Blair’s Weekly Update 11-07-2015

Table Duty: Thanks to Henry and Robert for a great spread of goodies at the Table!!    Group reports: Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick: (Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. Donis, Nancy, Craig, Les, Frank, and I ran about 18 today from Maunalua Bay Park at about 8:50 pace. Docs talk reminded us not to overextend in the next five weeks.  Next week we’re meeting at the second beach park at 5:45 am and running 18.  Run fun!


Red Group by Stephen Cole: (Pace 9:00 -10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Tabby, Lisa, Earl, Jun, Daryn, Linnea, Sven and Jimmi for our first 20-mile run from Hawaii Kai to Kapiolani.  We started from the 2nd beach park and ran toward Hawaii Kai for 1.5 miles, and then into the park for Dr. Scaff’s talk. After that 10 miles, we then ran back out past the 2nd beach park and back for the remaining 10 miles.  Several of the red group were recovering from a marathon last week in Auckland, and others ran slightly less miles due to injury, but everyone did an awesome job. Congrats to Linnea on her first sub-4 marathon!

It was a nice day, with wind gusts and a few clouds out there on the run. The lower temperatures were a welcome change, as we head into winter. The group ran at about a 9:30 pace for the 20 miles, ending up with a total running time of about 3:10:00.

Next week is the 1/2 marathon race of the marathon readiness series, and many of the red group will be running that. Those that do will also tack on a 10K run on the end for a nice 19+ mile training day. Others will either run on their own or will be running another 20-miler on the same route.



Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos Pace 10:00 -11;00 minutes per mile)

Despite a brief hiatus last week, Hao, Jeff and I met at Kapiolani Park at 6:30 a.m. to run a little more than 6 miles before coming back to listen to Doctor Scaff’s talk. A different route was suggested which included a cautious short, steep run up the hill on Kilauea Avenue near KCC and a run along the ocean path near the old War Memorial Natatorium. We were delighted to see our cheerful leader Rosie at Doctor Scaff’s talk. From the talk, Katsu and Michael joined us. Fumiko also joined us at Triangle Park. We ran to the first beach park and back for a total of 18 miles at approximately 9:30-10:00 minute/mile pace. It was breezy but still very warm, a reminder to hydrate well. Thank you very much to the snack table volunteers for providing the refreshing lightly salted fruit and other snacks after our run.

Next week, for those who are not running the marathon preparedness series half marathon, we will meet at Kapiolani Park at 6:30 a.m. to begin part of our run early.

  Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva: (Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group was treated to ideal running conditions for an 18-mile jaunt on this cool and breezy Sunday morning. Leaders Henry (at table duty) and Lynnae were absent, but they did their 18-mile run on Saturday to ensure their training didn’t suffer. Inspirational leader John also ran on Saturday but still led the group on Sunday morning (obviously, not recommended, but we appreciate his dedication). It was a Chromies group today, as we welcomed the Grey Group. Die-hard runners in attendance: Ron and JP (Grey), Speedy Joe, Lance, Terry, Shauna, Asami, Melissa, Kin, Tony, Horacio, Carl, Jun, Alberto, Bethany, and Katsu (Pink) as well as a few others whose names I didn’t get.   Silverados completed 18 miles in about 4 hours — started 5:10 am and finished 9:24 am. Their route included — first beach park, Nelson’s Oasis, the church, Kahala gas station, through Kahala Ave to Triangle Park (no shortcuts today), Diamond Head, and Paki Ave.  Cool and breezy conditions really helped today.

Bethany and her friends turned back at Triangle Park because one of them felt pain just right above her toe area. (Smart choice.) We saw former volunteer staff leader, Paris, along Kalanianaole Hwy as he cheered us on toward our 18 mile goal.  Cool and breezy conditions helped for a strong finish as we thought about shrimp fried rice and roast pork.  Doc’s talk today was about moderation when it comes to food.  Enjoy your food! As runners, we need to eat enough so that we have the fuel to run the full marathon.

Thank you Joe & Lance for the drinks, Shauna and her homemade blueberry scones, John (potato chips & water), and Dawn for the seasoned pretzel twists.

