Blair’s Weekly Update 05-18-2014

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Alan Tichenal spoke about iron in our system. Please check with Bruce to see Dr. Tichenal’s talk in full on “thumb drive”. Dr. Tichenal, I guess the “Popeye myth” that a can of spinach provides enough iron to give us extraordinary strength, is not true. Another childhood belief dispelled.

Happy Birthday Dr. Scaff and enjoy your trip “down under”!

No Clinic:

There is no official clinic this coming Sunday due to the Memorial Day weekend. Please check your group reports or with your group leaders to see if you are meeting informally.

Table Duty:

Thank you Lorna, Henry and Benny for an incredible job at table duty! The watermelon “hit da spot” especially after our run on such a hot and humid day.

First Bus Run:

Please be sure to sign up on the board for the June 15 Bus Run. For many it will be a new experience running in from a destination to home base. I always look forward to the Bus Runs because of the change in scenery and the opportunity to socialize during the ride on the school bus. Most of us will be dropped off at the Maunalua Bay stop (across from Roy’s in Hawaii Kai) and return for about an 8 mile trek. Many Intermediate and Advanced runners will probably add in the Hawaii Kai Drive Loop (an additional two miles). We also get exposure to running on the actual marathon route. Please sign up ASAP so we can order the appropriate number of buses.

Group Reports:

Pink Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 minutes a mile)

We went out today with a total of 19 runners including Steve, Tracey, Jun, Miki, Miako, Tony, Alanna, Taka, Izumi, Joe, Gia, Chris, Earl, Todd, Linnea, Arleen, Arlen, Jamal and Steve. Welcome to the Pink Group, Jamal and Miako! Rosie reported that she hit her target goal of 4:30:00 on Saturday in the Ogden, Utah marathon, and even came in 2nd in her age group. Even more impressive is that there was a 5,400 foot elevation gain over the course. Great job, Rosie! Today was another hot and humid day in Honolulu, and you could really feel it. When we started, it was around 75 degrees, but toward the end it was 82. Below are the stats for the run: Distance: 10.25 miles Overall time: 1:50:00 Overall pace: 10:45 min/mile Running pace: 9:50 min/mile We went past Farmers Rd. On the way back today, following the marathon course to Kahala Ave. and up Diamond head to the end. We started out and maintained a 9:40pace for most of the run, and then slowed to a pretty consistent 10:00pace after mile 7 as we went up Kahala. The overall distance was a little shorter than last week, but by passing Farmers, we ran down to a lower elevation, then back up, so that’s why it felt a bit difficult at the end. Remember that this is the actual course, so training for this hill is important in your mental preparation for the marathon.

Grey Group by Ron Alford:
(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)

Hot. Humid. Voggy. But the Grey’s ran 10.5 miles anyway, including up to the top of Kilauea Ave. The group included Andy, Ron, Ray, Emily, Mindy, Horacio, Nicole, Amanda, and Rob. Everyone did a nice job of staying single file over Diamond Head and at Triangle Park Andy reminded everyone to use sunscreen from here on out as our runs get longer. He also mentioned the use of water bottles on these long runs, especially the bus run, because water stops are not always where you need them and you can measure the amount of water you actually drink during the run.

From Aloha Gas, 7 of us ran up Kilauea Ave. hill. At the top, Ron spoke about how hills can be looked at from a training perspective. There are three ways to take hills, 1. Attack, 2. Steady Effort, and 3. Steady Pace.

1. Attacking the hill means running up a hill as fast as you can to “get it over with.” But, you are expending a lot of energy that you will not get back later in a long run or race. Attacking a hill on a long run or in a race is unwise but can be effective in certain types of training situations such as hill repeats where the plan is to go hard up a short hill, rest, and then repeat several times.

2. Steady Effort means that you use an effort similar to what you are expending on level road – so you slow down some. Steady Effort is a way to conquer most any hill because you are not doing any more (effort) than on flat ground. Don’t let your mind convince you that the hill is just too difficult to do – level it out by using steady effort.

3. Steady Pace means that your pace going up the hill is similar to the pace you run on flat ground. This can be useful in races where you are aiming to maintain a certain pace for the entire length of the race, including the hills. This is something you must train for to be able to do it in a race. Begin by using Steady Effort and then try moving up to training pace on portions of a hill. Eventually move to doing hills similar to your target race at race pace. If you can do it in training and still have the energy to maintain your target pace for the rest of the race distance, you can feel confident doing it in a race.

