Blair’s Weekly Update 06-01-2014

Doc’s Talk:

We welcomed Dr. Scaff back from his trip to New Zealand and Australia. He talked a bit about CPR training for staff members and also relayed his story about how he and his wife, Donna had performed CPR on an airplane and revived the passenger who had collapsed.

Table Duty:

To staffers Evelyn, her husband, Sam, with Libby and husband, Bob (just back from a trip to SE Asia), thank you for a great table duty spread! The watermelons and oranges were mouthwateringly good! The rest of the spread was fantastic as well. Much Mahalo!

First Bus Run – June 15:

Please sign up on the sheets posted on the boards. So far, we have 156 runners signed up. Fare is $3 and we will run on the actual “back end of the marathon route”.


Congrats to the HMC members who participated in the relay. Among the tutu’ed (ballerina costumed) runners were Maile, Debbie, Sandy, Ivy, Lynnae. Not sure who else was tutu’ed? Non tutu’ed runners included Stephen, John, Kolter, Chris, Dean, Paris, Henry and Terry and many others. Congratulations!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 min. per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. The advanced group met at Kawaikui Beach Park and ran about 14 miles in the 8:30 min/mile range. Some folks went longer to prepare for the upcoming San Francisco marathon. Same workout next week starting at 6:15 as we gently build endurance. Reminder: Bus run in two weeks :0)

Pink Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:45 – 10:45 min per mile)

Several members of the Pink group participated in the Ekiden marathon relay race on Sunday, including: Kolter, Chris, Steve and Terry. They were joined by Sandra and Deborah from other HMC groups, and finished the relay marathon in 4 hours, 33 minutes. Nice job, everyone!

A group of ten Pinks went on a regular long run on Sunday, including: Miki, Arlene, Rosie, Hanae, Taka, Mieko, Joe, Tabby, Lisa and Jamal. It was a hot and muggy day without the usual trade winds.

We went out strong, and a little too fast, but corrected the pace by mile six. We ran a scenic route to stay out of the path of the Ekiden relay race: down the Ala Wai to Ala Moana Park, around Magic Island and the Hilton Lagoon, and then back along Kalakaua to Monsarrat and home base for 9 miles. We then went up Diamond Head, down to the finish line, and back to home base for a total of 12 miles. Four of our runners stopped at the Park at mile 9, while the other stalwart six ran on to complete our first 12-miler of the training year

For next week’s run, we decided to meet earlier, at 6:00, to get some miles in before Dr. Scaff’s talk. We will aim to do 12 miles again, on the regular marathon course.

Don’t forget the bus run on Fathers’ Day. Bring $3.00 for the bus fare. Buses board at 7:15.

Happy running, and we’ll see you next Sunday!

Grey Group by Andy Hignite:
(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal – sub-5 hour marathon)

The Grey group was very small today (Andy, Dr. Rob, Amanda, Ray and Emily) since most of our group was participating in the EKIDEN. Congratulations to all who participated in the EKIDEN. We really enjoyed encouraging our friends on their way in.

Boy, was it hot and humid today! We were out running for 2 hours and 26 minutes. That is a long time in the hot sun. Make sure that you remember to use Sun lotion. We also need to start trying out our favorite supplements. I know for me, if I don’t start supplementing my energy by about 90 minutes, I will pay for it latter. Don’t wait until you have no energy just like don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink. Think preventative.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 mi. per mile)

Alberto led a small group of Silvers on a 9 mile run. 7 runners headed out, and 5 returned together. The weather conditions were hot… here comes summer.

Homework [gotta do it]: 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between (Tue/Thurs. or Wed/Fri). We’re jumping to double digit mileage next week, finally. Bring a supplement, like jelly beans or gummies, and a water bottle next week.

Upcoming: 6/15 is bus run – bring $3, a water bottle, and arrive at 715am to load the buses.

