Blair’s Weekly Update 09-27-2015

Table Duty:

Mahalos to Silver Group leader Lynnae for the great assortment of goodies at the table! Thanks so much for staying so late to take care of everyone. She stayed open past 1 p.m. to accommodate late arriving runners! Thank you!!!

Third and Final Bus Run – Oct. 11th:

Please sign up!

Fare is $3. The furthest stop will be at Makapuu Point – approximately 15 miles. Water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few a far between. Also bringing some extra cash for drinks or energy bars might be recommended. Other stop options might be the traffic lights past Sandy Beach – 13 miles and the Maunalua Bay at the start of Hawaii Kai, mileage varied dependant on route. Please check with your group leader as to your start location. We ask everyone to show up at 7:15 a.m. so we can board the buses promptly and leave on time.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

It was raining cows and horses when we met at the second beach park. Dave decided it might be too hazardous to run because of poor visibility. He, Donis and Nancy opted not to run. The truth is they are both so sweet, they would have melted in the rain. Jun is preparing for a race next Sunday so he wanted to run despite the rain. Les and Jun decided to run after completing a rain dance to appease the gods complete with salt and fire. The rain stopped and blue skies opened. Ran into Eriko who ran with us to Kahala Avenue. She had run from home in Kaimuki to meet us at the second beach park. Did a loop around Kapiolani Park and got to the clinic in time for the talk. Picked up Dr. Eric Oshiro and Craig at Paki. The Dr. ran with us till the gas station and turned around for a 8-miler. Craig, Jun, and Les finished up another 16-miler. Rain running is great!!!

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00 – 10: minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Tabby, Lisa, Earl, Jun, Daryn, Linnea, Sven and Jimmi for another 18-mile run from Hawaii Kai to Kapiolani. We started from the 2nd beach park and ran toward Hawaii Kai to the church, and then into the park for Dr. Scaff’s talk. After that 9 miles, we ran back out past the 2nd beach park and back for the remaining 9 miles. It was good to end at Nelson’s Oasis 🙂

It was a soggy day, with many rain showers and just a bit of sun in the middle of the run. The lower temperatures were a welcome change, though. The group ran at a 9:30 pace for the 18 miles, ending up with a total running time of about 2:50:00.

Next week is the Brio 25K in Kailua, and many of the red group will be running that race. Others will either run on their own or will be running another 18-miler on the same route.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos:
(Pace 9:30 -10:30 minutes per mile)

Despite the heavy rains early in the morning, today was another cool and comfortable day for running.

Kozo, Katsu and I met at Kapiolani Park at 6:30 a.m. during the middle of the Honolulu Century Ride–there were a lot of participants and some spectators moving around on bikes. Nonetheless, the path cleared just in time to cross Paki and head up Monsarrat for our weekly long run.

After Doctor Scaff’s talk, Eugene, a long-time participant in the Clinic who knows our leader Rosie, joined us for the second part of our run (approximately 10.5 miles). We ran a total of 16 miles at a steady, strong pace and finished with the Kahala Avenue race-day route.

Eugene shared some marathon tips based on his experience, in addition to proper training, of course, to enhance race performance and hopefully meet time goals, such as considering using medium-weight “racing” shoes (lighter than training shoes), using the right socks (especially if it is raining), drinking plenty of Gatorade before and during the race, and carrying/using nutritional gels during the race.

Next week, we will meet at the same time/location (Kapiolani Park at 6:30 a.m.) and run a total of 16 miles.

Grey Group by Ron Alford:
(Pace 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

The Grey group left the park with some Greys and some Silvers but by Triangle Park there were 5 – Ron, Horatio, Lance, Caasi, and Arly (hope I got that right). Great running weather – cloud cover, breezes, and some rain now and then. Made good time out to the first beach park where Lance headed back (he started early) and the rest of us went on out to Holy Trinity for the turnaround (Nelson we miss you!!). We cruised down Kahala Ave. and back to the park with no problems.


