Blair’s Weekly Update 09-13-2015

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff spoke about statins today. Looking for volunteer(s) to give us a short and sweet synopsis of Doc’s weekly talks – please let Peter or Bruce know. Clinic members will be eternally grateful and perhaps a few minutes might be knocked off your marathon PR by reviewing and disseminating Doc’s message (you never know).

Table Duty:

Andy, Jeff and Rich – mahalos for the fabulous treats!

Group Reports: Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick: (Pace – <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. Donis, Nancy, Jun, Craig, Les, and I ran about 16 today from the second beach park at about 8:50 pace. Next week we’re meeting at the second beach park at 5:45 a.m. and running 16. We wish John the best for Chicago. Run fun!

Red Group by Stephen Cole: (Pace 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Tabby, Lisa, Earl, Jun, Daryn, Donn and Jimmi for our first 18-mile run from Hawaii Kai to Kapiolani. We started from the 2nd beach park and ran toward Hawaii Kai to the church, and then into the park for Dr. Scaff’s talk. After that 9 miles, we ran back out past the 2nd beach park and back for the remaining 9 miles. It was good to end at Nelson’s Oasis 🙂

It was a great day to tack on an additional 3 miles, with nice clouds, showers and some breezes to take the edge off the heat. The group ran at a 9:15 pace for the 18 miles, ending up with a total running time of about 2:45:00.

Next week will be another 18-miler on the same route.

Happy running!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Carl Silva: (Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silver Group ran 14 miles this Sunday filled with mixed weather patterns which brought us warm, heavy humidity; bright sunshine for a moment; some cooling wind; light rain; and down pours. John and Henry led six members: Dawn, Terry, Melissa, Hiroshi, Carl, and Horacio. They ran into Evelyn along the course, who has healed quite nicely from her foot issue. Mahalo to those who contributed post run snacks: Terry (tangerines), Dawn (ranch braided twists pretzels), and Henry (homegrown starfruit).

The warm weather has been challenging this year, but the group has been weathering it well, one week at a time. It has been amazing to see how some of our runners are pushing through the heat with strong pacing. No doubt there will be a few Silvers breaking 4.5 hours this December. They are an inspiration to those of us working on improving our times, and good friends to have since they can save some malasadas for the 5+ hour finishers. We all run for food! Good job, keep up your homework.

Congratulations to those Silvers who participated in the previous Sunday’s Marathon Readiness Series’ 20K at Barbers Point, including John, Jun L. Dawn, Evelyn, Tony, and Carl. We hope your training shined along the course!

Shoe Tip: A quick and reliable way to dry out water-logged shoes is to stuff them with newspaper. Remove the insoles and hand-wash them to help keep things fresh, then stuff the shoes with crumpled up newspaper. It will draw the water out of the shoes and into the paper. Later in the day or the next morning take the paper out. Replace with fresh newspaper as needed till shoes are dry. Once dry, remove the paper and let the shoes air out. This will significantly reduce drying time.

Replenishment and Recovery Tips: While the training supplements are great (ie. Sport beans, gels, gummies, bars, and hydration drinks), here are some other things that you can find at your local market. Coconut water is great for hydration, and has a high level of potassium – more than bananas. Adding honey to the water bottle has worked for some. Mustard packets supposedly work, but can be yucky going down. And pickle juice is an option for salt replenishment. Finally, chocolate milk is good for recovery because it has protein. Remember, supplements affect people differently, and not all brands are the same. Bottom line, test out what works for you before race day.


  • 9/20 – 15-mile run. Early risers can meet at Waiholo at 5:30 a.m. for a run out to Nelson’s Oasis and back. Early-ish risers can meet at 6:15 a.m. to join the returning crew and head to Kapiolani Park for Doc’s Talk. We will run Kahala Avenue and a loop around the park to practice our marathon finish.
  • 9/27 – start 16 miles.
  • 10/4 – Brio Ice Cream 25K (3rd race in the readiness series) – Kailua Beach Park.
  • 10/25 – HMSA 30K (4th race in the readiness series); Kapiolani Park.
  • 11/15 – Mizuno – Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon (final race in the readiness series); Kapiolani Park.
  • 11/26 – Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 10-mile pace prediction fun-run.
  • 12/13 – MARATHON DAY!

White Group by Bob Choate: (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Another Beautiful Day in Hawaii to take a leisurely Jog. Or at least it started that way. Today we had an average Group of 18 Runners, missing a few regulars. Noticeable for the entire clinic, smaller than normal turn out. Maybe the absent runners knew better.

