Blair’s Weekly Update 06-15-2014

First Bus Run:

Thanks to everyone for being so prompt so we could leave on time. About 200 runners rode three Robert’s school buses and got dropped off Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai. I could hear all of the chatter going on – like students on a regular school bus -great camaraderie! Thanks also to all of our members who generously donated funds which were more than the fare. The clinic is very appreciative. It started off as a very hot day!

Special Table Duty:

Special thanks to Boston Marathoner and golfer extraordinaire (amongst other things), staffer Kozo Yamagishi for the incredible array of fruits and goodies. We are indeed fortunate because we usually do not have special volunteers like Kozo willing to give up their bus run to serve others. Thank you, Kozo!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:

(Pace < 9 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. Our group split today with some doing the bus run and others doing an earlier Hawaii Kai loop. Next week we are meeting at the third beach park in Hawaii kai, across from Roy’s at 6:00.

Pink Group by Stephen Cole:

(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

The first bus run of the year was fun. Izumi explained that since Japan does not use big yellow school buses, her association with this outing was Sesame Street. Similarly culturally deprived, Rosie recalls her son’s childhood show The Magic School bus.

We went out on our first bus run Sunday with a total of 20 runners, including: Rosie, Maricel, Arleen, Jamal, Alahna, Mieko, Miki, Joe, Tabby, Les, John, Lisa, Chris, Sandy, Earl, Izumi, Linnea, Steve, Jun, and Ryo.

We ran the marathon route loop around Hawaii Kai for a couple of miles starting on Hawaii Kai Dr. and coming back out to Kalanianaole via Keahole. The group of 20 split up into 2 groups, with the main group running at about a 9:45 pace, and the other group of 7 people running closer to a 9:00 pace on the way in. We managed to stick together, assembling at the water stops to stretch and chat. At the end, intending to jump in the cooling ocean, some of us ran to Queen Kapi`olani’s statue at the finish line where she gave us a high five (did you ever notice how her right hand extends to greet runners?!) Oooh, the water felt so good! Below are the stats for the run:

Distance: 12 miles
Overall time: 2:02:00
Overall pace: 10:10
Running pace: 9:48

It was another warm day in Hawaii, and the temps got up to 84 degrees again with just light breezes and no clouds or rain. Please remember to stay well-hydrated on the runs during the summer months by drinking more water than you may feel is necessary. The warm days of summer are going to get a bit worse before it cools off.

Please be sure and do your homework runs during the week – I cannot stress this enough. To use a school analogy, not doing your homework runs and just running on Sundays is a lot like not reading the textbook for a class, and then trying to pass the test at the end of the week. Sure, you may muddle through, but the results will not be great, and when it come to the big final at the end (the marathon) you will not be prepared, and will end up struggling and not having a good experience – and nobody wants that!

The Pinks are averaging a 9:45 running pace to shoot for a marathon time of about 4:20:00, including the water stops. In order to ensure you are prepared for this, shoot for training runs of more than an hour each, with a pace of about 9:00 per mile, and a total of at least 20 miles during the week. I know that may seem like a lot, but it really is a baseline to be prepared for the marathon. If you are not there yet, please do what you can to increase your mileage (no more than 10% per week, though) and get there as soon as you can.

Rosie will be leading a group run at 6:00 a.m. next week to get in 6-7 extra miles before the regular run at 7:30 if anyone would like to run with her. I will be leading the regular 12-mile run.

Happy running, Pinks, and we’ll see you next Sunday!

Grey Group by Ron Alford:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Andy and Ron gathered 6 other Grey Group members including Emily, Mindy, Ray, Amanda, Nicole, and Lance for the Bus Run from Maunalua Bay Beach Park. We looped around Hawaii Kai in the same direction as the marathon route and then back onto Kalanianaole Highway for the long, hot stretch back to the Aloha Gas Station where Emily ran back to her car parked at Wailupe Circle (she started early to avoid some of the heat). We did the marathon finish route (Kahala Avnue. to the statue of Queen Kapiolani). Four were done at that point and the other three ran on around Kapiolani Park to complete twelve miles.

