Blair’s Weekly Update 08-02-2015

Doc’s Talk:

Please see Bruce if interested in viewing Doc’s complete talk on “thumb drive”.

Table Duty:

Mahalos to Libby and friends for a great spread of food and drink!

Greatly appreciated after a long run in the hot sun with humid conditions.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young:
(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

The AG thought about doing a 16-miler, but came up with some good excuses. 1) It was too hot. 2) Our leader Dave was chilling out in Hilo. 3) Didn’t feel right doing it without Donis and Satomi being there. John is training for the Chicago Marathon in October. He gave Craig a blistering 8:30 pace/14-miler workout. Frank was cautious enough to do a shorter run. Nancy and Les did a 8:45 average pace 14-miler. We will meet next week at the second beach park at 6:15 a.m. We have plans for doing the Bus Run August 16, 2015. I will signup Dave who will be in Florida next week. Pee clear and run smart.

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with Steve, Tabby, Lisa, Earl, Linnea, Jun, Jimmy, Taylor and Darren for our first 16-mile run from Hawaii Kai to Kapiolani. We started from the 2nd beach park and ran toward Hawaii Kai to the church, and then into the park for Dr. Scaff’s talk. After that 9 miles, we ran back out to the 2nd beach park for the remaining 7 miles.

It was a great day for running, with nice trade winds to take the edge off the heat. The group ran at the usual 9:00 pace for the 16 miles, ending up with a total running time of about 2:25:00.

Next week is the first race of the marathon readiness series, and several of the red group will be running in this race. The remaining red group members will meet up again at the 2nd beach park at 5:30 a.m. for another 16-mile run.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Leslie Ragodos:
(Pace 9:30-10:30 minutes per mile)

Kozo has been kind enough to run at least part of the route with our group these last few weeks (Rosie also asked him if he could help lead). The pink group has decided to meet at Kapiolani Park at 6:30 a.m. next Sunday to avoid some of the heat. We will run approximately a 6-mile loop along Monsarrat to 18th Avenue and loop around Diamond Head to Kapiolani Park for Doc’s talk. Following the talk, we will run 8 miles (to Aloha Gas and back), for a total of 14 miles.

Grey Group by Ron Alford:
(Pace 10:300 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

Bill and Ron headed out of the park with 9 Greys, Emily, Lance, Katsu, Ross, Cassie, Ryan, Nikki, Dan and Kim (with Avery and Ronin in a stroller) for a warm, breezy 14-miler. The group changed constantly during the run – Dan, Kim, Avery, and Ronin kept on going at Triangle Park to catch up to a faster group, Lance & Emily started early so finished at Waiholo, a couple more turned back at the first Beach Park, and so 5 of us made it to Nelson’s Oasis (Thank you, Nelson!). Katsu decided to walk in from Aloha Gas and we picked up Kayla there from another group. Overall the run was great but our pace slowed a bit on the way back in.


  • Distance: 14 miles
  • Running Time: 2:39:35
  • Total Elapsed Time: 3:10:38
  • Average Pace: 11:24

Next week (August 9) Ron will be participating in the Norman Tamanaha 15K, the first race in the marathon readiness series, so if Bill is not available, run with the Silvers or Pinks. The following week (August 16) is the Bus Run. Arrive by 7:15 a.m. to board the busses and we will run in from Makapuu into Hawaii Kai via Kealahou

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

There were a total of approximately 20 Silverados running their first 14-miler of the season. John led the super early Silvers from Waiholo to the second beach park before heading back to base camp for Doc’s talk. Uncharacteristic of summer, we were treated to strong and steady trade winds with some cloud cover. In some areas, it felt like the strong head winds were our special secret training. Today’s runners included: Henry, Terry, Speedy Joe, Lance, Jen, Moon, Sun Hee, Paul, Melissa, Hiroshi, Jun L., Alberto, Carl, Bethany, Diana, Samantha, Tony, and a few new faces from other groups. SJ was very busy picking up pennies along the course – 11 total, unbelievable! Congrats to those who completed their very first 14-miler – you rock! Long runs are always better with friends, and that’s the benefit of HMC. Keep up the good work Silvers! Be sure to invite your friends to Clinic – there’s still plenty of time to get marathon ready. We can tailor a training program based on their present fitness level. Keep in mind that some groups do not start training till August/September; HMCers are just way ahead. Thank you to Paul for the post run snacks and chairs, John for the ice water, Lance and SJ for ice cold drinks, Terry for the oranges, and any others who brought something to share.

