Blair’s Weekly Update 11-30-2014

Doc’s Talk: Taper, Taper and taper. Carbo loading party on Friday, December 12th, at the Scaff’s house.


Table Duty:

Staff leaders Cliff and Pam took care of the fabulous table today! Mahalo!


Clinic Volunteers:

This clinic is founded on volunteerism. Members, please thank the many staff volunteers who take time to make sure that the clinic is “running” as smoothly as possible.


Honolulu Marathon Clinic:

Founder and leader – Dr. Jack Scaff and his wife, Donna.

Board – Bruce Mullikin- chair; Peter Garcia-treasurer; Norm Uyeda; Val Ogi, Luanne Murakami, Muriel Taira, Stephen Zane, Maile Burgey, Blair Hoashi. 

Shirt Sales           – Maile Burgey, and Val Ogi

Webmaster        – Bob Lew



Group Leaders:

Advanced            – David Fitzpatrick, Les Young


Red                        -Jeff Beard

Pinks                     -Rosie Adam-Terem, Stephen Cole

Purple                  -Nelson Shingano

Grey                      -Ron Alford, Andy Hignite

Sliver                    -Lynnae Lee, Alberto Olivas, Paris Monti

Black                     -Ivan Irie, Russel Honda

White                   -Guru Sam Usman, Bob Choate, Lisa Zeman, Dwight Bartolome, Blair Hoashi

Blue                       -Val Ogi, Andy Hirano. Fiona McNeill


Buff Walkers     George Ushijima

Sweet 16’s          Cliff Hand, Roanne Abe

Green 15’s          Lou Crompton  

Golden 14’s        Norm Uyeda, Dean Takashige

Lucky 13’s           Derby Linden           

Please excuse me if I forgot other group leaders. Much mahalo to all of the staff members who help each group remain organized and safe.

Members, please make sure to thank your staff leaders for their assistance with your training. Many sacrifice their own training for the sake of the group.

A good way of “giving back to the clinic” is to volunteer to be a staff member next year!


Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick

(Pace <9:00 min. per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. We ran 14 today at about 8:30 and caught doc’s talk. Meeting next week at Kapiolani Park at 7:30 am for an easy taper run. Just a reminder to run easy and don’t get injured.



Pink Group by Stephen Cole:

(Pace 9:30- 10:30 minutes per mile)

On Sunday, the Pink group went out for an early run with a total of 10 people, including: Rosie, Steve, Steve, Lisa, Tabby, Earl, Jun, Linnea, and 2 other visiting runners.


For this run, we started at Kapiolani Park and ran to the marathon starting line to do the front part of the marathon course.  This took us up to 10 miles, when we all listened to the talk, then to tack on a few more, some did another 4 or 6 miles.  Below are the stats for the run:

Distance: 16 miles

Overall time: 3:1408

Running Time: 2:29:05

Pace: 9:20

Next week, we will meet in the parking lot next to O’Toole’s on Nu’uanu Ave. at 5:30.  This is Rosie’s idea to have a nice pre-dawn run past the Christmas lights in the downtown area, and to continue to train your body to run well in the early hours.  We will run into Kapiolani Park and possibly around Diamond Head before returning to the start point for an easy and enjoyable 10-12 miles.

Happy running, and we’ll see you there!



Grey Group by Ron Alford:

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

Six Greys, Andy, Byron, Ron, Yukari, Dan, and Michael (the latter two normally run with Val’s Blue group – welcome to the Greys!), explored the front part of the marathon in the gusty breezes today.  All of the critical points along the route, the Convention Center for packet pick-up, meeting place before the race, start line area, and so on, were identified in preparation for the marathon.


Distance: 10.8 miles

Running time: 1:56:56     Average moving pace: 10:49

Taper, taper, taper and be safe! The night before the race put all your gear for race day out so that you don’t need to search for anything on race morning – shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, race bib number, etc. You are ready!


