3. The Trades were blowing and the Clouds gave us some shade. It was nice also that we all waited as we regrouped with a few lagging runners. The run up to the gas station is always exciting. Our Friendly Pastor was waving us by and another water break was found.

Leader Bob took too long inside the mini mart and found himself abandoned 🙁 I needed some ibuprofen…knowing the route and no hope in running down this fit group of runners. My plan worked out where I walked .75 miles and turned about as the white group was on their returning route.

It was quickly reminded, last Sunday run of the Month…Here we come Kahala. Somehow Sam, got ahead of us but was caught up by a few. Then Sam slowed those fast white runners down, so we could regrouped again.

At Triangle Park, Bob, Elena and Danell came in lagging but Determined. After a minute rest and more water, we took off again. Going up this Diamond Head section is always daunting. Remembering that it’s all easier after reaching the top could be all you need.

From last to Front, Leader Bob found new energy to get up front just after the lighthouse and led the group down the road. At the Park Corner, we waited for one lagging pretty looking runner and finished our run together as a proud group.

Thanks for a Beautiful Table, it’s one of the best benefits for our Clinic. Afterwards, a few of us had coffee at Bogart’s.

O, I did not forget. Today we had Our Best Leader Jessica, Guru Sam, Rich and Bob. Then our Regulators Runners Richard, Stan, Russell, Danell, Sirena, Kayla, Ivana, Charlie, Denise, Mike, Jamie,  Jin, Chong, Melyssa, Elena, Andrew, Cara and a few others. Sorry I missed your name.

On our last run next week, we have a tradition, if you ran a marathon, to wear one of your T-shirts from that marathon. Hope to see you all there!

  Rest of Schedule: December 6:      8 miles (Fun Run) December 11:    Doc’s Carbo Loading Party December 13:    MARATHON!!! . December 14:    After marathon dinner December 20:    Picnic       Beginners:   Buff Walkers by Susan Papuga:


  Sweet 16’s By Christine David:

There were 17 sweet 16’s on our beautiful 8-mile trek today. The trade winds were in our favor. Hard to believe we’ve made it this far–only one more Sunday training walk (a quick 6-miles).

Joining us today: Cliff, Sylvia, Annette, Lynn, Dan, Judy (x2), Janet, Pam, Harry, Abby, Linda, Macy, Isaac, Koga and Masaki from Japan, and Chris. (I apologize if I missed someone! I thought I counted 18. . .hmmm. . .)

BE SURE TO COME THIS WEEK SUNDAY TO HEAR FINAL DIRECTIONS FOR MARATHON MORNING. We will meet on marathon morning, Dec. 13th, at 4:30 A.M. (yes, we are that crazy) at the bathrooms just Ewa of the tennis courts at Ala Moana Park. Look for Cliff’s white hat and he wears blinking lights to make it even easier to locate him.

Planning way ahead–the sweet 16’s (and anyone else who wants to join us!) are going to gather on Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 at 7:15 a.m. (yes A.M.) at Koko Head District Park to climb Koko stairs in honor of Cliff’s sweet 16th (x 5) birthday! After we make the trek up and down (some of us will just stay down–we are smart), we will gather for a Sunday b-day brunch at Cha Cha Cha Salsaria in Hawaii Kai (Safeway/Longs shopping center). Plan to meet at Cha Cha Cha at 10 a.m.!location My cell (Chris) is: 808-782-2401. Let me know if you want to join us that day, and I will make reservations for brunch. Email me at: or call/text my cell at 808-782-2401. Note the hike meet time is 7:15 a.m. and the brunch meet time is 10 a.m. Let me know if you are going to hike or eat brunch or both.

    Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Wow, what a difference a week makes… great day today to be out jogging around the aina.  I should go check my shoes from last week – they’re still on the lanai drying out! Green Team had not 1, but 2, Japanese visitors today… the young lad Kai was back and brought his ojisan Toshikatsu from Kobe – both will be running the HNL Marathon.  Since our usual pace leader had table duty, the gang left the park chasing Susan and returned following staffer Scott. They had heard rumors or been promised good stuff at the refreshment table so they completed their 10.2 mile prescribed route in 2H 30M or a tad faster than our target 15 m/m.  Should not have told them chocolate would be waiting…  While Lou was in charge of shooing away flies, kudos for homemade refreshments go to his wife Lisa. Next week we taper some more and only go out to Aloha Gas and back along Kahala Ave [remember when we thought that was far?]. Anticipated time is 1H-45M unless chocolate is involved.  We’re saving energy for the long run on Dec 13.  You should pick up an invitation for the carbo loading party, RSVP and attend the fun event.  Be safe doing homework miles. Aloha

  Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Taper, Taper ,Taper… Sunday was a good day for a run… We are officially gearing down for the marathon. We did an 8 mile run through the neighborhood checking out the decorations along the way.


The main talk is next Sunday… Dr Scaff will give an in depth talk on what to do from Sunday to 11 am on marathon day. Along with Peter, they will be passing out helpful hints and reminders to help everyone to enjoy a great run…


If you have any questions text email or call one of the leaders…


Next Sunday we will cover the finish line and orientation of what and where to expect to go marathon morning to catch the bus and after you complete your run.


See you on Sunday.


Lucky 13’s by Kim Ramos:

For this week’s run we were blessed with cool breezy weather. We had 7 runners in total for our run. On our last 8 mile run we went over reminders to always listen to your body when running and if you’re in pain to stop and adjust your running pace.

Its 2 more weeks till our big day. Keep up with your homework run at least two 1 hour runs during the week. Next week we’ll continue our tapering miles and do a “Malasada Run” 🙂

Reminder: Be sure to come next week on time by 7:30am for Dr. Scaff’s final talk. He’ll be going over the last week of preparation for marathon.

Enjoy your week and we’ll see you next week.

    Da Comment Corner:   Turkey Trot:

Mahalo to all of the volunteers at the Turkey Trot! Congrats to all of the participants! You all looked great!

    Doc’s Carbo Loading Party: December 11

Lots of fun, food, and libation in a very festive atmosphere.  Live music, too! Shuttle provided; see Doc’s info sheet for more details.


The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters – December 14, 6:00 p.m. 

Please sign up on the board.


After Marathon Picnic – December 20:

Get together with group members and share your marathon story; bring a favorite dish to share with others. Chili/rice and drinks provided by the clinic. We meet at the usual clinic time then go out for a “nice stroll” while some volunteers set up for the picnic.




See you at the water stops!