Blair’s Weekly Update 11-16-2014

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff did a talk on the positive effects of beer (ale, to be more specific) for our bodies. Tapering and the carbo loading party at his house the Friday before the marathon were also mentioned.

Table Duty:

Thanks to staffers Rachun, Robert and Henry who set up a fantastic spread every year for us. Why go to Halekulani when you have just as great a food experience here at table duty? The veggie sandwiches with the cooked-as-you go poached eggs were a gourmet delight. Thank you guys for always sharing your generosity and culinary creativity!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. We ran 14-18 today at about 8, and caught Doc’s talk on alcohol. Next week at the 2nd park on Hawaii Loa Road at 6:00 a.m.

Pink Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

The Pink group went out with a total of 7 runners on Sunday including: Rosie, Steve, Linnea, Tabby, Jimmi, Grady, and Steve. We went on a different running route than normal to avoid the half marathon and to mix it up for a bit of fun. We started at Ala Moana and ran through Kakaako, then along the Ala Wai to the morning HMC talk for the first 8 miles. After that, we ran up Monserrat and around Diamond Head and through Waikiki back to Ala Moana. It was a great change of pace 🙂 Below are the stats for the run:

  • Distance: 16 Miles
  • Overall Time: 3:31:00
  • Running Time: 2:34:40
  • Running Pace: 9:40

Joe, Lisa, Arlene and some others ran the half marathon, and did very well. Arlene came in under 2 hours, and Joe and Lisa finished right around the 2 hour mark as well. Awesome job to all of the HMC runners that participated in the readiness series. Special shout-out to Joe, since after he ran the 13.1 miles, he ran with the Pinks for another 7 or so for 20+ miles on Sunday!

Next week, the Pink group will be doing another 20-mile run. We will be starting at the Maunalua Beach Park in Hawaii Kai at 5:20, and doing the Hawaii Kai loop (miles 15-17 in the marathon) before running the 9 miles in for the HMC talk. After those 11 miles, we’ll run the last 9 back to Hawaii Kai. Anyone is welcome to join us on our 9:45 to 10:00 pace run, and if you want to run 18 instead of 20, you can meet us at the corner of Kalanianaole and Hawaii Kai Drive.

Happy Running!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Jon Lau:
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

Dr. Scaff talked about alcohol (beer, hops, wine) and how it applies to runners. John originally led a small group of Silvers on a 12-mile run, but none of them could pass up a final stop at Nelson’s Oasis for the season, so they pushed forward to stretch it to 14 miles. The Gatorade and pretzels along with the other refreshments hit the spot. Silverados present included: Ken, newbie Paul, and Bill. John turned into sweeper on the return trip. All Silvers were happy to finish their last long run before marathon.

Mahalo to Rachun, Robert K., and special assistant Henry for the delicious snacks. The egg and veggie sandwiches, banana nut bread, apple/cheese sandwiches, fresh fruit, and homemade Thai iced tea were all so yummy! Thanks for serving twice this season; your efforts are much appreciated!

Homework (mandatory): Taper, taper, taper. Enjoy the taper. An easy way to do this is for your homework runs to equal your Sunday run. So a 12 mile Sunday run would mean 2 runs of 6 miles each.

Running Tips: While running early is enjoyable, remember that running in the heat is good training. Silvers train to finish between 10 -10:30 a.m., so training at this time will benefit you on race day. You’ve made it this far in your training, and the hard part is done. This is the time to start focusing on the mental part of racing. Come up with a goal and race plan. Check out to predict your finish time. While you’re not defined by a number, having a time goal can provide the right amount of inspiration when needed. Over the next several weeks, your general health is very important. Take care not to get injured. Avoid unnecessary risks and sick people.


  • 11/23 – Dr. Scaff will talk about tapering. Silvers will run ~10 miles downtown to cover the front part of the marathon course. This is a must for newbies.
  • 11/27 – Turkey Trot, 630 a.m., $7. Advance registration on the HMC website ($6) and invite your friends and family. It’s a great way to prepare for your Thanksgiving feasting. And remember, you don’t have to be fast to win. Donations welcome.
  • 11/30 – Last chance for a 10-mile run along the front part of the marathon course.
  • 12/7 – 8 miles, including Kahala Avenue.

