Blair’s Weekly Update 06-22-2014

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence:

Dr. Scaff talked about running injuries and how to recover from it.He also mentioned to “stay the course” and follow the plan laid out by the clinic.  

Table Duty:

We thank staff leaders Gary and Ryan for the great food and drink at Table Duty today! Thank you guys!


Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:

(Pace < 9 min. per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. Our group ran twelve today, with some doing twenty to prepare for the San Francisco marathon in late July. Next week we are meeting at the third beach park in Hawaii kai, across from Roy’s at 6:00.


Pink Group by Stephen Cole:

(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 min. per mile)

We had a total of 20 pinks go on the run Sunday, including: Jay, Steve, Rosie, Chris, Sandy, Lisa, Jamal, Robert, Jun, Bruce, John, Arleen, Arlene, Kozo, Linnea, Sandy, Mieko, Miki, Arlen, and Earl. Sorry if I missed anyone. Welcome to the Pinks, Sandy!

It was a humid, but cooler day, with temperatures mostly near 78-80 for the run. Some cool breezes helped a bit, too. Once again, Rosie led a group of runners (13 this time) starting at 6:00 am to beat the heat, and the another 7 runners started at the normal time of 7:30. The early runners did 8.5 miles, then 4 later for a total of 12.5, while the later runners did just under 12 miles all at once. The stats for the run were:

Total miles: 11.83

Total time: 2:03:00

Overall pace: 10:39

Running pace: 9:38

Rosie will be leading another 6:00 am run next week, followed by a 12-mile run at 7:30. Later in the season, the early run will be starting out at one of the beach parks and running to Kapiolani and back as an alternate route – more to follow.

Happy running, and we’ll see you next Sunday!


Grey Group by Ron Alford:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Nine Greys headed out of the park lead by Andy and Ron including Emily, Mindy, Ray, Amanda, Michael, Rob, and 1st-timer Justin. At Triangle Park everyone agreed the pace was a little fast for the group (various devices were disagreeing on the actual pace) so we slowed it down a bit for the rest of the run.  From Aloha Gas we headed up Kilauea Hill and on the way back down Andy discussed the benefits of downhill running (slowly). The lead leg extends further resulting in higher impact and strengthening the leg and it’s resistance to fatigue.

Back at Aloha Gas we headed out to the 5-mile turn around point at the bus stop on Kalanianaole Hwy. We passed several other HMC groups headed back to Paki – with some of them pointing out we were “going the wrong way.”  Nonetheless, our trek back was hot but uneventful.  At Triangle Park Ron discussed more about leg strengthening related to downhill running.  The quads (the muscle group in the front of the upper leg) control knee flexion. On impact, the quads (specifically the rectus femoris) make sure the knee does not collapse, so strong quads are a plus in distance running. Along with slow downhill running, the quads can be strengthened with hops, jumps, lunges, and bounding. Adding some of these drills once every week or so is helpful.  Start with just a few repetitions and gradually increase the number of repetitions over time.

We had a strong finish back to the park to enjoy the wonderful refreshments!

Stats: Distance: 12.5 miles

Run Time: 2:17:10  Total Elapsed Time: 2:37:14

Average Pace: 10:58

Next week (6/29): 12 miles – turn around at the first beach park and return via the Marathon finish.  Keep up the good work on your mid-week runs!



Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Alberto, John, and Bill escorted the group of 15 Silverados on this week’s10 mile run. Our group included: Sun Hee, Moon, Scott H., Carrie, Paul, Jun, Robert, Ken, Sadoka, and Jay. (Sorry, I’ve forgotten one.) We welcomed Jay on his inaugural run with the Silvers, as he’s been jumping from group to group since March, still trying to find the perfect fit. Having gone from the 14 to 11 minute pace group, he credits his rapid advancement to his homework (eureka, it works!). With a late start, Lynnae was the true sweeper, catching up with the group by Kahala Elementary. We missed Tony today, as he did a solo run with an even later start. Weather conditions were a tad humid, but fortunately we had some good cloud cover for most of the run, with intermittent breezes. The Silvers returned via Farmers to say hi to the doggies. As usual, the group started spreading out from Triangle Park back to home base. Good job Silvers! Stats: 10 miles total, 11:07 running pace (“perfect” per Scott H.), less than 2:00 running time, and sufficient calories burned to have that extra dessert and not feel guilty for it.

HOMEWORK [it works – just ask Jay]: 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between. Pace does not matter. Your body needs the repetition of 3 runs a week. Marathoners must be disciplined. If your body is still a little sore, take another rest day. Training allows you to get in tune with your body. Know the cues, and respond appropriately. Don’t be so strict to the schedule, that you ignore signs of strain and possible injury.

TIPS: Keep track of your weekly mileage. Get a journal or calendar to record your progress. It’s very satisfying to review and see how far you’ve come. At this stage, we should be doing a total of 20 miles each week (including Sunday). Although the summer heat can take a toll on our bodies and tire us out sooner than before, keep your mechanics in mind. Tired legs can lead to stumbles and falls, so try focusing on picking up your knees (knees up!). Slouching or leaning forward is another bad habit of some tired runners. To combat this, focus on keeping your shoulders back and being led by your belly button. Imagine a string is pulling you by your piko. It works!


