Blair’s Weekly Update 10-04-2015

Doc’s Talk:

Doc spoke about vitamins and supplements today. All of Doc’s talks are available on “thumb drive”. See Bruce M for info.

Table Duty:

Special thanks to White Group leader Jessica and her merry associates for taking care of our table today! It was a total White Group effort as every member of the group contributed in one way or another to Jessica’s fabulous array of goodies. Great teamwork and heartfelt generosity by all of the White Group in assisting Jessica with her task! I won’t mention all of the names involved for failure that I might someone. Much mahalo to Jessica and the White Group for an incredible table!

Third and Final Bus Run this Sunday: Groups

The furthest drop off point will be at Makapuu Point – roughly 15 miles back to Kapiolani Park. Please bring water bottles and some extra dollars for drinks along the way. The water stops are few and far in between. Please check with your group leader as to where you will be dropped off. The fare is $3. Please be at the clinic start at 7:15 a.m.; buses depart promptly at 7:30 a.m. Currently 100 runners are signed up.

Group reports: Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick: (Pace <9 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. Nancy, Les, John, Donis and I had a nice 16 miler today. Next week is the bus run, and if folks can’t make that I’m doing a short run from the second beach park at 5:45  a.m. Run fun!

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos: (Pace 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

This week Kozo, Jeff, and I were joined by Louise for the first part of our run (5.35 miles around Diamond Head). We came back to listen to Doctor Scaff’s talk about vitamins and nutritional supplements.

After the talk, we were joined by Floren (sorry if I misspelled your name) and Eugene, but Floren soon left us behind with a speedy 7-minute mile pace. Go for it, Floren!

Overall, we ran at a quick under 10-minute mile pace and ended up running a total of 17 miles, with the second part of our run consisting of going out to the 1st beach park and back.

Next week we will meet at 7:15 a.m. for the bus run. Stay safe and have a great week!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva: (Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

16 miles came and went for the Silver Group on this perfect day for running. Clear, blue skies and gentle trade winds kept us cool throughout the run. With our numbers diminished by the absence of Silverados who were in Kailua participating in the Brio Ice Cream 25K (3rd race in the readiness series), John led Speedy Joe, Lance, and Carl on a challenging course at a strong pace. The group started out early from Waiholo and headed east to Kawaikui Beach Park. We then, did a u-turn and headed back to Kapiolani Park where we added a large loop around the park and included the Honolulu Zoo. Nothing like the smell of elephants in the morning to wake you up!

As we ran, we discussed the hazards on the road that runners and walkers need to be aware of. One growing trend seen on the road, in our neighborhoods, shopping malls, etc. is people so absorbed with their cell phones and oblivious to their surroundings. Head-on collisions can occur between pedestrians (both us and them) and cause injury to a runner who is almost ready to take on the marathon in December. Watch out for those cell phone (self-own) junkies and avoid the urge yourself. Run defensively and stay safe.

I hope everyone is enjoying this stage of their training when others are impressed with your high mileage training and svelte figure. This is that special time of the year when you find yourself instinctively planning your running route based on water fountains, bathrooms, and porta-potties. You’re loading up with pretzels, gels, salt tablets, and fluids like a mobile refreshment stand. If you’re a newbie, at this time last year, you never would have thought of putting on a backpack that was full of water, strapping bottles around your waist, wearing a reflective vest in public, wrestling with compression socks, or slapping tape up and down your legs. But you are a runner now. Welcome to the crazy world of voluntary distance trauma. Every signpost next to a curb becomes a stretching station. Low walls and picnic tables are points of collapse, or an opportunity to hike your leg up onto it to stretch the glutes and hamstrings. A world where muscles are so stiff after a run that men now enter their car in the same manner as a woman in a short skirt: legs together, rear in first, slowly sitting, then swinging both legs in at once since you can’t comfortably step into the car in the manly way of swinging one leg in first without cramping or fear of tearing something vital. Congratulations on your progress! Keep up the good work.

Tip: Shoe Check – Will your shoes be marathon ready? Now’s the time to decide. Race shoes should have at least 200 but no more than 500 miles. If you’re going to get new shoes, you’ll need about 2 months to get them marathon ready. Take your old shoes with you when you go shopping, and remember it’s better to go after a run when your feet are bigger.