Congratulations and best wishes to Amanda who is taking a well-deserved break from training to get married. Having just completed her first Honolulu marathon last year, there’s no doubt she’s ready for the marathon of marriage. We wish the couple many years of health and happiness.

Mahalo to those who have donated shoeboxes for my holiday project. The boxes will be wrapped and filled to deliver to deserving children at Christmas time. Donations of school supplies, toys, and small games will be gladly accepted.

Homewordk (the key to HMC success): 2 homework runs of 7 miles each with a rest day in between (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday). According to Doc’s book, “Your First Marathon”, we should be doing 30 miles per week. If you’re not there yet, remember the 10% Rule (any mileage increases should be no more than 10% to avoid injury).

Important (Re Waiholo spot): Please remember to keep voices down when we gather for the early runs. Let’s be courteous to the neighborhood; we don’t want to wake up the neighbors. Mahalo for your kokua.


  • 8/9 –14 miles. Same meeting spot at Waiholo St. 5:45 a.m. start for our first 4 miles toward the second Beach Park (aka Nelson’s Oasis). For those who can’t make the 5:45 am start, we will meet at 6:30 a.m. on Waiholo Street and then run to Kapiolani Park for Dr Scaff’s talk. BOCA Hawaii Norman Tamanaha 15K (Marathon Readiness Series 1st race). Parking at Clinic might be a little pinched. Be prepared.
  • 8/16 – Bus Run #2. Sign up at Clinic to ride the bus. $3 bus fare; donations welcomed. The Silvers will have an early run option from Hawaii Kai to Sandy Beach. Details TBA next week.

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Twenty Three Weeks In and Our White Group is only getting better. Last week 19 dwindle down to the hard core 14. A few newbies were sighted running in other groups and others were reported off Island. Don’t worry we have 18 more weeks to make up or rekindle your running spirit.

This Sunday we kept the same course minus Kahala Avenue Jolt. Only one wanted to go there was Melyssa. But with last week fall out, we wanted to give everyone a chance to keep up.

Leading us out of the Park with a strong breeze blowing was our team leader, Rich. Yelling out single file was not as good as Ms. Violet, Her Presence was dearly missed. On the plus side, our small size made the water stops short.

Surely missing Blair and Dwight speeches at the Triangle Park. All we did was discuss our route directions. Which ended up being three different ideas. The majority of us went to the doggie park then cut through the cemetery for our Spiritual being or was it an early bathroom break?

At the Aloha Gas Station we lost Sam and Ivana but the rest stay together, for we love Wailupe Park. But half a mile later, Russell bailed out for Family Duties, Thanks for squeezing us in your busy schedule!

We did make it to Wailupe Park as the Silver? Group was returning back. Jin and Chong whom started earlier in the morning, had nearly 13 miles done, so on the return, they dropped off where they parked their car. Back at the Aloha Gas Station, Our head count was down to the Magnificent 9.

We walked a long distance after the Gas Station but once we got going, Farmers Road was A Blast. I must say stopping and walking is probably the hardest way to run a race. I don’t remember much up till the Triangle Park. Except it was hot and the team skipped a water station.

We all made it back together as a group and found Brother Sam waiting for us. Confident we would all be ok, he never cruise about in his Van. Table duty was the Most Excellent with Watermelons and Cold Gatorade. Thanks to Libby and Company.

Hoping to do about 13 miles next week and make it to Nelson’s Oasis. The following week, August 16 is out second bus run. So much excitement…do your homework. O, the Magnificent 9, not yet mentioned…Rich, Lisa, Ming, Bob, Brent, Melyssa, Stan, Jamie and Masato. You Ladies and Guys made my Day. Don’t ever give up!

