Blair’s Weekly Update 09-21-2014

Doc’s Talk:

Dr Scaff spoke about cholesterol and some very interesting information associated with it – milk, butter and eggs are ok? Please see Bruce Mullikin for Doc’s complete talk on “thumb drive”.

Table Duty:

Thanks to staffer Fiona for taking good care of us today at table duty! The Gatorade and water plus the delicious food and fruits were perfect fuel sources to rejuvenate us after our long runs. Thanks also to Alberto, of the Brug Bakery at Shirokiya in the Ala Moana Center for some great pastries.

Final Bus Run – October 12th:

We ask everyone to show up at 7:15 a.m. and board the buses promptly and leave accordingly. Fare is $3. The furthest stop will be at Makapuu Point – approximately 15 miles. It gives runners a chance to run along the eastern coastline (a route not normally run) and also become more familiar with the second half of the actual marathon route. Water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few a far between. Also bringing some extra cash for drinks or energy bars is recommended. As Dr. Dwight of the White Group mentions, the first few water stops are crucial to the finishing miles. Other stop options might be the traffic lights past Sandy Beach – 13 miles and the Maunalua Bay at the start of Hawaii Kai, mileage varied dependent the on route. Please check with your group leader as to your start location.

Group Reports:

Pink Group by Stephen Cole:
(9:30-10:30 minutes per mile)

The Pink group went out Sunday with 9 runners: Jun, Earl, Lisa, Steve, Joe, Chris, John, Christopher, and Miguel. It was especially hot and humid on Sunday, reaching 90 degrees by 9:30! We continued with our 18 mile distance. Below are the stats:

  • Distance: 18 miles
  • Total Running time: 2:51:11
  • Overall Pace: 10:48 minutes/mile
  • Running Pace: 9:30 minutes/mile

As I said before, remember to always get plenty of water, carbs and sleep in the 48 hours before a long run, and to keep up with your mid-week training runs. If you can do this, and keep your total weekly mileage to at least 40 miles, you’ll be in great shape 🙂

We will be starting out again from the Maunalua Bay Beach Park in Hawaii Kai, but this time starting at 5:45 a.m. to ensure we make it to the talk at Kapiolani Park in plenty of time.

If anyone would like to join us on our run, you are more than welcome. If you like, you can always join us at 7:30 a.m. at the regular meeting place, and then run back from Hawaii Kai after we finish our run

Happy running, and we’ll see you this Sunday!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

There were 16 Silverados along for another 16-miler today. Several of us started our run earlier in the day. John, Tony, Scott, Hiroshi, Lynnae, and Terry were the early birds from Maunalua Bay. Alberto escorted the rest of the group from the HMC HQ – Paul, Tavy, Joe, Amanda, Melissa, Ken and Dr. Rob (Grey). Unfortunately, Joe had to turn back at Triangle Park due to injury that flared up. We certainly hope it heals soon with proper rest. Henry (Purple) joined us soon after, and escorted us to the gas station. It was another scorcher with high humidity, but fortunately the trade winds started up as the run progressed. We were joined at Kalanianaole by Paul and Olivia who started out with the White Group – the more the merrier. Good job everyone! Keep up the good training.

Homework [mandatory]: Let’s remain disciplined during these high mileage months. Target 35-40 miles per week. Minimum 2 homework runs with a rest day in between, as rest days are training days too. Follow the 10% rule; mileage should be increased by no more than 10% per week.

Running Tips: The high mileage months provide an opportunity to find out what you’re really made of. The longer distances can take a toll on the body, especially with the extreme heat and humidity. Be attentive to your body. Do NOT ignore its cues, or it could get worse. For example, I felt the beginnings of a slight headache at mile 13, which I knew meant I was dehydrated. I knew an extra gummy was what I needed, but I didn’t have any on me. So I took 2 cups of Gatorade and I was able to successfully finish. The lesson: carry extra supplements. (You’ll be glad you did.)


  • 9/28 – Another 16-miler next week. John will lead the optional early bird group starting from the Hawaii Kai dog park at 6:15am.
  • 10/5 – Hokulani Bake Shop 25K at Kailua. It’s a nice course that goes onto the Marine Corps base. Come run for cupcakes and test out your training!
  • 10/10 – HMSA 30K. Early registration deadline. Determine if you are “marathon ready” on the longest race in the Marathon Readiness Series. Newbies are strongly encouraged to register for this race.
  • 10/12 – HMC Bus Run #3. Mark your calendars, and be sure to sign up. This is the last one of the season.