Along the run, we discussed the mental aspects of running a marathon. It’s important to “run in place” if you want to tackle such a huge race. This just means that rather than constantly looking back at what you ran during the race and ahead, thinking about how much distance you have to go, try to keep your thoughts limited to where you are at each moment. As long as you keep moving, the distance will get covered. Carrying the whole race in your head is exhausting. That’s why running with a partner is great because the conversation can help distract you and keep you in a good place. Also consider dividing the race into sections – first 7 miles is warm up, the next 13 is cruising, and the final 6 is the steady push to the finish line where all of your training is tested. That’s why we say the marathon “starts” at mile #20.

Please be careful on Kalanianaole Hwy and run single file. [Stay away from the white line!!!]  We do not want anything bad to happen while you’re out running with us.  Avoid any activity which will increase your chance of injury. Remember ICE — ice, compression, and elevation.  Listen to your body’s needs. If you need another day of rest, take it.   Stretch on your rest days.

HOMEWORK: Target 36-38 miles this week. Each run should be 8-11 miles with a rest day in between. We are less than 5 weeks from marathon, and the taper will begin soon. Figure out which supplements you’ll use for marathon day. Start testing a new race day outfit or belt. Stay dedicated to this journey.

Carl’s Clues for a Fun Marathon:

Anyone finishing in 7 hours or more who has the energy, should seriously consider starting a Conga Line at the finish with random, willing, fellow racers. You may not be the fastest, but you’ll be having more fun than sub-four-hour runners who can’t feel their feet.

If you’re looking for a fun costume idea for three and you’re all running at the same pace, have two people dress like JAL flight attendants and carry your own finisher’s tape. When you get to the finish line, have the flight attendant runners go ahead and put the tape up for the third person to run through. It’ll look great in the photos!


11/15 – Mizuno – Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon (final race in the readiness series) @ Kapiolani Park. Clinic run led by John and Henry – 14 miles (with an option to do 16). Meet at Waiholo at 5:30 am.

11/22 – most likely a 5:30 am start.  Mileage TBD.

11/26 – Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 10-mile pace prediction fun-run. Pre-register to save a buck – ($7 online, $8 on race day). Bring a friend or two. Winners need not be fast, only accurate.


12/14 – POST MARATHON PARTY. Sign-up @ Clinic.

Finally, take the time out to honor the Veterans in your lives this week. We get to run free because of their hard work and sacrifice! To all of the HMC Veterans, thank you for serving with valor and unselfishness. You are true heroes and inspirations to us all.


  White Group report by Russell Uchida: (Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Cooler more brisk gusty trades welcomed the White group as we deviated from past practice of starting with the mass clinic at 7:30am to an earlier 6:30 am start time to accommodate our last 18 mile run for the year. 15 runners started out promptly to loop around Kapiolani Park and the Honolulu Zoo. After making that loop, we reached Paki Pavilion for a short water break and then proceeded to do the remaining 16 miles. The novelty of starting earlier filled everyone with greater energy and excitement as everyone maintained a brisk and sustained pace of or around 12 minute miles.

After a short introduction of a couple of new runners to the group, we were lead on the arduous 18 miler by Group Leaders Monika and Jessica. Other runners following closely behind were Mike, Elena, Rich, Sirena, Kayla, Denise, Andrew, Charlie, Ming, Pernima, and Danell. We continued our brisk trek to the gas station for a quick refreshment /refresher and then proceeded on to the first beach park. When we reached the usual 5-mile marker “telephone booth”, we were met up by veteran leader Guru Sam with his van filled with additional runners who were unable to make it at the earlier start time. It was a welcome surprise to see both Melyssa and Brent with ear-to-ear smiles and fresh legs. Their appearance provided us an extra minute to refresh our legs.

When we hit the 2nd beach park, we again thanked Nelson, USC, Marsha, and company for hosting the Oasis. It really is a tremendous “picker-upper” for all and gives us the motivation to continue on. Nelson did make a note that he NEVER sees Sam this far out and it was quite a welcome surprise for him. We proceeded to the Church to make our nine (9) mile turnaround. On the way back, strong tailwinds helped to cool us down and to continue the brisk 12 mile/min. pace. At the “mile marker phone booth”, we parted ways with Sam, where he had initially parked and met up with us. On our way back, we bumped into (the other) Richard who was doing his solo run.