Shout Out Corner: Congratulations to the many HMCers who participated in the 25K Brio run, the most challenging race in the Marathon Readiness Series. Kailua was buzzing with determined racers anxious to get to their ice cream. HMCers met the challenge head on, and were pleasantly surprised by the shorter course. HMC participants included: Jun & April, Tavy, Terry, Ivie, Melissa, Tony, Ron (Grey), Martha, Debbie, Henry, Dawn, and Evelyn. Good job everyone! The ice cream sundaes were well deserved. Mahalo also to Asami for volunteering at the snack table and cheering us on.


  • 10/11 – 3rd and final bus run. $3 at the door. Drop off at Makapuu and run back to Kapiolani Park. The Silvers will meet at the Hawaii Kai dog park at 5:45 a.m. for a 16-mile run through Hawaii Kai, to Sandy beach, and covering the marathon loop and other areas we haven’t been regularly passing.
  • 10/25 – HMSA 30K (4th race in the readiness series); Kapiolani Park.
  • 11/15 – Mizuno – Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon (final race in the readiness series); Kapiolani Park.
  • 11/26 – Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 10-mile pace prediction fun-run.
  • 12/13 – Marathon Day!

Black Group by Ivan Irie: (Pace 11:30-12:00 minutes per mile)

After a long hiatus from the Clinic newsletter (Thank you, Bob, for shoutout last week), the Black Sestet is back as having 6 regular runners do not make it a group, unfortunately. Starting at Waiholo St, The Black Trio of Jan, Ivan, and Russ ran to the Trinity Church, turned around, caught up with Devan and Lianne, and ran towards the clinic to complete the majority of the run. We were, then, joined by Attilla, and ran towards Triangle Park. There Atilla separated from us, and we had a brief Sn Francisco marathon conversation with Mango Bread man, Jeff, and we continued towards are cars. We were a mile short by the time we got to our cars so we ran a little bit in the neighborhood, and we were still short by .25 miles from our goal. Oh well, here are our stats: 16.75 miles on a 12-12:25 pace. Next week is the bus run and our Black Group lifetime leader, Russ, will be running from Waiholo at 5:30 a.m. towards Kapiolani Park to catch the bus. Feel free to join. For the following week, the Black Quintet will not have an unofficial run as most of us are out of town. Happy running!

White Group report by Bob Choate:

We had a lot of Activities for this First Sunday in October. We as a group agreed to spilt today’s 18-miler run to get off the road a little earlier and avoid the Hot Sun! Our First Part started at 6:30 a.m. and had Masato (Only made part one, due to another engagement), Charlie, Mike, Jamie, Denise, Elena and Leader Bob. We held a good pace on our first lap around the park and Zoo, Coming back to the Clinic, We helped Jessica and Her Daughter, Sirena set up for Table Duty. Lap two was shorter for we did not include the Zoo and finished with a total mileage of 3.9 miles.

A Big Mahalo to All whom chipped in with food, snacks, watermelons, sandwiches, pineapples and so much more for Jessica Table Duty. If you did not know, The Jessica and Sirena stayed until 1:45 p.m. waiting for the last walkers and/or Runners. Thanks Ladies!!!

After the Morning Speeches and All the Information you’ll need to know, we broke up into our sub groups. Leader Bob pointed out the early morning runners and reminded the rest that we would be doing Part Two, 14 miles to Nelson’s Oasis. It was nice to find a few missing runners show up.

Leader Bob with Charlie and Mike led the group swiftly out of the Park and up Diamond Head. Half way up we ran into Jin and Chong whom started earlier doing a reverse route. Head count was 18 Runners at our first water stop.

At Triangle Park, We had a quick talk and headed out with purpose for the doggie park and catching up with Guru Sam. At the Gas Station we lost a few runners whom wanted to do the shorter Sam’s Love Run. It’s all good, Thanks for your Company Ivana, Lisa, Ming, Malia, David, Richard (did 10 miles prior), Denise (12 miles for the day) and Leader Sam.

Eleven Good Runners were left and eagerly wanted to take on Kalanianaole Highway. Leader Bob kept the 12:30 pace and in no time at All, we made it to the Fabulous Nelsons Oasis. Refreshments were needed for all and 5-minute break restful.