-6/29, 10-10.5 miles. We may include Kahala Avenue as this will be our last 10-miler.

-7/6, Independence Run. No official clinic, but we will have a special run. Alberto is ready for Tantalus, probably a 6am start. Final details will be posted next week.

Community: The Friends of the Library of Hawaii is holding its 67th Annual Booksale at McKinley High School Cafeteria now daily through Sunday, June 29, 2014. June 28 is half price day, and June 29 is $.50 day, but don’t wait if you’re looking for something particular. Items are restocked daily, so visit often. This is one of the best recycling projects in the state, and all proceeds go back to support all 50 of Hawaii’s public libraries. Lots of great deals on used (and new) books, CDs, DVDs, and artwork!


Black Group by Ivan Irie:

(Pace 11:30 -12:30 minutes per mile)

With the return of our fearless leader, Russ; Abe, Jan, Curt, Lianne, Kaina, and Ivan with newcomers Stacy, Lori, and Dora , along with Greyer Emily ran from Waiholo St., through the residential area, towards the gas station. At the gas station, we picked up a 15er, Andrea. We continued on to Farmer’s Road, to the unofficial dog park where another Greyer joined us. At Triangle Park, Stacy, Dora, and Lori bid adieu as they had another obligation. We ran around Diamond Head, wondering what happened to the cat guy in Diamond Head, and on to the Clinic Start. Since we arrived to the Clinic Start about 7 minutes early, some of us decided to run a lit bit more to Monsarrat. We returned to hear Dr. Scaff’s talk and listened to Blair encouraging groups to start at 7:30 instead meeting earlier to get use to the heat. Doug, who was jet lagged, joined us as we ran back around Diamond Head and back to our cars where we met up with Devan’s parents, as Doug ran back with the white group. Distance: 11.5 mile run at a pace around 11:30-12 minute mile which includes the water breaks. Great job everyone!! Homework for the month of June is running at least 1 hour Four times a week (the Sunday run counts as one of those runs). Next week, we will start again at 6:15am, same meeting place on Waiholo St, run to the Clinic Start (on Kahala ave possibly) and run back to our cars. To get to the meeting spot from town, head on Kalanianaole towards Hawaii Kai, and turn right when you see a street sign for Laukahi St (which is just past Kalani High School). If you can’t make it earlier, no worries, as we can still meet at the clinic start at 7:30 am, and you can run back with either the Silver or the White Groups (or one of us can drive you back to Kapiolani Park).


White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

32 energetic souls formed the group today as staff leaders Guru Sam, Richard, Dwight and Blair helped guide the joyous group through another 10 miler. The day was not as hot and sunny as last week but the humidity was quite high; but, when do we ever run in perfect conditions? Like the marathon, we have to be prepared for all types of conditions. And as mentioned, within the running time frame for our group, the sun is always going to be a big factor. So, running in heat and humidity will be a big help over the long term. Thank you to “Drill sergeant” Violet, who always reminds us to be in single file and helpskeep us organized every Sunday.  Also, we welcome Kevin, Stephanie, and Sayaka from the Blue Group. Returning “veterans” like Russell, Francis, Jaimie, Quen, Jin, Ming, Shelly, Melissa, Melissa, Danell, Tomoko, Elaine, Carly, Erin, Abbey, David, Hannah, H/W Nicolas and Liat, and a few more that I will get to know better, were with us today.

Remember the Fourth of July party at Sam’s – great view of the fireworks at Magic Island from his Yacht Harbor apartment lanai. Ask Sam for more details – extra drinks or extra food always welcome.

Abbey took a nice photo of our group on the Bus Run.

White Group 06-22-2014

Blue Group by Val Ogi:

(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

We had a great first 10 miler, Blair thank you for telling us about the Diamond Head fountains being out of service, we drank some water before we headed out. And I reminded people on the way back to drink since we weren’t going to stop since there was no water available there. This week we had some people move up to the white group and some that came up from the beginners group.  Welcomed new to the blue group, Chris, Daniel and Ryan.  Hope you come out with us again next week.  Told the group that we’d probably go through the housing area next week to avoid the cars and pollution out on Kalanianaole Hwy. Also reminded the group to do their homework, at least 2 days of 1 1/2 hours or if possible 3 days at one hour. Thank you Coco and Darcy for timing our 10 mile run with average of 12:30-13 min running pace, I had a total of 14:10 min mile with the stops.  Fiona was nice to see you, we miss you.