Please sign up for the Second Bus Run (August 16th) – we get dropped off at the traffic signal past Sandy Beach, start by running into Kalama Valley, and through to Hawaii Kai Drive, then reconnect with Kalanianaole Highway back to Kapiolani Park. Mileage – approximately 13.5 miles.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

I really, really like a breezy day. It made all of the mugginess blow away. It made the day come what may. We did 11.29 miles. We are trying to build up to the 12-mile goal for the month of August. We did it in 3 hours and 53 minutes. That’s 20 minute 38 seconds per mile. When you subtract all of the stop times, 31 minutes, it comes out to 17 minutes 54 seconds per mile. That’s the marathon in 7 hours 48 minutes. Finish in time for lunch. We should all be doing our homework. That’s 2 or 3 sessions that add up to 18 miles in addition to our Sunday outings. We have the bus run coming up in a couple of Sundays. Please make sure we sign up for it. Susan will be gone for the month, so we’re all stuck with George and Roger to guide us all. Keep on Walking!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Welcome back Akiko… lady spent a month in Japan and had all that energy pent up inside. Stayed right behind me today to make sure I moved along at 15 min/mile…crack that whip. Fortunately the weather was great, we enjoyed the trades on our backs. Ten of us celebrated the onset of August with a 12-miler (actually 11.9, but close enough) and managed to touch the HMC sign before 11 a.m. – 2H 59M after we left. That’s 15 m/m again. Green Team is serious about finishing the marathon in 6-35 and we’re right on track with our consistent 15 pace. Really appreciated Nelson’s Oasis on Kalianaole Highway plus the layout of refreshments back in the park. Next week little green ones plan to meander around for 12.5 miles. Heads up – Sunday is the 15K Tamanaha race which starts before us in the park… will parking be a problem? May want to do a long run Tuesday or latest Wednesday morn … not much fun to be out jogging with a Tropical Storm overhead… be safe. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

This was the first Sunday in August and it was hot! But we had a nice strong pre hurricane breeze throughout our run. We ended with a smaller group this week at the end. Some had returned from vacations etc. and decided the 12-miler on the first day back was not the best idea. They tuned around at the gas station while the rest of the group pushed on to Wailupe, the first beach park. Since this was the first week we took the most direct route out and back. We ended up with 11.5 miles in 3 hours and 45 minutes and burned about 1,241 calories. Remember the bus run is in a couple weeks and now is the time to buy your new shoes. Keep up your homework runs and we will see you next Sunday.

Lucky 13’s by Kim Ramos:

It’s August and our total mileage for running has increased. Today we ran with a big group of 14 runners. My watch was a bit off today but on other runner’s watches we ran for 12 miles with an average pace 14:07 with breaks and burned about 945 calories. Great communication from everyone in relaying our running signals from the back to the front of the line and vice versa. I want to thank you all in being strong and persistent in our runs with us. The Honolulu Marathon is 5 months away. We’ll get there everyone, one step at a time!

Da Comment Corner:

Second Bus Run:

August 16; fare – $3; farthest drop off point – traffic lights past Sandy Beach, approximately 13.5 miles. Much of the run is on the actual marathon route. (We are running back to the park via Kalama Valley and not climbing up Kalanianaole Highway toward Haunama Bay.) Please sign up on our sheet posted on the bulletin board.

Successes (repeat):

I mentioned in last week’s update about successes in running and in life. And I mentioned that everyone has their own definition of the word and will encounter many successes in life. Just wanted to share (thanks for your indulgence) a great “success” I experienced last Sunday. After an incredible 14-mile run Sunday morning with the group, my 12-year-old son’s basketball team (which I luckily happened to coach) was to have their last game later in the afternoon.

The teamwork and camaraderie of this team was incredible; they were always mindful of each other and helped one another to achieve each’s own success. We had a teammate playing basketball for the first time who had not scored; everyone else (all nine players) on the team had a score throughout the season. In the fourth quarter, his teammates resolved to get him a basket and with about a minute left, this teammate scored his first goal of his basketball career with the help of his teammates. Our bench erupted with joyous emotion! His dad was overcome with tears.

As an aside, the team made it through the season with a 10-0 record.

Successes await all of us!

Keep cool and injury free!

See you at the water stops,