Blair’s Weekly Update 04-19-2015

Doc was absent today so here is Andrew Laurence’s previous synopsis of one of Doc’s Past Talks:

Dr. Scaff talked about how to prevent overheating. If we don’t dissipate enough heat, we overheat and collapse. Heat is a byproduct of work, and as you begin to exercise your body temperature rises and your body produces sweat to dissipate heat. Evaporation is the most effective way to cool down through heat exchange. Running singlets help keep you cooler than if you run without a shirt on because as the singlet wicks and holds the moisture from the body, air is allowed to circulate around you through the holes in the material, promoting evaporation, which keeps you cooler. Light colored clothing is better for keeping cool than dark colored clothing. Cotton shirts are not as good at exchanging heat as tech shirts.

Another important factor in preventing overheating is to drink enough liquid. You should drink an amount of fluids that enable you to: 1) Urinate within 4 hours of your run, and 2) Have colorless urine once per day. Drinking water and eating pretzels will do a fine job of replenishing your electrolytes.

Second Shoe Talk this Sunday:

Group leaders please cut your runs short to accommodate members who are attending the second shoe talk (geared for non-beginners but open to all). Starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. at the Running Room store on Kapahulu Avenue. Manager Gaston is an excellent speaker.

Group Reports:

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out on Sunday with 6 runners, including: Steve, Lisa, Earl, Tabby, Joe, Jimmy. We started at the 2nd beach park, and ran in to the 7:30 talk for a distance of about 7 miles, and then picked up a few more runners for the 7-mile run back out. Overall, we ran 14 miles at a 9:04 pace, for a total run time of about 2:06:00.

This week, we talked about running cadence, and foot strike. Many experts agree to land either mid-foot or on the balls of your feet to lessen the impact on joints, and to shorten your stride a bit, while increasing your cadence. Shooting for 80-100 foot falls per minute and lining up your shoulders, hips, and foot strike point of impact on the street is optimal. Something that can help with this shorter stride and cadence is cross-training with a bicycle, since the pedals are close together, and promote pushing with the balls of your foot – particularly with the snap-in type of pedals.

Next week, the Red Group will again be leaving from the 2nd beach park at about 6:15. Anyone wanting to run at about a 9:00 pace is welcome to join us.

Happy Running!

Grey Group by Ron Alford:
(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00 minutes per mile)

After a safety briefing, Ron led 13 Greys, including Pete, Emily, Lance, Ryan, Jen, Ashley, Diana, Bethany, Samantha, Shawna, Jeff, Donna, and John out of the park. At Triangle Park Andy joined us for introductions all around – several are new to the clinic and first time marathoners! Emily and two others turned off at Elepaio to shorten the run and the rest of us headed for the Aloha Gas Station. We paced with the Silvers part of the way (so that made us Chromies). Along the way, Ron talked about the marathon route for those unfamiliar with it.

Back at Triangle Park Ron talked about pacing in a race – start slow and speed up later according to how you feel. It is better to start slow so that you pass other runners at the end of the race, rather than slow down at the end and notice everyone passing you – your finish time will be better and your mental state will be much more positive!


  • Distance: 8.15 miles
  • Running Time: 1:28:53
  • Total Elapsed Time: 1:43:05
  • Average Running Pace: 10:49

Next week is the Shoe Talk. Ron will be away next weekend so Greys should run with the Silvers or the Pinks.

White Group by Bob Choate:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

We did a good 6.3-mile run at a 12:00 minute pace. The weather was good with scattered clouds and nice trades. We had staffers Quen, Dwight, Sam, Jessica, Lisa, Monica and Bob lead a great group of members such as “Sargent” Violet, Russell, Serena, Jaimie, Rich, Doug, Carlson, Ivana, Melyssa, Brent, Charlie, Frances, Joleen, Stan, and a few more. After our run, Jessica and Melyssa went to help out at the Aids Charity Walk and our “”Farmer Lisa” passed out fruits and veggies from her Kunia farm friends. Ladies, thanks so much for your charitable spirit, generosity and kindness – you truly possess beauty, inside and out.

Please remember our shoe talk next week. If attending, a quick jaunt to Triangle Park and back will get you back in time for the Manager Gaston’s excellent talk. Also, remember the 20% discount on shoes if you attend.

(All walking speeds and >13-minute mile running pace.)

Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

It was the same kind of weather. It can get worn a bit having sunny, breezy weather every time we go out. Because we all had the same weather last week when we had our gathering in Kahala. We had a nice group with Loke, Roland, Michelle, Sandy, Michael, Jane, Yoshiko, Connie, Rob, Ronie and George. Helen somehow missed us altogether. We had a nice stroll through the Kahala neighborhood, stopping at all of the watering holes and even a pit stop at Kilauea field for their facilities. This Sunday we got the misinformed warning of the AIDS walk. The walk didn’t start till 10. So we did not need to park at Triangle Park and walk in. Oh Well. Traveling with us this time was Jane, Connie, Mike, Mike, Karen, Susan, Norm, Helen, Roger, Rob, Ronie, Toyin and George. We came back to refreshments and socializing. Next week, we’ll be back to our routines. There is still homework, at least twice out for 1 hour straight or 4 miles each, whichever you feel most comfortable with. We’ll see you next Sunday. Anyone who missed the shoe talk on 4/5 can go to this one at 9 a.m. Keep on Walking!

Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Today just rocked! Not even the grey clouds and rain at the beginning of clinic could deter the 21 of us today. All the rain did was create a beautiful rainbow, and if you missed it, let me know and I’ll send you the picture. We headed out to Diamond Head and back for a total mileage of 4.75 at an average pace of about 16 minutes/mile. You all looked strong going out and coming back. Next week we’ll go a little farther, so we’ll be up to par when we move to 90 minutes of walking in May. As we get into summer, we’ll want to be sure we do a couple things to prepare for our Sunday walks: (1) bring a small water bottle (sometimes the water fountains don’t work), (2) wear sun screen, and (3) do your homework walks (this week 2 walks for 1 hour each). May 3rd is our first HMC picnic. Bring your friends and family. Lunch is $1 + 1 potluck item. It’s a good event to meet others in the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and inspire your loved ones to join you and or support you as you train for the December event. See you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Congratulations to the several green people who finished last week’s 1/2 marathon in times too fast to print… they exceeded the 15 m/m speed limit that we practice on Sundays and finished with sub 3 hour times. Good job by all finishers regardless of time – you completed a 1/2 marathon in April! You are in great shape. Nice outing today with 16 (1/2 new faces and 1/2 repeat offenders) chasing Lou as he left the park and took the group for their second climb up Honolulu’s own Mt. Everest… so lucky to have it as close as Kilauea Avenue… We did the 4.1 mile route in 1 hour 3 minutes or 15.2 m/m… We’re not going to name and embarrass the `show offs’ who tried to jog up the hill… that’s something we do at the end of the training year, not usually at the beginning. Remember to do your couple days of homework… target 1 hour walk / jog and about 4 miles. Hills are encouraged. And come back next week – April 26 is a shoe talk for beginners who missed the first talk – you really should attend… a very good informative talk and you get a 20% discount to use for example on that pair of shoes you’ll want to buy in August to break in for marathon day. For those not going to the shoe talk, we’ll bump up the distance, but not climb Mt. Everest next week – promise. Mahalo to the refreshments crew for the assortment of goodies! Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Today was our first official April run, Due to the shoe talk and Hapalua our runs have been cut short or moved. Aside from the morning threatening showers it turned into nice breezy somewhat overcast day. Due to Table duty assignment and other urgent matters we once again combined the group into one big happy family. The 13s and 14s ran together. A group of 29 strong.

We ran our first run of the year up Diamond Head Road, aside for the water fountains not working at the first water stop, the look out, It was a very successful run. Everyone did great.

The topic of the day was how the best way to run up or down a hill is. I covered this briefly, the main points being; When running down a hill adjust your lean to a more up right posture and running with smaller steps being careful not to land with your forefoot in front of your body, this results in more of a midfoot strike to minimize stress to the knee joint.

The last point I covered was a reminder about passing on the signals verbally as well as physically. Like raising your arm when calling out single file etc. This makes sure the message gets passed on all the way to the back of the line. Especially since we had a large group.

We ran 4.2 miles in 1 hour and 11 minutes and we burned 419 calories.

Keep up with your homework runs and we will see you next Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

May 3, Clinic Picnic:

As Peter has mentioned, friends and family invited. $1 fee per person (to take care of drinks and chili and other items); potluck so bring your latest creation or a salad or a dessert. The “drill” is, that we all go for our usual run then come back for the picnic which starts around 9:30 or so. Volunteers always needed.

I remember many years ago when we had a restaurateur from Japan who had joined the clinic and he served all of us grilled mochi in an exquisite soup. Oiishii! We shall miss Rachun’s Thai Curry which was always a big hit. We wish you well in Thailand; we miss you!

This is a great way to get to know your fellow group members and staff leaders! I hope we all make an effort to attend!

The Rolling Lounge Chair at 5 a.m. (Repeat):
(From my Early Morning Run Chronicles):

As I made way up Monsarrat Avenue and reached its peak (the Kapiolani Community College [KCC]) at around 5 a.m., I noticed a man pushing a lounge chair up the hill as well. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I thought he was a “homeless person” with his temporary shelter. I stopped at the KCC water fountain to get my 24 seconds worth of water sips when I hear a roar on the road! The man was rolling down Diamond Head road toward Triangle Park in his lounge chair! (Did he have a license to drive that chair?) Luckily, at this time of morning, there were no cars going in the same direction otherwise, I am sure I would have heard the sound of screeching brakes. He made it to 22nd Avenue then turned left and rolled down that street. I saw him make it to the bottom so figured he was safe. I continued my run with a “ho hum” attitude thinking, “What else am I in store for this morning, a ‘gliding’ matching loveseat?”

“Training of the mind and body leads to awareness of the soul.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

See you at the water stops,