Heading back to Paki we turned down Farmer’s Road to Hunakai Park, then along Aukai Ave., Kahala Ave., Triangle Park (where we discussed the upcoming pool party) and off to the finish. Everyone should be so proud of finishing this run on such a hot, muggy day!

Stats: Distance: 10.6 miles Average Pace: 11:15
Running Time: 1:59:05
Total Elapsed Time: 2:22:40

Remember there is no official Clinic next Sunday but the Greys will be running on Monday morning (Memorial Day) followed by a pool party at Ron’s house. We will start and finish at Hunakai Park then move to Ron’s house around the corner on Aukai. Silvers and Pinks are welcome! Water, Gatorade, and refreshments provided. Bring pupus if you wish. Questions or additional information – call or text Ron at 304-208-0145. See you there!

Start time: 6:30 am. Course map at

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

We had a total of 22 Silverados for the 10th Sunday of this season. It was a reunion of sorts as we welcomed some returnees to the group, those whom we thought had graduated to the faster groups. (Turns out most came back due to lack of homework prep.) Our group included: Sun Hee, Tavy, Joe, Scott H., Jun L., Carl, Jimmy, Paris, Kevin, Tony, Terry, and Kerry. Alberto led the way up Diamond Head and all the way to the gas station, in hot pursuit of the Grey group. John and Lynnae were the sweepers. We returned via Farmers; the group started spreading out once we returned to Kapiolani Park. We did a good 8-mile run on a very hot and humid day (previews of summer 2014…sigh). Nature’s timing was off, as the sun disappeared behind the clouds during the last 10 minutes of our run. Darn it. Good job on a tough day!

Alberto talked about having the proper running gear (phone, ID, water bottle). Make sure to have emergency personal information on your person, to include an emergency contact, any allergies, blood type and any medical conditions. It is a good idea to carry $2.50 (bus money) and your own water as well, especially once we get into summer.

Homework [the key to HMC success]:

2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between (Tue/Thur or Wed/Fri). Pace does not matter. Your body needs the repetition of 3 runs a week. Marathoners must be disciplined. Homework “cheaters” are starting to feel it on Sunday as we head closer to summer-like conditions.

Although May is generally not this humid, the last couple of weeks tested our endurance. The good news is that marathon day will not be as hot. If you notice yourself cramping or feeling “out of it” during your run, here are some tips:

(1) S-L-O-W down, adjust your pace. You want to make sure that you have enough energy to make it to the finish. We’re in marathon training, not sprinting. You’ll find that slowing down a notch on the front end will help you conserve sufficient energy for the finish. The goal is to run a negative split.

(2) Drink water at each stop. Although water stops on race day are 2 miles apart, during training we stop each mile. Training should not be uncomfortable. The HMC cardinal rule is: Never skip a water stop. I find that counting to 8 or 10 gives me a sufficient amount of water to make it to the next stop.

(3) Supplement sport drink for water as needed. You can buy one along the way or get one of those tablets or powder sticks to add to your water bottle (just be careful to clean out the bottle well immediately afterwards as the sugar tends to accumulate and starts growing icky stuff the following weeks).

(4) Take a supplement to replenish your electrolytes. This is one of the best parts about running. There are a variety of yummy supplements available at the running stores. Test out the sport beans, gummies, and gels, but don’t take too much or you may feel sluggish. I highly suggest packing an emergency supplement now for those extra hot days. If the weather cooperates you shouldn’t need it, but when you do, your body will thank you.


No Clinic next Sunday, 5/25. Enjoy the break. Good luck to the HMCers running the Hibiscus Half Marathon.

Memorial Day special run [5/26, 6:15 am]. We’re going up Diamond Head to the summit, ~8 miles. Meet at Paki 6:15 am. Bring $1 for entry fee, water bottle (or cash for the vending machines), and a camera to catch the views. In observance of Memorial Day, please wear your best patriotic colors. After the run, Silverados are invited to a potluck pool party hosted by the Greys. Details will be provided at the run.

6/15 – Bus run #1. Mark your calendars and don’t forget to sign up @ Clinic.

And finally…

Congrats to all of the HMCers to successfully finished the Honolulu Triathlon!

A big mahalo to all of those HMCers who have or are presently serving in our Armed Forces. We appreciate your sacrifice.

