Blair’s Weekly Update 05-11-2014

Doc’s Talk:

A friend of the clinic, Dr. Alan Tichenal, spoke to us a bit about nutrition. Doc and Donna are traveling.

To see and hear the complete talk on thumb drive; please see Bruce.

Table Duty:

Thank you Tom for doing such a great job at table duty! The double water coolers were just what we needed after our runs on such a hot and muggy day. And, the fruits and snacks were great! Thank you for filling in on such short notice to help a fellow staff member in need.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by John Alford:

(Pace – < 9:00 min. per mile)

The advanced group, this week consisting only of John and Les, started out at Kawaikui Beach Park at 6:15 AM. On our return trip to complete 14 miles, we were joined by Rosie, and we discussed hydration and nutrition for long runs (John recommends Tailwind Nutrition for runs 2+ hours, Rosie prefers diluted Gatorade and shot blocks). It was very hot and humid, but we finished strong. We meet at the same park each week, and everyone is welcome to join us! Our goal is to finish the marathon in under 4 hours, which means a pace of 9:00/mile or faster. Don’t forget to sign up for the bus run!

Grey Group by Ron Alford:
(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Andy and Ron lead 12 Greys, including Mindy, Emily, Mike, Corinne, Ray, Rob, Amanda, Rob, and Ken plus Trevor (who is visiting from Australia) into a hot and humid 10 miles. We got a bit jammed up with some of the other groups during the first 3 miles but (mostly) single file running kept things in good order. Every water stop was a welcome respite from the heat!

At the turn around point on Kalanianaole Hwy, Dr. Rob headed on home and the rest of us made our way back to the gas station while noting that the house on Waiiki St. where there was a lemonade stand set up last year for several weeks is now for sale. Bummer – no summer lemonade stand stop!

At Triangle Park Ron talked about the advantages of using a running log or diary to record one’s running. You can use a lined paper sheet divided into headings to record whatever data you want to track such as date, time, weather, pace, route, shoes, how you felt, who you ran with, and so on – anything that would be useful or that you want to track. For example, if you record what shoes you are wearing, you will know exactly how many miles you have on your current shoes and when to replace them. Also, if you have a running injury it is sometimes useful to review your running log to spot patterns that may have

contributed to the problem. Besides using paper you can use one of the many electronic exercise logs available such as RunningAhead which will upload data from Garmin and other devices.

We sped up just a little heading back to Paki and were rewarded when Robert, sitting on a park bench near the path, “barked” us to the finish!

Distance: 10.0 miles, Average Pace: 10:51
Running Time: 1:48:49, Total Elapsed Time: 2:06:24

Next week is 10 miles again but may include the Kilauea hill. Soon we will be planning an after-run pool party at Ron’s house that will likely include those nice folks in the Silver and Pink groups who would like to join us. Stay tuned

The Black Group by Ivan Irie:
(Pace 11:30 – 12:30 minutes per mile)

What a nice way to start Mother’s Day with a 9-10 mile run. We had 14 runners to help navigate the mild, humid weather. Devan, Lianne, Marissa, Jin, James, Kim, Marianne, and Curt, newcomers Jeffrey and Paul, James, Jan, Ivan, and Russ ran our usual course through Diamond Head to the gas station. We decided to slightly increase our mileage and introduce Kalanianaole Hwy so we ran to the non-existent telephone booth and back to the clinic through Farmers Rd. Our overall pace was 11:40-12:00 min per mile which includes the water stops for total of 9.62 miles. Our rhythm must of been off because we were not able to say “hi” to Devan’s parents until the last mile of our run, but there were times when we ran way ahead of our advertised pace. Thus the tip for the week is if you felt the pace was too slow for you, please consider moving up a group as this is a great time to test out the faster groups prior to the runs getting longer. Please continue with your homework runs of running at least 1 hour three times a week (the Sunday run counts as one of those runs), and please do not forget to sign up for the Bus Run in June. Next week, we will continue to run the same course and may slightly increase the mileage to actually hit 10 miles. Also, since there is no clinic on Sunday before Memorial Day weekend, there has been talk to meet up for a run. Unfortunately, Russ and Ivan will be out of town but we can talk next week to see there are any interest.

White Group by Blair Hoashi
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

We did our first 8-miler today and will continue at this distance till the end of the month.

The morning started off as sultry and hot but as our run progressed, the skies became overcast and it became much more comfortable for our 25 members. Guru Sam, Bob, Rich, Dwight and Blair led the group in lots of friendly banter, jokes, and oh yeah, some running. Everyone was advised to drink lots of water. Members Elena, Quen, Jaimie, Jin, Chong, newcomer Doug (whose daughter went to the same preschool as my son), Jessica, Melissa 1 & 2, Erica, Monica, Francis, Russell, Jennifer, our Swiss guests, Rosie and Daniel, and another newcomer, Mari were part of this large contingent. Apologies if I missed a few others; I will remember more of you as time goes on. We were fortunate to have Mari join us today – Mari who has a doctorate in physical therapy, spoke briefly about knee pain and gave some advice on how to prevent it.

Please try and keep up with your homework runs as our distances will get longer and our mornings hotter.

Please sign up for the Bus Run – a good change of venue and we run on the actual marathon route.