  • Distance: 15.75 miles
  • Running Time: 2:57:53
  • Total Elapsed Time: 3:33:44
  • Average pace: 11:18

Ron will be running the 25K next week so Greys should run with the Silvers or Pinks. See you all at the Bus Run the following Sunday, October 11th.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 11:00 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group completed their first official 16-mile run this season. It was rainy and very breezy; we got in extra wind resistance training. John and Henry led the group that included Melissa, Speedy Joe, Paul, and Lance. Dr. Scaff said that no one should be running more than 4 times per week. 3 times per week is ideal. 3 runs of 10 miles each is better than 4 runs of shorter distance.

In light of the recent robbery at gunpoint at Kapiolani Park… please be careful and vigilant when out on the course, no matter where you are. If you’re running at night, it’s best to take a running buddy and wear light colored or reflective clothing.

Homework (mandatory): Let’s keep focused on the goal; target 32-36 miles per week. Find a running buddy if you need one. Each homework run should be 8-10 miles with a rest day in between. Follow the 10% rule; mileage should be increased by no more than 10% per week. Take an extra rest day after Sunday, or run shorter on your first day out. The body needs time to recover properly, so you can come back stronger.

Running Tips: Good luck to those HMCers doing the 25K next week. Remember that the week before a race is an important period of preparation – be careful with your diet, carbo load a few days prior, eliminate alcohol, avoid potentially injurious activities (hiking and contact sports), get plenty of sleep on Friday night, prepare your gear (and supplements) the day before, know the parking plan, and nothing new on race day. After that, all you gotta do is enjoy the run.

Shout Out Corner: A big mahalo to James, Asami, and Henry for helping me with table duty this week. The smokie links, pineapple, and homegrown starfruit added a nice touch to our spread. Thanks also to the HMC muscles who assisted with set up. Table duty is a big job this time of year, so all the contributions were much appreciated.

Shoebox donations: thanks for the shoeboxes! They will be put to good use. Last week I met a man from Grenada who received his shoebox many years ago, and he credits that shoebox with influencing him to be the man he is today. Although he has been through many hurricanes in the Caribbean, his box has survived and is a positive reminder to him that someone cared. If you forgot, no worries, boxes (or other donations) can be delivered to the Clinic on 10/18. Leave it behind the table.


  • 10/4 John to lead 16-mile run. Early risers can meet at Waiholo at 5:30 a.m. Regular start at 6:20 a.m. to join the returning crew and head to Kapiolani Park for Doc’s Talk. Brio Ice Cream 25K (3rd race in the readiness series) – Kailua Beach Park. Registration till 10/2. Good luck to the HMCers in this race.
  • 10/11- Bus Run #3. Sign up at Clinic. Cost $3, bus drops off runners at Makapuu. Silvers will organize a different meeting spot.
  • 10/18- Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K at Kapiolani Park, no official Clinic.
  • 10/25 – HMSA 30K (4th race in the readiness series); Kapiolani Park.
  • 11/15 – Mizuno – Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon (final race in the readiness series); Kapiolani Park.
  • 11/26 – Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 10-mile pace prediction fun-run.
  • 12/13 – Marathon Day!

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

The Last Sunday of September brought on excitement for Our Kahala Avenue Adventure, Indeed it was all that and more! Dr.Scaff and Peter gave their good speeches as usual and inspired us to push through any discomfort. The Black Group was not to be seen so we started off rather quickly. Leaders Rich and Bob lead the Group out of the Park with some brisk wind keeping us cool. At the Top of Diamond Head, 18 runners were counted…

At the Triangle Park, We agreed on next week’s 18-mile run would be split in two. Please meet at 6:30 a.m., an hour early so we can do 4 miles running around the park twice. This should allow us to attend the Clinic Talk. Those wanting to do less can just some up at 7:30am. After the Talk we will do the second part, where we jog out to Nelson’s Oasis (7miles) and return back. Also to note: Jessica will be doing the Table Duty October 4th, any help or support will be appreciated!