Black Group by Ivan Irie and Russel Honda:
(Pace – 11:30 – 12:30 minutes per mile)

With a hot and humid morning, Lianne, Vu, Yukari, Jeffrey, Doug, Jan, Abe, Martha, Ivan and Russ ran in under our advertised pace as we wanted to take it easy through the uncomfortable weather. As usual, we ran around Diamond Head, to Triangle Park, to the Water Sharma rest stop for cold water, and to the gas station. We decided as a group to continue running through in the neighborhood just off of the Kalanianaole to torture ourselves (and to add on mileage). We made it back to the clinic start in one piece. Our average pace was 12:04 with all the water stops and ran a total of 10.66 miles. Next week there is no official clinic run but a few Black Group runners wanted to run on May 25th. The meeting place will be at the Clinic start and Liann will be there at 7am. Route/mileage to be determined by those who will be there. Also, as of June 1st, the Black Group will be starting earlier at 6:15am as the weather is getting hotter and the mileage is getting longer. We will be meeting at Waiholo run in to the clinic by 7:30am. June 1st is the Honolulu Ekiden so please plan accordingly. To get to the meeting spot from town, head on Kalanianaole towards Hawaii Kai, and turn right when you see a street sign for Laukahi St (which is just past Kalani High School). If you can’t make it by earlier, no worries, as we can still meet at the clinic start at 7:30 and you can run back with either the Silver or the White Groups.

White Group by Blair Hoashi
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Staff leader Guru Sam and his cohorts, leaders Bob, Rich, and Blair always try to keep our group members in high spirits, “entertained”, educated, and injury free and, it seems to keep drawing in the crowds – another 30 member contingent ran collectively for a scheduled 8 miler.

While the hot and sultry weather did not make it the most desirable morning in which to have an 8 mile jaunt, we all persevered – we hydrated often, slowed frequently and appropriately, and finished intact.

We made our way from Triangle Park, up on Diamond Head road, downhill on 18th, then on Kilauea to the Aloha gas station. On our return, we went up the golf course road then turned onto Farmer’s Road then back on track to our usual return route for the 8 mile total. We also expended roughly 900 calories. Elena, Georgie, Nikolas, Mari, Russell, Stan (a former Iolani track star), Melissa, Erin, Ming, Monica (have a great trip to Poland), our Swiss friends, Rose and Daniel (taking a quick trip to Maui; have a great time), “Kiwi” Shelly, Jodi, Daniela, Scott, veteran members Quen, Francis, Russell, Chong, Jaimie, along with Mi-ho, and Satomi were some of members with us today. Apologies, if I missed anyone.

Next week, since there is no official clinic, we will be at the park at 7:00 a.m. for an informal 8 mile run. Please join us for a nice casual run to “celebrate” Memorial Day!

Please keep up with your homework runs; our Sunday runs are going to get longer.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano:
(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 min. per mile)

Nice to see a good sized Blue Group with 14 runners doing its second 8-mile Sunday run. The group is coming along fine running single file along Diamond Head. Great job! We had a full complement of staff leaders; Andy, Val, and Fiona. We talked about how important it is for the marathon to not do anything different than what you have been doing during your training runs. That includes your training gear; shirts, shorts, hats, sunglasses, shoes, socks, water bottles, food supplements, etc. Now is the time, during your training run to try different thing to see how they work and to what is comfortable. Wear a tech shirt as it helps wick away perspiration and will not get heavy with sweat like cotton during a long run. Have a couple of shoes, so you’re not dependent upon only one pair. Alternate them. That way you’ll know you’ll have a comfortable pair of shoes for the marathon. Some folks like the tech socks or double layered socks to prevent blisters. During the marathon, you’ll want to bring along some food supplements. Try them during your longer training runs; pretzels, power gels, power bars, seeds, etc. Try different flavors and you’ll know what will work during the marathon.

Next week, since there is no clinic, the Blue Group will be meeting at 7am at Ala Moana Park. We decided to do our run at Ala Moana Park because there will be a Hibiscus half marathon event at Kapiolani Park. Those that want to come out and run with the Blue Group we’ll be meeting at the Diamond Head parking lot restroom. We’ll do about 8-miles. Again, Ala Moana Park, 7am at the Diamond Head parking lot restroom.

Continue your homework runs, 1-hour runs two other times a week, with a day of rest in between to let your body rest and recover.


Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Welcome to the beginning of summer! Even with the graduation season upon us, 24 strong, we set out on a 7.75 mile jaunt to the gas station and back. Although we had some really fast 16 minute miles, we had some slower ones too. Overall we averaged about 16.30 minute miles. The rest periods got a little longer due to the weather and the breeze at the end was a good pick me up. Sunscreen is a must, and if you forget, please let me know and I’ll help you find some. If you have not already signed up for the bus run on June 15th, please do so. You may also want to start looking at ways to carry water and or energy replacement drink/food. If you notice chaffing or spots prone to blisters, see if a different style of shirt/sock or other solution will work. The bus run will be a little over nine miles, and you’ll have a few “practice” walks to try out different solutions before the bus run if you start now. Keep up the practice walks, 2 times a week. You all are doing a great job, and it shows.

