Blair’s Weekly Update 11-14-2015

Table Duty:

Thank you Byron for “stepping in” to volunteer for the table. The new, slim and trim Byron looks fantastic! Life must be good!

Group Reports: Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick: (Pace < 9 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. Nancy, Satomi, Craig, Les, and I ran about 18 today from Maunalua Bay Park at a varied interval pace. Take it easy and avoid injuries. Next week we’re meeting at the boat ramp at 5:45 a.m. and running 18. Run fun!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Jon Lau: (Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

John and Henry led the Silver group on a 14-mile run today. The cool and breezy conditions continued from last week. Henry was more or less in race mode even though we were not a part of the Val Nolasco Half Marathon. As many Silverados were at the race, we had a small group which included Horacio, Jen, and Bethany (training for her first marathon and her first 16-miler). Henry left the group at Paki Avenue, as he started his run earlier, and went over to the finish line to greet and celebrate with the rest of the Silvers (what an awesome leader).

Congratulations to all of those who finished today’s Half Marathon – Beth, Terry, Dawn, Melissa, Lynnae, Andy H., Asami, Tony, Sandra, Ron (Grey), Jun, April, Evelyn, Ivie, Leo, Jan, Marsha, and all other HMCers out there. It was a great day for a race, and you all made it look easy. The HMC training is paying off! The benefit of a pre-marathon race is you get to practice all those race-ready rituals like carefully selecting your diet, and waking up super early.

We have started the tapering period, and the miles on Sunday will gradually decrease. Newbies, take note: this is a very important period that must be respected. Sure, you may feel like you can do more mileage, and we have no doubt that you can, but part of preparing for the marathon is allowing your muscles to rest and repair so they can be fully ready for race day. At this point, Dr. Scaff and our staff leaders advise runners to avoid overtraining. There is no point in increasing your chances of an injury. The purpose of our weekly mileage is to keep ourselves in race ready condition.

Homework: Target 33-35 miles this week. Each run should be 9 – 11 miles with a rest day in between. Focus on your mental preparation and visualization, especially for Kahala Avenue, Diamond Head, and the final stretch in Kapiolani Park. Imagine yourself in perfect form at each section of the race – beginning at downtown, through Waikiki, along the highway, then the Hawaii Kai Drive loop, and the gas station for the final push. Also consider dividing the race into sections – first 7 miles is warm up, the next 13 is cruising, and the final 6 is the steady push to the finish line where all of your training is tested. (That’s why we say the marathon “starts” at mile 20.) Select a mantra that you can repeat to yourself when you need the extra motivation. “I own Kahala Avenue” has worked in the past for some.

Carl’s Clues for a Fun Marathon:

Carry a small flashlight that you’re either willing to hold for the whole race or dump after it’s light. Porta-potties are an adventure you don’t want to enter into blindly.

Consider carrying a sanitary hand-wipe packet, in the event that you do have to stop for a prolonged bathroom break. Bathroom breaks are like politics – Nobody likes to get their hands dirty.


11/22 –12 miles (with a 14-mile option) run starting 6 am via Waiholo. Likely our last day at Waiholo Street this season.

White Group by Russell Uchida (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Once again White group members faced cool, very gusty trades. It was a combination of ideal weather conditions and a shorter distance that kept everyone comfortable and in great spirits. While running up to Triangle Park and going contra to a running race in progress, we were ecstatic to see members Malia and Kayla on their return leg to the race’s finish line. They both had an ear-to-ear smile across their face. We are proud of you! Now come back and join us next week!!

A spirited group of 17 runners started out the run, led by group leaders; Guru Sam, Monika, Jessica, and Lisa. They led a core group made up of Mike, Charlie, Rich-1, Rich-2, Sirena, Ivana, Denise, Melyssa, Elena, Andrew, Ming, Denise, Danell, and Jaime. At Triangle Park, we all agreed that we really miss active leader Bob and hope that he will rejoin us for the rest of the weeks leading up to marathon day. Bob always kept a steady constant pace and livened up the group with all of his jokes, stories, and endless energy.

When we hit the 2nd beach park, we were extremely appreciative of Nelson for his generous and open-arms hospitality. If you take a moment and observe Nelson, you will notice that he always welcomes everyone with open arms, cups in hand, offering to any HMC runner that stops in for a drink. Nelson truly epitomizes the characteristics of generosity and giving without expecting anything in return. HMC runners are truly blessed with having Nelson as part of the clinic. Thank you Sir!

Nelson, just a heads up that next week, the White Group will be going the Downtown route and will miss your generous hospitality. According to our tapering schedule, this past Sunday may have been our last trek out to the Nelson’s Oasis. On behalf of the White Group, we thank you very much for all that you do. You have made the PTA portion of Sundays much more bearable. THANK YOU!!!!

Prior to leaving the Oasis, we saw former White Group members Dustin and Alice doing their training run, stopping in for a quick refueling before heading on out.

On the way back, strong tailwinds helped to push us along when we felt like stopping. We again met Sam at Triangle Park in his white van to see if anyone needed a ride back to the park; testing group runners to see who has the mental tenacity to continue on. Once again, all runners remained focused and the group headed back to Kapiolani Park on their own.

A big shout out to Bob, Masato, Malia, Blair, Stan, and Dwight. We miss you folks. Please be sure to come out as we continue to taper down in miles. For the upcoming week, the group will continue its tapering with a 12-miler that will take us through the downtown route. Please remember to bring ample water as the water stops are few and far between. We will also be discussing options for our morning meeting place on race day.

