Blair’s Weekly Update 03-30-2014

Doc’s Talk (excerpts from Andrew Laurence’s synopsis):

Dr. Scaff spoke to the group on “How To Pick A Pair Of Running Feet”.

While in medical school, Dr. Scaff worked among the Igorot Headhunters who live in the Philippine’s Northern Luzon Mountains. They go through life barefoot. To us their feet may appear grotesque; they are architecturally perfectly adapted for running.

Shoes, including running shoes, seem to be the source of all our foot and leg problems. Wearing shoes since birth our feet have been deformed and prevented from growing, whereas people in places where shoes are not worn as much have feet which are adapted to the natural environment and are better for running.

From morning to afternoon your feet get one size bigger. When you run for one hour your feet get another size bigger. After a year of running your feet get bigger again.

So at this time, Dr. Scaff recommends you buy running shoes that are one size bigger than you normally wear, loose on the sides, with one to one and a half finger widths of space between the tip of the shoe and the tip of your longest toe.

For more information refer to Chapter 19 “How to Pick A Pair of Running Feet”, in Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

To acquire a full, unabridged version of Doc’s Sunday talks see Bruce Mullikin for a copy on thumb drive.

Table Duty:

Thanks to staffers Dean and Lisa K. for the great food and drink at table duty. The assortment of food was perfect. Mahalo!!!

Second Great Shoe Talk:

This Sunday, April 6th at 9:00 at the Running Room.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:
(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group welcomes everyone. Our goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which means a 9:00/mile pace or faster. The advanced group met at Kawaikui Beach Park and ran about seven miles at a fast 8:30 min/mile pace to hear Doc’s talk. We ran back to the beach park at for a total of about fourteen miles. It was great to see Les back from his Japan trip, along with Donis, John, Neil, Satomi, and Jan, visiting from Vancouver. Same workout next week starting at 6:15 as we gently build endurance. I’m running North Shore and will miss next week’s clinic. Donis kindly agreed to lead next week. Also, the first bus run is 6/15 :0)

Pink Group by Steve Cole:
(Pace10:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile)

The Pink group went out with 13 people this morning, including Rosie, Steve, Sandy, Kolter, Maricel, Arlene, Paul, John, Earl, Terry, Lisa, Dayna, and Todd. Welcome to Arlene and Paul, running with us for the first time this week!

The weather was beautiful, and we did a slightly different route. In order to train a bit for the Hapalua 1/2 marathon on April 13th, Rosie took the group across Kapiolani Park and then up Monserrat Avenue and around Diamond Head to the finish line next to the statue of the Queen. This was a nice 5 mile run with the following stats:

Distance: 5.1 miles
Running Time: 50:51
Average Pace: 9:58 min/mi

Rosie also stopped the group a few hundred yards away from the statue to show a good place to start a finish line sprint.

At the end of the run, a few of the group went to the Running Room for the talk on running shoes at 9:00, while others ran a lap around Kapiolani Park to tack on another 1.75 miles. The average pace for this part was about 10 min/mi, and added up to about 6.8 miles overall.

Next week we will add on 2 miles, and be sure to keep the pace slow and consistent as we get used to the slightly longer distance.

See you Sunday!

Grey Group Ron Alford:
(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00 per mile)

Andy and Ron lead 16 Grey Group members, including Rob, Ray, Emily, Todd, Noah, Hiroshi, plus 1st timers Gia, Nicole, Steve, Pierre (from Molokai) and several others (apologies for not being able to name everyone). At Triangle Park, Ron talked about the importance of putting all your energy into forward motion for the marathon, including arm swing. A side-to-side arm swing wastes energy. Make sure your arms are in a relaxed position with your elbow making movements parallel to your direction of travel so that the rhythm and momentum of your arms help move you forward.

We cut down Elepaio and when we stopped on Aukai for water, Max caught up with us with greeting and hugs all round. On the way back Andy emphasized the importance of attending the shoe talk next week and acquiring running shoes from a reliable source such as one of the running specialty stores. We made a fast finish to Queen Kapiolani then some walked across the park to Paki and some ran the rest of the way around the Park.

Distance 6.7 miles
Run Time: 1:10:16
Total Elapsed Time: 1:22:19
Average Pace: 10:31 (Average pace for the first 5 miles was 10:52, the final 1.7 miles was 9:29 – nice finish, everyone!)

The finishing run around the Park was .7 miles at an average pace of 10:20.