Ekiden 2014 (6/1): On the other end of Kapiolani Park were the Ekiden finish line festivities. The Ekiden is the team marathon event with roots in Japanese culture. It was an out and back course from the park to Sandy Beach divided into 6 legs. HMC was well represented at the event, with approximately 40 runners from all different groups. HMC volunteer staff leaders who ran the event included: Tony, Henry, Lynnae, Ivie, Dean, Sandra, Derby, Steve, John L., Lehua, Paris, Ron, John A., and Maile. It was lots of fun. Congratulations to all the HMCers who participated! We know that your HMC training paid off. It was terrific to see the camaraderie that has developed. Some teams dressed up to display their aloha spirit – especially Team 2 (or “tu”). And most, if not all, had a marathon personal record!

Battling The Sun: I know Peter reminds us each week, but with summer upon us, it bears repeating – use sunscreen. Put it on 20 minutes before exposure. It is also important to note that no matter what SPF you use, it has to be reapplied after about 2 hours of exposure. Since we sweat so much it can seem next to impossible for anything to absorb into your skin, but we should follow the recommendation from dermatologists. Consider carrying a small bottle sunscreen in your pouch or the stick version for easy reapplication. Check out options at the local running stores. Or wear a hat/visor, high socks/sleeves, or long sleeve tech shirt. While running is fun, the extended intense exposure will have long term effects. Please learn from the mistakes of others, like me.

Black Group by Ivan Irie:
(Pace 11:30-12:30 min. per mile).

With the assistance of HPD, the Black Group successfully was able to cross the Ekiden course on Kalanianaole Hwy to meet up for the first half of our run prior to the Clinic start. Vu, Lianne, Lianne’s daughter Kaina, Jeffrey, Yukari, Gabe, Marianne, and Ivan were joined by Greyer Emily as we ran towards the gas station, towards Farmer’s Road, around Diamond Head to the Clinic Start. Since we arrived to the Clinic Start about 10 minutes early, we decided to run a lit bit more to hear Dr. Schaff’s talk. After the talk, Emily returned to the grey group, and we ran back around Diamond Head and back to our cars for an 11.41 mile run at a pace around 11:45-12 minute mile which includes the water breaks. Great job everyone!! Homework for the month of June is running at least 1 hour four times a week (the Sunday run counts as one of those runs), and please do not forget to sign up for the bus run on June 15. Next week, we will start again at 6:15am at the same meeting place on Waiholo St. To get to the meeting spot from town, head on Kalanianaole towards Hawaii Kai, and turn right when you see a street sign for Laukahi St (which is just past Kalani High School). If you can’t make it earlier, no worries, as we can still meet at the clinic start at 7:30 and you can run back with either the Silver or the White Groups

White Group by Blair Hoashi
(Pace – 12:100 – 13:00 min. per mile)

39 runners became the collective White Group today and were led by Guru Sam, Lisa, Dwight, and Blair. Our runners did an 8.5 miler today and Kahala Avenue was added since we missed doing it at the end of May. We will usually add the Kahala Ave. stretch at the end of every month. The sun beat down on us quite extensively but we were fortunate to have a little bit of breeze during most of our run. Adding the Kahala stretch made our run a bit different compared to our regular runs as the extra length without a water stop and the gradual incline pushes us a bit more than usual. I’m sure many of the newer runners felt the difference. Russell, Francis, Quen, Jaimie, Jin, Miho, Melissa 1 and Melissa 2, Erin, Jodi, Stan, Jessica, Shelly, Daniela, Amy, Robert, Ming, Rose and Daniel from Switzerland, Nick and Leita, three new members up from the beginning group, and a slew of others who I shall get to know better. Great job by everyone as all 39 finished together! We will start on our ten milers next Sunday.

