Blair’s Weekly Update 04-05-2015

Doc’s Talk:

Guest Speaker Dr. Larry Fee, one of the best Exercise Physiologists in the country, spoke about the psychology of running.

No Official Clinic next Sunday April 12 due to the Hapalua Race! Check and read where your group is meeting this Sunday!

Table Duty:

Thanks to leaders Libby and Evelyn for all of the goodies!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. We ran 14 today at about 8:45, and caught a great guest talk. Nancy, Satomi, Neil, Craig, and I ran with Will from Australia and Steve’s group. We all wish Donis a safe and successful Boston Marathon. Next week at the 2nd park on Hawaii Loa road at 6:15 am.

Red Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace – 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went out for our run with 7 people on Sunday, including: Steve, Tabby, Joe, Jimmy, Dave, Sven and Mike. We ran a total of 12 miles, starting at the first beach park (Wailupe) and running in for the talk at 7:30 for 6 miles. We then ran back out for a total of 12 miles at a 9:00 pace with a total running time of about 1:48:00.

It was a bit humid on Sunday, and the sun popped out at the end of the run to heat things up. We can already feel how important hydration is while training. Some experts say to drink when you’re thirsty, but we always like to drink a lot even if you don’t feel thirsty at the time – especially when the temps get up around 80.

Next week, on April 12, several of the Red Group will be running in the Hapalua half marathon. The others will either be running by themselves or joining the advanced or Pink groups, depending on their desired pacing. Good luck to everyone on Sunday, whether you’re in the race or not.

Happy running!

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem
(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

Today’s goal was our first 8-miler. Several runners started early with Rosie and put in 5.5 miles before the talk, following up with 3 more miles round the park. This allowed those who wanted to go to the Shoe Talk plenty of time. The next shoe talk is on April 26.

Bill led the main group of Pinks out to the gas station and back. This will be our normal 8 mile route.

Next week, because of the Hapalua, there will be no formal clinic. The Pinks will meet at 7:30 at Triangle Park and run to the first beach park for an 8 miler.

Grey Group by Ron Choate:
(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

A small group of Greys including Rob, Harold, Cassie, Abe, and Lee was led out of the park by Ron on a beautiful Easter morning up and over Diamond Head Road to Triangle Park where Ron discussed associative and disassociate thinking while running as a follow-up to the talk by Dr. Fee. A question was asked about breathing through the nose versus the mouth – do whatever it takes to get sufficient air which generally means breathing through the mouth while running. Ron also talked about rhythmic breathing – breathe 3 counts (steps) in and 2 counts (steps) out. It helps you to breathe deeper and it alternates which foot is on the ground when you exhale.

We proceeded up to and through Kapiolani Community College to 16th Ave, up Pahoa Ave., and then to the park on 11th Avenue for a much needed water stop – everyone did a great job on all the hills! Then down to Kapahulu to the Running Room where we listened to Gaston’s excellent shoe talk. After the shoe talk, back to Paki to finish the run.


  • Distance: 5.3 mi (to the Running Room) + 1.2mi (back to Paki)
  • Running Time: 1:00:05 (to the Running Room) + 12:19 (back to Paki)
  • Average Pace: 11:12

Don’t forget there is no clinic next Sunday due to the Hapalua Half Marathon. The following week we will do 8 miles (out to Aloha Gas and back).

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

John and Lynnae led 16 Silverados on a beautiful Easter Sunday. The majority wanted to do 6 miles, so John’s announcement of 8 miles was vetoed by the group. The group consisted of: Moon, Hiroshi, Tavy, Joe, Alicia, Terry, Paul, Beth, Jo, Henry, Koko, Dawn, Melissa, and her co-worker (I heard she’s fast). Henry continued on to the gas station by himself, while Terry and Alicia parted ways with us at Triangle Park to head straight to the shoe talk.

We’re at the 5th Sunday of Clinic training, and how are you doing? Most of you should be feeling more confident with each run. If you’ve got some pains, then make sure to address it. Some pains are normal, indicating growth of the muscle. But other pains are not and indicate an immediate need for a modified training plan. Generally speaking, rest is a good first step to cure the present malady.