We lost Jin and Chong whom had their car parked here. So with 9 left we took off with a good tailwind. Going back we crossed three different slower groups, making a run for the trinity church. Good Greetings were happily shared upon our passing. Also it was Inspirational that we get to see other members in training.

Time flew by fast or maybe it was heat transmission that melted my memory card. Anyway we made it farmer’s road and still clinging together as a group. At Triangle Park, Charlie took off and Leader Bob broke off. But the final seven stuck it out. Leader Monika, Elena, Jamie, Mike, Stan, Russell and Danell. Oops, I hope I did not miss your name, but if I did, please forgive me. I did note earlier I lost some memory.

Back at the Clinic, Jessica had the best spread of food I ever saw. Watermelon for everyone, I’m eating some now as I type this blog. Also A Big Thanks to Ivana’s sons who helped prepare the food. They did not run today but Blair and Randy stopped by with more food offerings.

Next Week, Bus Run Number 3, be there 7:15 a.m. because the Bus leaves 7:30 a.m. Three Dollars. 15.5 miles and Bogart Coffee…no table duty. *Please check your White Group Facebook page for the meeting time and location of our informal October 18th Sunday run – no official clinic due to the Susan Komen run. Blue Group by Val Ogi: (Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Today Blue Group started 22 strong & enthusiastic, looking forward to a cool run with possible showers. It was a beautiful trade wind day but no cloud cover till the leg from Wailupe to Kawaikui Park. Thank you, Nelson and Marcia for drinks, potato chips and pretzels, it saved us again. Reminded everyone that we need to find out what snacks will work, and we’ll be able to carry in our packs, as we won’t have our fabulous “Oasis” on race day. We were joined by Grace and Ichi from the lucky 13’s, and happy to have co-leaders Andy and Dave back along with Maile & me. Our Blue members in attendance today were Tannia, Marissa, Jess, Truie, Doug, Jerome, Sharon, Betsy, 2 Ricks, Brent, Marivic, June, Bethany, Jan & Robin. Reminded all to come at 7:15 a.m. next week for prompt loading of buses. In 2 weeks Blue Group will be starting at Magic Island at 7  a.m., do the beginning route of the marathon and out to Triangle Park & back for 16 miles.

Beginners: Green Fifteens by Lou Crompton:

Ten of us left the park with the idea of checking out various toilets, drinking fountains and a canoe house over there at the marina. It really is uncanny how each week we go out and like by magic the distance always increases about 1/2 mile… 14, 14.5, last week 15 … and Sunday by the time we got back we had covered 15.5 miles… just an amazing coincidence how that happens. The whole circuit took a tad under 4 hours with an overall 15.4 m/m pace. See what happens when Miss Gina misses a Sunday outing… no one there to crack the whip or spur the pacer if he slows down. I did ask #2 slot if she wanted to jog on the return to make up some time – she said No – she had gone out hiking Saturday and legs were achy, no jogging today. Won’t mention any name to save embarrassment. Hint for all – thou shalt not go hiking on Saturday. It’s not really safe and it kills the legs for Sunday. Many thanks to Nelson for being nice to us twice at the oasis, and to the charming and patient ladies on table duty – way past noon when some of us departed and a few groups were still out on the road. Next Sunday is Bus Run 3. Show time is 7:15 a.m. and bring 3 single dollar bills or one bill with a big number – do not bring a $3 bill – Peter has a sharp eye and will catch that. The good guys of the Green Team will exit the bus at Makapuu Light House. Did anyone look on a map and see how far that is? As always, carry water… first water stop (and toilet) is 3 1/4 miles. Plus there is a fairly good size hill to climb up and over as we pass thru the valley. At 5 1/2 miles we’ll be back on Kalalanianaole Highway @ Hawaii Kai Drive and familiar landscape. Aloha (PS – Susan, it’s fabulous that you can go hiking Saturday and go out 15.5 miles at a 15 pace Sunday morning. You are in great shape!

Da Comment Corner: How many dabs? (Repeat)

By this time we should have chosen our marathon shoes; made up our minds about the “best looking as well as best functioning” shorts, tops, headgear, sunglasses; found our most comfy socks and, selected the “perfect” energy booster. Also, how many “dabs” of the Vaseline (or other lubricants) are enough “over here or over there”? As mentioned by many of the staff leaders, we should be familiar and be comfortable with many of the tangible details that we are able to control. The marathon is only 2 months away!

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,