Shout Out Corner:

Congratulations to the many HMCers who participated in the Val Nolasco Half Marathon, the final race in the Marathon Readiness Series. HMCers came out in force, and there were many smiles shared at the finish line. HMC participants included: Mindy, Evelyn, Jun L., Jun K., Tavy, Joe, Andy, Gannon, Ivie, Melissa, Anson, Tony, Horacio, Asami, Jimmy, and Izumi+1. Good job everyone; you’re all marathon ready! The Tough Runner award very deservedly goes to Izumi for her strong finish just 2 weeks from her due date. While she wasn’t the only pregnant runner out there, she was the most pregnant. She’s got a great spirit for the sport and is such an inspiration!

White Group by Blair Hoashi
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

18 miles:

First, congrats to the approximately 15 runners who completed the 18 miler about two weeks ago! Led by leader Jessica, Russell, Kevin, Elena, Hannah, Jamie, Tomoko and her two friends, Liat, Lisa, Ming, Jade, and Danele, started off from Triangle Park at 6 a.m. Leader Bob arrived later to join in and leaders Guru Sam and Blair, cut their runs short due to injuries. Special thanks to member Russell who ran in very early from his Hawaii Kai residence to join us at Triangle Park and he set up a “Gatorade Oasis” at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai – mahalo for your kindness and generosity! Great job to all who completed the tough run!


For the first time this year, the males outnumbered the females this week – Kevin, Trevor, Ryan, Russell, Dwight, Bob, Atilla, Richard, Sam, and Blair were fortunate to accompany Melissa, Monica, Jaime, Lisa, Jade, and Danele on a “tapering 14 miler”. As usual, Nelson’s Oasis at the 14 mile turnaround was very much appreciated. I could tell by the group’s strong finish that our members are ready for the “big day”. Great job to all! It’s all “downhill” from here (in a good way – our Sunday runs will be easier and shorter). Remember at the start of our training year when doing a six – eight miler was such a tough endeavor. We’ve come a long way! Congratulations to all of our members!

Our tapering process continues next week by doing the front part of the marathon – approximately 12 miles. We start from our clinic meeting place, go through beautiful Waikiki, show our members the marathon start and our meeting place on that morning, have a jaunt through downtown, back through Waikiki, then end up back at our clinic start – roughly 12 miles. Homework should be your usual two one hour sessions during the week. Please don’t try to make up for lost training time – just the usual homework should get you back into the “flow”.

A great comment:

One of the newer members of our group mentioned that the reason he joined the White Group was because he had heard that it was such a fun group and the training runs very doable and achievable; not stressful.

Group Schedule for the remaining Sundays:

  • Nov. 23: The Start/Front part of marathon course (approx. 12 miles)
  • Nov. 27: Turkey Trot (10 miles; Thursday)
  • Nov 30: 10 miles
  • Dec. 07: 08 miles
  • Dec. 14: MARATHON!!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:

(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

There was Tannia, Dan, Collette, Charlotte, Mark, Mike, Alan, Fiona and myself today, I think several group members did the 1/2 marathon as total turn out seemed smaller than usual. We started our taper from 16 to 14 miles this week. Next week we plan to taper to 12 miles, but are adding on the Kahala route to the finish line so that we can practice our smiles for the finish line on race day.


Walkers by George Ushijima:

This Sunday saw the Val Nolasco Half Marathon at Kapiolani. A few from our group participated in it. The rest of us, just 6, went off for our 12 mile jaunt to Wailupe and back. To start us off we saw Roger, who is still recovering from his issues. It was a gorgeous day with a constant breeze. We did 12.25 miles in 3 hours 51 minutes. That’s 18 minutes 51 seconds per mile including the stops. If you take out the stops, its 17 minutes 48 seconds. Next week Sunday 11/23/14, we will meet at the figure 8 parking by McCoy pavilion and the tennis courts in Ala Moana Park at 6:30 a.m. to do a downtown route. George will be traveling the next two Sundays after that will not be back until the Marathon. We plan on joining Roger, after we do the downtown route through Waikiki and back, at Big City Diner for breakfast. Hope many of us walkers can make it. Keep on Walking.

Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

We’re about a month out and are entering into taper mode for the marathon. Six of us started the day out: Lynn, Lynn2, Dan, Yuriko, Roanne and Cliff and we did 12 miles at about 16:30 minutes per mile. Parking was a challenge and we appreciate you making the commitment to getting in the mileage. It was a beautiful day with sun and great trade winds to keep us cool and our spirits lifted. It was great seeing some of our group as they headed toward the finish line at today’s half marathon race. Congrats to: Pam, Noreen, Chris, Shari, Macy and Doyle for completing the race. If you didn’t make the group walk today or the race, but still got in the mileage, give yourself a pat on the back. Good job! The most important thing to focus on now is staying injury free and healthy. Start thinking about what you want to wear on race day and what you want to carry with you (energy bar, water bottle, etc). Better to plan now and have the items you want in hand than to remember them the day before the marathon when all the shops are sold out of your favorite gel or bar. Turkey Trot signups are being taken now. If you want to test your pacing skills or just want to have a fun 10-mile jaunt, sign up online and save a $1. See you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

What a great day for a Sunday morning outing- relatively cool temp and nice trades. Only slight downer was that our good Dr Scaff didn’t suggest an ale during his talk… now we’ll have to do a lot of “research” to find a healthy one. Green team went out for a long run last week and this Sunday dropped back to 80% which meant 15 miles and a last training visit to Hawaii Kai Drive. Just think about this for a moment: in March our 1st timers went out for a 4-mile loop at over 15 minutes per mile , and were tired coming back after all the exercise; lately we are going out to Hawaii Kai Drive and back just for a routine training day at 14+ minutes per mile and all members are fine. And you never noticed the slight incremental increases in weekly distances. You all have made tremendous strides in your fitness! Kudos to you! Our speed demon got to the water jug in 3 hours 38 minutes while more came in 1.5 minutes later… overall we had a 14.6 pace which members felt was a very comfortable pace for today… even our macho man, who added an extra mile, finished in the 15 target area. Great job by all. We’re now stopping every 2 miles at the marathon water stops, plus carry our own water & food … no surprises on December 14… We want to be back in camp about 6 hours 35 minutes on marathon day! Remember to do your important homework runs during the week. Our collective mahalos to the gang at the oasis as well as back in the park. For November 23 – a little more tapering for the green people.

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Week 37 and we have started our tapering; we ran 14 miles and everyone did great.

The weather was sunny but with a slight steady breeze at times so it kept us cooler on our run. This is so much better than compared to our extremely hot summer that we had this year.

The overall group was smaller this week since there was the Val Nolasco half marathon which was the last of the 808 readiness series runs.

As a reminder to all, sign up for the Dinner the Monday night after the marathon, it always proves to be a lot of fun sharing our experiences running this year’s marathon,

By now you should know what you are wearing to run the marathon, if you haven’t decided now is the time not the night before. And make sure your choice includes everything that has been worn and tested on one of our long runs.

This coming Sunday will be the last of our long (longer than 8 miles) runs. We will be running 12 miles, to the first Beach Park and back.

Time is getting short, keep doing your homework runs and we will see you next Sunday.

Lucky 13”s by Derby Linden:

Homework: Tuesday 6 miles; Thursday, 10 miles.

I am so proud of the group in taking on the helm and running a 14-miler – Dave, Robin, Jess, and Laurence (all by her lonely self) while the rest of us did the Val Nolasco run – Michelle, Melissa and myself with a many other HMC folks from various groups to name a few – Lynnae, Tony, Maryvic and many others.

Remember to sign up for the Turkey Trot happening on Thursday, November 27th. It’s a great time to find out what pace you run. Sign up on line!

Also, sign up for Dave and Buster for Monday, December 15th. Let’s have a great showing.

We are so ready for marathon, December 14th.

Da Comment Corner:

Mahalo, Staff Volunteers:

Group members, please thank your staff leaders for their unselfish leadership throughout the year. Many leaders are running at a pace which might not be “ideal” for them but they stick with the “prescribed pace” for the benefit of the group. Staff leaders might “slow down for the group while other leaders do their best in their training to maintain the group’s pace, even with the challenges of work and family schedules, and other issues which might prevent them from training more regularly.

Also, a good way to give back to the clinic is to volunteer to be a staff member next year.

Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving morning, November 27th.

(Volunteers still needed)

Dr. Scaff’s Carbo Loading Party December 12th

You’ll have a hard time recognizing fellow runners in their work clothes.

The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters!! – December 15, 6:00 p.m.

(Please sign up on our sheet)

HMC After Marathon Picnic – December 21:

Enjoy great food and company while sharing your marathon experiences. Lots of fun and lots of information sharing.

Let’s all start tapering, tapering, tapering – you’ve earned it!! Have a great week!

HMC Pix courtesy of Derby Linden:

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See you at the water stops!