“Team Keene” wristbands were passed out today to support Purple group runner Lorna and her son in his cancer battle. Good news, Keene got to attend his senior prom! Please wear your Team Keene wristband when you’re racing to show your support. Lorna and Keene appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Homework [the key to HMC success]: 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between (Tue/Thur or Wed/Fri). Pace does not matter…yet.

Shout Out Corner: Congratulations to Beth for completing the Ford Island 10K run on Saturday. Two days of running back to back is impressive. She deserves the week off.

Special Runs (4/12): The Hapalua is next week, so there will be no official Clinic. The Silvers will be running an alternate route. Paul has volunteered to lead the group next week. They will be meeting at the Triangle Park water fountain at 7:30 a.m. You may contact Paul directly to confirm details [cell: 808-285-0108; email:]. Please note that Monserrat will be closed due to the Hapalua.

Good Luck to the Silvers and all HMCers who will be running in next week’s Hapalua. Pre-marathon races are always a good way to test out your training. Some last minute tips: (1) Pick up your race packet early (there is no free parking at the Convention Center); (2) Watch your diet starting Thursday – carbs, limited alcohol; (3) Saturday – hydrate, pick out a well-worn race outfit; (4) sleep early and get to the park to secure parking; and (5) have fun – enjoy the malasadas at the finish.

Black Group by Ivan Irie:
(Pace 11:30 – 12:30 minutes per mile)

We started out up Diamond Head with our regulars, Jan, Doug, Hannah, Kurt, Devan, Tomoko, Lianne, Minami, Attilla, MIA, Ivan and Russ. We stopped at Triangle Park and continued towards the dog park where Kurt, Devan, Lianne, Tomoko, Jan and MIA headed back to the start. The remainder of our group headed down 18th Avenue on to Kilauea, up 18th to Triangle and back to the clinic. We completed a 6 plus mile run and averaged below 12 minute pace. Good job everyone, continue on your twice a week runs, minimum an hour or more.

On a side note, if you are running the Hapalua half marathon on Sunday, the Black Group will be meeting at Hyatt Regency Hotel in front of the ABC store, across the from the starting line at 4:45 a.m.

White Group by Bob Choate and Blair Hoashi:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

A bit of a smaller group possibly due to the “religious tenor” of the group – Easter Sunday? Needing to “repent” for some of the “sacrilegious and nonconformist type of behavior” exhibited on our Sunday runs or in our everyday lives? Nah! We’re talking about Guru Sam and the rest of this cohorts – the White Group always has a lot of fun even while going through the rigors of marathon training – “we run to laugh and have fun”!

Bob, Monica, Sam, Violet, Quen, Jin, Jaimie, Randy, Mark, Sharon, Ivana, Susan, Danielle, Rich, Russell, and Paris made up this raucous group which did an easy 6-miler. Next week is the Hapalua so the group will meet at 7:30 a.m. at Triangle Park. Be there or be square – be a part of the Triangle {park that is}.

Blue Group by Dave Darby:
(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Happy Easter and great job today, Blues!

Dr. Fee gave a great speech about running successfully – 1) Thinking while running; 2) Bio-chemicals produced while running, endorphins and adrenalin; 3) dis-associative and associative running styles; 4) focusing on individual pace, such as the “talk test”; 5) Be economical, if you are short-winded, inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose; 6) Hydrate – pint for pound lost; and finally, 7) Socialize, but don’t get distracted from your task at hand – to keep your pace, maintain self-awareness of your physical condition, and finish your 26.2 mile goal. Tell yourself you feel good, and it will help.

We had a great showing today, with 24 runners, and we ran about 6 miles in 1 hr 11 min run…over Diamond Head, to 18th Avenue and Kaimuki Middle School for a quick break and a really good panorama photo op. Then, back on 22nd Avenue, up to KCC for some water, and down Monsarrat Avenue to the goal – the snack table and conversation! Great job with the single file during the entire run – Maile even posted our disciplined single-file picture to our web page. 🙂

Remember your Tuesday & Thursday homework and ddon’t forget – no formal Clinic on 12 April due to Hapalua Half-Marathon. Val will lead those “Blues” who want to run 6 miles, meeting at 7 a.m., 12 April, at Magic Island. Our next formal Clinic will be 7:30 a.m., 19 April.

