Blair’s Weekly Update 10-11-2015

Our Final Bus Run:

Thanks to everyone for showing up on time and being so orderly. Runners loaded up on two Robert’s school buses that went out to two different stops. Thanks to all of the members who generously gave more than the bus fare of $3. The clinic truly appreciates your generosity!

Thanks to Purple staff leader Nelson and his gang for the Oasis at the second beach park; it was much needed and very much appreciated today!

No Official Clinic this Sunday due to Susan Komen Run. Group Reports: Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick: (Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. Some folks did the bus run today. Nancy, Les, and I met at the second beach park. Next week is the second beach park at 5:45 am. Folks may consider 18 depending on conditions. Run fun!

Grey Group by Ron Alford: (Pace 10:30- 11:30 minutes per mile)

. The Grey Group, including Ron, Diana, Horatio, Kara, Caasi, Darren, Donna, and Paris, took the bus to Makapuu. Emily met us there after having already started her run. The start from Makapuu was overcast and muggy. At the first park on Hawaii Kai Drive we stopped for water and Emily turned back toward Makapuu where she had parked earlier. The rest headed through Hawaii Kai with another water stop at the office buildings across from the dog park on Keahole St. and then out onto Kalanianaole Hwy to Nelson’s Oasis. At that point Ron dropped back to a walk pace and the rest of the Greys headed back to Paki with no problem.

Remember there is no clinic next week because of the Susan Komen Race being held in the park – Greys will join the Silver Group so be sure to look over the Silver Group review for details. The following week Ron will be running the 30K so join up with the Silvers or Pinks. November 1 an 18-miler is planned so make sure you are keeping up with your mid-week runs!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva: (Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group enjoyed a challenging run in Hawaii Kai. John, Henry and Lynnae led Speedy Joe, Lance, Shauna and Andy H. on a special course that included some of our favorite spots. The group started out early from the dog park and headed west to Kawaikui Beach Park. We returned to the dog park via the Hawaii Kai Loop. That was the first 6 miles. Then we took some back roads to Kamiloiki Elementary and headed up heartbreak hill, all while getting a good drenching. Since the showers kept us cool, we didn’t mind too much. We just wrung the extra water out of our shirts and kept on going. We turned around at Kalama Valley then headed to Koko Head Elementary, and upon our return to home base, we passed by Dog Chapman’s home in Portlock. We modified our course and pace along the way to keep the group together, and agreed to walk some of the hills. Actually, we thought we got a better workout by walking the hills and really feeling the stretch in our already tired muscles. The discussions turned to food the closer we got to the finish. Our legs were aching by the end of our run, but it was the good kind of ache. Great job, gang, on a really great workout! We finished in time to cheer on some of the other groups on the bus run (and even got to share a little snack).

Yoga can be a very helpful activity to keep a runner’s training on pace for the marathon. Carl practices yoga regularly by reminding himself:

  • Yoga-ta do your homework runs at least twice during the week days.
  • Yoga-na get hurt if you increase your mileage more than 10%.
  • Yoga-ta rest at least 24 hours between long runs.
  • Yoga-na get chafing if you wear something new on a long run (or forget to use Vaseline).

Tip (from Carl): Our polyester tech-wear that is so helpful in training because of its moisture-wicking nature, is also a haven for smelly bacteria. Your running gear will start to take on a life of its own after a while because bacteria thrives on polyester, more so than cotton. One method of controlling the smell is to wash the clothes out ASAP after a run, then soak them in a white vinegar solution. If you’re able to throw it into the washing machine as soon as you get home from a run, add a cup of white vinegar to the laundry when the load gets to the rinse cycle. Stop the machine and add the vinegar, then let it sit for at least 10 minutes before starting the washer up again. If I’m wrong about this, please be kind in letting me know about my odor and I will stick to the back of the group for the remainder of the run.

Shout Out Corner: A long overdue congratulations to our Silverado triathlete, Jen, for successfully completing the Kawela Endurance Triathlon in August. We were in awe of her because she would jump on her bike right after one of our long runs when most of us were exhausted and could not think of doing anything but eat. Jen reported that her running had improved and she wasn’t as sore afterwards. We hope to see her back on the course soon before this season’s over. She joined the Clinic this year to improve her running, and we’re so proud that she met her goal. Terrific!