Next week is Shoe Talk at the Running Room. A route has been mapped out that will take us around Diamond Head, up 18th Ave., around Koko Head Ave., and down to the Running Room. After the Shoe Talk we will run back to the Park. Don’t forget to fit your homework runs into your busy week! A small group meets in Ala Moana Park at the wall in front of the Magic Island parking lot on Wednesday at 5:30 pm for a nice run to Kakaako and back. This week we plan to take a picture in front of the old Fisherman’s Wharf before it is torn down. Come on out!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:
(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 mi. per mile)

For the 4th Sunday, the Silverados stepped it up slightly and took in a 6.5 mile run. It’s nice to see many new faces join the group. This is the time of year to test out the different groups to find your ideal pace. We are so glad you joined us.

Reminder: Share the road – please run single file while going up and down Diamond Head. Alberto and John emphasized the importance of hydration. Even when you don’t feel like drinking, drink anyway because it will be good practice for marathon day. All first time marathoners need to remember to use every aid station. Run to each aid station, walk and drink, then continue on to the next aid station. When we do our Sunday runs on the Clinic route we stop every mile at a water fountain, so you don’t really need to carry your own bottle. However, once the mileage gets longer you may want to have your own water. There are lots of options to choose from between handheld bottles and belts. Practicing good hydration habits now will prepare you for the hot summer months. Dr. Scaff will have more to say on heat and hydration later.

Homework (the key to HMC success):

Your body needs the repetition of 3 runs a week, including Sunday. So make sure to do 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between (Tue/Thur or Wed/Fri). Pace does not matter.

Shoe talk next week at the Running Room, 9am. Come ask questions from their knowledgeable staff and pick up some gear. Also ask about insoles, socks, and the dreaded chaffing. They have all the answers. They provide a nice discount to HMC (and a better one for attendees of the talk). Remember it’s better to go shoe shopping after a run, because your feet expand and will be a more accurate “running size”.

Marwell reminded me why sometimes we need to get outdoors — to get some fresh air, to let go of whatever bothered us during the week, and to get away from the treadmill, since you just feel a bit more alive when running outdoors, especially with a few friends along for the ride. And compared to doing Crossfit or P90X routines, our Sunday runs shouldn’t be painful if you’re running 3 times a week (homework check). As Dr. Scaff says: “there is a period of adjustment in which there will be pain, torture, and agony.” But, that too shall pass as we build endurance.

Although I did not get a chance to hear Nick Vujicic live this past weekend, his story is nothing short of inspiring and heartwarming as he is now happily married. We have nothing to complain about when you look at Nick’s life and the challenges he faces every single day. So when it feels like your legs are cramping or your side aches, know that you are alive and the pain will eventually go away. Focus your mind on the positive, and the negative things will pass more quickly. One’s attitude through the challenges can make the crucial difference.

Black Group by Russel Honda:
(Pace 11:30 – 12:30 minutes per mile)

The Black group was 14 members strong as we did our usual 6.6 mile run up Diamond Head, through Triangle Park, around Kaimuki Middle School, and back to Kapiolani Park. We started quick, but evened out towards the end as we ran closer to an 11:00 minute/mile pace. Former Teal members Jasmine, Lianne, Devon, Martha, and Ivan were joined by Netty, Doug, Ericka, Kim, Kurt (with a “K” and not a “C”), Marianne, Michelle, and Jan.

Next week, I will be out of town so the former Teal group members will
be leading the group as Jasmine, Martha, and Ivan did a great job
setting the pace today. The Black group decided to meet at the
Runner’s Room (819 Kapahulu Avenue) at 7 a.m., run to the clinic, and run
for an hour to make it to the shoe talk. This will be another 6 to 7
miler. In terms of parking, please try to find street parking on Winam
St. or other side streets in the area.

Please remember your homework runs of one hour runs three times a week
that also includes the Sunday run. Happy running!

White Group by Blair Hoashi
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Approximately 30 runners were part of our large contingent this morning. The Guru Sam and Bob led this vociferous group through another 5 miler. Also helping were staffers Richard, Dr. Dwight and Blair. Our regulars were back in force – Jainey, Jin, Monica, Russell, Ming, Sarah, Jessica, Quen, Elena, Francis (welcome back); and adding more vim and vigor were newcomers Jenny, Lindsey, Erin, Melyssa, Melissa, Jan, Ericka, Sung, to name a few.

While Dr. Dwight and Bob mentioned the scheduling of our homework runs and our buildup of mileage throughout the year, Guru Sam and Blair also mentioned that we should have some fun while training as well (try not to be too serious and enjoy it too – “If can, can; if no can, maybe can next week!”).

Please balance out your training and not go to extremes – it leads to injury or weakening of our immune system so we get ill and cannot train. We’re still at the start of our 9 month training process so take it easy and slow. Speed, strength, stamina, and endurance will come in time – be patient! “Only” nine months to go!

Let’s all try to attend the Shoe Talk next week!


