Blair’s Weekly Update 08-23-2015

Doc’s Talk:

Doc spoke on the types food that we should eat during our training.

Table Duty:

Thanks to Pink Group Leader Rosie for the great spread! Your refreshments were just what was needed after a tough run! Mahalo!!!

Group Reports:

Advance Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace <9 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. Donis, Nancy, Satomi, Neil, Craig, Les, John, and I ran 14 today from the second beach park on a muggy day at about 8:50. Next week we’re meeting at the Roy’s Hawaii Kai parking lot at 5:15 a.m. Bring water. Run fun!

Grey Group by Ron Alford:
(Pace 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

Ron and Bill lead Emily, Diana, Samantha, Bethany, Shauna, Cassie, and Nikki out for a sweltering 14 mile run. Everyone did well but Shauna decided to turn back at Aloha Gas as she had some foot problems. At Waiholo, Emily, Diana, Samantha, and Bethany (who started early) headed for their cars leaving Ron, Bill, Cassie and Nikki to partake of great refreshments at Nelson’s Oasis.

On the way back Bill went straight back to Paki but it was so hot that Ron, Cassie, and Nikki stopped for a dip in the pool at Ron’s house. Very refreshing!


  • Total Distance: 13.5 miles
  • Running Time: 2:28:50
  • Total Elapsed Time: 3:06:20
  • Average Pace: 11:05

Ron will be away for the next 4 weeks (Na Iwi Coast Run, Holiday, Old Pali 4-miler, and the Maui Half Marathon) but will return to clinic on October 27th. If Bill is not available, run with the Silvers or the Pinks.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

John, Henry, and Lynnae escorted a group of ~10 Silverados on a 14-mile run today. Our group included: Terry, Paul, Melissa, Dawn, Kin, Speedy Joe, and Lance. We saw Moon and Sun Hee out on the course, having started earlier and from a different location. In the wake of tropical storm/depression Kilo, weather conditions were just plain yucky. However, despite the high humidity, we were blessed by clouds and sporadic breezes. We all agreed that the conditions could have been much worse, and we were very thankful for the companionship of the other Silvers who helped the time pass quicker. Mahalo to our volunteer snack crew: Terry (oranges), Henry (starfruit), Melissa (li hing apples), Dawn (pumpkin mochi) and Paul (drinks, chairs, tables). However you chose to get your miles in, good job on a hot day!

Homework (mandatory): Target 28-33 miles per week. This can be done in 2 homework runs of 7-9.5 miles, or 3 shorter runs if you’re injured, with the first homework run on Monday afternoon. Don’t forget the rest day in between, as rest days are training days too. Also remember the 10% rule; mileage should be increased by no more than 10% per week. Homework avoidance will be evident on Sunday runs. Train smart to avoid injury. And don’t forget to pack a supplement or two.

Running Tips: With the longer Sunday runs, your recovery becomes much more important. Stretching after your cool down, proper hydration, and dietary replenishment are all important. Some soreness is expected, but over time the recovery period should be shortened as your body gets accustomed to the distance. Fruit and some salty snacks immediately after, and a protein shake or full meal 1-2 hours following your run is recommended. Aspirin after (never before) your run can help the inflammation. Experiment with different elements to see what works best for you. Most importantly, if you get injured, stop running or it will get worse. Injuries now can be healed before race day with proper care. See “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Jack Scaff, pages 37-39 for a good discussion on injury protocol (and you’re sure to see familiar faces).


  • 8/30: 14-mile route, including Kahala Avenue and the marathon finish. Since we will be doing a modified route, we will adjust the start times. Early start at 5:45 a.m,. and second start at 6:10 a.m. Remember, the goal is to get to Doc’s talk by 7:30 a.m.
  • Marathon Readiness Series 20K (9/6): Good luck to the HMC runners out at Barber’s Point.
  • Labor Day special Run (9/7): Since there is no official Clinic on Labor Day weekend, the Silvers will be doing a special run. The route and location will be decided next week and posted here. All HMCers are welcome.

The Tough Runner Award goes to Terry for completing 18 miles on a very tough day. While she was only scheduled to go 14 miles, it seems she got so enthralled in conversation that she added extra miles without even realizing it. Good job!

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

We had a strong turnout for our White Group this week. Dr. Scaff and Peter gave us a good talk, missed them last week due to our second bus run. Heard the money collected for bus run far exceeded the cost, thus putting good money into our future outlook.

Leader Bob set the pace leaving the park, with the Beautiful Voice of Violet, shouting “single file” and Guru Sam making our new comers feeling welcomed.

The view up Diamond Head was showing promising good glassy surf that was the product of tropical storm, Kilo. Bob counted 22 runners making the climb up the cliff.

After a short break at the Triangle Park, We made the turn at the doggie park and onto Kilauea Avenue. A half mile before the gas station, we broke up a bit and the front runners (Pace Setter Bob, dropped back) were hitting 11-minute pace, Oops, Remember we need to conserve some energy for the long haul.

After the Gas station we were quick to stay on pace and keep it single file on Kalanianaole Highway. Nelson Oasis was a good treat. Cold Gatorade n Water with Pretzel. Thanks again Nelson. We also chatted with Jin and Chong, white group friends whom were doing a reverse order, ending at the park.

