Blair’s Weekly Update 03-08-2015

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff welcomed every back for another great season of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. This is the clinic’s 41st year of existence!!

Welcome Back:

Great seeing all of our new running friends! Also, great to renew acquaintances with our clinic family. We’re off to a fantastic start as nearly 200 runners attended our initial meeting! The weather was perfect for the occasion, slightly overcast with a slight breeze.

Table Duty:

Special thanks to Silver group leader Lynnae and her brother, Andy for starting us off at table duty with a fantastic food spread! Everything was sooo good!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young:

(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

The AG had no new runners today, the first meeting for 2015. Our leader Dave is in DC for two weeks. The AG’s goal is to run a Sub4 marathon (under 4 hrs.). Our running pace is 9 min/mile or faster. We average 30-35 miles per week, running at least three days a week to start. We have runners training for Boston and the Hapalua half marathon. Les and Nancy did a 12 miler today. Neal did 14 miles and Gene did 8. A Sub4 Marathon is attainable, but you gotta work for it. Join us!!!

Pink Group by Steven Cole:

(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

The Pink group went out with more than 20 people for the first HMC run of 2015. It was great to see some familiar faces, as well as many new people joining us for the inaugural run. Some of the returning Pinks included Rosie, Steve, Steve, Lisa, Linnea, Joe, Arleen, Chris and Kozo. We were also joined by a couple of younger runners, including Bailey (age 14) and Andrew (age 12).

We went for a 6+ mile run, along the 10K route up Diamond Head, down 18th Ave, and back via Elepaio Street. We ran at about a 10:00 pace, and finished in just over an hour.

We also took some time at Triangle Park to do some introductions and go over hand signals while we run. Next week we’ll do the same route and anticipate some people changing groups to zero in on their preferred pace.

Happy running, and we’ll see you next week!

Grey Group by Ron Alford:

(Pace 10:30 – 11:00 minutes per mile)

The first clinic day was a great Grey day! After a short safety briefing, Ron led out 16 Greys including Donna (Cruz), Leslie, Abraham, Annette, Lee, Diana, Robert (Smith), Melisa, Jeff, Harold, Cassie, Bethany, Marri, Rob, and one person who asked to move to the Pink Group before the first mile – didn’t get a name. All but two runners are new to the Marathon Clinic and most have not yet run a marathon! Welcome and thanks to Rob for getting everyone’s name during introductions!

Everyone did a great job moving over Diamond Head in single file. At Triangle Park, Ron completed the safety briefing and shared some tips on running hills (keep your posture erect, shorten your stride, and focus your gaze about 10-15 meters in front of you instead of looking at the top of the hill).

From Triangle Park the group headed back to the start. We passed many of the Ekiden Relay cheerleaders and got them to cheer for us too! At Paki, Ron held a brief question and answer session for the group then it was time to move on to the refreshments!


Distance: 4.1 miles

Running Time: 43:59; Total Elapsed Time: 1:01:43

Average Pace: 10:44

Reminders: Run at least 3 times a week for one hour each time.

Next week Ron will be on Hawaii for the Big Island International Marathon so Grey Group members will need to run with the Silver Group (11:00 – 11:30 minutes per mile) or the Pink Group (10:00 – 10:30 minutes per mile).

Silver Group by John Lau and Lynnae Lee:

(Pace 11:00-11:30 minutes per mile)

Welcome to the 2015 season! It was great to see so many returning Silvers, including a couple of new faces. We are certain to have another great season. We had 16 runners for our 6-mile trek including Speedy Joe, Jun, Dr. Joe, Tavy, Dawn, Scott H, Amanda, Koko, Moon, Paul, Kim, and several other runners. We took an easy, slow pace up Diamond Head. Today was a very nice day to run and overall, we had nice breezes. On our way back, we saw a number of runners (including Satomi) from the Rainbow Ekiden which had a number of events this weekend. John was sweeper for the return trip back to Kapiolani Park. Good job Silvers! Thank you Lynnae and Andy for doing table duty.

Homework Runs: You are never too old or too young for homework runs. So, please do your homework runs – 2 one-hour runs during the week (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday). There must be a rest day in between your runs to allow your muscles to recover.


Please register on the Clinic’s website. While there is no charge, this is how the Clinic can keep track of its runners, and especially for safety purposes.

Shoe talks at the Running Room – dates to be announced soon.

Next week, we will slightly change our route to include the other side of the baseball field as well as restrooms. Ron (Grey Group leader) will be out next week so Silvers & Greys will combine to run as the “Chromies” again. You might want to bring a water bottle as more runners mean longer lines at the water stops.

No Clinic on Sunday, April 12, which is the same day as the Hapalua race, as access to the park will be restricted. There will likely be an “adventure run” planned for our group.

Informal Hapalua training – we will do extended training for those who are preparing for the Hapalua. We’ll tack on a few extra miles each week by running around the park, with the longest run being on 3/29.

As always, if you have any questions regarding training for a marathon, please feel free to ask the staff volunteers. See you all next week. –John

A special mahalo to those who helped with set up and take down for this first Clinic. Thanks also to Tony for cutting the oranges, Dr. Joe and Tavy for sharing homegrown bananas, and Cliff for the peanut butter pretzels to supplement our refreshments. This table duty was a team effort; mahalo!