We will be meeting informally at 7:30am, Sunday May 25th. Same time, same place. We hope to see you all there!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 had 11 people at the starting line today… and we had all the Ko’s with us… Akiko, Nanako and Sachiko… Think about it – when you see females out running around in a school yard, campus or in a park, aren’t they young? All that youthful energy… You don’t see “old ladies” out running and playing…. so the women in Green 15 are all ko – all young ladies on Sunday morning regardless of ethnic background or years of “experience”. Leader Lou shared a previously unpublished rule in the 15 group: anyone whose name is the distance we are running will be the leader of the day… if your name is Twelve and we run 12 miles, you lead. So Nana [nihonogo 7] assumed the lead position for our 7 mile outing. Wow, did she ever! Armed with basic directions for the route and a trusty iPhone “app” that she often glanced at, she led us on a 7.19 mile trip in 1 H 51M for a 15.3 m/m overall pace… and she hit all the water slowdown spots… BONUS – the “app” said we burned 439 cal so we can all eat dessert tonight! Today Anna-ko stayed right in the pack really moving along behind our new pacer… Kudos to Nana for a great job today… Homework continues to be two 1 hr training sessions during the week. On Sunday May 25 the Green 15 team will have an informal get together since HMC does not meet on 3 day holiday weekends… same time / same place…. and we will go out for a 7.6 mile stroll thru da woods. Absolutely bring water or sports drink next Sunday… there will be no refreshments after the run. Members of other groups are welcome… caution… we may be quicker than your current group… WE plan to finish the marathon in 6 1/2 hrs. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Today we were greeted by less than optimal conditions, It was very humid and hazy, seeing the air you breath is always not a good thing. Luckily the sun burned off the haze and replaced the humidity with a warm morning. Summer is here so don’t forget to apply sunscreen before leaving home to allow time for the sunscreen to adhere to the skin and be most effective.

We had 25 in our group to start and lost a few along the way. I was assisted by Lisa, Norm- Sensei, Sandra, Cindy, and John.

We modified our route and included a run to the finish line after coming down Monserrat to take a photo before heading back to base.

Today we ran 6.13 mile in 1 hour and 50 minutes and burned an average of 559 cals.

Next week in Memorial Day weekend and there is one of the few Sundays we will not have an official Clinic talk and meeting. However the training for the golden 14’s will continue.

Plan to meet at the same time 7:30 am and we will a long 6 to get ready for June.

Keep up with your two Homework runs of at least an hour and we shall see you on Sunday.

Lucky 13’s by Derby Linden:

This week’s featured “bento special” is Michelle! And last week was Maryvic. The group started out 19 strong and with staff leaders Maile, Lehua and myself leading the pack – Madonna, the two Mikes, Elaine, Ann, Cyrus, Kaleb, 4th grade teacher from Waimalu & friend, Jay, Brent, Laurence, and the local looking guy who is a transplant from Philadelphia (but he’s local now) 🙂. The group ran 7+ miles towards Triangle Park and Maile was inquiring if anyone was having symptoms of heat stroke. A couple of folks had to turn back due to heat and vog. The rest of headed on towards Diamond Head Road onto 18th Ave and down to Kaimuki Middle School and thru residential neighborhoods before heading back to the clinic.

Hats off the runners for great running etiquette and keeping single file running up and down Diamond Head!

If you have a Facebook page, join our HMC – Lucky 13ers group for updates and posts and pictures from fellow members. This week’s goals: Eat healthy. Sleep well. Do your homework runs—1 hour a day, 2 times a week, with a day of rest between each run. Since there is no official clinic next week, we will have a 7:00 AM sharp run on Sunday. Keep hydrated!

Da Comment Corner:

“Running on Empty”:

I am sure many runners could relate to Jackson Browne’s lyrics today (especially climbing up Diamond Head road on the way back) – it was a very hot and extremely humid. Running on mornings like this reminds us to make sure we hydrate properly. For many of us, the effects of the morning’s run might not be felt till later that night or the next day. As we approach summer, carrying a water bottle with an energy drink mix might be the difference in having a great run or just “running on empty”.

“Deconstructed Sushi”:

An “Eat the Street” favorite at the Kakaako Block Party. Perhaps a good carbo loading item.

See you at the water stops,