  • 10/18 – There is no official Clinic due to Race for the Cure. We will do 16 miles that will focus on other parts of the marathon course we don’t usually run. Meet at 5:45 a.m. at Waiholo. We will run east and take the Hawaii Kai loop then head to Triangle Park before returning to Waiholo. Those who are racing in the 30K may want to stick to a shorter distance (ie. 10 miles), which is an option on this planned course.
  • 10/25 – HMSA 30K (4th race in the readiness series); Kapiolani Park. Longest race distance pre-marathon. Newbies are highly encouraged to register. Most Silverados are doing this race. Clinic Silvers should run 18 miles slow on own, or talk to John on 10/18 to set up a meeting spot.
  • 11/15 – Mizuno – Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon (final race in the readiness series); Kapiolani Park.
  • 11/26 – Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 10-mile pace prediction fun-run. Support HMC and tell your friends to get ready for some pre-feast prep! Non-marathoners may be more inclined to do this race.
  • 12/13 – Marathon Day!

White Group by Blair Hoashi: (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

15 members made the 15.5 mile trek starting from Makapuu Point – verified by a photo taken by a Polish guy who could only be identified by his finger that was part of the photo. We think it was staff leader Monika’s husband. Thanks for taking the photo Jeffrey! Apologies, but could not transfer the photo onto this update. There was also mention that the group’s “three stooges” did not make the run. Which one is Curly?

See White group Facebook entry for meeting time/place for next week.

Blue Group by Val Ogi: (Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

We were worried when it started raining heavy from Hawaii Kai through Makapuu. Water was running down the highway like a river. Luckily when we got off the bus it stopped raining. We had a great turn out 17 of us headed to 2 miles to Sandy Beach for a water break before heading into Hawaii Kai. We were enjoying the cloud cover and light drizzle through Hawaii Kai. Soon after leaving Maunalua Bay the sun came out and heated us up rather quickly. We were so happy that Nelson and Marcia were at Kawaikui Park with Gatorade, we really needed it today! Thank you for saving us and letting Ariana hang out till her Dad could pick her up. The rest of the group did 15 miles, I told Nick that I needed to go to the finish line to make 16 miles. He surprised me by joining me for the added torture, but I told him my former running partner said you cannot do less miles than you did the week before, until we officially start to taper. Map my run posted 16.08 miles with average pace at14:02 per mile. Blue group members today were Leaders Dave and me, Mark, Jess, Marisa, Tess, June, Brent, Marivic, Sharon, Bethany, Trieu, Rick. Guests were Mara, Ariana, Richard and Deanna. Next week we will do the beginning of the Marathon Route, meet @ 7am at Magic Island bathroom near parking lot entrance. Remember to bring water and snacks to practice what you want to use on Marathon day.

Beginners: Buff Walkers by Susan Papuga:

Everyone did a fantastic job for our final bus run!

Yoshiko, Dulce, Michael, Karin , Loke and I were delighted with the overcast conditions and light sprinkles that greeted us at Makapuu. It certainly made our walk to Hawaii Kai much cooler than in previous years. We were joined by Ron at our first water stop on the front side of “heart-break hill” as we continued our journey back to Kapiolani.

Everybody planned well and kept a consistent pace.

Remember there is no clinic next weekend, but please still get your workout done. Continue fine-tuning your plans for what you will do on race day. We should be dialing in what we will wear, eat and drink during the marathon as well as how to handle pacing and bathroom breaks.

See you in 2 weeks, unless you’re doing the 30K.

Sweet 16’s by Christine David:

Fourteen Sweet 16’s started out the walk today from Makapu’u lookout. Cliff, Harry, Linda, Lynn, Dan, Sylvia, Annette, Precy, Peter, Sheryl, Ron, Judy, Chris and Judy. All of us made it back to Kapiolani Park in some way, shape or form! Along the way, we walked on Hawaii Kai Drive to get a feel for the marathon route. (We felt hot!) And we cried tears of joy when we saw that Nelson was still at Nelson’s Park waiting for 5-6 hours for all of us to pass through. THANK YOU, Nelson! We think we walked 16+ miles as we took some zig-zag paths, but we’re rounding it up to an even 20. It was hot and humid so adding an extra 4 miles seems perfectly reasonable.