Blue Group Report by Andy Hirano
(Pace 12:30- – 13:30 min. a mile)

Wow, what a nice day for the Blue Group to begin their first 8-mile run to the Kahala gas station and back. We continue to see new faces in the group increasing a bit more than last week. Looks like we’re the transition group for folks to move up to the speedier intermediate groups or just want to try a little faster pace than the beginning group. Welcome Dawa, Venice, Melissa, Tannia, Melody Noel, Newi, Rose, Joyce, Scarlet, Tisa, Kevin, Terry, Stephanie, Betsy, Emily, and Shelly. We had a full complement of group leaders as well. Beside Andy, the other group leaders are Val and Fiona. The Blue Group did an excellent job in running single file giving other the other half of the sidewalk to pass. It’s important to move over early to show the other runners and walkers that they can pass us using the sidewalk as well. We’ll continue to do 8-miles for the next 4 weeks. Keep up your homework runs of two 1-hour runs during the week with a day of rest in between your runs. The water stops during our Sunday runs are about a mile apart and as Peter mentions almost every Sunday, be sure to drink your water during your run. The drinking fountain pressures have been adjusted and now are great to drink. During the marathon the water stops will be a little longer apart, about every 2 miles. There will be no official clinic during the Memorial Day weekend. However, those in the Blue Group that would like to come out and run that Sunday, the Blue Group will meet at Kapiolani Park at 7am to go out on a morning run.


Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Thank you to everyone for joining us today. We know that today is a special and busy day for everyone and we appreciate you making time for training. The day was gorgeous and twenty two of us trekked out for a brisk 6.83 mile walk at an average pace of about 16.20 min/mile, same as last week. Although we changed course a few times, it all worked out in the end and we’ll be in good shape for June and our first bus run. It felt like a faster pace today, but our spirits were high even on the hills. Total time for today with water stops was just over two hours. We learned about the phantom water stop and next month we’ll learn where the phantom phone booth is too. And one of the best parts about today’s run was we beat the rain back. Please remember to sign up for the bus run on June 15th. It will be a fun walk and we’ll get good practice on traveling on part of the actual marathon course. The bus run is $3, and the fare is due when you board the bus. The sign-up sheets will be on the bulletin board. Enjoy your two homework walks this week and we will see you on Sunday!

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 had 12 people celebrate Mother’s Day with a 6.6 mile tour of the surrounding area…we managed to find lots of water stops… spent 1H 43M overall which gave us a 15.4 overall pace… went up Monserrat, then from Aloha Gas back up Kilauea Av to KCC… a lot of up slope pavement and it was done at a 15.4 pace…not bad, we’ll take it. Green 15 finishers in Dec 2013 marathon generally finished in 6 hr 25-45 min so our 15.4 m/m pace keeps us on track for a repeat performance. When we came back to KCC some of our MACHO men decided to go up Kilauea Hill instead of going around … bet that impressed the ladies… so today’s outing involved hills, Kilauea hill, and even some hurdles… what? Miss 7 wanted to be sure we mentioned the hurdles…. wow, sounds exciting… the Green 15 team is really athletic… not just jogging, these folks are doing track & field work. Homework is still 2 one hour sessions during the week. Next week we bump our distance up another 1/2 mile and will go out for 7.1 miles… call it 1H 49M in case you are planning a date. Bring water! Aloha

Green 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms,

It was nice to see all your smiling faces. Welcome back to our friends from last season who finally found their way back to join us. We had 22 in our group and I was assisted by Lisa, Gail and Cindy.

Today was very humid but luckily we did have a nice breeze along the route. Our long 6 mile route took us up diamond Head road to the Triangle Park then through the neighborhood past the variety school to the our second stop at the Kilauea District Park. We proceeded on Kilauea to Kahala Park which was our turn around point. We ran back to the Triangle Park and ran down Monserrat Ave back to base.

Today we ran for 2 hours and 10 minutes, covered 7.58 miles and burned and average 679 cals.

Keep up with your homework runs, they are paying off since all of you did great today.

Stay safe and we will see you next week.

Lucky 13’s by Lehua Simeon:

Happy Mother’s Day!

With the assistance of Staff Leaders Maile and Lehua, Pace Leader Derby led our group of 17 Lucky 13ers beyond Triangle Park and into the residential neighborhood (a nice change of scenery!) where we were treated to 4 additional water stops—3 of which are courtesy of runner/walker friendly residents who allow us to drink from their water fountains and generously leave out a cooler of ice-cold water. It was especially refreshing on a hot day like today!

As a way to get to know each other, we each introduced ourselves; and as Derby makes it a point to remember at least 2 people’s names each Sunday, Maile announced “this week’s bento special”: Maryvic! Please don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to other members of the group—might as well know each other’s names since we’re crazy enough to run together!

We ran 7.28 miles in 1 hour, 47 minutes at a pace of 14.48 m/m, and burned 825 calories. Although our mileage today was more than this month’s goal of 6, you all finished strong!

If you have a Facebook page, please join our HMC – Lucky 13ers group for updates and posts and pictures from fellow members.

This week’s goals: Eat healthy. Sleep well. Do your homework runs—1 hour a day, 2 times a week, with a day of rest between each run.

See you next week!

Da Comment Corner:

Bus Run June 15:

Please sign up on the bulletin board – it gives us an idea as to the number of buses needed which is very helpful in keeping the clinic’s costs down. Most of the runners will be dropped off at Maunalua Bay (across from Roy’s restaurant in Hawaii Kai – about 9 miles). Get familiar with the actual marathon route!

Belated Happy Mothers’ Day!

See you at the water stops,