Blair’s Weekly Update 04-13-2014


Despite the heavy winds, rains and encountering many obstacles to get to our meeting place (due to the Hapalua), we still had a very good turnout of members to hear Doc’s talk and participate in their group runs. Such dedication!!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:
(Pace – < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. The advanced group met at Kawaikui Beach Park and ran about seven miles at about an 8:50 min/mile pace to hear Doc’s talk then ran back to the beach park at for a total of about fourteen miles. Same workout next week starting at 6:15 as we gently build endurance. Also, the first bus run is 6/15 :0)

Pink Group by Stephen Cole:
(Pace – 9:30 – 10:30 min. per mile)

Many of the Pink group ran the Hapalua today, including the staff. The remaining Pink group members went out for a run with Andy and the Grey group this morning.

It was a windy day, with some rain, but the temperatures were nice and cool. Perfect for running!

Several of the Pinks ran the Hapalua together, including Sandy, Kolter, Maricel, Chris and me. We had a nice easy run at a 10:00 pace and finished at about 2:12. Tracey also ran the Hapalua, and came in at 1:58 with an average pace of about 9:00 per mile. Great job, Tracey!

The Pink group will be back on Sunday to run another 8 miles. See you then!

Grey Group by Ron Alford:
(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

Andy & Paris lead 17 Chrome (Mixture of Pinks, Greys and Silvers) out on our first 8 miler. We merged our groups since many of our members were out running the Hapalua. IT was great seeing many of you coming in on our way out. We had a couple new runners and fortunately they were seasoned runners so they had no problem keeping up with the group.

We were out running for 1 hour and 35 minutes. Most of us can run this distance without carrying extra nourishment but it is getting close. Remember, just like replenishing liquids, we need to replenish nourishment before we get hungry. Within the next month, everyone is encouraged to start trying out their favorite nourishments to see what works best for them.

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Total Miles Total Pace Total Running Pace Outgoing running Pace Return Running Pace
4/13/2014 8.28 11:33 10:14 10:31 9:56

Future Grey schedule:
4/20: 8.5 miles (To the gas Station and return on Kahala Avenue)
4/27: 8.75 miles (To the gas Station, return Kahala Avenue & Marathon Finish)

Silver Group Lynnae Lee:
(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Because of the low attendance at Clinic today, Andy and Paris led a mixed group of “Pink Chromies” (Silvers, Grays and Pinks). The group went to the Gas Station and back for an easy 8 miles. They had great running conditions (two or three light showers, some sun and a good breeze). The rest of the usual group members ran the Hapalua, and were greeted by the Pink Chromies as they headed around Diamond Head on their way back to the park. Runners included: Jimmy, Carl, Dayna, and about 10 others.

Homework [the key to HMC success]: 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between (Tue/Thur or Wed/Fri). Pace does not matter…yet.

Shout Out Corner: Congratulations to the HMCers who finished the Hapalua Half Marathon on 4/13. Happy finishers included: Lance, Scott, Jun, April, Big Joe, Irene, Gavin, John, Tracey, Henry, Tony, Evelyn, and Lynnae. Good job on a successful event! There were lots of smiles at the finish; evidence that HMC training works. The icees and malasadas tasted soooooo yummy. Good job to all! Show off your medals, wear the cool blue shirts with pride, and enjoy the week off (or at least an extra rest day).

Good luck to Satomi on her first Boston marathon this week, and to all the other Clinic runners who are going to be joining her on the course. You’ve worked so hard already, so please enjoy every bit of your Boston experience. It’s been well earned. Show Boston the Aloha spirit! [Side note: When Satomi joined Clinic several years ago, she started in the white group. Apparently, Blair and Guru Sam taught her well.]

Upcoming: Clinic meets next week, Easter Sunday, for no more than 8 miles. Mark your calendars for the Clinic potluck picnic on 5/4.

Black Group by Russel Honda:
(Pace -11:30-12:30 minutes per mile)

Bravo to those committed runners from our group who dared to beat the traffic, weather, and bike clubs who denied access to our parking lot with no one using any of the stalls, and made it to the Hapalua Half Marathon. Early bird Staci found me running in Waikiki and joined me to their meeting point at the ABC Store where I continued on my morning run. On my return I met up with our clinic runners, Jan (former Teal leader), Ivan, Marissa, Emily, W & L (Devan’ s parents) minus our Energetic Devan(knee injury) and few others waiting for the start of the race.

High five to Jan and Kim from our group and a small group of clinic runners who made it to the clinic despite the horrific traffic and parking nightmare. Three of us followed others from the intermediate groups but continued to maintain our pace 11:30-12:00 going 8 miles in 1hour 32 minutes. I’m so proud of Jan, Kim for not complaining, always positive and for pushing me to go for our 8 miler (clinic started 6 miles) with gushing wind and rain. Next Sunday is Easter, clinic will be held, hope to see our group together and understand those with prior commitments.

White Group by Dwight Bartolome and Sam Usman:
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Sunday tested the dedication of the group to find a way to the clinic with the parking challenges.

Someone parked at KCC and waited for the group at Triangle Park. Another member started at Triangle Park and ran to the clinic then ran with the group and finished at Triangle Park. Someone said they parked at the location he parked for the last marathon-somewhere way up Kapahulu Avenue. Many made it to the talk late but they made it in time to start running. What commitment to marathon training. Way to go White group!!

