Blair’s Weekly Update 11-03-2013

Doc’s Talk:

Doc was not available today. If anyone is interested in listening and viewing Dr. Scaff or Dr. Tichenal’s recent talks, it is available on a “stick”. Please see Bruce Mulliken at Sunday’s clinic to borrow these memory sticks which contain the latest talks.

Table Duty:

Thank you Adela for the fantastic refreshments! Mucho delicioso!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:

(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. Les, Nancy, John V. and I had a nice easy run in cool rainy conditions. We’re going to continue 18 mile workouts next week starting at 5:45 am from the Hawaii Kai boat ramp. Some folks may go longer as an option. We shall stop at the parks inbound so if anyone wants to join in they are always welcome. Lots of folks are feeling banged up so it’s important to remember the clinic injury protocol: rest, ice, aspirin, slow pace training, and pain that doesn’t increase. If injured, try twice to run 20 minutes at slow pace that feels boring and if pain returns see a doctor. Continuing rehab yourself at decreased mileage will result in a faster and better marathon than trying to push through pain and injury. See Doc’s book chart 6. Thanks again to Nelson and the folks manning the aid station at the Kawaikui beach park. Stay safe and injury free :0)

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

25 Greys enjoyed our 16 miler, step-down from the prior week’s 18 miles. Staffers: Byron, Andy, and myself (we missed Ron) were g8ful for the cooperative weather. Welcome back, Lance, and Mindy. With us were: Emily, Steve, Sandy, Tracie, Nobu, Bill, Lien, John, Maricel, Kolter, Donna, Dr. Rob (statistician for head-count, and running data), Chris, Ronda, Hao, Louise (trainer), missed a lot of new ones, sorry. There sure is a lot of chatter and laughter on our runs. We’ve been at this for weeks, and with our experience, we have so much pitfall, tips, and stories to share, quite entertaining. We are certainly transforming into this efficient running machine, aren’t we? At the HMSA 30K, Maricel, Kolter, Steve, and Ronda ran the entire course together, ended together, with enough energy at the end to pick up the pace to 8 minute something, WOW. I heard they bounced off of Ronda’s energy. You are all inspirations. Ronda‘s training was in New Orleans’ 101 degree weather, so Hawaii is cool running.
Our Tantalus run was also fun, we picked up and ate delicious guava and avocados on the way, and another fruit. Forgot what the name of that last fruit was? We should by now know how much / often to hydrate, and what is the best fuel replacement for the distance.
We have been discussing the schedule, and have it all planned out till marathon day, as below.

11/3 – 16.24 miles Overall time: 3:25:43, Average overall pace: 12:48 (love Nelson’s Oasis!), Running pace: 9:43 to 11:09, Calories: 1,936 (makes for guilt-free eating!) No wonder I was famished.
11/10 – 14 miles
11/11 – Veterans Day (4 pm 10 miles and 6 pm Picnic Ala Moana Magic Island) Stay-tuned for details.
11/17 – 20 miles (Early start (probably 6:30 am in Kahala + Pool Party at Ron’s House)
11/24 – 10 miles (Front part of the marathon route)
11/28 – Turkey Trot 10 miles
12/1 – 8 miles (Front part)
12/8 – Marathon

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Paris and Lynnae led the Silverados on a 16-mile run today that included Sun Hee, Moon, Hiroshi, John, Jun L, Speedy Joe, Teri, Tavi & Joe. Sandra and Martha (from the Teal group) joined us on our run as well. We had very good conditions overall running to Holy Trinity Church and back. It was breezy with a short cloudburst that drenched us by the baseball field near Kaimuki Middle School. The group did a good job looking out for each other…thanks for not leaving me behind! Most of the group finished 16.5 miles in less than 3 hours running time, burning 1300 calories (~2000 for guys). Some tacked on an extra mile or so around Kapiolani park to finish at 17-18.

Like Jun said, pain is only temporary. Keep running! We’re almost there and after that comes the holiday parties with family & friends and all of that ono calorie-packed food. Tentative schedule for the rest of the training season (5 weeks left!!!):

-November 10: 16 miles with an option for 18 miles by taking an extra loop at Kapiolani park. Last group long run…then taper.

-November 17: 14 miles to Nelson’s Oasis and back. Last stop there for the season, so please be sure to thank him and his team for their wonderful efforts. Val Nolasco Half Marathon is also going on. (Register at

-November 24: 12 miles, front portion of the marathon route.

