Blair’s Weekly Update 11-10-2013

Apologies for the delay in the publishing of this update; the recent storm and computer glitches (my four year old “netbook” must be on its “last legs”) unfortunately caused this situation to occur. 


Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff did a short talk on the Turkey Trottapering, the Carbo-Loading Party, and upcoming topics.  


Table Duty:

Thanks to staffer Fiona and friend Gary for the great set up at the table.   Rain or shine table duty is greatly appreciated.  Much mahalo!


Group Reports:

  Grey Group by Ivie Kumura, Andy Hignite and Ron Alford:

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

Amazing GREYS! Rain or shine, they came. Ron, Andy, Byron, and I were so impressed to find our trooper runners come out to tackle the 14 miles, rounding out our headcount to 17. I may have miss counted as I didn’t confirm with Dr. Rob. There were no complaints or even doubt these runners would have skipped a run, amazing! Stomping in puddles with us were: John, Dr.Rob, Maricel, Ronda, Sue, Izumi, Louise, Emily, Kolter, Steve, Lance, Bruce (welcome back), Kanani (joining our training run from Hawaii). Steve checked the weather forecast via radar (another tip to use. so did Dr. Rob), and even went out earlier, running in heavier rain, citing Les (advanced runner) as his inspiration. John’s training, can’t stop, won’t stop. 

We took down each mile comfortably, enjoying the cool breeze, light rain, and overcast skies. We have all settled in with our own running style, our “zone”. Byron said, this was a great run, allowing us to train in all conditions, especially if you are a duck. Running with Byron, every mile is so much fun, his comments are hilarious. He said we had to “pinch” ourselves at mile 7, as something was missing. He also blamed the women runners for first suggesting to eat the forbidden fruit on our Tantalus Run. We continued sharing strategies, such as distractions for hills. Sue said she counts. What do you expect from a former New York school teacher. Andy said he sets little goals. I do the same, taking down and conquering driveways, or light posts, one at a time, before you know it, you’re at the top of the hill, which just means, it’s downhill from there. Is that like getting older? Downhills are fun, no wonder I am having so much fun. By the way, even running up the hill, there is Byron, laughing away, making his jokes. That might be another strategy for distractions, have jokes in your back pocket. Joe catches a falling star and places that in his back pocket, for a rainy day :). A runner also realized that at higher mileage, you can’t run with a toe ring, so she’ll run the marathon without a toe ring. Every detail counts. We also shared various “fuel sources”, Power Blasts, Blocks, etc. Fuel replacements include the decision: “To caffeine or not to caffeine?”

 Veteran’s Day run, done by the time this is posted: 4pm Magic Island, meet (met) at entrance of the parking lot (Ewa-side). 6pm PICNIC (potluck) Magic Island sunset view side. 

 November 17 (our last LONG run, nice and easy, this is more a confidence builder and strategizing run) 6:30 start meet at Hunakai Park (the park between Hunakai and Ulumaika Street). This is the same park we have our water stop, with when we run down Farmer’s road, and have our water stop, and see all the dogs. Some of us may only know how to get there running, but drive there and park your car we will end our run at Hunakai Park, and walk over to RON’s POOL PARTY! Bring your change of clothes. You are welcome to bring something to share.


 11/3 – 16.24 miles Overall time: 3:25:43, Average overall pace: 12:48 (love Nelson’s Oasis!), Running pace: 9:43 to 11:09, Calories: 1,936 (makes for guilt-free eating!) No wonder I was famished.
11/10 – 14 miles – Overall time: 3:03, Running pace: 9:10 to 10:55 Calories 1,600
11/11 – Veterans Day (4 pm 10 miles and 6 pm Picnic Ala Moana Magic Island) 
11/17 – 20 miles (Early start 6:30 am in Kahala meet at Hunakai Park + Pool Party at Ron’s House prob about 11 am
11/24 – 10 miles (Front part of the marathon route) – we learn tapering and will love it.
11/28 – Turkey Trot 10 miles
12/1 – 8 miles (Front part)
12/8 – Marathon – once the first marathon is under your belt, please consider signing up as a staff volunteer. This is an incredible GREY group. 



 Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and Jon Lau:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The wet and windy weather didn’t stop the 12 Silverados on their last 16 mile trek. Today was a continuation of rain that caused some flash floods in certain parts of the island. We can hope for cool and breezy trade winds on marathon day but it’s best to be prepared for any type of weather. Rain or shine, the Honolulu Marathon will go on as planned.  We had our regular runners including Speedy Joe, Dawn, Gavin, Jimmy, Carl, Teri, Irene, Hiroshi, Sandra, and Martha (from Teal group). Joy, and Sheri (who have run with the White group before) joined us on today’s run.  On our route to the park and back, we ran into Sun Hee, Scott, and James as they chose to start to run earlier. Irene, Teri, Ken, and I opted to add in another 2 miles around the park and the zoo.  According to Speedy Joe, he burned nearly 2000 calories. Overall, everyone seemed less fatigued thanks to the cooler weather in the first half.  

 If you aren’t running in the Val Nolasco half marathon next week Sunday, you can opt to run with the Grey group or White group (not sure who in the silver group will be running with HMC next week).   Feel free to jump and find out whatever works best for you group-wise, and continue to put miles in the shoes that you will be running in on marathon day. Turkey Trot run is the same day as Thanksgiving Day morning and sign up is on the bulletin board or online. 