Black Group by Russ Honda and Ivan Irie

(Pace – 11:30-12:30 minutes per mile)

Today’s run consisted of all veteran marathon clinic members of Yunis, Hannah, Tomoko, Jan, Doug, Devan, Ivan, and Russ running from the clinic start to triangle park. We decided to a short run as some of us ran prior to the start of the clinic as part of their Hapalua training. Here are the numbers… Mileage: 4.6 miles Average pace: 11:46 Homework for the week is to run twice a week for one hour. Next week, we may increase the mileage to about 6 miles, depending how the group feels

White Group by Bob Choate and Blair Hoashi:

Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Welcome back!!! A revitalized group of staff members are taking the reins of the group as “Guru and the Caboose” are taking a break from the “rigors of leadership”. Staffers Bob, Monika, Jessica, Lisa, Quen, Richard and Dwight along with Sam and Blair, led a contingent of about 25 runners through an easy 4.5 miler. While most of our members were returnees, there were a few new faces – Chad, Wendy, and Paula (?). Jin, Jaimie, Russell, Melissa, Brett, Ming, Elena, and a few others that I missed (apologies) were part of this contingent.

We were blessed with a bit of wind and cool conditions which made for a near perfect running day.

As Dr. Scaff mentioned this morning, the key to our training is our “homework runs” during the weekday. We ask runners to do two one hour runs during the week; it doesn’t matter how far or how fast; just an easy “jog” around the park or neighborhood; your speed will come later.

We continue our 4 – 5 mile treks for the rest of the month. We usually increase our mileage by 2 miles every month.
Blue Group by Derby Linden:

(Pace 12:30 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

A great start to a new beginning! Lots of new and old faces but the group leaders will soon know all of you.

This year, Andy Hirano, pace leader had all his ducks running in formation. He has been dubbed “DD” (Daddy Duck). The rest of the staff members are: Val Ogi, Fiona McNeill, Maile Burgey, Dave Darby (travelling) and last but not least Derby Linden.

DD eased the group to a nice 4 mile run leaving Kapiolani Park up to Triangle Park and back. That will pretty much be the route for the month. You can look forward to 2 miles increase each month and soon the staff will have all runners begging for more!

The group runs rain or shine. So matter where you live, it’s always sunny at Kapiolani Park.

The Beginners: (All walking speeds and >14-minute mile running pace.)

Lucky 13’s by Kim Ramos:

New Staff Leaders Michael Gascon and I, Kim Ramos, were pleased to lead our group the Lucky Thirteens for the first time. There were lots of new faces and familiar faces in our group. We ran around Kapiolani Park for 3.58 mile in about 1 hour and with an average of 17.06 minute per mile (including water stops) burning 500 calories. Along our run we stopped at every water fountain to get water and give running tips and answer questions from members in the group. Some runners went ahead and some runners ran/walked behind us. We encouraged our runners to either stay with our group or join other groups either higher or lower next week to find their comfort zone in running. Overall today was a great start for the upcoming Honolulu Marathon Clinic season. Homework: Run two times this week for an hour to keep your muscles limber for the week. See you all next week.

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

To all our new running friends we welcome you. Glad that you were able to get up early and make it down to the park. It was a little chilly this morning, so I know it was a major decision to get out from under the warm covers…lol

To all our returning running friends welcome back and don’t forget to share your stories with our new friends.

Let me reassure you that you all did great this morning. If you feel any soreness in the next couple of days, that’s to be expected. It will get better in the coming months.

This morning by time we got started it warmed a little bit but remained nice cool and breezy. Which is the ideal conditions to run in.

For those of you that had no problems keeping the pace but still felt like it was too slow, feel free to experiment and run with the 13’s next Sunday. Led by Kim and Michael; if you are not sure ask me and I will make sure you find them.

For those of you who could keep up but it took all the effort you could muster; hang in there since this is only the first Sunday. I recommend you do your homework this week, I will cover that shortly, and join us next week it will slowly get better. Feel free to ask me or any staff member and we will try to answer any of your questions that you may have or direct you to someone or Dr Scaff to answer you.

For those of you who absolutely couldn’t keep up the pace come see one of the staff members, you may want to try Cliff’s walking group till you get a little more conditioned and stronger, then you are welcome to come back if you feel like you want to go faster.


Weekly homework is 2 runs during the week for at least an hour- at this point the distance or the speed does not matter. The main point is that you spend at least an hour; with a day of rest between runs. Example since we ran today your next run should be on Tuesday for at least an hour. Then rest a day and run your next homework run on Thursday. Then we will see you on Sunday.

Today we ran for 1 hour and 17 minutes, for a total distance of 4.3 miles and burned about 431 calorie.

Everyone have a great week do your homework and we will see you on Sunday.

Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

We all had a nice stroll around Kapiolani Park, twice. There were about a dozen of us. Walkers attempting to get in step toward the next marathon include: Liz, Paul, Susan, Norm, Yoshiko, Tracy, Jan, Celeste, Natalie, Roland, Michelle & Michelle. Everyone had fun despite the cold. We will remember that some of us need to register on the website as members of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic, including George. We’ll look forward to seeing all return on the next Sunday. Don’t forget the homework. Keep on Walking!

Da Comment Corner:

Shoe Talks – April 5 and April 19 at 9:00 a.m.:

Shoes are perhaps the most important “piece of equipment” in running. Therefore, attending the Shoe Talks on April 5 (geared for beginners) or April 19 (all others) at the Running Room (on Kapahulu Ave.) is highly recommended. Listen to the experts on the latest in shoe technology, etc. Attendees will get a 20% discount off of shoes good until this year’s marathon. Manager Gaston, a veteran of many Honolulu Marathons is an excellent speaker and an excellent resource.

Single file please and watch out for angry oncoming runners!

It is very important to have everyone abide by this policy especially when heading up Diamond Head. The other year, a very disgruntled oncoming runner swore obscenities at the groups and even tried to trip one of our members! Please be careful!!

See you at the water stops,