Please start planning your routine on the days preceding the race day as well as on race day. There are a number of items to address such as, diet, transportation drop off & pick up, running outfit, Vaseline, gels, etc. Bring your questions to share with the White Group leaders! They have the experience and accumulated knowledge to share with you and to quell any anxiety or concerns that you may have.

ALL white group members, great job! Make sure you give your body some rest and healthy food to replenish all that was lost yesterday. See you next week Sunday!! (This means you too, Bob!!)

Blue Group by Val Ogi: (Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

There was Tannia, Dan, Collette, Charlotte, Mark, Mike, Alan, Fiona and myself today, I think several group members did the 1/2 marathon as total turn out seemed smaller than usual. We started our taper from 16 to 14 miles this week. Next week we plan to taper to 12 miles, but are adding on the Kahala route to the finish line so that we can practice our smiles for the finish line on race day.

Beginners: Sweet 16’s by Christine David:

There were 17 sweet 16’s on our 12-mile (ok 11-mile) walk today. The weather was perfect so we were actually begging Cliff to do it again, but he thought 24 miles (ok 22) would be a bit too much.

Joining us today: Fearless leader Cliff, Sylvia, Annette, Lynn, Dan, Judy, Janet, Precy, Peter, Koga, Yuki, Isaac, Macy, Sheryl, Harry, Pam and Chris. (Hope I didn’t forget anyone and I apologize for names that are misspelled!)

We walked to Wailupe Park and back. We were lamenting the fact that we won’t get to see Nelson’s oasis for quite some time. We love Nelson!

Reminder that we will meet at 4:30 a.m. (wow–who actually gets up that early?) at Ala Moana Beach Park on marathon morning. We will gather near the bathrooms just Ewa of the tennis courts. Look for all the marathon clinic people there. Cliff will be wearing his trusty hat that we should all recognize. Remind me to give the straw tip next Sunday (stole it from Pam).

Planning way ahead–the sweet 16’s are going to gather on Sunday, Jan. 3rd, 2016 at 7:15 a.m. (yes A.M.) at Koko Head District Park to climb Koko stairs in honor of Cliff’s sweet 16th (x 5) birthday! After we make the trek up and down (some of us will just stay down–we are smart), we will gather for a Sunday b-day brunch at Cha Cha Cha Salsaria in Hawaii Kai (Safeway/Longs shopping center). Plan to meet at Cha Cha Cha at 9:45 a.m.  My cell (Chris) is: 808-782-2401. Let me know if you want to join us that day, and I will make reservations for brunch.

See you next Sunday! We only have to walk 10 miles. (ok, maybe 9)

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Plan was to taper back 20% and go out for 14 miles Sunday… couldn’t ask for better weather … nice breeze and reasonably ‘cool’. Eight of the usual suspects were present plus a visitor… 11 yr old Kai was brought to HMC by his mom who asked if he could go out on a practice run since he plans to do the marathon in December with his marathoner grandfather who will fly in from Japan… well, maybe to Aloha Gas. Mom was ok with that. If he shows up next week with grandpa, they may want to go out with an intermediate group… the kid will be a marathoner in his own right. So coming back we had 8, four of whom stayed with the pace leader and 4 felt the need to practice a quicker pace to assure one of our own wins free meals at work by beating our planned finish time… she will, no doubt We 15-pacers did 13.97 miles(pretty dang close to 14 miles) in 3H 30M or 15.0 m/m. Not only did the fearless 4 scoot ahead, they took an unusual turn and jogged a distance of 14.5 miles. Next week we taper 30% and will visit the oasis if it’s open for the last time this training year. Thanks to Nelson for being open today, and to Byron at the finish with all his delicious assortment of unhealthy fattening refreshments – we can afford to put on a pound or 2 prior to marathon day. And, yes, you should be doing some similar tapered homework

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

The weather was actually really nice. I was a little warm but there was a great breeze to cool us off. The turnout was small due to the half marathon run going on. We all had a great run. A few went 16 and the rest of us went 13 miles which included the finish line and a dip in the ocean to cool our piggies….Not to mention we also had a Hawaiiana lesson about the Hala tree.. alng the way. Everyone has come a long way so now is not the time to get in extra miles, just maintain and don’t injure yourselves. Three weeks out is not enough time to recover. Whatever you have been doing or not doing don’t change at this point of your training. We will be entering the tapering portion of your training. No more 16 milers, that’s done for this year. If you haven’t done a 16 miler it’s too late. Save it for December 13. Don’t forget to sign up for the HMC marathon dinner the day after at Dave and Busters, especially for our first timers. Its great fun.

If you would like to be a staff member to help out next year please come and talk to me or one of the staff leaders.

Keep up with your 1 hour runs and we will see you next Sunday.

Da Comment Corner: Mahalo, Staff Volunteers:

Group members, please thank your staff leaders for their unselfish leadership throughout the year. Many leaders are running at a pace which might not be “ideal” for them but they stick with the “prescribed pace” for the benefit of the group. Staff leaders might “slow down” for the group while other leaders do their best to maintain the group’s pace, even with the challenges of work and family schedules, and other issues which might prevent them from training more regularly.

A good way to give back to the clinic is to volunteer to be a staff member next year and help other runners achieve their goals.

Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving morning, November 26th. (Volunteers still needed) Dr. Scaff’s Carbo Loading Party December 11th

You’ll have a hard time recognizing fellow runners with their clothes (work or party) on.

The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters!! – December 14, 6:00 p.m.

(Please sign up on our sheet)

HMC After Marathon Picnic – December 20:

Enjoy great food and company while sharing your marathon experiences. Lots of fun and lots of information sharing.

Let’s all start tapering, tapering, tapering – you’ve earned it!! Have a great week!

See you at the water stops!