With continued strong gusty tailwinds coupled with semi-cool winds, we made it through Farmers Road, and on up to the Triangle Park. We were met up by Sam at Triangle Park in his white van testing group runners to see who would succumb to the ride back and who would continue on to the finish. Proudly, all runners remained focused and the group momentarily re-convened then headed back as an organized group.

We continue to miss BOB, Lisa, Malia, Blair, and Dwight. The group will taper beginning next Sunday with a 14 miler according to Bob’s mileage schedule. Thanks to Hang for bicycling alongside of us and taking pictures along the way. She played the part of marathon photographer, taking many pictures of both fresh and exhausted looks.

ALL white group members, great job! Make sure you give your body some rest and healthy food to replenish all that was lost yesterday. See you next week Sunday!!


  Blue Group by Val Ogi: Pace 12:30- 13:00 per mile)

This week we had 19 at the clinic start. We headed out to the second park and Nelson’s Oasis. Thank you to Nelson, Marcia and Dean and Caroline. Today we finished our run @ 14 miles and officially start our tapering. What a perfect running day, wishing for this cool weather on Marathon day! We are doing Kahala Avenue for the month of November.  We will do the same next week. Great run, negative split but last mile said 11 minute pace, maybe a little fast but we were all feeling so good at being able to taper! Members this week were leaders Maile, Andy, Marisa, Marivic, Brent, Rick, Cheryl, Betsy, Sharon, Grace, Doug, Tannia, Trieu, Adam, Mark, and special guest leader Rosie. Sorry 2 more gals I forgot their names. Thank you to Henry and Robert for the wonderful refreshments especially the salted star fruit, it really hit the spot.



Beginners:   Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

I was inspired by Doc‘s talk this morning – wanted to go home and eat a hot dog for lunch… once in a lifetime, that’s moderation… dilemma is no hot dogs in the house.  Ten of us formed up for our longest distance run when the Fair Fiona shoo-ed off 2 Japanese tourists to another group; he wore a tee shirt & pants while she wore a nice dress… yeah maybe best they went with another group.  Our jewel of a leader gave us the basic long route [around HK Drive loop] but then for the first and only time this year gave us options how to return from Aloha Gas.  And yet another surprise – one of our joggers has an incentive to finish faster than our target 15 pace or 6H 35M… she gets 7 free lunches to beat 6-28!   So our friendly helpful staffers, Lou and Fiona, elected to show Susan just how to do the easy trick.  She finished 17.7 miles in 4H 17M [and we easily could have finished quicker] with a 14.5 overall pace  – if you extend the philosophy a few more miles to marathon distance, she has time to spare and wins 7 free meals.  Do it!  We willingly missed our usual 15 pace, but it was for a good cause.  Mahalo to Nelson for having the oasis open and to Henry for keeping the refreshment tables open not only for us but the other folks still on the road.  He’s got a lot of oranges to eat… Next week we enter our tapering phase – we’ll drop 20% and go for 14 mi at our 15 pace.  Don’t forget homework.  Aloha

  Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Sunday we had a nice size group. It was sunny with a nice breeze which was great to keep us somewhat comfortable along the way.

No new items except everyone should be finalizing what you are going to wear on Marathon day, shoes( might be a little late but better NOW than the week before) make sure you choose your socks, or try different ones to fit better or help prevent blisters, now is the time to figure these things out as we do our last few long runs.  Other items like decide if you are eating pretzels or energy blocks or gels. now is the time to figure out what you are going to take on your run. If you were thinking about changing your fanny pack do it now to get used to it.

Got questions? ask any of the staff members.  Most of us made it to the first park then some continued to the 2nd park and a few went to the 8 mile turn around.  Next week it will thin out since there is the last of the readiness series runs.  For the rest of you see you on Sunday and be sure to sign up for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day.  If anyone is even remotely thinking of being a staff member next year come and talk to me. We would love to have you on board.

See you all next Sunday.

    Da Comment Corner: Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving Morning

Volunteers still needed; please sign up on the board

After Marathon Dinner at Dave and Buster’s – Monday, December 15 at 6pm; cost $30. After Marathon Clinic Picnic – Sunday, December 21; 7:30 a.m.


See you at the water stops,