Happy running,



Buff Walkers by George Ushijima: 

Today was a bit cloudy and there was a more pronounced humidity about it. There were 14 of us who started this trek being joined by Norm. As we made our way up Diamond Head road we noticed how clear the horizon was and the views of the neighbor islands were there to behold. You could even make out the Big Island. We noted that the water fountain by the lighthouse was out so we had to make do until the water spigot at the armory. Once we got to the gas station, some of us continued on the Marathon route and crossed under the H-! Underpass and came out on the mauka side of Kalanianaole Hwy. We then made our way back to the gas station. From there it seems that everyone was more rejuvenated seemed to be going at an increased pace. We got back to Kapiolani and enjoyed some malasadas and other refreshments. All totaled we did 9.55 miles in 2 hours and 50 minutes including the rest stops. That’s 17.48 minutes a mile. If you take away the rest stops, it would be 16.33 minutes a mile. Keep on Walking! 


Sweet 16”s by Cliff Hand:

Staff volunteers Roanne and Pam were on (unpaid) leave of absence today, leaving Cliff to take up the slack. Among his duties was to welcome newbies Abby and Jean to the group.  Old-timers included Lynn-2, Dan, Kathy, Brian, Mike, Lynda, Sylvia, Carmen, Chris, Sarah, and Noreen. All were introduced to a bit of HMC lore as we traveled to the Phantom Phone Booth on Kalaniana`ole Highway to make our first experience with the busy traffic.  Also another increment to our mileage creep up to ten for July.  It turns out that the actual out-and-back distance, GPS certified, to the Phantom Phone Booth is 9.6 miles, which justifies HMC’s roundup to nominal 10.  We threw in a little extra along the way so we’re putting 9.7 into the Sweet Sixteen logbook for today.  The overcast sky kept us feeling comfortable as the morning progressed.  A nice bonus was the atmospheric clarity that allowed a view not only of Moloka`i, but also of Lana`i and Maui.  Unusual and welcome at this time of year.


Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

The “pain” talk today was timely since now we are virtually all going 9 – 10 miles, and moving toward 30 mi / wk, those little pains and aches may start surfacing… be attuned to your bod and recognize any new development.  We had 10 show for the opening bell on a great day to saunter thru the woods… slightly overcast which is so much more appreciated than the sun beating down on us especially coming back on Kahala Ave.  Green Team broke the 9 mi barrier today… no that’s not 9 minute barrier, that’s the 9 MILE barrier… went out for 9.1, stopping at the water stops, and returned in 2 hr 17 min which gave us an overall 15.1 m/m pace.  And we could have been holding hands as we finished… excellent grouping today. That 15 pace is our sixteenth consecutive week and keeps the green people right on track to finish the marathon at a 15 pace in 6 1/2 hrs.  One of our participants today was new to our group and transferred from a “faster” group…  being good in math, this person realized the “faster” pace group would probably finish the marathon at or over 7 hours… so switched to our Green 15 team to finish in 6.5 with a 15 m/m pace.   If any other intermediate or beginner participants want to accompany us for an outing, please join us… we’ll welcome you and help you prepare to complete your 2014 marathon in 6 1/2 hrs.   Big mahalo to the guys at the refreshment tables who did a SUPER job today… and we’re not saying that only because they were Green Team members… quite an impressive spread, gents!  For the Green Team – next week’s route will be about 9.5 miles… hard to tell the exact distance since we are letting our 2014 newbies take the lead to go find some alleged invisible phone booth with only minimal clues… I don’t think we should be reaching any beach park, but who knows?   Be sure to walk / jog / run during the week, your call… you need that extra mileage and endurance training now that we are on the verge of double digit Sunday runs in July [maybe 6-29 if our navigators don’t find the phone booth].   Aloha


Lucky 13’s by Derby Linden:

Thank you, Mike, for stepping up to the plate and being the sweeper to the group of happy runners Ming, Jess Lyn, Esther, Brent, MaryVic, Marianne, Andrea, Jan, Noah, Cyrus, Ming, and Dave.

We had a different running flavor today instead of the usual…up Diamond Head toward Aloha Gas Station and back.  The Lucky 13ners were in for a different run.  We did the full Ala Wai Canal loop ending up in the back of Iolani School, towards Kapahulu to Campbell Avenue.  Pit stop at Coffee and Bean for a water break before continuing up Monsarrat Avenue.  And who was having their morning drinks, Dr. Scaff, Peter Garcia and gang.  We then continued towards 18th Avenue, down Kilauea Avenue, turned on Onaha Street and back to Kapiolani Park. Whew!

This week, we introduced two runners:  Noah.  He is one of our youngest runners and has found his passion to run, encouraged by his after school adult leader.   Esther who is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro next month is looking forward to returning the HMC as soon as she returns.

As we get into the full swing of summer, there will be lots of travelling among our group runners.  Stay safe and continue your runs.

Next week is our last week running at 8+ miles.  Get ready for July; we will be increasing +2 miles.  Keep up the good work and continue to do your homework twice more during the week at 1+ hour.

Tidbit.  The summer solstice day has the longest period of daylight (Saturday, 6/21/14) – except in the Polar Regions, where daylight is continuous, from a few days to six months around the summer solstice. 



Da Comment Corner: 

Quotes from Runner’s World:

“Good things come slow – especially in distance running.”

Bill Dellinger, U. of Oregon, legendary track coach


“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” Edward Stanley


Have a safe and enjoyable week!


See you at the water stops,