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)

Lucky 13’s by Roanne Abe:

Happy Easter! Twelve of us started the morning with great fellowship and learning. Dan, Lynn, Sylvia, Amber, Chris, Brandi, Tracy, Jan, Macy, Linda, Cliff and Roanne. If I miscounted or got your name wrong, just let me know and I’ll be sure to get it right next newsletter. We went for a total of 3.7 miles from Kapiolani Park to the Running Room and back to the Park. We were all ears at the shoe talk and everyone signed up to make sure we got our shoe talk discount. There was so much to learn, and after an hour, we had to cut off questions so that the store could open for its regular customers. If you missed it, don’t worry. There is another talk on April 26th. April 12th, will be Hapalua and while there is no formal clinic, Cliff will be at the normal meeting area at the regular time (7:30 a.m.) to lead those not doing the Hapalua on a fun and scenic trek up and over Diamond Head. Please come early and be prepared to park a distance away from the park. The goal is to walk about 4 miles and to get familiar with going up and down Diamond Head. Plan to bring a small water bottle (nothing fancy, as long as you feel comfortable holding/carrying it for an hour, it’ll do just fine). As the month progresses, our goal will be to gradually increase our mileage to get us to walking for 90 minutes by month end. Homework is two 1 hour walks during the week. The weather is starting to get really nice, but be on guard. Always wear sun screen and carry water with you. If you have a hat or sun glasses, that’s an added plus. You all are looking good and the homework is paying off. Keep up the routine!

Comments by Michael Gascon:

**Info Update** The next (4/12/15) meeting place for Lucky 13s will be in the Kahala Mall parking lot near the corner of Waialae Avenue and Kilauea Avenue, not at Ala Moana Park as had been mentioned prior to our run. So, please be at the corner of Waialae and Kilauea at 7:30 am. We might be merging with the 14s depending on how many show up. A few of us will be missing due to participation in the Hapalua Half-Marathon. Good luck to those runners!!

Shoe talk day! After a lapping Kapiolani Park and the zoo once at about a 12:57 min/mile pace, we ran to The Running Room to learn about shoe technology and earn a 20% discount. If you missed the talk there will be one more later on.

Water breaks. The leaders are balancing the need to stop for water with the need to maintain our assigned pace. If the water breaks are too far apart, please carry water. If you think the pace might be too slow, consider that this is the pace you’ll be doing for an entire marathon.

Safety! Everyone in Lucky 13s does a great job of staying in single file. Remember to keep your eyes on the ground before you even when answering a question from someone behind you. And, please relay the warning yells for walkers we pass and runners/bikers passing us.

Golden 14’s by Dean

Happy Easter to everyone.

This was our first run in April. We modified the route to accommodate the shoe talk.

We had a great attendance and the talk was entertaining and informative. We learned the basics of the types of feet and different shoes to assist with different running issues like pronation and suggestions to assist with plantar fasciitis.

For next Sunday we are not having an official clinic because of the Hapalua half marathon.

The golden 14s will be running but we will meet at the Kahala Aloha Gas station. There should be ample parking in the mall on the Macys side if you don’t find one on the streets close by.

We will be starting at 7:30 a.m. We are moving the location of our run to avoid competing for parking with Hapalua runners.

Do your homework runs and we will see you next Sunday.