Sam’s Comments

Due to the race (Hapalua), parking was not easy. Ming and I barely got to the start of our group run. We had 22 hardy bright eyed students. No Blair, Lisa, Bob. We did easy 6 miles and we had a blast. Had 5 newbies and we all finished as one big bunch.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

As we all arrived for the start of the clinic it was great weather. Last year when the Hapalua was held, there was no parking access and it rained. This year, the same thing happened. Despite all that, a few of us still braved those obstacles and came for the Sunday session. Alan, George, Lorraine, Paul, Roger and Wendy were joined by Jennifer for a while. The rain didn’t bother us (much). We should get 2 1 hour sessions a couple of days apart this week.
Keep on Walking!

Sweet Sixteens by Cliff Hand:

The combination of threatened rain and parking woes cut our numbers to 18 today. The rain made good on its threat about halfway through our walk. Nobody welcomed the rain, but our newcomers had the opportunity to learn that HMC, like the Post Office, does its job in spite of less-than-ideal weather. We did a little sightseeing on the way, taking a few detours to boost our mileage. Stats for the day: 4.64 miles; average pace (not counting water stops) 15’ 59”. Pretty close to our target past, but then accuracy is our motto.

Green Fifteens by Lou Crompton:

I dunno, I think I prefer Sundays with no hapalua crowd or wind / rain storms… picky picky picky. Due to the absence of parking, some of us jogged in and back to home so today’s outing was a 1/2 marathon for us…. We saw a couple of our HMC folks running in the half – and that was before 8 AM so you were obviously on your way to a nice finish time … congratulations! Green 15 had waltzed around Kilauea Hill for several weeks… looked at it from Makapuu, from 18 and 22 Aves… but after weeks of preliminary training and skirting the issue, 8 of us assaulted The Hill in earnest Sunday morning… started out at 22 Ave and just kept climbing until we reached the summit at Leahi Hospital… and no one had to use the hospital! And then we turned around and rolled down the hill. Great job by all… and we stayed in a close group. Since hill work is good for what ails you, Green 15 will probably scale The Hill monthly as we increase our distances. Overall distance Sunday was 4.8 mi with an overall time of 1H 17M [incl pit stops] which gave us a 15.8 m/m pace… we did the range of 15.1 to 16 except when we had to use the ropes and picks on the hill… but it was fun. Pretty early in our 9 month training schedule but so far Green 15 is on track to finish the December marathon around 6.5 hrs [again]. Next week maybe do 5 mi and break that threshold? Do your homework and bring liquids on Sunday. Aloha

Golden Fourteens by Dean Takashige:

We had rainy weather, road closures and limited parking but we had 14 show up for our training run. Some of the other 14’s started in Kahala at the gas station and ran to Triangle Park and back to the station.

Today I was assisted by Sandra as some of our other staffers were participating in the Hapalua. We were able to cheer them on going up and around Diamond Head.

Today we had questions about our pacing. Just to recap; the 14’s run at a 14.30 min mile pace, or at least we try to. Myrtle, my Garmin, gives a minute mile pace based on the current pace we are running at any point in time. So if we start to speed up the readout will show a faster pace as with the case if we should slow done. When I report the total time on the road this is elapse time from the time we start till the time we return, the clock is ticking even when we stop for our water stops. I have found through experience the starting and stopping the timer serves no significant purpose other than increase the possibility that i may forget to restart the timer and thereby throwing the total off.

Finally a question was asked about if we will be running this pace during the entire marathon. The answer is not really. We start the marathon at a slower pace at the beginning and if all works out as planned. We will pick up the pace slightly in the return half. This is called a negative split. Enough said for now, you will hear much more on the in the months to come. If you still have questions feel free to ask me or anyone of our staff members.
Remember our main goal in the beginners group is to take someone who has never run and get them to complete the marathon.

As we progress weekly everyone is finding their ideal pace group. Sometimes you don’t know that you are in the right group till you change and then realize which group fits best. Remember now is a good time to experiment.

Next week is Easter Sunday but we will have clinic as usual.

We were on the road 1 hour and 7 minutes, ran 4.13 miles and burned about 380 cals.

Remember to do your 2, 1 hour homework runs and see you next Sunday.

Lucky Thirteens by Lehua Simon:

Congratulations to our pace leader, Derby, and to all Lucky 13s who participated in the Hapalua Half-Marathon! And thank you to everyone who made it to this morning’s clinic despite road closures and scarce parking.

Through intermittent bouts of wind and rain, staff leaders Maile and Lehua led a group of 8 on a 4-mile run from Kapiolani Park to the Operation Red Wings Medal of Honor Park (often referred to as Triangle Park), where we briefly enjoyed the sight of a beautiful rainbow over Diamond Head and listened to the sounds of a live band performing island music at a water stop for the Hapalua. Conditions were slippery and we had to dodge a few downed road closure signs, but thanks to the diligent use of hand signals to warn others of road hazards and to run in a single file in on-coming traffic, we all made it back safely.

Please continue to do your homework runs: 1 hour, 2 times a week—with a day of rest between each run.

Da Comment Corner:

Go Satomi!

We send all of our Aloha to Satomi, member of the Grey/Silvers on her first (of many, we’re sure) attempt at the Boston Marathon. Go Satomi!!! Other clinic members who have qualified and/or participated in previous years are Rosie, Rosie 2, Russ F, Kozo, John W, Eugene C., and Advanced leader Les. I am sure there are a few more members. Please let me know if I missed you. We would like to acknowledge everyone who put in the time and effort to achieve such a lofty goal.

Clinic Picnic:

May 4 is the date of our first HMC picnic; we encourage everyone to attend and ask attendees to bring something, such as salad, dessert or main entrée to supplement the chili and rice that we will furnish. Please bring your families! The cost is $1 per person; children 12 and under are free.

Happy Easter!

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,