-November 28: 10 miles, Turkey Trot (sign up online; or volunteer with Paris)

Homework: Total weekly mileage should be ~40 miles. Pace doesn’t matter so much as distance. By now you should know the difference between good pain (aching sufficiently as muscles are being built), and bad pain (injury that could sideline you). At minimum, do two 10-mile runs (or three runs of shorter distance if you’re injured). Hydrate on Saturday and no running.


1. Nothing new on race day that you haven’t tried during training. This includes clothing, socks, belts, anti-chaff stuff, and other gear.

2. Hydrate. If necessary, consider supplements such as gels or gummies. Get enough sleep the night before a long run.

3. Do your homework!!! If sick or injured, consider scaling back mileage and intensity.

4. Do not take unnecessary risks. Stay healthy! Be disciplined in training.

As the marathon gets closer, there will be a talk by Dr. Scaff about what to do before the marathon as far as preparation. In the meantime, questions should be directed to volunteer staff. You already have the marathon in you, so keep going – it’ll be great!

MAHALO to those who donated shoeboxes for my Christmas project! They will be wrapped and packed in the next couple of weeks. Still seeking games, stuffed toys, hard candy, bar soap and school supplies. Donations accepted through November 10.

White Group by Sam Usman, Dwight Bartolome and Bob Choate:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

There were 34 members that started off with the group today!! Led by staffers Guru Sam, Dwight, and team leader Bob, most of the group did a 14 miler to “recoup” after last week’s 30 K (18.6 miles). Great job to all who finished the 14 miler! While the Guru ran back with some of the members at the Kahala gas station (due to injury, too much partying, or just in recovery mode), Bob and Dwight led the rest of the group through it’s’ 14 miler

Congrats to all!!

Next week, the group will meet at 6:30 a.m. at our clinic meeting place to do an 18 miler. This is the last long run of the season; then tapering begins (see remaining schedule). Leader Blair who was out ill this Sunday, vows to return next Sunday at 6:30 a.m. either in running attire or in his cheerleader outfit (hope I can find the pom poms). But lots of cheering with ice cold Gatorade and water will be waiting at various stops along the route if he is not able to run.

White Group Schedule for the remaining Sundays:

Nov. 10: 18 miles; 6:30 a.m. start

Nov. 17: Front part of marathon course (approx. 12 miles)

Nov. 24 12 miler

Nov. 28: Optional – Thursday; Turkey Trot (10 miles)

Dec. 01 08 miles

Dec. 08 MARATHON!!


(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 had gone out for 16 and 17 miles the last couple weeks so we took a little break today and ‘only’ did 14.2. We left the park with 13 including Miss Yumi – a first timer! She was unaware of our clinic and accidently learned about us while searching on line for marathon info… We were warned by Lou to be cautious today of metal grates / covers as they may be especially slippery due to the earlier rain. We headed out to 18th and Kilauea, but our esteemed navigator wasn’t with us this morning and our leader turned left instead of right… he does that about once a month it seems. Was there an ‘Oh crap’ whispered? Nah, the bushes and trees make funny sounds as the breeze blows thru. We went up and down the hill, with TWO of our folks jogging the distance from 18th up to 15th, and then headed out to visit with Nelson [what a welcome sight to see the oasis] before returning via Kahala Av. Total overall time was 3 hr 30 min for an overall 14.75 m/m pace. Did I mention that included the Kilauea hill and rest stops? Excellent job today by all the very fit Green Team members. Remote chance that some recent tips on how to increase speed with less work could be knocking off seconds? Big Mahalo to those with table duty for staying open to meet / greet late arrivals. Next Sunday Green 15 will go out for one last “long run” before our 3 weeks of tapering. Rumor has it that our 30K finishers may be in the lead next Sunday… dunno. PLEASE make every effort to show up next Sunday for our final long run – and be sure to do your important homework runs during the week. Aloha

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Sunday was our first November run. Since this is November it means we start our tapering runs.

For the first timers, our runs will get shorter and shorter as we approach the Marathon. This is to allow your bodies to heal and recover from all the training you have been doing. Keep up your midweek one hour- hour and half training runs. The tradewinds were back and it felt really nice. The partial overcast at times during the run really helped us along. We had a slight shower in the morning which presents its own kind of challenges. It keeps us cool but you need to be careful on the wet and sometimes slippery sidewalks. When the roads are wet keep off the white lines and metal manhole covers they become very slippery. We had a minor fall but everyone involved was ok.

We had 18 in the group at the 7 mile turnaround and I was assisted by Lisa who took the caboose position to make sure everyone remained safe on our run back to base.

We ran 14.14 miles in 4 hours and 34 minutes and burned 1277 calories.