Shout Out Corner: Mahalo to Nelson and friends for the ice cold Gatorade at Kawaikui Beach Park! It’s always appreciated. The “tough runner” awards this week goes to Mindy and Andy from the Grey group for completing marathons this weekend. Mindy completed the Beat the Blerch Marathon in Carnation, WA, inspired by the comic about running. She was wowed by gorgeous views and had a strong finish. Andy competed in the Maui Marathon. Given the high heat, humidity, and extra craziness at the start line, just finishing is impressive. Congrats to Mindy and Andy on their awesome accomplishments!

Black Group by Ivan Irie:
(Pace 11:30 – 12:30 minutes per mile)

Bright and early our Black Group met at Wailupe Circle, joined by Devan, Kurt, Vu, Lianne, Marianne, Martha, Abe, Kiana, Russ and Star (I’ll get ur name right on Sunday), minus our leader Ivan, we headed out to 2nd beach park where I mentioned to the group that we would try to cut out the walking but will stop at all the water stops to refuel. We headed towards the clinic by way of Farmers Road on to Triangle Park. We also learned that Kiana had a plane to catch on her way to Arizona but she was determined to make the 16 mile commitment so we took a detour through Waikiki and stopped at the Police Substation and headed to Pacific Beach Hotel for our normal refueling of cooler water. We discussed about not making 16 miles if we headed back towards the clinic so another detour by way of Kaiulani Ave and the Ala Wai towards the clinic. Thanks to Fiona for offering our group refreshments, we really appreciated your kindness. Now on to our return route up Diamond Head which really started to get hot and muggy, on to Triangle Park and our normal route to the Aloha Gas Station. We had another discussion about making 16 miles without going pass our meeting point on Wailupe Circle and going through the housing area. Our mileage expert Devan assured us that we would make 16 miles and he was right on as usual. We completed our task however I think we started out too fast 11:23 – 11:35 pace and maintaining an average of 11:35 pace, plus or minus for 16.06 miles. No fuel left in the tank for any additional miles. I want to share an experience about dehydration which I felt after taking a lukewarm shower, dizziness, clamminess throughout the body, not wanting to eat anything but lay down, but I remembered Dr. Scaff talk about dehydration recovery so I drank a Dr. Pepper and Coke and immediately I was on recovery mode. So on these long runs you cannot think you drank enough water because dehydration can creep on you, even for someone who supposed to be an experience runner. I want to give high fives to our Black Group and the other clinic runners who completed their run on this extra hot and muggy Sunday. We plan to meet at 5:45 a.m. Sunday at Wailupe Circle for another 16-miler.

White Group by Blair Hoashi:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

25 white group members started off on our second 16-miler of our training. Again, it was hot and humid and remained this way throughout the entire run. It seemed even hotter and more humid than last week! We were led by our energetic staff leader Bob along with staffers Dwight and Blair, both bringing up the rear. While Dwight and Blair struggled to keep up with the group due to injury and late night alcohol and heavy food consumption (not Dwight), stalwarts Jessica, Russell, Janey and others stepped up to help Bob take care of the group. Mahalo! As usual, we were blessed to “double dip” at Nelson and the Purple Group’s Oasis. MUCHO MAHALOS! We burnt off more than 1,600 calories!

This week’s contingent was made up of Elaine, another Bob, Darrin, Atilla, Ming, Monica, Tomoko (who we shall miss for about a month), Chong, 15 year old Jason, Alberto, Russell, Janey, Jessica, Donna, Olivia, Quen, Doug (of the Black Group), Mari (our physical therapist), along with a few newcomers who I will get to know better after a few more runs.


Please continue with your homework runs; we continue our 14-16 milers for the next few weeks. We can figure out the members who are diligent with their homework – they are just cruising through their Sunday runs.

Please sign up for our third and final Bus Run on October 12th – approximate distance 15 miles.

Blue Group by Val Ogi:
(Pace 12:30-13:30 minutes per mile)

Today our group total was our lucky #7. Seems like we have split into two different groups that show up every other week? We made it out to the second park with the temptations of Nelson’s Oasis, it was worth it! Thank you Nelson & crew we really appreciate the cold water, Gatorade and variety of pretzels and energy snacks. We completed our 14-miler with a pace of 13 minutes per mile, and 15 minutes per mile including the water stops. Thanks to Fiona who couldn’t run with us due to table duty, thank you for the healthy snacks, water and Gatorade.


Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Twelve weeks till Marathon day. Sweet Sixteens are ready! Eleven of us went out today and were rewarded with great sunny skies and cooling breezes. Lynn2, Dan, Judy, Noreen, Chris, Jim, Sylvia, Linda, Pam, Cliff, and Roanne made the commitment and went 15.6 miles at an average pace of 16.2 minutes/mile. We made sure that we drank at every water stop and kept to the shade whenever possible. Good job everyone! And give yourself a pat on the back for just showing up. Not everyone would brave a hot day like today, especially after all those concerts last night. And if you joined us in spirit and put in the miles for today, High Five! All this hard work and dedication will pay off in December. Hopefully the weather will start to cool off and we’ll be more worried about rain than heat.

The third and final Bus Run will be on October 12th. Signups should be out next week, so please be on the lookout and sign up.

On October 19th, the Susan G Komen 5K will be at Kapiolani Park. It will start around 7am and parking for it will be at Kapiolani Community College. There is no official clinic on the 19th, but we plan to meet informally. Please plan to come early to get parking and be prepared to do a little extra walking to and from your car.

Thank you Fiona, Nelson and friends for the wonderful cold drinks and snacks! You all make braving the heat worth it!

Keep up the homework walks as December will be here before we know it, and we’ll see you Sunday!

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Hooray! Surely the worst training day is past… reportedly 91 today, no trades, and humidity in the 60s. Yuck. But that did not deter the green team of 7 departing for a 15.86-mile trip out to Hawaii Kai Drive and back. And as we were outbound, here come 2 green people inbound… what was that all about? They must have left 5 or 6 in the morning while the rest of the team was in bed. As we hit the 12-mile mark, the Garmin said we were at 2 hours 59 minutes so we ‘slowed’, finishing our outing in 4 hours 4 minutes for a 15.3 overall pace. Of course we hydrated / hydrated / hydrated… had to, or risk an EMS ride today. I “counseled” our people not to think we were going all the way to Hawaii Kai Drive and back, no, we were just going from water stop to water stop… don’t think 16 miles, think a series of 2 mile legs… yeah, sure… one girl reminded me I had repeated that mantra so many times during training it was like “brain washing”. Even on marathon day, my plan is to go from water stop to water stop, I never think about the overall distance… If I did, I’d probably take the car – crazy to run 26 miles. Next Sunday we will take a little breather and back off the mileage, then bump it up on Oct 5. Our normal pace leader will be off island for 2 Sundays, returning for Bus Run 3, so Willard, Akiko and Kaori will share pacer duties… remember, folks, our pace is 15 – you do not get a prize for beating Intermediates. Aloha

Lucky 13’s by Derby Linden:

Thanks to team mates Michele, MaryVic, Brent, Yukari for supporting Dave Darby in his early morning quest to run at 6 am before catching his afternoon flight. After experiencing last week’s heat index…it became a no brainer.

September’s second 14-miler run from HMC clinic to Kawaikui Park was pleasant as we were greeted by many early morning runners. On the way back to the clinic, Dave ran ahead as the rest of us straggled in…quote from Michelle Kim Stone “like only 2 miles and 30 minutes away.”

Homework: Tuesday & Thursday – approximately 9 miles each

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Da Comment Corner:

“New and Improved” (Repeat):

Staff leaders are always mentioning the use of energy supplements and to make sure which ones are best suited for you. Well, while browsing through the “gel section” at the Running Room on a Saturday, I came across a “new and improved” gel packet and quickly succumbed to its “flashy marketing promises” and purchased a few packets. Fast forward to Sunday’s run and our return along Farmer’s Road where after a few minutes of taking the “new and improved concoction”, my stomach was churning rapidly but not my legs; I was seeking immediate relief. Luck prevailed as a “bathroom” (porta potty) was conveniently located along our route at a construction site and luckier still, it was unlocked. Further luck prevailed as I was picked up by Guru Sam in his air conditioned van and able to rejoin the group at Triangle Park. The Guru was conveniently and benevolently cruising through the neighborhood looking to assist any ailing runners. Thank you Sam! Moral of story – make sure to experiment with your supplement choices and find out which works best for you ASAP. (Or, always have a Guru nearby.)

A quote from Grey Group leader Andy Hignite’s comments (repeat):

Many of us have been too busy to complete all our mid week runs. Perhaps we should ponder the following quote.
“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.” Lao Tzu


Staffers figure out very quickly which members are diligent in their homework – they are cruising through their Sunday runs, heat or no heat. “Cruisers”, great job and congratulations on your perseverance and diligence! Your marathon experience will be a very positive one!

See you at the water stops,