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

John, Tony, and Lynnae guided a group of 15 Silvers through Waikiki and downtown, to get some final practice on the front portion of the marathon course. Silverados included: Tavy, Joe, Carl, newbie Paul, Koko, Hiroshi, Moon, Sun Hee, Ken, Terry, Lance, and Horacio. While not signed up for marathon, Lance joined us on the return portion of his early run – we dropped him off at Ala Moana Park. It was nice catching up with him. On the return, most of the group remained on the shady side of Ala Wai Blvd, while others (including all 3 staff) crossed the street in search of the water fountain, then ended up being sweepers. Weather conditions were fairly nice with constant breeze and intermittent clouds. Hopefully marathon day will be similar, but with a little lighter breezes. Due to the cool conditions and shorter distance, the group kept a good pace with fewer water stops. It was good practice for marathon day when water stops are 2 miles apart. In the end, we finished 11 miles in 2:01 time, 10:59 pace, and 1722 calories (for Carl-types, less for ladies). Nice job Silvers, we remain marathon ready!

HOMEWORK [mandatory]: Tapering continues. In addition to Sunday, 2 runs of one hour each is sufficient. Intermediate Group Leader Jeff (aka Mr. Mango Bread) recommends total weekly mileage should be 20 miles. Take very good care of yourself; avoid unnecessary risks and sick people. Continue mental preparation.

Training Comment: Marathon jitters have set in, as we’re now on the last 2 weeks of our journey together. The best way to deal with those is to be prepared. The marathoner’s motto is “nothing new on race day”, and we’re serious. Your shoes are properly worn in, you have your favorite socks, gear, and attire. And of course, you’ve determined which hydration aids work best for you. (Plan to take ~5 gels on marathon day for women, and perhaps more for men.) Oh, and don’t forget the anti-chafe stuff. Even if you haven’t chafed before, it’s going to happen on marathon day, so take precautions. Forget the training; it’s all about maintenance and staying healthy at this point. Continue your mental preparation – select your power mantra/song that will push you to the finish. Now’s the time to figure out logistics for the big event, how to get there, where to park, what to eat, and setting personal goals. You might also want to plan your meals for the week prior to marathon – determine whether you’ll be doing a protein-then-carbo-load or just carbo-load, and nix the gassy foods. Remember, no alcohol, which may dehydrate you; save that for post-marathon celebrations.

*UPCOMING [less than 2 weeks to the big day!]:

12/7 – 8.5 miles, including Kahala Avenue and Kapiolani bandstand to visualize your marathon finish.

-December 10-13: Marathon Expo (don’t wait till Saturday), no free parking at Convention Center. Enjoy the expo; special deals available, but remember nothing new on marathon day (except anti-chaff stuff).

-December 12: Carbo-load party. RSVP to Donna for headcount. See how different everyone looks in non-tech clothes and without sunglasses. Sleep early.

-December 13: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. No alcohol. Continue high-carb diet, but regular size portions. Try to stay off your feet, if possible. Eat by 6pm, try to sleep early, pray for good weather.

-December 14: MARATHON!!! 5am start. 4-430am meet up at Lynnae’s office.

-December 15: HMC Celebration, 6pm @ Dave and Buster’s, $30. Sign up @ Clinic.

SILVERADO ROUND UP: Heard from some 2013 Silverados and wanted to pass along their updates. We really enjoyed running with these individuals last year and wish them well.

First, we bid a fond aloha to Big Joe who relocated to Japan recently for work. We hope he continues to run in his new location (perhaps even taking in the Tokyo Marathon) and joins the Clinic again the next time he’s in Honolulu.

Dawn & Jason send their best wishes out to the HMC community, especially the Silverados. Newly graduated newbies, they had to take a break from training this year to focus on family, but hope to restart with the Clinic again in 2015.



White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Approximately twenty runners started with us this morning – Guru Sam, energetic Bob, spirited Jessica, lively Lisa, and Blair led this very convivial group on a nice and easy 10 miler. The happy mood of the group could be sensed for miles as the members realized that much of our marathon training was behind us and tapering in full force. There was lots of chatter even though the tough Kahala Avenue was added on our return. Responsible for creating this high sense of energy were members Russell, Monica, Jaimie, Chong, Jin, Georgie, Stan, Erica, Elaine, Hannah, Charlotte, Quen, Danele, and Olivia. Apologies if I missed anyone.

Members – our motto for the next two weeks – no injury or the weakening of our immune system by training too hard, and, you cannot make up for lost training time. You deserve to TAPER!!