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

And a happy Easter was had by all… personally I found about a dozen eggs! Brown ones and in the fridge, but that should count… Had 8 green bunnies leave the park trailing #1 hare Scott… after a short hop – pun intended – for a little hill work, it was off to what may have been the best shoe talk in years… and back to the park following Willard for a 4.1 mile RT… moving time was a few seconds over one hour. Next week the Green 15 team have signed up for the 1/2 so we have no alternate plan. Anyone even thinking about joining the 15 crew next week should probably go out with the 14 group meeting at AMBP. We’ll be back on the 19th – and remember to arrive early due to yet another walk scheduled for Kapiolani Park on that Sunday… parking may be “problematic”. Do your homework. Aloha

Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

Ok, I forgot to post the message from last week. My Bad. It was: The last Sunday of March. Are we doing our homework? Did we go out on 2 different days on the road for at least an hour? Our 4th outing of the year. We ventured out of the park and took on the hill going to Triangle Park. It didn’t rain, but boy, it was so muggy. We had a smaller group today as we trudged along. Doyle, George, Helen, Jane, Lisa, Liz, Melinda, Michelle, Nat, Paul, Robert, Roland, Ronie, Susan, Tracy and Yoshiko. We did 4.4 miles in 1½ hours that’s 20 min 27 sec per mile. When you take out our rest stops it gets it close to 17½ min per mile. This week Roland, Michelle, Yoshiko, Nat, Robert and Ronie met George at Safeway in the parking lot. We jaunted off to Kapiolani, a distance of only 1.3 miles in 23 m and 15 sec. After the talks we were joined by Jane, Liz, Sandy, Roger and Marylou. We went around the park and back to the Running Room picking up Lehua and Loke along the way. At the Running Room, we found Helen, Venus and Susan. Getting to there, took us 48 minutes and 20 seconds. All in all we had perfect weather with no rain. (That’s why you carry an umbrella to ward off the rain) • Next Sunday 4/12, will be the Hapalua. The event will take up all of the park space, so the walking group will be meeting @ Kahala Mall, between Macy’s and Starbucks in front of the Jack Lord Bust. We’ll do a very nice and pleasant 4 mile jaunt through the neighborhood. • The following Sunday 4/19, will be the AIDS Walk. The event will take up all of the parking spaces, so it is encouraged to park out of the area. A lot of us will be parking @ Triangle Park and walking in for the talks. It is recommended that you get to Triangle Park by 6:45 and walk in for the talks. • The last Sunday of April 4/26, we’ll be back to normal. Except there will be another shoe talk if anyone missed this first one. • We’ll have the HMC picnic on Sunday May 3, so plan on participating. Don’t forget to do the homework Keep on Walking!

Da Comment Corner:

The Road Less Travelled (repeat):

I usually do my homework runs during the early morning hours and my route is usually the same – a jaunt through my neighborhood, cut through Kapiolani Park, then a scenic scamper through Waikiki on Kalakaua up to the Hilton, and finally onto the Ala Wai and home.

Due to a lack of time, I decided to run back through Waikiki using Kuhio Avenue rather than my usual Kalakaua route. After many years, much of the scenario seemed unchanged – the Hy’s restaurant sign still glows brightly; the Food Pantry remains (now with a Food Pantry Express); a bigger, nicer Starbucks, etc. Kuhio at 5:30 a.m. seemed unchanged that is, until, I crossed Kaiulani Avenue.

Did you know there is a Nashville in Waikiki? Or, are you familiar with the Legends Sports Bar on the Nahua corner which broadcasts live Aussie football, Rugby League, Rugby Union football as well as live NHL (hockey) games?? The bar is located in the now named the Aqua Pearl hotel – I remember it being the old Nahua Hotel, a nice quaint old time venue.

As I continued my trek, I noticed through its large glass windows, stacked bags of flour imported from Japan for making udon at the popular Marukame Udon restaurant; now open for breakfast!

Further along, across from the Waikiki Trade Center, I noticed a very mysterious storefront located in a side alley. (I couldn’t quite see what the unusual sign stated). As I ventured further in, I discovered the Club Black Cat – there was an “interesting woman” guarding the door; she was slumped and sleeping in a rocking chair. The lady’s make up was excessive as if she was trying to cover up her many decades of hard living and her attire was rather garish with a low cut front that exposed much of her “bounty”. As she started to awake, I, like a “scared kitty”, quickly “bolted”.

The rest of my journey was rather mundane. Kuhio Avenue sure has changed!

Please keep up with your homework! Starting off with good “running habits” will pay off at the end!

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,