Next Sunday we will be running 12 miles, out to Wailupe Park and back.

Be safe and see you on Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

Neh fo’ Real” – (or getting to know some of your group leaders; repeat):

As our training reaches the tail end of its journey, please make sure to thank your staff/group leaders for their guidance, patience and leadership. All are volunteers and many sacrifice their own goals so they can assist their members.

1. This staff leader has been mentoring Toastmasters Clubs in Hawaii prisons for over 14 years And, once, as a member of the UCLA marching band, played in front of 90,000 screaming fans in the Rose Bowl! Also, he states he can cook a lot more than mango bread!

Chef who?

2. Prior to retirement, this leader was the “Use of Force” instructor with the Customs Department – kinda like Bruce Lee going through your luggage? Through retirement, he still maintains his speedy pace and runs “under four hour marathons” consistently.

Who is this speedy staffer?

3. When he was” younger”, he used to race “muscle cars”. He loved to work on old Camaros. Recently retired, he and his wife love to travel, especially to Japan. He did a spectacular crash and burn marathon in 1982 and was so bummed out that he gave up on running for 10 years. He started running again in 1992 and somehow had the good fortune to come across the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and had Roger Kobayashi as his group leader. There was also a group leader named Jennifer, who later dropped out of running and somehow came back to the Clinic as his student many years later. The Clinic changed his attitude toward running and made the marathon and the marathon training much more enjoyable. He enjoys the fellowship of the Clinic and the focused, dedicated, fun loving people who make up the gang. He looks forward to seeing all the smiling faces on Sunday morning.

He loves:

1. Having the privilege of being part of the training process.

2. Seeing the marathon through a newbie’s eyes.

3. The anticipation and excitement of the start line on marathon morning.

4. Being able to share the great sense of accomplishment after we cross the finish line.

Sensei who?

4. Once called a “home run hitter” in soft ball, she’s transitioned to other physical pursuits as she’s gotten” older”. What started out in 2010 as a faith journey to complete one marathon, has turned into a quest to complete four marathons within 365 days. She’s done Honolulu 2010 and 2011, North Shore, and Nike Women’s in SF. She could have never imagined that her initial steps of faith would lead her to such accomplishments. She’s very grateful to the HMC for the support along the way.

Who is this busy leader and marathon enthusiast?

5. This leader was a jet fighter pilot for his native country; claims he never crashed any of his planes.

Who is this “charismatic and spiritual” staffer?

6. A self-described COSMOPOLITAN – he is a Certified Teacher of English and Italian as a Foreign Language. While in Japan with the US Department of Defense, he taught English and Italian in his spare time

Who is this man of the world?

7. On vague recollection (since it was so, so long ago), this staff leader remembered being on the track and cross country teams in high school and was part of a relay team that broke an island high school record for the mile. (In “ancient times” distance was measured in yards and miles and not in meters). The record stood for at least, two weeks.

Who is this “pre historic” staff leader?

***Answers: Q1 – Jeff Beard, Red Group leader; Q2 – Les Young, Advanced Group Leader; Q3 – Norm “Sensei” Uyeda, Green Group(Beginners) leader; Q4 –Silver Group Leader, Lynnae Lee; Q5 – White Group Leader, Sam Usman ; Q6 – Grey Group Leader, Paris Monti ; Q7 – White Group Leader, Blair Hoashi

Mental Toughness:

While any long mileage is a daunting physical task, it also tests our “mental conditioning” as well. Unless one is mentally tough, it’s very difficult to be thinking positive thoughts (or even thinking) when running up Kahala Avenue. Congratulations to all of our members for maintaining one’s physical as well as mental training throughout the year. Great job!!! As Guru Sam always states, you are truly an elite group of individuals – not many have completed a marathon or trained for close to a year to participate in it. All of you are winners in life!!

Tapering– great job on your training thus far; please take it easy on your homework runs to avoid any injury or lower one’s immune system. An injury or illness at this point can set back your training for weeks and perhaps for that “ideal” marathon that you were hoping for. Please listen to your staff leaders about your group’s tapering schedule.

Turkey Trot, November 28th. Please volunteer if you are able.

An excellent way to start off Thanksgiving morning!

The Annual “After the Marathon Dinner” -December 9th @ 6 p.m. @ Dave and Buster’s:

“I cramped up at mile 3 so had to walk the rest of the way”;

“I hit the “wall” at mile 5!”

I am sure that the above situations will not happen to well trained athletes like all of you; please join us at the dinner and hear some of the experiences that many members went through. Celebrate your incredible accomplishment with fellow finishers!!

See you at the water stops!