Rest of Schedule:

December 7:      8 miles (Fun Run)

December 14:    MARATHON!!! Meet at 4 a.m. at our meeting place.

December 15:    After marathon dinner

December 21:    Picnic




 Buff Walkers by Susan Papuga:

George is off-island.  Several of the walkers met early at 6:00 am at the Aloha Station and walked to Kapiolani Park.  We joined the clinic to hear the lecture and then return, making an 8-mile trip as we continue to taper.  It was a perfect, cool, crisp morning and it’s hard to believe the big day is only 2 weeks away.  Next Sunday we’ll meet at the Aloha Station again at 6:15 am for a short walk in the 4-6 mile range.


Sweet 16’s By Roanne Abe:

Two weeks to go!  Sweet Sixteens were blazing at a 16min average pace for about 8.5 miles.  The weather was beautiful and the breeze pushed us along!  There were 15 today: Lynn, Annette, Sylvia, Judy, Lynn2, Dan, Kiyomi, Tsuyako, Chris, Noreen, Carmen, Macy, Roanne, Cliff and Pam.    We are so ready for marathon day to come!  We know it’s hard, but we need to focus on holding back and tapering.  Focus on staying well and healthy.  Keep safe and focus on how you will feel crossing that finish line.  Practice those smiles and angling your hat so that it doesn’t shade your face in the picture!  One more week of training to go and then we just get ready to show up on race day.  See you Sunday!


Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Weather wise, we were all wishing today could have been marathon day…  great conditions: reasonable temps, clear sky and nice breeze on our backs for the return trip… Luv to package that and re open it Dec 14.  Seven green people enjoyed the romp thru the woods today, a trip out to Beach Park 1 and back via Kahala Av.   Our pace leader chastised us [and himself] for doing recent tapering runs on Sundays and homework days in the low 14 m/m pace… so today we were told to pretend / make believe that our ten miler was the first 10 miles of the marathon… do NOT start out at a quick pace…  let’s see if we can do our target of 15.   Youse guys [old NJ talk] winning prizes at the Turkey Trot were so lucky the Green 15 didn’t do this on Thursday…. our distance was 10.25 miles…. our overall time was 2 H 34M… we came in “holding hands”  – one tight group… do the math…. 15.0 m/m…  give us da prize.  Super job by the Green 15 team!  Let’s do this on marathon day, then assuming we feel good on the way back you may bump up your pace… anticipate another year of 6-25 to 6-45 finishes for our group.   Thanks to the Sweet 16 folks at the refreshment table Sunday… a treat to dip the ono biscuit in Gatorade instead of coffee.   Next week we will taper distance even more if possible… stay safe, no playing in traffic or jogging on uneven sidewalks / grass, no kissing anyone with the flu.  Aloha


Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

With 2 weeks left to go, you see the tents being setup in the park. Believe it or nor your training is almost over, we are in the last phase and tapering the mileage to allow your body to recover before the big day. We has nice relatively cool weather to run in, sunshine with a lot of breeze. We ran out to the gas station and back to the park.

I reminded everyone that when we are running up Diamond Head road we will only have half the road since the ocean side of the road will be the return route for the elite runners who we should be passing as we are going out. The plan for this week is do your 1 hour homework runs, don’t try to increase mileage. At this phase we are trying to recover without getting injured.

Don’t miss next week’s talk; Dr. Scaff will cover everything you should be doing up to the morning of the marathon. By next Sunday you should choose how you are going to get the start line. Whether you are catching the bus from the zoo parking or walking from Ala Moana hotel, or just being dropped off.  We will be meeting at the last bathroom Ewa or west of the tennis courts at 4 am. Ask a leader if you are not sure. We ran 9 miles and burned 946 cals. See you all next Sunday.


Da Comment Corner:


Turkey Trot:

Mahalo to all of the volunteers at the Turkey Trot! Congrats to all of the participants! You all looked great!


The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters – December 15, 6:00 p.m. 

Please sign up on the board.


After Marathon Picnic – December 21:

Get together with group members and share your marathon story; bring a favorite dish to share with others. Chili/rice and drinks provided by the clinic. We meet at the usual clinic time then go out for a “nice stroll” while some volunteers set up for the picnic.


See you at the water stops!