Leaving the Park, Leader Bob took his sweet Ode time, somehow his GPS watch was not matching his breathing. We made it to the triangle park with the blue group hot on our tail. With no further instruction except we were to make a few shortcuts, our path was set for the trinity church beyond Nelsons Oasis…

We were all going strong up to the gas station and was blessed with a light mist. With the cloudy covering and a occasional wind spurts, we kept up a good spirit.

At Wailupe Park, Our Stairway to Heaven Hikers, Melyssa and Brent turned back while others trudged on. Our members Jin and Chong, started earlier from here this day, so they called it a day. Leader Bob, called the group out quicker than usual, for we would be back soon to see Nelson. Little did anyone know, we would be running into a rain storm?

About 100 yards before our turn around point, the Rain just came down. Running was tricky trying to avoid puddles or rushing water. Thanks to Nelson, for he was getting poured on but still waited for our return. A quick drink and onward we floated back to the Gas Station.

Farmers Road was nice without the Sun shining down us. It was not until the triangle park when the Sun returned.

Thanks to Jeff, Andy and Rich for a fantastic table. Fried Rice, Tuna Sandwiches with P&B sandwiches were Refreshing. Along with the assorted fruits.

Our participants today were Leaders Monika, Jessica, and Bob. Plus Quin, Elena, Russell, Ivana, Sienna, Danell, Stan, Jin, Jamie, Chong, Richard, Mike, Masato, Melyssa, Brent and sorry if I missed a couple of others. You were all appreciated. Until next week, do some homework runs and rest up. Peace and Aloha

Special thanks again to Nelson and his Purple assistants for the “Oasis” at the second beach park Suggested Sunday Schedule for remainder of year for the White Group:

  • September – 20th – 12-14 miles; 27th 16 miles with Kahala Avenue included
  • October – 4th – 12-14 miles: 11th – bus run (15.5 miles); 18th – no clinic (easy 12 -14 miler recommended);
  • October 25th -16 miles with Kahala Avenue included (or HMSA 30K)
  • November- 1st – 12-14 miles; 8th – perhaps an 18-miler (early start) with Kahala Avenue.; (Start Tapering)
  • November 15th – 12-miler; 22nd – 12 miler (front part of marathon – Waikiki, Ala Moana, DT and back);
  • November 26 – Turkey Trot (volunteer or run its 10 miler; 29th – easy 10-12 miles
  • December- 6th – 8-miler; 13th MARATHON DAY!

Blue Group by Val Ogi: (Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Today we missed Group Leader Andy, as he served us refreshments for table duty along with Jeff, awesome feast, thanks so much. Several of our group members are out of town so there was only 11 of us starting out on what we were hoping to be a cool run with the cloud cover. Little did we know that the rain would come down so hard for so long during our run. We got a good drenching, told the group this is good practice because last year’s HNL Marathon, my shoes were soaked like today by mile 1 with 25.2 more to run. Reminded group to put Vaseline on their feet for these longer runs. Thank you Nelson & Marcia for the Oasis aid station loved the oranges, pretzels and chicken in a basket crackers. On a side note the young man that we helped about 3 weeks ago came over to us at Triangle Park and thanked us for helping him out. He said he learned his lesson and was carrying a water bottle and using Nuun supplement to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion. Finish distance varied from 10-16 miles, finishing 14 miles with us were Rick, and Marivic, Maile went on to complete 16 miles and I finished at 15 miles, trying to maintain a 12:30 pace in this cooler weather. Hope the weather cooperates next week so we can get our homework miles in.

Beginners: Sweet 16”s by Christine David:

We followed our fearless leader’s (Cliff’s) directions to a tee. We started out promptly at 7:50 a.m. and by the time we got to Kahala Mall we were pretty tired and soaked from the rain. We had heard that Meru (a movie about mountain climbing) was playing early in the morning, so we thought we’d take a 2 hour break and get out of the rain. Cliff gave us a budget so we bought popcorn and sodas for everyone. We figured we ‘walked’ about 6 miles just watching the movie so we were up to about 10 at this point. We walked outside and it was still pouring, so we went to the walk up Starbucks to get hot chocolate. That took a LONG time as everyone had the same idea so we counted another 2 miles (up to 12 now). A couple of women in our group (no names mentioned but their names start with S and A) ran ahead at this point keeping a pace of 6 mins/mile, so they were specks on the horizon. We made it to Wailupe Park and our GPS was drenched and perhaps not working, but it logged 14 miles. Only 1.5 to go to reach the goal that Cliff set for us. Harry picked up the pace and started swimming through the puddles to get to Nelson’s. The rest of us saw a Waikiki trolley race by so we hopped on ala James Bond style and rode to Nelson’s–jumped off at the stoplight. We knew we had reached our mileage at this point, so we paid Nelson to grill some brats and we settled in for a rainy picnic. By this time (3 p.m.) we decided to call a cab to take us back to the park. The tables were still set up for us (thank you!) so we enjoyed more snacks and then rolled to our cars. Was a great morning/afternoon. Did we remember all the directions, Cliff? It was quite a work out!