Dr. Scaff now advises running 3 times during the week and then Sunday’s run.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano
(Pace 12:30- 13:30 min per mile):

The Blue Group started their Sunday training run with 10 runners. The group size has been a comfortable group averaging about a dozen. It’s a good size to work with. Tagging just behind the White group up Diamond Head to Triangle Park, a few folks decided to try moving up to the Whites. The weather turned out to be quite nice with a breeze you could feel along our training route. The days are still getting longer and there is a lot of light to do your training runs during the week in the morning or evenings. We increase our weekly training runs by an hour this month. If you still want to run the same days, for now just increase your 1 hour run to 1-1/2 hours. Later on, you should be keeping track of your weekly training by mileage. The suggested training schedule can be found on the clinic’s web site.

The Blue Group will do its last 8-mile run this coming Sunday, then we’ll increase to 10 miles on Sunday by going another mile out. During the bus run, the Blue Group will get off in Hawaii Kai at Maunalua Bay and do about 9 miles back to Kapiolani Park. In Kahala, we’ll follow the actual marathon route along Kahala Avenue and down Kapiolani Boulevard to the finish line by the Kapiolani Park bandstand. Keep up your homework runs and we’ll see you next week.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

It’s June! Look, Diamond Head is still green, not the usual brownness it is during the summer months. It might be a sign of a very mild summer, weather wise. (Or not). Still, it’s such a beautiful day for a walk. This walk is to the Aloha gas station and back for our first 8 miler of the year. We made it through our usual route, up Diamond Head road, past the triangle park, down 18th to Kilauea, to the gas station. Coming back, we took the tour of the neighborhood, nice to have very little traffic. Back to Kapiolani Park and some wonderful refreshments from Debbie. Remember the homework… Keep on walking.

Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Fifteen of us welcomed the first June walk and we did a total of 8.7 miles today. It was a gorgeous day with a few welcome breezes, and we were joined by three new comers, Brandy, Lorraine, and Sherry. Our group of regulars consisted of Judy, Joan, Sylvia, Linda, Lynn, Dan, Sarah, Chris, Macy, Pam, Cliff and Roanne. We should be well prepared for our first bus run on June 15th. Please remember to sign up for it if you have not already done so. Just a reminder, please remember to start carrying a water bottle and maybe a light snack/sports drink to re-energize as our walks get longer and we see the sun more often. Drink at every water stop, even if you carry a water bottle. If you have not already gotten a copy of Dr. Scaff’s marathon book, it may be a good time to invest in one, especially if you are planning to go on a summer trip. His book is a valuable resource to have while you train on your trips. Remember to do your THREE (3) homework walks (1hour long) this week and we’ll see you on Sunday!

The Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

No HMC meet over Memorial Day, but several of the green people 🙂 went out for 7.6 miles in under 2 hours at a 15.3 m/m pace. So, bumping the distance a half mile, today was scheduled for 8.1… And that’s what we did. A good day today – nice weather as we started a new month, we broke the 8 mile threshold, and we ventured into new territory… first time we passed the Aloha Gas Station and ventured out Kal Hwy… We found KHS… wonder what other landmarks are beyond. Coming weeks will tell… We had nine at the starting gate this morning… that’s a very nice number for staying in a single file and reasonably together in traffic. Our 8.1 miles were covered in 2H 4M, giving us a 15.3 m/m overall pace which of course included quick water and potty breaks… our group is getting really accomplished at the choreography. We advertise 15 min/mile – we do 15. After 3 months of training we remain on course to finish the HNL Marathon in 6.5 hrs [again]. The 8.1 miles included an unplanned excursion… just teasing, at 18th and Kilauea, our fearless leader asked if we should turn and include Kilauea Hill today? Ahh… probably should not ask that of a young lady wearing a “Quitting Is Not An Option” tee shirt… Guess that means any other mountain climbing in June will be part of the planned route for the day… Continue your excellent homework drills, include hills where possible. Next Sunday – a little further… Aloha

Da Comment Corner:

Reminder – June 15 Bus Run and Father’s Day:

Homework – recommended that we do three runs during the week, then our longer Sunday run.

See you at the water stops,