We lost a few earlier at the gas station but on our return we still had about 17 die hard runners. The showers predicted by the weatherman showed up on Farmers Road. Wow, No shadows or heat wave.

By the time we reached the triangle park, the blazing hot sun was presented. Nobody quit the final two miles and we made it back 13.5 miles with a moving time of 3:07. Big Thanks to Rosie and Friends for some awesome watermelons, oranges, banana, etc. We all enjoyed the treats.

We had Leaders Lisa, Rich, Sam, Monika and Bob. Plus Mike, Elena, Russell, Ivana, Ming, Violet, Russell, Danelle, Stan, Masato, Denise, Corine, Sherwin, Andrew, Richard, John, Jamie and sorry if I missed a couple of others. You were all appreciated. Until next week, Aloha

Special thanks again to Nelson and his Purple assistants for the “Oasis” at the second beach park.


Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30-13:30 minutes per mile)

We started out with 14 in the blue group this muggy morning. 2 left us at Aloha Station, 4 left us at Wailupe, 3 left us @ Waiholo due to starting their 14 miles from that location. We decided to come back through Monserrat due to the extreme humidity, so we cut off a mile and ended up doing 13 miles at 13:30 average pace. Thanks to Nelson for his Oasis, and Rosemary for the wonderful spread back at the park, we really needed it!


Sweet 16”s by Cliff Hand:

The Sweet 16’s (Cliff, Chris, Arlene, Fran, Peter, Pressie, Loke, Lynn, Dan, Linda, Macy, Harry, Abby, Roland, Michelle, Cheryl, Yoshiko, Fiona, Sylvia, Annette, Isaac) pushed the mileage out to 13-3/4, once again enjoying the respite provided by Nelson at his Kawaikui park oasis. Our group has settled in now with an occasional newcomer and no recent defections. We count 20±2 pretty regularly. All are committed for the long haul towards the goal in December (and beyond). All are complaining about the heat, but enduring and overcoming it. Today was not so bad, because we had an overcast sky for the first two-thirds of the trek, and some breeze. And thankfully some rain as well. But the sun came out for our last five miles, reminding us what Hawaii is really like in August. Thanks for waiting, table crew!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Great timely news by Dr Scaff... I can go out for a steak & potatoes dinner and eat a piece of birthday cake with gooey icing – all made with butter and eggs. Our Green 15 team had 10 depart the park Sunday,,, I think the high humidity must have shrunk the earth! Twice during the week I jogged our Sunday route and measured 12.8 and 12.7 miles…. not today…. we measured 12.54 miles on a few GPS devices… But we came back in 3 hours 10 minutes for an overall pace of 15.15 m/m – staying on our target. Most of us have been training together for 6 months and folks are much improved for leg strength and endurance… probably that’s why a couple zipped past water stops and continued down the road…. do that kind of stuff on your homework runs… we need to stay together on Sundays… what if someone fell or had a pain or cramping and needing some help? Being 1/4 mile away from our water stop doesn’t show much concern for the “team”, but only your PR. If any person has a pressing need to go faster than our pace leader, suggest you move over to Intermediate groups. Otherwise please stay with or behind your pacer on Sunday outings. Next Sunday the green gang will extend our distance if the earth doesn’t continue to shrink. If you were absent today we missed you – return next Sunday. Forecast is miserable weather this week…. so? Strive for 30 total miles.

Green 14’s by Dean Takashige:

This was another hot and humid Sunday at the park. We had a small showing, since we did such a good job initially training our new runners that most have currently moved to a faster group. Kudos to you, keep up the homework and you should go fine. We want say Welcome back Rick who just started with the group 2 weeks ago. For various reasons we ran a short route, totaling 8 – 9.5 miles depending on when you started. A couple of us did a lap around the park before clinic started. The schedule for the next couple of weeks are as follows.

  • Aug 30: most of the leaders of the 14s will be doing the Kaiwi run. For those that didn’t make it this week see Carol and Randy for direction.
  • Sept 6: there is no formal clinic but we will be running. Meet at the park as usual. For those that show up early we can do a couple laps around the park while waiting for the others to arrive.

Keep up your mid-week runs.

Lucky 13’s by Kim Ramos:

Rain or shine we still run! This week we had 12 runners in our Lucky 13’s group. Our run started out hot and muggy then along the way we were cooled off by a light drizzle. We ran for an approximate 11.8 miles in 3 hours and burned 1,469 calories.

Today was the last run for one of our members Alicia for she will be moving to the island of Hawai’i. We want to wish her all the luck up in her future endeavors. We hope to see her in the marathon.

Our Co-Leader Michael will be out for a while to recover from an injury. We all wish you a speedy recovery.

Next week we’ll be doing one more run for August and then we’ll be running 14 miles in September. Keep up with your homework runs everyone. Stay strong and you’ll be well prepared for our runs.

Da Comment Corner:

Sunday Long Run:

Homework runs are very important but just as important, our Sunday long runs – need to get that one long run during the week. Getting the body accustomed to the longer runs are part of the clinic training.

So, it’s important to attend our Sunday clinics to hear Doc’s talk and also to get in those longer runs especially with a group of like-minded runners (makes it “easier” and more enjoyable). It’s very hard to run 14 -20 miles on your own.

Also, please try to enjoy the” journey” and not focus too much on the results – a lot less painful and easier on the ego and the body.

See you at the water stops,