Sweet 16ers today were: Sylvia, Annette, Lynn, Dan, Pressi, Peter, Chien-wen, Judy, Sheryl, Mike, Linda, Harry, Isaac, Isaac’s wife, Macy and Chris. Hope I didn’t forget anyone.

(True story: Most of us walked “almost” 15 miles. Some overachievers broke the 15-mile barrier: Sylvia, Annette, Lynn, Harry. A huge MAHALO to Nelson and the table crew for waiting for us. Much appreciated by all!)

Next week we plan to catch the trolley to Ala Moana to do some shopping. Cliff gave us more $ for that.


Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Ten green ones left the park under overcast skies… should be a decent change from hot & humid weather we thought. Departing Beach Park 2 and heading east we had an “uh oh” moment… as in: “Uh oh, should have turned around at BP2”. Wow, that qualified as a hard rain! And it didn’t stop for about an hour…yuck… good training for jogging in soaked shoes… and – surprise – no blisters for me! If betting were legal, we could bet on how long it’s going to take for the shoes to dry out. Green Team pounded the pavement for 14 miles today and returned in 3 hours 36 minutes for a 15.4 m/m overall pace – we’ll take it on such a rainy day. Thanks much to Nelson for having the oasis open, and to Jeff for bringing at least 2 big containers of his bread for refreshments today. Next week we’ll go out for 14.5 miles in whatever weather we get (est. time on the road is 3 hours 39 minutes if you need to make arrangements. )

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Our run started out under cool and overcast skies. Since the weekend has been under showers we decided to take a route on the opposite side of Diamond Head and run up Monsarrat Ave instead of Diamond Head road like we usually do.

We also decided to really change things up by taking the short hike to the summit via the crater trail. This proved to very interesting at the least but was a lot of fun!

As we started up the trail it started to rain which very quickly turned into a downpour. Wow never saw waterfalls on the inside of Diamond Head Crater before.

Our group took it in stride and had a lot of fun at the same time.

After leaving the crater we continued on our normal Sunday route to gain our Sunday mileage.

This turned out to be a very good training run in wet weather. Like bring a snack bag or equivalent to protect you phones, a good test of your socks to make sure they work out in soggy conditions, and reminders like don’t run on the painted lines on the roads or avoid manhole covers since they get very slippery when wet. The only thing missing were the Vaseline and the Garbage bag raincoat. I am confident we will have another opportunity in the weeks to come.

The group overall ran 12 miles and were out on the road over 4 hours, and we burned 1,304 calories.

On behalf of the group I want to welcome Sandy and Lori to the group.

Keep up your homework of at least 1 hour 2 times during the week with a day of rest between, and we will see you all on Sunday.

Da Comment Corner: What’s in your pockets?

As most of you are well aware, on the longer runs, just water is not enough to replenish one’s energy sources. I am sure that the staff leaders have given their ideas as to what might be a good source of energy replenishment. In the past I have taken Power gels, GU, Car-boom, Cliff Bars, Power bars, VAAM (powdered Japanese energy drink), gummies, as well as carrying powder for Gatorade. Some swear by pretzels and ling hing mui seeds, while others are adamant about their preferred gel packets. Please experiment accordingly and ask your fellow runners what works for them.

My “fuel of choice” recently has been lots of Gatorade with a little VAAM mixed in, oh, and a few pretzels and chips courtesy of Nelson’s Oasis. And, it is always subject to change. So when Inquisitive HMC runners ask, “What’s in your pockets”; show them your array of goodies. By the way, some folks in the White Group have taken to spam musubis as an energy source.

Third and Final Bus Run:

We are changing the date to October 11th. The original 18th date is when the Susan Komen run takes place and on the 25th the HMSA 30k is on – therefore the change to the 11th of October. Please sign up on our signup sheet which will be posted shortly. Furthest drop off point will be Makapuu Point – distance approximately 15.5 miles. A nice run along the eastern shoreline – a run not normally not done and so a good change of venue.

See you at the water stops,