Blair’s Weekly Update 11-09-2014

Doc’s Talk:

This morning Dr. Scaff assured us that we have taken care of our physical training—and that it is time to concentrate on our mental training: the grit which will get us across the finish line. From now on we need to maintain our level of fitness and not do anything risky leading to injury. He spoke of the upcoming Turkey Trot and how important it is to predict our pace. Knowing our pace will allow us to run the Marathon with a negative split: finishing the last half slightly faster than the first half.

Table Duty:

Thanks to staffers Lynnae and James for doing such a great job at table duty!

Group reports:

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

Dr. Scaff advised against longer runs (18 or 20+ miles). The risk of injury may not make the training worthwhile at this point. He also talked about supplements (some of which help and some which do absolutely nothing). You must RSVP for the pre-marathon potluck so he can plan the beverages.

Alberto and John led the Silvers on their last visit to Nelson’s oasis for this season, as tapering has started. Silverados present included: Coco, newbie Paul, Amanda, Horacio, and Paul (fisherman’s hat). They met up with early bird runners Scott and Moon at Triangle Park. Asami joined us shortly after we left the park. 14 miles today as begin our tapering with 5 weeks to go. John led a small group back to Kapiolani Park (Paul, Horacio, and Asami). On our way back, we ran into Maile (the sole runner in the Rainbow group as she was recovering from an injury). John also chatted with Lehua who will be running the marathon with her family this year. Her husband and her son are both first time marathoners. Wow, what a healthy family! The group agreed that these overcast conditions today made for an ideal Honolulu Marathon running day. We can only hope Dec 14 will be similar, but must be prepared for anything. By now, we should all have picked our marathon shoes.

Mahalo to all the Silvers and HMC staff who helped with table duty! It was truly a team effort by: Lynnae, Alberto, Tony, Henry, Ken, Sandra, Derby, and James. The watermelon, pineapple, almond butter & jelly sandwiches, little smokies were great for replenishment. And Jeff’s coffee and mango bread is simply da best! Yes, we run to eat.

Homework (mandatory): Taper, taper, taper. What a beautiful word. An easy way to do this is for your homework runs to equal your Sunday run. So a 12 mile Sunday run would mean 2 runs of 6 miles each. You can do more if you like.

Running Tips: While running early is enjoyable, remember that running in the heat is good training. Most of us will finish in the heat, so incorporating that in your training runs will benefit you on race day. Obey the cardinal rule of marathoning – “Nothing new on race day.” So pick out your marathon outfit now and start running in it. Everything from head to toe should have gone through practice runs. This includes glasses, watch, hat, sunscreen, anti-chaff stuff, belt, etc. You’d hate to discover chaffing from your cute new pair of shorts at mile 20 with 6 to go…ouch!


  • 11/2 (Recap) – Chromies ran a solid 17 miles with 4 hills, thanks to Staffer Ron (Grey). At least there was a pool party reward for the exhausted finishers.
  • 11/16 – Silvers will run 12 miles @ clinic. Val Nolasco Half Marathon, #5 in the readiness series. Good luck HMCers!
  • 11/27 – Turkey Trot. Register on the HMC website and tell your friends. It’s a great way to start Thanksgiving. And remember, you don’t have to be fast to win.
  • 11/30 – 10 mile run through downtown, and the front part of the marathon course.

Black Group by Ivan Irie:

What a nice, cool, and overcast day for a long run. The Black Group consisting of Lianne, Kurt, Abe, Marian, Jan, Devan, Tabby (from the pink group), and Ivan ran from Waiholo Place towards Hawaii Kai. On our way to Hawaii Kai, Vu caught up with us quickly and we bumped in to our fearless Leader, Russ running the opposite direction. We ran around the Hawaii Kai loop, and ran towards Kapiolani Park. At the Clinic Start, Tony and his peeps were gracious to offer us fuel we needed to return to our cars at Waiholo. We ran a total of 19.2 miles (though Vu, Abe, Marian, and Lianne ran the inside neighborhood loop to reach 20 miles). Next week we will begin tapering to 15-16 miles. Meeting place is at Waiholo Place at 5:45am

White Group report by Blair Hoashi:

A 25 hardy runners started off with our group today – Staff leader Bob along with leader Jessica, led the group through its tapering 14 miles. Staffers Guru Sam, Lisa, Richard, Dwight and Blair helped to keep the group organized. Conditions were perfect as the clouds covered “Mr. Sun” and the trades blew generously throughout our entire trek. All but five made it back over our 14 miles; in fact a few went on around the park for a 16 miler. Great job to all! We continue on our tapering journey till the “big day”.

Danele, Jade, Russell, Jaimie, Elena, Ming, Christine, Scott, Monica, Liat (from Maui), Georgie, Jin, Chong, were a few of our hardy runners.

Guru Sam’s Comment:

We have so many “graduates” coming along and running in this great marathon that is forthcoming. It’s like having kids and seeing them grow. There are some great personalities that have developed and lots of friendships made within these past 6 to 7 months. Each of these marathoners will be real successes in life. I am so happy to see all of these wonderful souls as I go with this little journey of my life.

*A “front part” of the marathon course will be scheduled in two weeks – approximately 12 miles.