Stats: 12 miles (11.25 miles for those who stopped at the Queen)
Running Time: 2:10:33, Total Elapsed Time: 2:32:35
Average Pace: 10:53

Next week will be 12 miles (including baby Kilauea Hill) so make sure you do your midweek runs!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

We had a total of 16 Silverados for our first bus run this year. Alberto kept a good pace for the group who was anxious to get in another good 10 mile run. We started off doing the Hawaii Kai Drive loop in the opposite direction – we passed the Grey and Pink groups who took the loop clockwise. Our group included: Sun Hee, Moon, Scott H., Carrie, Kim, Paul, Big Joe, Tavy, Jimmy, Robert, Debbie (White group), and Carl. Tony, John and Lynnae took turns being sweepers. Weather conditions weren’t bad overall; having the sun and wind at our back was a welcome change. The Silvers returned via Farmers; the group started spreading out from Triangle Park back to home base. Congratulations to Debbie for completing her first run with the Silvers! See, we knew you could do it. Good job Silvers on a great bus run! Stats: 11 miles total, 11:46 running pace, 2:07 running time, 2:24 total elapsed time, 864 calories (ready for Father’s Day feasting).

Homework [the key to HMC success]: 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between. Pace does not matter. Your body needs the repetition of 3 runs a week. Marathoners must be disciplined. Homework “cheaters” are starting to feel it on Sunday now that we are in double digit mileage.

Tips: At this stage, we should be doing a total of 20 miles each week (including Sunday). If you’re feeling drained or cramping after a long run, examine your hydration levels and supplement plan. Did you skip any water stops? What supplements did you use (ie. gummies, gels, pretzels)? Maybe you need to carry a sport drink. Remember, the salt you’re losing during the run must be replenished. We’re out there for 2 hours, and this will steadily increase, so experiment now with different supplements to find what works for you.

John recommends this article on why negative splits are better for faster marathon run times:


  • 6/22 Dr. Scaff will have a talk about injuries. We’ll run 10-10.5 miles.
  • 7/6 Independence Run. No official clinic, but we will have a special run. Tantalus??

Community: The Friends of the Library of Hawaii is holding its 67th Annual book sale at McKinley High School Cafeteria starting Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 9 a.m. Event runs daily through June 29. This is one of the best recycling projects in the state, and all proceeds go back to support all 50 of Hawaii’s public libraries. Please stop by for great deals on used (and new) books, CDs, DVDs, and artwork.

And finally, happy Father’s Day to all of the HMC fathers and grandfathers. Hope everyone was able to honor the fathers in their lives.

Black Group by Ivan Irie:

(Pace 11:30 -12:00 minutes per mile)

To honor our first bus run for the season, Vu, Gabe, Lianne, Kaina, Michelle, Devan, Curt, and Ivan ran prior to the official bus run from Waiholo Street, to the Clinic Start in order to avoid the heat as well as to get a jump start on Father’s Day. Once we board the bus to Maunalua Bay, we were joined by Yukari and Jeffrey as Michelle had to leave early. We ran to Burger King for a quick restroom stop, ran around Hawaii Kai Drive to Bay Street restroom, to the Kawaikui Beach Park restroom, towards the Wailupe Beach Park restroom, and finally back tour cars at Waiholo St (no restroom). At Waiholo, we were met with a nice surprised by Devan’s parents who provided us with Gatorade and pretzels! Total Distance: 12.08 miles (not the 11.51 that was originally reported), running at a pace around 11:52 minute mile which includes the water breaks. Great job everyone!! Homework for the month of June is running at least 1 hour Four times a week (the Sunday run counts as one of those runs). Next week, we will start again at 6:15am at the same meeting place on Waiholo Street, run to the Clinic Start and run back to our cars. To get to the meeting spot from town, head on Kalanianaole towards Hawaii Kai, and turn right when you see a street sign for Laukahi Street (which is just past Kalani High School). If you can’t make it earlier, no worries, as we can still meet at the clinic start at 7:30 a.m.