Some reminders for the sweet 16ers: Don’t over train. We’re walking long distances these days so no need to do extra beyond the recommended weekly dosage. Also, we will meet at the Tennis Courts at Ala Moana Beach Park next week Sunday at 7:30 a.m. (It’s the Susan B. Komen race so there isn’t a clinic at Kapiolani Park.) Our plan is to walk the downtown and Waikiki marathon route so we can point out all the good bathrooms along the way. Well worth the walk! (And we may be able to spend the rest of Cliff’s allowance on Frappuccino’s at Starbucks Waikiki) My cell number is 808-782-2401. I will have it with me before 7:30 but I don’t carry it on the walk. Let’s remember to exchange cell numbers next week!

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Sunday Fun day … a good time was had by all. 8 little green ones took the yellow bus out to Makapuu Light House… kind of foreboding to see the dark gray skies, the windshield wipers slapping and the rain coming down. Incredibly we jumped off the bus and there was no rain. I don’t want to know what happened to the rain, I don’t care, I’m happy it was gone. We gathered round the Makapuu marker and politely asked Jeff to take our group photo… he kindly did. Well, otherwise we were going to air a photo of him in the bushes…and that could have been a “little” embarrassing. We skipped and whistled down the road and through the valley, and made it back to our start / stop point at 14.45 miles in 3H 37M for a pace of 15.0 m/m, and we had great grouping as we finished. We really want to finish the marathon with a 15 pace and we’re on course. What a great surprise to find Nelson open for business on a bus run… really appreciated that. Since we are bumped out of KP next Sunday, the Green Team will get together informally on SATURDAY 17 October at 0730 at our usual start spot. I overheard some of the ladies talking about 16 miles… geez, that’s far. If people from other groups are having trouble meeting your alternative arrangements, you are welcome to join us Saturday 7:30 AM. We wish rapid healing and good health to a couple of our folks who are ailing. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

. This was our last bus run for this year… WOW time is flying by and its getting really close to Marathon Day…

It was a rainy start which is not bad except for the soggy shoes..But this is all part of the training. We had really soggy shoes last year. So all is good to be prepared.

The few of us, yes the group has gotten small, started a Munalua Bay and ran the loop before heading back to Kapiolani park. Good review of the landmarks along the way and noticing where the actual half waypoint of the race is just to give you an idea of where you are.

Next week the Golden 14s will be meeting at Ala Moana Park in the figure 8 parking lot ewa (west) of the Tennis courts. We plan to start at 7:30. We will be covering details of Marathon morning, where to meet etc.

We will see you next Sunday at Ala Moana.

Keep up your homework and stay saf

Lucky 13’s by Kim Ramos:

Aloha everyone,

Today was our last bus run for the year. The Lucky 13s consisted of. 8 anxious runners who wanted to tackle our last bus run strong.

We started our course at Maunalua Bay Beach Park. It was pouring rain but it kept our bodies cool. We got our shoes wet, something most of our runners are not used to. (Tip: Stuff newspaper into your shoes so it can absorb the moisture and keep your shoes from smelling stinky >_<)

At Kawaikui Beach Park, we were blessed to have Nelson’s Oasis to refuel us with cold refreshments and snacks. As we tackled the famous long stretch of Hawaiʻi Kai Ave our group made sure we ran close to the sides at all times for our safety.

We then reached Kapiolani Park and realized we only did 11 miles. Our group set a goal to do 2 1/2 big laps around the park. As we hit mile 12 I myself hit the wall. My knees started to lock and I was dehydrated. Great job everyone for pushing forward without me. Two runners finished 13 miles and two other runners finished 15 miles. I walked for a while and pushed myself to finish the full 16 miles.

Great job everyone who came out to run today! I’m proud of all of you.

For the next 3weeks I will not be able to make it out for runs. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. Next week there is no official run. Feel free to join any group next week for your runs.

For those going to the HMSA 18mile run on October 25, 2015 I wish you all the luck.

Keep running, keep training, and you’ll meet your goals.

Da Comment Corner: Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning:

The event is a great way to start off your holiday celebration – a ten mile “watchless” early morning run sponsored by the Clinic to practice one’s pacing for the marathon. Entry fee required and lots of prizes for participants. Also, volunteers needed! Please sign up on the bulletin board! Certain volunteers can even do the run after their task!

See you at the water stops!