Our run continued to the Gas Station and we all got a good rain shower. The Blue Group was doing a good job trailing us. Leader Bob dropped off to wait for Denise (Just got over a flu) to catch up and approaching the Gas Station, We saw Sam, Ivana, Melyssa and Mike making an early Return. It’s nice to see everyone giving their best effort…Some getting over flu’s, Injuries and/or busy schedules. After another quick meeting we continue up Kalanianaole Highway passing all the miles markers easily. Sad No Nelson’s Oasis but the showers and wind blowing in our face kept us distracted.

On the return run we broke up into two groups. Jessica and Monika leading Group A up front and Bob holding up the rear. We more or less kept a slower pace of 12:30 and stayed close until the Gas Station. From that point I lost sight of the speedy ladies. (Group A also had Sienna, Masato, Andrew). Group B consisted of Jamie, Lisa, Elena, Danell, Denise and Rich. Thanks to Elena for demanding we continue to Kahala Avenue. It was grueling as now the Sun has finally came out and keeping a 12:45 pace was our best at this point.

At the Triangle Park, We lost Leader Bob who waited for Denise walking up Kahala Avenue. Or that was his explanation! The Table duty was terrifically spread with Watermelons, Oranges, Cold Gatorade and so much more. Thanks to Jamie, Asami and Lynnae for waiting so late for the last groups.

We also had Charlie running with us today but he took it up a notch after the first Gas Station Stop (mile 4). I am lost on the 18th person name in my count earlier, so Sorry – your company was appreciated! Until next week – Do some homework!

The Beginners:

Green 15 by Lou Crompton:

If we want to look at the good side of today we have to be thankful it wasn’t hot… but other than that… a one word description could be yuck… what a day to use Hawaii Kai Drive as a turnaround point… did I mention the gale force winds or the torrential rain? Kind of a replay of visiting Hawaii Kai in 2014 marathon. We were joined today by a first timer – the smart & lovely lady Dr Suki … she will not be doing the 2015 marathon, but she knows where & when to find us for the 2016 HMC. Nine of us went out for our weather training 15.1 mile jog and, surprise surprise, we returned in 3h 47M for a 15.03 m/m overall pace. Only three hundredths off a turkey prize if Green 15 folks were allowed in the Turkey Trot… cut off time for the 10 miler is 2H 20M and Green 15 people do it in 2H 30M just as we did when we jogged a 10 mile distance. Kudos to Lynnae and her gang for surely setting a gold standard of refreshments… the variety of choices was akin to walking thru Safeway. Remember when problems arise on a Sunday morn, there’s always the PM, or Monday or Tuesday etc, to do a long run. Marathon is fast approaching and, ready or not, the starting gun and fireworks will go off. Next week – a tad further

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Sunday was another wet morning…not great for the shoes, but was nice and cool..

It was officially the last run in September. So our target mileage for October will be fourteen miles…

Due to the bike ride going on we did not see Nelson at the second beach park turnaround…

Some dates to remember; October 11 will be our last bus run for this year. So sign up if you are intending to join us. October 18 there is no official clinic but the 14s will meet at Ala Moana Beach Park, at the figure 8 parking lot next to the tennis courts. We are planning to start @ 7:30 a.m…. rain or hurricane…shall not stop the Golden14s.

Keep up your homework and we will see you on Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

Mr. Miyazaki – started running at age 90:

I’ve been running almost all my life but here is a news report about Mr. Miyazaki who started to run at age 90: Age is certainly just a number to Japanese runner Hidekichi Miyazaki. At 105, he’s still running races– and breaking records. Known as “Golden Bolt” for his habit of imitating the winning pose of Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, Miyazaki recently broke his record as the world’s oldest sprinter, but couldn’t help but be a little disappointed with his time of 42.22 seconds in the 100-meter dash. “I wanted to shave off a few more seconds as I got 36 seconds while training,” Miyazaki said. He didn’t start running until he was in his 90s and credits his longevity to daily exercise, moderate eating and chewing his food properly, Reuter’s reports.

Third and Final Bus Run October 11th; please sign up!

See you at the water stops!