White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Bus Run:

29 runners started off with staff leaders Guru Sam, Lisa, Bob, Richard and Blair – the fun and frivolity started as soon as we assembled and began our 9 mile trek “homeward”. The weather was extremely hot from the start but we had some trades blowing from behind us. But as we progressed on our Kalanianaole route, the wind subsided and “Mr. Sun beat down on us”. We ran back from Kahala through Farmer’s Road then back to Triangle Park (with shade), then “home”. 29 started and all 29 finished together at the clinic start. Great job to everyone – the conditions were not the best.

And….forget ObamaCare, we have JessicaCare, or ShellyCare, MelissaCare or LiatCare, and more. Our White Group is comprised of a huge contingent of Nurses or Nurses to be. Chief recruiter Jessica, has brought many of her classmates or friends to join our convivial group. Quen, Russell, Nikolas, Liat, Melissa, Melissa, Erin, Hannah, Jaimie, Jin, Tomoko, Elaine, Charlotte, Mike, Shelley, Violet, Sasha, Monica, Ming, comprised the runners in the group. I apologize as I missed a few of you. Again, you were all great and congratulations on finishing up your first Bus Run!!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

It was a great Blue Group this past Sunday. Our group of 21 runners started at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai and made our way following the actual marathon route along Kalanianaole Highway down to Kahala Avenue and to the finish line at Kapiolani Park. From Hawaii Kai looking toward Diamond Head it looked quite far for the 9 mile run. Group leader Andy pointed out the Honolulu Marathon mileage markers along the way and the 22 mile point just past the Kahala gas station where there will be a photo op. Val helped out at the back of the group as the group with encouragement as the group make its way park by park. The toughest part was Kahala Avenue where that stretch is 2 miles long, no sidewalks and narrow streets. We finally made it to the marathon finish line, ending with a group of 9 runners. Some went directly back to the pavilion. Congratulations, you did well.

A slight correction to the group; the Summer solstice is coming up this Saturday, June 21. It will be the longest day of the year (sunlight) and marks the beginning of summer.

Starting this coming Sunday, the Blue Group will be increasing our mileage to 10 miles. Try to keep up with your runs during the week and the Sunday runs will be easier and you’ll build endurance and stamina for the marathon. See you all next week.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

What a wonderful month we’re having so far. There were 14 of us on time and ready for our jaunt from Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai back to Kapiolani Park. After posing for a group shot, we started out. It was a wonderful trek as we stopped at Holy Trinity church, Kawaikui Beach Park, Wailupe Beach Park, the gas station and various watering holes along the way in the Kahala neighborhood till we reached triangle park. It’s easy going back to Kapiolani from there. Keep up the homework and we’ll see you all next week. Keep on Walking!

Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

The Bus Run! What a way to celebrate Father’s Day. Thanks everyone for coming early and boarding the bus quickly. We were able to leave on time and get ready to walk the last 8.5 miles of the marathon route (at least most of it). Lynn, Verne, Mike, Noreen, Sherry, Brian, Kathy, Joan, Carmen, Annette, Judy, Linda, Lynn2, Dan, Isaac, Chin Win, Cliff and Roanne took on the hot summer day and charged through the course. We went 8.52 miles at an average pace of 16.14 min/mile. We got lots of practice drinking water, toughing out the sun, and finishing strong. Take the next few days to listen to your body and see what areas may need some special attention. Did you feel the beginnings of blisters? Did an area start to chafe? If you experienced any of them, please start trying out different solutions: try a new type of sock, try body glide, etc. Better to try different things now, then to try something new on race day. Remember to do your THREE (3) homework walks at an hour each and we’ll see you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