One of the questions that came up was how to prepare yourself for the last 6 miles of the marathon as many say that is when the marathon truly begins. The last six miles is physically and mentally challenging. For those running a marathon for the first time, know that you will cross the finish line with all the training and preparation you have done so far. At this point, it is either injury or sickness that will prevent that outcome. Stay healthy. Start tapering on your weekly runs  (1 to 1.5 hour ~ 8-9 miles) 

 I will be on vacation and will see everyone on marathon day or post-race at the tent. Don’t forget about the carbo loading party at Dr. Scaff’s house on December 6. Parking is limited so it’s best to park near the Makiki pumping station and hitch a ride on one of the shuttles that will be taking runners to Dr. Scaff’s house. 

 Mango bread tasted even better today. Thank you Jeff and the refreshment crew. Mahalo to everyone who donated shoe boxes or supplies to Lynnae.  

Lastly, a heartfelt mahalo to all of the HMC veterans.  We are all grateful for the sacrifices made by you and your families.  It’s an honor to run alongside you.


 White Group by Blair Hoashi

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

 List of White group members or former members taking part in Sunday’s 18 mile run:
Leader  Bob Choate
Paris -Silver group
Rose – Silver group
Mari – newcomer

These 15 hardy souls showed up at 6:30 am in blustery and very wet conditions to do the last long run of the year – 18 miles!!!  Neither rain nor wind nor the early hour could stop our intrepid 15 members from finishing the full 18!  Bob led the determined group as staff leaders Blair was out ill, Dwight was not available, and Guru Sam was leading another group that completed a shorter distance.  Congrats to all runners!! 

We start to taper next week by doing the front part of the marathon – 12 miles.  We start from our clinic meeting place, go through beautiful Waikiki, show our members the marathon start and our meeting place on that morning, have a jaunt through downtown, back through Waikiki, then end up back at our clinic start – 12 miles. 

Homework should be your usual two one hour sessions during the week.  Please don’t try to make up for lost training time – just the usual homework should get you back into the “flow”. 

To the 18 mile finishers – Blair apologizes for the overturned Gatorade container at the Hi Kai stop!  Hopefully, the second Beach Park and Kahala Avenue stops helped to make the long run a bit more bearable. 

 Group Schedule for the remaining Sundays:

Nov. 20:          The Start/Front part of marathon course (approx. 12 miles)

Nov. 27:          12 miles

Dec.  04           08 miles

Dec. 11            MARATHON!!




 Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

We were all happy to have Dr Scaff back today, recovering from his recent surgery. Green 15 “enjoyed” a great finish to our long distance training runs today – next 3 weeks we taper down.  No more long runs!  Fortunately we had no parking problem despite the Senior Olympics 10K race which started at 0700.  Just for smiles, our own pace leader started off by doing a show & tell – he passed around his Senior Olympics Gold Medal!  PFC charged about $40 a head for his 30K race a couple weeks ago; LWC charged $0 today.  Is our clinic a deal or not?  Our 2 ladies who ran that 30K opted not to lead today… at least they opted not to lead the out bound portion.  We left the park with 12 die-hard fans who weren’t going to let a little weather deprive them of their final long training run.  We began in March with laps around the park by some struggling participants [some quit – it was too tough] and today it was Hawaii Kai Dr by a very fit team.  Each individual ran the Sunday routes and did the homework runs – no one carried you – YOU did it! YOU get the credit!  Today no one melted in the rain and no one blew away in the gusts on Kal Hwy heading to HI Kai Drive.   On the return, with no oasis at BP2, our two “experienced” 30Kers Tish and Ilana – assured me they felt great and wanted to increase their pace… bon voyage.  Some of our men followed either to try for a negative split or simply to trail the lovely ladies. We all traced the 30K route to the marathon Finish Line – we knew it was there, we could see it, we could practically touch it!  And the Queen was there to welcome us back.  I don’t believe anyone was tired!   Due to a few contributing factors, our leader with our “slow” half finished in 4 hr 24 min for an overall pace of 14.3 m/m; our speedier half finished in 4 hr 13 min with an overall pace of 13.7 m/m .  Excellent outing for all and congrats to our quicker members.  On marathon day, don’t forget to assess yourself as Dr Scaff suggests in his book – you don’t want to hasten your pace coming back on Kal Hwy, at say Mile 20, unless ALL your systems are GREEN.  Next Sunday we may have a couple anonymous ladies do the MPRRC Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon, but for those who haven’t prepaid, the Green 15 will go out for about 14 miles [for $0].  Do about 75-80% of usual weekly training this week, taper.  Don’t – get – hurt.   Aloha



Da Comment Corner:

Turkey Trot, November 28th.

(Volunteers still needed)


Dr. Scaff’s Carbo Loading Party December 6th 

You’ll have a hard time recognizing fellow runners in their work clothes.


The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters – December 9, 6:00 p.m. 

(Please sign up on our sheet)


Again, apologies for the delay of this newsletter.


Let’s all start tapering, tapering, tapering – you’ve earned it!!


See you at the water stops!