Blair’s Weekly Update 12-07-2014 (Corrections)

Apologies the were incorrect dates in the “Da Comment Corner” in Blair’s Weekly Update 12-07-2014. My revised “Da Comment Corner” below has the correct dates.

Da Comment Corner:


Doc’s Carbo Loading Party on Friday, December 12th. Make sure to attend; it will be difficult to recognize your fellow runners in “party attire”.

Marathon!!! – December 14th at 5 a.m. start; please check with your group leaders as to your meeting place.

The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters – December 15, Monday, 6:00 p.m.

Guaranteed a great time! (You won’t be the only one with aching legs. D&B has escalators!)

Cost $30.

Clinic’s “After the Marathon” Picnic December 21th.

It is a great time to compare notes about one’s marathon and bid farewell to your fellow group members till next year. Also, good time to thank your staff leaders for their help throughout the year.

Chili and rice and drinks served but welcome other potluck items. Desserts, salads, and main dishes would be very much be appreciated.

Cost $1.

Have a Great Marathon!!


Sorry for the mix up in the dates!