It’s one down and 2 to go… always fun to go on a bus run. Only had 7 show up on Fathers Day… I guess some had to stay home to make pancakes for dad, one was belatedly called in to work, and a couple of our fast women were out cruising… what?… yes, they were sailing on an ocean liner. Hopefully we’ll have a fuller crew back next week. We moved along smartly down Kalanianaole Highway to AG, to 4 way stop and home via Kahala Avenue. That route gave us 8.8 miles in a time of 2 hr 12 min for an overall pace of 15 m/m. For Bus Run 2 we’ll add the Hawaii Kai loop and the finish line… it’s coming. We were teased by a friendly anonymous intermediate group as they passed us 4 times along the route… complimented us because we both started at the same time and we both finished the same time… it perhaps demonstrates that a “faster” group that has a “quicker” pace, but stops frequently for long rests, may complete a lengthy distance at the same overall pace of a “slower” group that slows down at water stops just as we do on marathon day… drink up, talk and clear the area to resume speed… but we just keep moving. Our Green 15 intent is to finish the full marathon in 6.5 hrs at a 15 m/m overall pace [again]. We’re about 1/3 the distance and right on track to attain our goal. Great job by our green team today. And a big mahalo for the surprise / welcome refreshments after a bus run. Next week I’m going to need some of the new members to assist in navigation as we bump up distance another 1/2 mile… need to find some invisible telephone booth. Your homework stints become more and more important as our mileage increases… don’t skip homework! Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s.

We had our first bus run for the season. We ended up with 3 packed buses of excited runners.

The 14s all met at Maunalua bay parking lot, once the confusion cleared and everyone that needed to made their pit stop at the new repaired bathroom facility.

We started with 20 runners I was assisted by staff leaders, Lisa, Sandra, Sensei Norm, Cindy and Gail.

As we left Maunalua bay on our trek back to Kapiolani Sensei Norm pointed out the land marks to the new runners in the group. Tall condos which is supposed to remind you that you will be entering the Hawaii Kai loop which is the runaround point of the Marathon.

Our route back was straight back to the Kahala Service station then a visit to Kahala Park then back on Kilauea up 22nd Avenue and down Monsarrat to Kapiolani.

Along the way we had one fall with a beautiful recovery and no injury. Be careful our uneven sidewalks are waiting to trip you up if you don’t pay attention.

All in all it was a nice run with a breeze at times….but summer is definitely here.

The question of the day was; “Are we supposed to be running 30 miles per week?” The answer is not yet. This is geared for the person who has never run a marathon before. Do your 2 minimum 1 hour runs during the week and come out on Sunday to do your long runs and you should be fine. Depending on your speed and how much time you have you may be running 6 miles 2 times during the week or more. See one of your leaders if you have more questions on this.

Sunday we ran 8.3 miles in 2 hours and 38 minutes and burned about 722 calories.

Keep up with your homework runs and we will see you on Sunday.

Lucky 13’s by Derby Linden:

Happy Birthday to staff leader Lehua and Congratulations are in order to the Simeon family (Lehua, Cyrus and soon to be big brother, Caleb). Lehua will be retiring from the group in the weeks to come and we all will miss hearing Lehua’s voice calling from behind to keep our heads ups.

Staff leader Maile was sidelined today but Brent, Kristie, Melissa, Wendy, Jan, Laurence, Marianne, Caleb, Cyrus, and Lehua did a wonderful job on the first bus run of the year. The hot summer weather did not keep the group down and all ran strong starting at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai thru the neighborhoods of Kahala and back to Kapiolani Park. The stretch between Hawaii Kai to Kahala Mall can be quite daunting and long. Just remember the water stops and points of interest on the way – Holy Trinity, Hawaii Loa Ridge, park across from the Fire Station, and Pink Townhouse tower near Aloha Gas Station.

Keep up the good work and continue to do your homework twice more during the week at 1+ hours.

Total Miles: 9:04
Total Time: 2:19
Overall Pace: 15:30
Calories: 1,025

Da Comment Corner:

Second Bus Run is tentatively scheduled for August 17th. The furthest drop off point for this run will be near Sandy Beach, approximately 13.5 miles.

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,