Gold Group 14’s by Sandra Padua:

This past Sunday, Sandra led the group of 33 strong around the park and straight to Shoe Talk. Our fearless leader, Norm, was enjoying some Drag Race therapy while Dean and Lisa had table duty. I want to thank the group for their patience with me since I am just back from injury and so my pacing was a little erratic. We want to welcome some returning 14’s: you know who you are. Please continue with your homework of 1 hour twice with a rest day in between. This coming Sunday, we will be going up Diamond Head. It will be the same amount of mileage as what we have been doing.

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

The plan was to take the group out to the shoe talk today – via a walk up Monserrat to KCC DF, back to Campbell and then over to 819 Kapahulu. We weren’t expecting several first timers today… so with our “veterans” right behind Lou in the lead, Gary and Damian brought up the rear with the first timers… quite a welcome to the Green 15 to trek up Monserrat… [well, at least we didn’t go up Kilauea hill]… may turn out to be a good recruitment exercise for the Sweet 16 group – the new folks think they’ll try that group next Sunday for a less rigorous introduction… hey, if you all come back to Green Team next week the plan is for a kinder / gentler outing… flat terrain and still less than 5 miles distance. Gaston did his usual excellent informative and entertaining shoe talk; we all appreciated the 20% discount offer to be used TWICE on shoe purchases prior to Marathon Day. Green Team did a 4.3 mile route today in 1H 7M not counting the shoe talk – that gave us a moving pace of about 15.6 m/m. Do two homework sessions – 1 hr each, about 4 miles. Aloha

Sweet 16’s by Roanne Abe:

Our group continues to grow, and twenty-eight of us set out on a beautiful, sunny day. We did one lap around the zoo and the park, and we all practiced drinking before we get thirsty at the water stops. Everyone wanted to hear the shoe talk so we all headed out to Running Room. It was standing room only, but we all learned a lot about how to: select shoes that fit our feet, wear clothing that dries quickly (lessens chafing), compression clothing and the benefits of Body Glide. It was a lot to take in, but we have a lot of time to try things out and be ready for race day. If you missed today’s shoe talk, please be sure to make next week’s talk. The weather held and it was a great walk back to the park. Total mileage was 4 miles.

We will be out in the sun more often, so we encourage everyone to apply sun screen and wear clothing that will help you with the sun and wonderful heat it brings. For example, a hat, sun glasses, light colored clothes, gear to carry water, etc). Please remember to do two, one hour walks during the week with at least a day of rest between the walks.

Da Comment Corner:

Rome Marathon by Val Ogi:

Buonguirno, this is Val Ogi (blue group leader) back from Rome, Italy. I would highly recommend the Roma Marathon!

Our running bibs had the US flag and our names printed on them. People cheering actually called out our names and were shouting “Go USA”.

The entry was only $60 US dollars, and they gave us a New Balance disposable bag with a package of spaghetti noodles for carbo loading.

A New Balance back pack to leave with our clothes for the finish line. Official Rome Marathon t-shirt.

Our medal was engraved with our names and finish time right after we crossed the finish line.

The start and finish were right outside of the famous Coliseum. We entered with the help of the Marathon Tours group as the entry was already closed to the public when we decided to attend back in Oct. 2013. They gave us a poncho and that saved us; it drizzled before the race started and luckily we held on to it because it poured hard at the very end while we were waiting for our medals to be engraved, and we had to walk back to the hotel in the rain. Despite the 20+ hours of flying time to get there and running on cobblestones, I managed to finish in 4:58, which is 2 minutes faster than my Honolulu Marathon last Dec. Ciao.

Shoe Talk:

Running Room Manager Gaston, who has done several marathons (some under four hours), gave an excellent talk. His knowledge of shoes and experience in running add a great deal of credibility and add validity that shoes are a very important piece of equipment in running. An overflowing crowd of approximately 100 runners were on hand to hear Gaston’s excellent talk.

The talk this Sunday, April 6, will be geared more toward the Intermediates and Advanced runners but everyone is welcome. The talks start at 9:00 a.m. at the Running Room on Kapahulu Ave. Parking is limited. A 20% discount is offered on shoes throughout the year if signed up at the presentation.

Beauty (repeat):

When I round Diamond Head on my early morning runs, I never hesitate to stop at the lookout at its apex. Although dark, I can dimly see and feel the beauty of the locale; the running heightens my senses – I can see the waves breaking and hear its rhythmic, hypnotic rumbling. I smell the freshness of the air. All this, combined with a star glittered sky gives me a feeling of peace, tranquility, and hope – it not only affects my very limited brain capacity but envelopes my emotions. At such a moment, I feel so lucky that we live in such a beautiful place.

See you at the water stops,