Group Schedule for the remaining Sundays:

  • Nov. 16: 14 miles
  • Nov. 23: Front part of the marathon course/meeting location (12 miles)
  • Nov. 30: 10 miles
  • Dec. 07: 8 miles
  • Dec. 14 MARATHON!!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

Last week was the Susan G Komen event @ Kapiolani, too crowded, so we met at Triangle Park and proceeded down Monsarrat, we picked up 2 of our group along the way and went back up Diamond Head Road in the usual way. We all got out to Trinity Church and made it back to Triangle Park for a total of 17.7 miles.
This week we had a much smaller group starting our tapering of the miles as we get closer to the Marathon. We traveled out to Kawaikui Park after the day’s talk focusing on vitamins. It was mostly overcast very much noticeably cooler than previous Sundays. Our plan was to do 14 miles, which we accomplished at a rate of 17 min 8 sec per mile. When you include all the stops, it was almost 19 min per mile. A very easy pace.
Next week, 11/16/14, we’ll be doing 12 miles. There is the Val Nolasco Half Marathon at Kapiolani. The park will be hard access, so George is planning on parking near Triangle Park early and get down to Kapiolani by 7:30. The following week, 11/23/14, our walking group will meet at the figure 8 parking by McCoy pavilion and the tennis courts in Ala Moana Park at 6:30am to do a downtown route. George will be traveling the next 2 Sundays after that will not be back until the Marathon.

Sweet Sixteens by Cliff Hand:

Staff leaders Pam and Cliff found out what it must be like herding cats. We began with fourteen and finished with three. The shortest distance walked by one of these fourteen was four miles; four people walked eighteen, and only three finished the prescribed fourteen miles, our first taper-off in preparation for December. The other six dropped off at various points along the way; none out of laziness but all with legitimate reasons. In a way it’s gratifying to the volunteers that our trainees have learned so well; well enough to gauge their own fitness and make their own training decisions. That said, we enjoyed the cooler weather, the overcast sky and the shorter distance. Saddened by our last visit to Nelson’s Oasis, we were once again reminded how extraordinarily grateful to Nelson for doing this all season

Green Fifteens’ by Louis Crompton:

Hooray…. our longest distance run is over, pau, owarimashita… We had a small cadre of the faithful show up for our pilgrimage to Hawaii Kai in great weather conditions – overcast most of the trip and a decent breeze. Seems like yesterday when we had a bus carry us out to Hawaii Kai Dr and all we had to do was the loop and return… Today – no bus. Bummer. But who needs a bus when you have shoes? As we came back to the gas station our really nice leader gave the group an option…wow, a choice. Either go up Kilauea to the park, or go to 4W stop and Kahala Av into the park. Green 15 had already done a few 16 mile runs so this one would be a tad longer… pick your distance. Since he already did both routes during the week Lou opted for the shorter 17.5 mile route and finished in 4H 37M with a 15.8 m/m pace [well, he has bad ribs and fractured toe]. Everyone else elected the Kahala Av route … bunch of masochists. Akiko finished the 18.6 route first in 4-40 with a 14.97 pace [speed demon]. Our goal was and is to pace the group in the 15 m/m range and we’re now in our ninth month of doing that… Green 15 has dibs on the 6H 35M finish time for the December Marathon. Big mahalo to Nelson for having the oasis open right where we needed him on our long trek, and a special shout out to the lovely Lynnae [and her helpers] for manning the tables with drinks and goodies despite it being 12:30 when the green people meandered in – extremely thoughtful of you all and we are very appreciative. Next Sunday Green Team tapers down to 80%…still, do your homework.

Golden Fourteens by Dean Takashige:

Week 36

We had great weather for running, overcast most of the run with a very slight breeze at times.

As we had hoped summer weather is finally over.

Welcome to a couple of new friends, Christina and Carol, who joined the group. We hope to see you next week Sunday.

Everyone did great on the run so the main thing to remember at this point of the training since we are 4 weeks out….

Don’t get sick or get well if you are sick. No tennis, skating, basketball or any other sports activity until after the marathon. If you sprain an ankle now you may not recover in time the the big day which you have been training for since March.

We will start tapering our training from this coming weekend.

Looking at the calendar. For the Golden 14s this will be our training schedule.

  • November 16 14 miles
  • November 23 12 miles
  • November 30 8 miles (turkey trot weekend)
  • December 07 week before the marathon – 4 miles

We ran 16 miles and burned about 1628 cals. So keep up with your homework and we will see you on Sunday

Lucky Thirteens by Derby Linden:

What a great way to start a run, cool weather and overcast! Dave, JessLyn, Jay, Min and Laurence ran strong and looked good. Thanks to all the runners for keeping the eyes on the prize…16 miles and smiling.

It’s not time to taper quite yet. Taper will start Turkey week. Homework: Tuesday, 9 miles; Thursday 10 miles.

Next week’s run should be another 16 miler. There will be many HMC’er running in the last readiness series that will be held at Kapiolani Park. We’ll all be cheering you on!

Passing on some insight learned in the past when one gets tired in the last four to five miles of the marathon. Alternate, running four light poles, walking two light poles and that will get you through to the finish line. The body form starts to get sloppy and a mantra worth repeating is “Stand Tall, Finish Strong”.

Da Comment Corner:

Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving Morning

Volunteers still needed; please sign up on the board

After Marathon Dinner at Dave and Buster’s – Monday, December 15 at 6pm; cost $30.

After Marathon Clinic Picnic – Sunday, December 21; 7:30 a.m.

“Peak Mileage”:

You might notice when reading the various group reports about the different “long” mileages being run on Sundays, especially this close to the marathon. Please check with your group leader as to what might be most appropriate for you; Doc mentions that for most first time marathoners, the 16 miler should be the longest run for the year.

“Big Day” Countdown:

Only about a month to go before the “big day” so let’s be careful in our training – no injuries or risk of a lowered immune system (flu season is upon us). Most of us already have our marathon training mileage within us. So, if you have been diligent in your homework runs and Sunday “fun runs”, you are in good shape for the “big day”. The “tapering process” should be underway. Tapering basically consists of doing your usual “homework runs “but cutting down on your Sunday runs thereby decreasing your overall weekly mileage.

See you at the water stops,